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IV Bred Trading Thread

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I want to try and breed similar or better Shinies to replace the normal sprite pokes on my "team." Trying to get the same Natures / Abilities / Egg Moves / and hopefully better IV's on them if possible. I don't battle competitively, this is just for fun / a personal goal.

I'm looking for high IV / near flawless / flawless > Foreign Dittos (I'm from the US) for Shiny / Nature / IV breeding

I need a Modest, Gentle, Calm, and Adamant one. (possibly others, I have one poke I'm not sure how I want to use, so if you have other good nature Dittos like this, feel free to offer)


(JP) Flawless Timid Ditto (Shiny)
(NA) Flawless Calm Ditto
(NA) Flawless Adamant Ditto
(NA) Flawless Jolly Ditto

^ One of the NA ones is Shiny also, I think Jolly, but I'd have to double check.


Up to 3 Shinies (Events, Flawless, lvl 100, EV'd, and UT/BT normal ones) / Events / Legendaries / Lv 65-78 EV trained pokes with good natures, very good to decent stats, and good movesets.


Up to 6 Dex fillers. I have the Dex complete and probably 90% of everything still on Black version, if I don't have it, I have 3rd and 4th gen games I can breed/catch things on and transfer over.

^ for EACH 1 of the Dittos.

I have a lot of rare / unique pokes, so just PM me with what you're looking for if you have a Ditto that meets these specifications and we can try to work something out.

Thanks everyone!


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im looking for a UT level 1 male Timid eevee with its dream world ability that has 31 iv`s in sp.atk & speed & hp fighting
willin to offer any 2-3 DWFs & pokerus for it if anyone has 1 or can breed me 1 i would appreciate it.i need it asap pm with what you want & we can go from there

Raymond - king of ducks

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I've got a few adamant/defiant pawniards with the egg moves sucker punch and revenge. They all have 31 attack IVs, but I'm not entirely sure about the other IVs. Some of them do have 31 IVs in another stat, though. There are some similar but less useful pawniards with inner focus instead of defiant, too.

PM me with reasonable offers if you'd like one.


I've got a few timid larvestas with 31 spa/speed IVs. PM me with offers.
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I am looking for a flawless snivy please. Pm me if you have one


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Looking for a flawless larvitar UT adamnt or impish nature (shiny/non shiny)
I offer blaziken shiny, dialga shiny, glaceon shiny or umbreon shiny
Tell me if you wantt another pokemon.Thanks

Team Legend's Dragonite

W1nN!n6 you mad o.0?
I'm looking for a modest dw poliwag with these IVs

30 Atk / 30 SpA / 3 Spe

Pm me if you have/ can breed this for me and I'll trade a masterball, and a Japanese event suicune ut


I am looking for 6 random flawless or near flawless eggs. :p I'd like them to be a surprise please and if you think a certain hidden power type would fit it then please use the maximum IVs possible please. :) egg moves would be nice but not needed. This is for competitive btw and I'm using the eggs I get here and from GameFaqs to make a team. PM me for friend code and stuff.
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I am looking for:
Shiny:Yes or no (is the same)
Iv´s:Good HP/Good Def./Good Sp.Def
Ev´s:None or in the HP and Def/Sp.Def

Tell me if you want to trade.
I offer any of my FDW or ask me if you want another pokemon.


shiny hoarder
this seems to be the closest forum to being helpful, could someone please explain what an IV is? im sick of being a noob


Mother Monster
I'm offering 180 Swinub with 31 Attack IVs.

-IV's: ???/31/???/???/???/???
-Nature: Any Nature but I mainly have Adamant.
-Not Shiny
-Tackle / Odor Sleuth / Bite / Take Down

I don't want anything in return BUT DO NOT TRADE ME ANY HACKS OR I WILL REPORT YOU!!!!!!

PM me for my Friend Code. ^_^


Double Battler
NEED flawless Ditto!!! If not possible i will be fine with just speed and sp.attack. pm me plzzz :)
Can anyone breed me a flawless or NF larvesta? Please Pm me. Ill also take a IV bred volcorona if available: must be F or NF

Raymond - king of ducks

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Dreamworld Riolu/male/adamant/31/31/31/?/14/31
Lucario/female/naughty/inner focus/?/31/31/?/31/31 (Egg move - Blaze Kick, tutor move - Ice Punch)
Pawniard/female/adamant/defiant/31/31/31/?/?/? (Egg moves - Sucker Punch, Revenge)

Want: Other Pokémon with multiple 31 IVs, random events, or anything reasonable.

PM me with offers.


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I am looking for:
Good Ivs:HP-Attack-Speed
Shiny: I want it,but not obligatory

Tell me if you have one and you want to trade.


Too Good For Words
looking for max flawless iv metagross i can trade a lot pm me plzz :)
Im looking for a ut timid dw nidoran male with 31 IVs in s.atk and speed (nicknamed BARNEY in all caps). Ive got a ut manaphy from pokemon ranger to trade for it. Pm me if you can help!
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Looking for a legit, un-hacked Snorunt.

Timid Nature
IV's highest in Speed/Special Attack, the rest can be decent.
EV'S: 4 HP / 252 Speed / 252 Special attack OR UNTOUCHED.

I can offer these:
Relaxed Shiny Ghastly, untouched.
Timid Shiny Patrat, untouched.
Careful Shiny Litwick, untouched.

I'm willing to work around, though. If I don't have something you like, hit me up, and I'll tell you what I have. Also if you just have a Snorunt that doesn't fit the above description, that might be fine too.
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I am looking for a Unhacked Lotad.
Bold or Calm Nature, prefer Bold Nature though.
Preferebly UNTOUCHED but if its it MUST be 252 HP/ 252 DEFENSE/ 4 SPEED
Lotads ability MUST be Swift Swim

I am willing to offer a Deino, which evolves into Hydreigon
Timid Nature which trades Attack for Better Speed
Flawless/Max IV's in Special Attack and Speed
It's EV's are Untouched

Or if you have something else in my minde send Me a personal message or ask for my email for conveniance.
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Battlemaiden Hrist
Seeking: A Timid Eevee (or a Timid Jolteon w/ Baton Pass). Really want high IVs, esp. in speed and special attack. If it has like 5 IVs in attack then that's fine (obviously). If it's Timid with good IVs AND Hidden Power Ice, then I'll love you forever.

Willing to offer: I have the following trained Pokemon that I can part with:
Tyranitar (my best Pokemon -- near perfect IVs in every stats)
Heracross (likewise really good)
a shiny Chimchar w/ Naive nature
Garchomp (Adamant, very good IVs)
Any starter from Kanto/Johto/Hoenn.
A good number of Pokemon from the Japanese region games.
A lot of legendaries (inquire--I probably have it).

More details upon request.


No hacks please. RNG/IV bred Eevee is just fine. It doesn't have to be perfect so long as its HP/Defense/Special Attack/SpecialDefense/Speed don't dip below the 25 range.

PM if you can help.
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