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IV Bred Trading Thread

Discussion in 'Trade Forum' started by emeraldellie, Feb 14, 2011.

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  1. AcidicMonkey

    AcidicMonkey New Member

    Offering my IV breeding services. Can IV breed any Pokemon that is capable of breeding (have most Pokemon, though some may need to be provided). I can usually get around 2 or 3 perfect IVs with the rest being above or well above average. Can do natures too.

    PM if you're interested.
  2. Wolph

    Wolph IV Breeder

    I am an IV Breeder from Canada, and I have been doing an IV MM hunt for Dratini and Litwick.
    These are not RNG'd, so they are obtained throughout several hundred eggs using two IV bred parents. They are all UT at level 1

    IVs are presented as (HP/Attack/Defense/Special Attack/Special Defense/Speed)
    Pokemon's details are presented as (Species - Gender - Ability - Nature - IVs - Egg move - Hidden Power). May exclude details if none are present. If they are red, they are no longer available.

    1. Dratini - Male - Marvel Scale - Adamant - 27/31/31/11/31/24 - ExtremeSpeed
    2. Dratini - Male - Marvel Scale - Adamant - 31/31/31/14/29/21 - ExtremeSpeed
    3. Dratini - Male - Marvel Scale - Adamant - 30/31/31/06/26/31 - ExtremeSpeed
    4. Dratini - Male - Marvel Scale - Adamant - 31/31/31/14/29/27 - ExtremeSpeed
    5. Dratini - Female - Marvel Scale - Adamant - 31/28/31/21/28/31 - ExtremeSpeed
    6. Dratini - Female - Marvel Scale - Adamant - 28/30/31/25/31/31 - ExtremeSpeed
    7. Dratini - Female - Marvel Scale - Adamant - 28/31/31/15/30/31 - ExtremeSpeed

    1. Litwick - Male - Flash Fire - Timid - 31/12/31/31/26/30 - HP Bug 68
    2. Litwick - Male - Flash Fire - Timid - 31/20/31/31/30/28 - HP Bug 63
    3. Litwick - Male - Flash Fire - Timid - 31/21/30/31/24/31 - Ghost 48
    4. Litwick - Female - Flash Fire - Timid - 31/20/31/31/31/27 - HP Dragon 68
    5. Litwick - Female - Flash Fire - Timid - 31/26/22/31/31/31 - HP Dragon 70
    6. Litwick - Female - Flash Fire - Timid - 28/06/31/31/26/31 - HP Ghost 69

    Deino - Female - Hustle - Modest - 22/19/31/31/28/31 - Dark Pulse/Earth Power - HP Steel 49

    The following have 4 Perfect IVs(31), but the other IV is below 20. I didn't bother looking for further details with these ones. They're useful for breeding purposes.
    1. Litwick - Female - Flame Body - Timid - 31/x/31/31/x/31
    2. Eevee - Male - Anticipation - Timid - 31/x/x/31/31/31 - Yawn/Wish
    3. Dratini - Female - Marvel Scale - Adamant - 31/14/31/22/31/31 - ExtremeSpeed
    4. Dratini - Female - Marvel Scale - Adamant - x/31/31/x/31/31 - ExtremeSpeed *Have two of these, IVs are a little different*
    5. Dratini - Female - Marvel Scale - Sassy - 31/31/31/x/31/x - ExtremeSpeed *This was bred in Black1, so adamant wasn't 100%*
    6. Deino - Male - Hustle - Naughty - 31/x/31/x/31/31 - Dark Pulse/Earth Power *Also from Black1, still good for breeding*

    These are just extra IV bred pokemon I have from my MM hunt. I have IV bred quite a few Species, but I either traded them away already, or I use them for my personal use.
    I am interested in 4V Dream World Females from Non-English games, Shinies, Events, other IV bred Pokemon, DWF not listed in my Signature, Master balls, and also any decent level 100 in Generation 4, to help me defeat Red faster since I restarted my SS.

    I can also offer pokemon listed in my Signature, and I can do an IV breeding request. I'll accept 2 DWF I don't own for 1 of the IV bred pokemon listed.
    I do not accept anything to do with hacks and the sort. This includes RNG'd, clones, Pokechecks.
    Feel free to make offers. Just copy and paste the pokemon you're looking for. I'm not exactly picky, but would be nice to get good offers.
    Last edited: Oct 19, 2013
  3. SnowMonkey24

    SnowMonkey24 Shenanihax

    I have quite a few "relatively superior" Shroomish I want to get rid of to clear some space. All of them are UT, have the ability quick feet, jolly nature, x/31/x/x/x/31 IVs, and know bullet seed. I have both male and female available.
    PM me with offers.
  4. sarysa

    sarysa Series slave

    I have a bunch of well bred Japanese Chanseys.
    All, except for one (marked), have the Relaxed nature. (+DEF -SPD)
    All have the Serene Grace ability.
    All have the Counter move bred into them.
    None are EV trained, except for my two "runner ups" which have 4-5 HP evs and nothing else, around level 40s 50s. (White Treehollow :) )

    Great for a first-round Counter shock against phys attackers as well as other more typical Blissey applications, also goes well in a Trick Room team.
    Also great for Masuda method, since they were bred on my Japanese Black cart.

    The Best
    IV4 DEF SPDEF (also HP 28-29, SPATK is high), 4 HP EVs, LV50, 5 HP EVs, BOLD nature (+DEF -ATK) (this is the only one I'm a bit reluctant to sell, so make good offers, heh)
    IV3 DEF, SPDEF (ev calculator says HP is 28-29, SPATK is low) LV47, 4 HP EVs

    The Rest
    IV1 SPATK SPDEF (will easily accept a one-stat ditto for this :p )



    Legend: IV1=decent, IV2=above average, IV3=superior, IV4=outstanding

    I'm looking for Attack dittos, SpDef dittos (I had to random it into both the Chancey and its mate. argh!), two-stat dittos, and other comparably well bred mons. Thanks for your time. :)
    Last edited: Oct 11, 2013
  5. TheScoobyDawg

    TheScoobyDawg Pokemon Master

    Looking for a Ditto with 31 IVs in Sp. Atk. PM me if you can help me out! :)

    EDIT: I've gotten the Ditto I needed. I have 4 Dittos; all with 31 IVs in one stat (HP, Attack, Defense, Sp. Def). Looking for Power Items and a Light Ball.
    Last edited: Oct 19, 2013
  6. fegewers

    fegewers Felipe


    Looking for a Flawless Adamant Shiny Jap Ditto... I have some Flawless Legendaries Pokémons...
  7. Erchamion

    Erchamion Active Member

    looking for flawless ditto (should be all I need for Iv-breeding now that destiny bond passes down 5 different ivs from the holder in x & y right?)
    in return I have few spare event legendaries and a few shinies (spearow, minccino, golbat)
    pm me if interested
    Last edited: Oct 19, 2013
  8. JynxMidnight

    JynxMidnight IV Breeder

    Looking for any pokemon in the human shape egg group with Jolly nature (mostly hawlucha!) I can trade Super Sized Pumpkaboo with Careful nature and 3-4 31 IVs.
  9. Meetos

    Meetos Breeder

    Hi there!

    I've got some IV bred pokemon that I'm willing to trade.
    I'm looking for other IV bred pokemon! :)

    All pokemon are lvl 1 and UT.

    What I can offer:

    - Careful / Shed Skin
    - x/x/31/31/31/31
    - Leer / Low Kick / Faint attack / Swagger

    - Timid / Hustle
    - 31/31/x/31/x/31
    - Tackle / Dragon Rage / Dark Pulse

    - Adamant / Defeatist
    - x/31/x/31/31/31
    - Quick Attack / Leer / Wing Attack / Acrobatics

    - Calm / Swift Swim
    - 31/x/x/31/31/x (and another one with 31/x/x/31/x31)
    - Water Sport / Rain Dance

    - Impish / Sturdy
    - x/31/31/x/31/x
    - Mud Sport / Tackle / Harden / Bind

    If there's anything you want, don't hesitate to PM me! :D
  10. TheKrugLife

    TheKrugLife Goodra Trainer

    In preparation for pokemon bank I am looking for a Brave or Adamant Scyther with techinican and bug bite (31/31/x/31/31/31). I have a lot of stuff for trade but please PM if you can provide this and let me know what you might want.
  11. - Ness -

    - Ness - Master of PSI

    Need a Jolly UT Pawniard with IVs in at least Speed and Attack. Can offer my VGC worthy Latios and many, many others.
  12. Zoroark312

    Zoroark312 Member

    Timid Noibat 31/x/x/31/31/31 OR 31/x/31/31/x/31
    Brave Honedges 4-5IVs

    Looking for:
    IV bred Duskull (At least 31/x/31/x/31/x)
    IV bred Solosis (At least 31/x/31/31/31/x)
    IV bred Timburr (At least 31/31/31/x/31/x)
    Any other 4+ max IV pokemon that have competitive value.

  13. CyberD888

    CyberD888 Travelling Trader

    I need a Ditto with 0-5 IV in speed. Anybody who has it please PM me.
  14. Sapheera

    Sapheera New Member

    LF a Japanese Flawless Ditto. Have Dw Females Shinys and Events Pm if interested.
  15. richi3f

    richi3f Bug Catcher

    Edit: wrong thread!
    Last edited: Nov 10, 2013
  16. Gasai Yuno

    Gasai Yuno New Member

    Have Flawless Japanese dittos if anyone wants them for breeding
    Can only trade on 5th gen
    pm/vm me
  17. EvanOH10

    EvanOH10 PokeGyms Ice Leader

    need 5 IV tyrogue: HP, ATK, DEF, SP. DEF and SPEED. My FC is in my sig, PM me if you can help. Trade for 6th gen. Can offer Trapinch, Scyther, Horsea, Snorunt.
  18. Rohan2801

    Rohan2801 Pokemon breeder

    im willing to offer a shiny relicanth and other iv bred pokemon
    the iv bred ones are


    want 5 IV elekid(pair)
    female tyrunt 5 ivs with poison fire and ice fang
    5iv female growlithe
    and any other 5 iv pair or female or 4 or 5 iv ditto
    i also accept bp items worth 96
    pm me offer i will reply within an hour or so
    also i accept shinies they r worth 2 or 3 5 iv pokemon but they need atleast 3 perfect iv
  19. Slimjim367

    Slimjim367 New Member

    Looking for a adamant, Flawless or near Minccino or Cincinno with technician

    Willing to trade a shiny flawless pokemon for it, PM for the list
    Last edited: Nov 28, 2013
  20. Cmh92

    Cmh92 New Member

    Lf 6iv ditto I have to trade

    Mewtwo x2
    Victini x2
    Tru regigigas
    Ash's pikachu
    If it helps you can choose multiple from the list
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