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IV Bred Trading Thread


~Space Ninja Bunny~
Looking for two specific Eevees:

Adament w/ IV spread of 31/31/31/xx/31/31
Modest with an IV spread of 31/xx/31/31/31/31
(One must be Male and the other Female)

Will trade a Shiny 4IV Charmander or a Shiny 5IV Mareep for the two Eevees
PM me
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New Member
What I Have/Can Breed:
Pokemon: Gastly
Ability: Levitate
Nature: Timid
IVs: 31/xx/31/31/31/31
Egg Moves: N/A

Pokemon: Torchic [MALES ONLY]
Ability: Speed Boost or Blaze
Nature: Adamant or Jolly
IVs: 31/31/31/xx/31/31
Egg Moves: Can have Baton Pass (Please let me know whether you need it or not)

Pokemon: Honedge
Ability: No Guard
Nature: Brave
IVs: 31/31/31/xx/31/00
Egg Moves: Shadow Sneak

Pokemon: Dratini
Ability: Marvel Scale or Shed Skin
Nature: Adamant or Jolly
IVs: 31/31/31/xx/31/31
Egg Moves: Dragon Dance and Dragon Rush

Pokemon: Mawile
Ability: Intimidate
Nature: Adamant
IVs: 31/31/31/xx/31/31
Egg Moves: Sucker Punch and Fire Fang

Pokemon: Larvitar
Ability: Guts
Nature: Adamant or Jolly
IVs: 31/31/31/xx/31/31
Egg Moves: Stealth Rock, Dragon Dance, Outrage, and Iron Head

Pokemon: Gible
Ability: Rough Skin or Sand Veil
Nature: Adamant or Jolly
IVs: 31/31/31/xx/31/31
Egg Moves: Iron Tail, Iron Head, and Outrage

Pokemon: Marill
Ability: Huge Power
Nature: Adamant
IVs: 31/31/31/xx/31/31
Egg Moves: Aqua Jet, Belly Drum, and Superpower

Pokemon: Scyther
Ability: Technician or Swarm
Nature: Adamant or Jolly
IVs: 31/31/31/xx/31/31
Egg Moves: N/A

Pokemon: Ferroseed
Ability: Iron Barbs
Nature: Relaxed or Brave
IVs: 31/31/31/xx/31/00
Egg Moves: Stealth Rock, Spikes, Leech Seed, and Bullet Seed

Pokemon: Togepi [MALES ONLY]
Ability: Serene Grace or Hustle
Nature: Bold or Timid
IVs: 31/xx/31/31/31/31
Egg Moves: Nasty Plot

Pokemon: Squirtle [MALES ONLY]
Ability: Rain Dish or Torrent
Nature: Modest
IVs: 31/xx/31/31/31/31
Egg Moves: Aura Sphere, Dragon Pulse, and Aqua Ring

Pokemon: Larvesta
Ability: Flame Body
Nature: Modest or Timid
IVs: 31/xx/31/31/31/31
Egg Moves: Morning Sun

Pokemon: Vulpix [NOTE: Males are harder to breed]
Ability: Drought or Flash Fire
Nature: Timid or Modest
IVs: 31/xx/31/31/31/31
Egg Moves: N/A

Pokemon: Froakie [MALES ONLY]
Ability: Protean or Torrent
Nature: Hasty or Timid
IVs: 31/xx/31/31/31/31
Egg Moves: N/A

Pokemon: Swinub
Ability: Thick Fat, Snow Cloak, or Oblivious
Nature: Adamant
IVs: 31/31/31/xx/31/31
Egg Moves: Stealth Rock and Icicle Crash

Pokemon: Eevee [MALES ONLY]
Ability: Anticipation, Adaptability, or Run Away
Nature: Timid or Modest
IVs: 31/xx/31/31/31/31
Egg Moves: Covet, Curse, Wish, and Yawn
Note: I only have one of the following pokemon, meaning that once they're gone they're gone. These are different from the pokemon I can breed on request. :)

Pokemon: Female Torchic
Ability: Blaze
Nature: Adamant
IVs: 31/31/31/xx/31/31
Egg Moves: N/A

Pokemon: Female Swinub
Ability: Oblivious
Nature: Adamant
IVs: 31/31/31/31/31/31
Egg Moves: Stealth Rock and Icicle Crash

Pokemon: Male Gible
Ability: Rough Skin
Nature: Jolly
IVs: 31/31/31/31/31/31
Egg Moves: N/A
^Might wind up keeping him.
-Shiny Relicanth
-Can get Lucky Eggs or Metal Coats

What I Want:
Pokemon: Female Riolu
Ability: Prankster
Nature: Any good nature
IVs: 31/31/31/xx/31/31
Egg Moves: Any egg moves would be nice but are not required

Pokemon: Female Charmander
Ability: Solar Power
Nature: Any good nature (relevant to IV spread)
IVs: 31/31/31/xx/31/31 and/or 31/xx/31/31/31/31 (Want one of each)
Egg Moves: Any egg moves would be nice but are not required

^Willing to offer multiple IVd pokemon for these

Other IVd Pokes I don’t have with relevant natures/IVs/abilities (I like to trade in pairs when possible, otherwise I prefer females)

Foreign (Non-USA) IVd Pokemon with relevant natures/IVs/abilities

Cool IVd shiny pokemon (Depending on the IVs/pokemon I could offer many pokemon of mine)
Lansat and Starf Berries

Vivillon Patters I don't have (Currently I need: Meadow, Continental, Tundra, Icysnow, Marine, Sandstorm, Monsoon, Sun, Ocean, Jungle)

Zapdos and Articuno
You can try an offer other things if you want. Please PM me with offers or questions :)

***Note: My friends list is getting full, so soon I might have to start deleting people I have traded with already. Sorry :(
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OK here we go, all are male unless otherwise stated
7x timid froakies 31/31/xx/31/31/31
1x female timid froakies 31/31/xx/31/31/31
1x hasty torrent froakies 31/31/xx/31/31/31
2x serious torrent froakie 31/31/31/31/31/xx
2x mild torrent froakie 31/31/31/31/31/xx
1x careful torrent froakie 31/31/31/31/31/xx
1x hasty torrent froakie 31/xx/31/31/31/31
1x hardy torrent froakie 31/31/31/31/xx/31
3x timid protean froakie 31/31/xx/31/31/31
1x female timid protean froakie 31/31/xx/31/31/31
1x modest protean froakie 31/31/xx/31/31/31
1x naive protean froakie 31/31/31/31/xx/31
1x naughty protean froakie 31/31/31/31/xx/31
1x relaxed protean froakie 31/31/31/31/xx/31
1x hasty protean froakie xx/31/31/31/31/31

1x quirky magician fennekin 31/31/31/xx/31/31
1x mild magician fennekin 31/31/31/31/xx/31

2x quirky overgrow chespin 31/31/31/xx/31/31

1x jolly lightning rod rhyhorn xx/31/31/31/31/31
1x female adamant rock head rhyhorn 31/xx/31/31/31/31

1x serious big pecks fletchling 31/31/31/31/xx/31 (W/ pokerus)
1x careful big pecks fletchling 31/31/xx/31/31/31
1x gentle big pecks fletchling 31/31/xx/31/31/31
1x quiet big pecks fletchling 31/31/xx/31/31/31
1x careful big pecks fletchling xx/31/31/31/31/31
1x female impish big pecks fletchling 31/xx/31/31/31/31
1x female bashful big pecks fletchling 31/xx/31/31/31/31

Looking for:
5iv or 6iv ditto (can be American or foreign)
5iv female adamant honedge 31/31/31/xx/31/31
5iv female kanto starters in luxury ball
5iv female eevee in luxury ball
other 5iv mega evolvers
other 5ivs i dont have
Y version exclusive mega stones
pm me offers


Pokegyms Owner
I have several 4 IV Growlithes, Eevees, Tyrunts,Houndours and Zoruas up for trade, as well as a few 5 IV ones. Most of the Eevees and Zoruas do not have beneficial natures, so they would be best for breeding if you need a male of that grouping. At this point I do not want any Noibats, Gibles, Deinos, Charmanders, or Fletchlings, since I have them already. Any others offers will be looked at, and I am willing to trade 2 4 IV pokemon for a 5 Iv one. Pm me if interested in anything :)

5 IV Tyrunts are now gone, but I still have a few 4 IV ones, so keep them in mind :)
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Looking for:
Gender: Female
Nature: Jolly or Adamant
Ability: Sand Rush
IVs: 4IV or more. One of them must be speed.
Moves: Doesn't matter

Gender: Female
Nature: Timid
Ability: Frisk
IVs: (x/x/31/31/31/31)
Moves: Screech, Supersonic, Tackle, Tailwind
*Can be nicknamed

Gender: Male
Nature: Adamant
Ability: Intimidate
IVs: (31/31/31/x/x/31)
Moves: Sucker Punch, Thunder Fang, Ice Fang, Fire Fang

Gible (Japanese)
Gender: Male
Nature: Jolly
Ability: Rough Skin
IVs: (31/31/31/x/31/x)
Moves: Sand Tomb, Outrage, Iron Head, Iron Tail


Looking for the following 3+IV Pokemon (more IVs the better though), in order of how much I want them:
Female Timid Charmander (needs to have 31 Defense, would like Dragon Pulse if possible but not required)
Jolly Skorupi
Adamant Skiddo
Timid Nidoran-M with Hidden Ability
Jolly Mienfoo
Female Calm Goomy with Hidden Ability

I have the following:
5IV Male Adamant Mawile (Hyper Cutter) with Ice Fang and Fire Fang
5IV Male Adamant Tyrunt (Strong Jaw) with DD and elemental Fangs
5IV Male Timid Eevee (Run Away or Adaptability) with Charm, Covet, Yawn and Wish
5IV Male Calm Eevee (Adaptability) with Charm, Cover and Wish


IV Breeder
For Immediate Trade:

Impish Immunity Gligar's
Egg Moves: None
In Stock: 5 (3 female and 2 male)

Relaxed Ferroseeds
Egg moves: Spikes, Stealth Rocks and Leach Seed
In Stock: 3 (all female)

Jolly Sand Veil Gible
Egg moves: Outrage
In Stock: 1 (male)

Jolly Larvitar
Egg moves: Stealth Rocks, Outrage, Pursuit and Dragon Dance
In Stock: 2 (one of each)

Timid Magic Guard Abra
Egg moves: None
In Stock: 1 (male)

Timid Ghastly
Egg moves: None
In Stock: 4 (all female)

Can Breed:

All Pokemon listed above.

Adamant Intimidate Growlithe
Egg moves: Close Combat

Timid Protean Froakie
31/xx/31/31/31/31 (Possible 6 IV)
Egg moves: None

Adamant Huge Power Marril
Egg moves: Superpower, Belly Drum and Aqua Jet

Adamant Technician Scyther
Egg moves: None

Adamant Scrappy Kangaskhan
Egg moves: None

Note that these pokemon will take a while to breed and can take a day or two depending on my schedule and demand. I will try and give you an estimate on when I can get these when you PM me. Also note that the Perfect Growlithe is not a normal occurrence and if you order one don't expect it to be a 6 IV Growlithe.

Trades wanted:

Jolly Solar Power Charmander
Egg moves: Crunch, Dragon Dance, Outrage
Sex: Female or Pair

Timid Solar Power Charmander
Egg Moves: Dragon Dance, Dragon Pulse
Sex: Female or Pair

BP Items and Items Wanted: Razor Fang, Choice Band and Choice Scarf. (listed in order of importance)

Other Interesting 5 IV Pokemon that are competitively viable.

If you want to make me and offer please do so in the following layout.

Pokemon Wanted:
Pokemon: (Include nature and ability)
Quantity: 1 or Pair (If you want male or female let me know but I may have to breed so it may take some time)

Trade Offered:
Pokemon: (Include Nature, Ability and Spread)
Quantity: (Male, Female or Pair)

If you are offering an item offer the item as a separate line.

I will do multiple trades but I will at least want one pokemon/item for each I send. If you want to send two 4 IV pokemon (as long as I can make 5 IV pokes with them) I will trade one of mine for the pair).
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Bored Trainer
I have (can have Pokerus on request):

Adamant, Marvel Scale Dratini, 31/31/31/31/31/31 1 Male
Modest, Anticipation Eevee, 31/31/31/31/31/31 1 Male
Docile, Anticipation Eevee, 31/31/31/31/31/31 1 Male German

Run Away, Timid 31/X/31/31/31/31 1 Male
Anticipation, Timid, 31/X/31/31/31/31 1 Male, 2 Female
Anticipation, Calm, 31/X/31/31/31/31 4 Male
Run Away, Modest, 31/X/31/31/31/31 2 Male
Adaptability, Calm, 31/X/31/31/31/31 1 Male
Run Away, Bold, 31/X/31/31/31/31 1 Male
Many other spreads and natures available. PM for more details.

Marvel Scale, Adamant, 31/31/31/X/31/31 2xM 2xF
Shed Skin, Adamant, 31/31/31/X/31/31 9xM 4xF
Many other spreads available. PM for more details.

31/31/31/X/31/31 Adamant Scrappy Kangaskhan
Shiny X/31/31/X/31/31 Impish Gligar
Shiny 31/31/31/X/31/X Adamant Honedge
31/31/31/X/31/X Calm Articuno
X/31/31/31/X/X Docile Yveltal
Shiny Docile Magikarp
Lots of BP

Looking for:
Adamant, Careful or Impish, Rock Head Aron, 31/31/31/X/31/31 (Egg Move: Head Smash)
Other IV breds (PM for offers please)
Shinies (PM for offers please)

Please Send a PM. Thank You~
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Sunny Dreams
Closed for tonight.

Will open tomorrow :)
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Looking for a non-english honedge with 31 IVs in HP, Atk, Def, and SpDef. I have:
4 jolly 5 IV riolus (not spatk) with egg moves high jump kick and bullet punch
timid 5 IV HA charmander with dragon pulse
5 IV speed boost torchic.
If you want something else I could also breed other things with 5 IVs and egg moves as well. pm me for offers.


New Member
Hello everybody, I have some happy hour smeargles for trade if anybody is interested. For those who dont know what happy hour is:

It's an event move which doubles your money after a battle, it can stack with an amulet coin and your o power as well which is pretty nice. It's originally an event move only for inkay and a japan exclusive.

The smeargles I have are not IV bred they're just regular smeargle with happy hour

I'm mainly looking for IV bred pokemon (preferably 5 IV) or BP items (Leftovers would be appreciated too) for these money making smeargles.


Salamence Trainer
LF: 31/x/31/x/31/31 +def or +spdef nature Klefki, Adamant 31/31/31/x/31/31 Honedge, 31/x/31/x/31/31 +def or +spdef HA Male Espurr

Can offer 5IV pokes, PM me for a list
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New Member
LF: 4IV-6IV Ditto.
with Attack, Sp.Atk , Speed spreads.(Other stats may vary)
Offering: Zygrade, with Lustrious orb, Leftovers, along with Mwetwonite X(all together for one Ditto).

PM me if interested.
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Hey Guys!

Im on the hunt for anyone who has perfect or near perfect IV'd Female Dratinies with the Marvel Scale ability, along with the Jolly,Adamant and Modest Natures, for trade. i have some Frokies for trade with 4-5 IVs on them and also with the Protean ability. PM me if your interested

My GamerTag: Avenjah

My 3DS FriendCode: 1564-1961-5656

My Safari: Normal - Minccino, Chansey and Teddiursa.

Looking for: Dragons, Steel, Poision, Ground, Fire, Fairy and Electric Safaris Pls.


New Member
Looking for 5IVs Pokemons or 4IVs Ditto with Any Nature or X Version exclusive Mega Stones or Xerneas/Yveltal/Zygarde/Legendary Birds/Mewtwonite X/Mewtwo

I can offer any of these (If you have 5 IVs Ditto, I can offer 2):
5IVs Jolly/Adamant Gible with Rough Skin/Sand Veil with Outrage and Iron Tail Egg Move
5IVs Modest Deino
5IVs Adamant Dratini with HA
5IVs Adamant Kangaskhan
5IVs Timid/Jolly Charizard with Dragon Pulse/Dragon Dance/Dragon Rush
4IVs Adamant Beldum
4~5 IVs Eevee HA/no HA Timid/Modest/Adamant with Curse + Wish or Yawn
5IVs Naive/Adamant Bagon with or without Sheer Force
5IVs Calm/Modest Bulbasaur w/wo Chlorophyll
5IVs Larvitar (with Egg Moves: Outrage and Dragon Dance) and Goomy is Possible as well
5IVs Modest Squirtle with Aqua Jet, Dragon Pulse, Aura Sphere and Water Spout
5IVs Adamant Drilbur
5IVs Adamant Tyrunt with Ice Fang, Thunder Fang, Fire, Fang, Dragon Dance
4IVs + 0 Spe Relaxed Ferroseed with Spikes, Leech Seed and Stealth Rock
Lucky Eggs

5IVs Timid/Bold Protein Froakie
5IVs Modest Serene Grace Togepi with Nasty Plot
5IVs Adamant Riolu with Bullet Punch, Blaze Kick, Crunch and Vacuum Wave

Flawless Modest Deino for trade looking for other Flawless Pokemon
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New Member
I am looking for a:

Whismur, loudred, or exploud. with the hidden ability.

I have Hidden ability: gliscor, fletching, poliwag, chespin, and frokie.

Oh and a friend safari with loudred will work fine. but just a warning my friend safari has sucky bug pokemon.
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These Shinies FT. Looking for Non-Shiny 5 IV Pokes.

Shiny Amaura; Modest - 31/31/31/21/31/4 - Egg Moves: Discharge/Mirror Coat Looking for three 5 IV Pokes
Shiny Gourgeist; Looking for one 5 IV Poke
Shiny Charmander; Adamant - x/31/31/x/31/31 - Egg Moves: Dragon Dance/?/? - Looking for one 5 IV Poke

Here are the 5 IV Pokes I want. You can make offers as well but there is a big chance I will say no.
Mewtwonite X (not 5 IV but can count as one)
Shuppet - Adamant
Litwick - Modest
Dwebble - Adamant
Chespin - Adamant

I also want a Shiny 5 IV Bunnelby/Diggersby that is Adamant & has Huge Power. Will take this for the Amaura.



New Member
Quote, PM, or Tag me. I will probably not answer you if you don't

Things I have:

I can breed Jolly versions of most of my Adamant pokemon
I value HA and genderless pokemon more, since they're often harder to breed.

Adamant 31/31/31/x/31/31 With Stealth Rock, Pursuit, and Dragon Dance
4 Males and 1 Female
1 Male with only Stealth Rock

Impish 31/31/31/x/31/31
Immunity: 3 Males and 1 Female
Hyper Cutter: 2 Males and 3 Females
Sand Veil: 1 Fale and 1 Female

Modest 31/x/31/31/31/31
Swift Swim: 3 Males and 2 Females; 1 shiny Male

Adamant 31/31/31/x/31/31 with Bullet Seed
Quick Feet: 3 Males and 1 Female; 1 shiny Male
Poison Heal: 1 Male
Effect Spore: 3 Males and 1 Female

Jolly 31/31/31/x/31/31 with Play Rough and Baton Pass
Pressure: 1 Male and 1 Female
Super Luck: 1 Female and 3 Males

Brave 31/31/31/x/31/0
2 Males

Jolly 31/31/31/x/31/31 with Rock Blast
2 Males

Adamant 31/31/31/x/31/31 with Iron Head and Outrage
Rough Skin: 1 Male
Sand Veil: Many males and Females

Bred on Request Section

Modest 31/x/31/31/31/31 with Dragon Pulse, Aura Sphere, and Water Pulse
Bred on Request

Contrary Careful 31/31/31/x/31/31
Bred on Request

Technician or Swarm 31/31/31/x/31/31
Bred on Request

Serene Grace 31/x/31/31/31/31
Bred on Request

Bold 31/x/31/31/31/31
Bred on Request

Impish 31/31/31/x/31/31 with Brave Bird and Whirlwind
Bred on Request

Modest 31/x/31/31/31/31
Bred on Request

Bold or Timid 31/x/31/31/31/31 Males only with Wish and may or may not have Yawn
Bred on Request

Timid 31/x/31/31/31/31, Not HA.
Bred on Request

Timid or Modest 31/x/31/31/31/31 Protean or Torrent
Bred on Request

Timid Or Adamant. These are not Flawless.
Bred on Request

Adamant 31/31/31/x/31/31. Elemental Fangs and Dragon Dance.
Bred on request and these are bred with a ditto, so they're harder to breed

Adamant 31/31/31/x/31/31 with Rapid Spin (HA or not HA)
Bred on Request

Bold 31/x/31/31/31/31 with Aromatherapy and Seismic Toss
Bred on Request

Relaxed 31/31/31/x/31/0 with Stealth Rock
Bred on Request

Impish 31/31/31/x/31/31 with Stealth Rock, Dragon Rush, and Head Smash
Bred on Request

Jolly 31/31/31/x/31/31 Technician
Bred on Request

Adamant 31/31/31/x/31/31 (HA or not HA)
Bred on Request

Timid 31/x/31/31/31/31 Flame Body
Bred on Request

Adamant 31/31/31/x/31/31 (HA or not HA)
Bred on Request

Adamant 31/31/31/x/31/31 with Bullet Punch, Vacuum Wave, Blaze Kick, and Hi Jump kick
Bred on Request and I value these more

Timid 31/x/31/31/31/31 (HA or not HA)
Bred on Request

Timid 31/x/31/31/31/31
Bred on Request

Adamant 31/31/31/x/31/31 (HA or not HA) with Icicle Crash and Stealth Rock
Bred on Request

Adamant 31/31/31/x/31/31
Bred on Request

Adamant 31/31/31/x/31/31 with Belly Drum and Aqua Jet
Bred on Request

Careful 31/31/31/x/31/31 (HA or not HA)
Bred on Request

Timid with Varied spreads. I value the HP ice ones more.
Bred on Request

Adamant 31/31/31/x/31/31 (HA or not HA)
Bred on Request

Things I am looking for
Male Noibat 31/x/31/31/31/31 with tailwind and Switcheroo (Nature and Ability Does not matter)
5IV pokemon I don't have. See list above.
5IV pokemon with egg moves or natures I don't have
6IV Dual Egg group males
4/5 IV Dittos
BP items
Mega Stones
Metal Coats and King's Rocks
Good Natured and good IV legendaries
Cloning Service (You need a collateral)