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IV Bred Trading Thread

Andrew Shard

Shards of Fury...
Looking for 5 IV (- attack) unburden TREECKO with modest nature (I may accept timid but I prefer modest)

Offering one of these:
5 IV serene grace/hustle TOGEPI with timid nature and nasty plot
5 IV sand veil GIBLE with jolly nature and outrage

latios + leftovers
deoxys + leftovers

PM for offers :)

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Looking for these Shiny 5/6 IV Pokes:
Fletchling with Gale Wings
Slowpoke with Regenerator (preferably male)

5 IV Shiny Trevenant w/ Horn Leech, Leech Seed, Substitute, Will-O-Wisp
6 IV American Ditto
SPR2013 Meloetta
WIN2011 Shiny Suicune (I have one UT and one trained a bit without Ice Beam)
WIN2011 Shiny Entei x2
WIN2011 Shiny Raikou (I have one UT and one trained a bit without Weather Ball, Extreme Speed, or Zap Cannon)
GAMESTP Shiny Suicune
GAMESTP Shiny Entei
GAMESTP Shiny Raikou
SUM2013 Shiny Dialga
SUM2013 Shiny Palkia
Hey guys I am after a 5 31 iv ditto that is not from an English speaking country :) I can offer shiny pokes or nearly any legendary pokes or competitive iv battling pokes :)


Steel User
For trade:
5iv Timid Steedfast/Inner Focus Riolu
5iv Timid Zorua (will trade for even 3-4 ivs)
5iv Brave Honedge (will trade for even 3-4 ivs)
5iv Jolly sand veil/rough skin Gible
6iv adamant marvel scale Dratini
5iv bold swift swim feebas
6iv timid protean froakie
6iv female modest mareep
5iv jolly tyrunt with dragon dance and the 3 fangs
3iv shiny (hp,atk,spe) jolly rough skin female gible
with Outg and Ihead

Also offering leftovers and tyranitite.

Also can breed most of these in spa language too.

Looking for:
Other competitive/equal value 5iv pokemon
5iv Timid Latias with Roost (Have several shiny legends that i can trade for it)
Speed boost carvanha.
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New Member
I am looking for a Timid Raltz with 31/xx/31/31/31/31 Any gender. Have all starters, and a shiny floatzel to offer. And a Keldeo or other legendary from previous games.
Please pm me if you have this.


I've got a few 5 IVs to trade away:

M/F Adamant Quick Feet Shroomish w/ Bullet Seed
M Modest Torrent/Rain Dish Squirtle w/ Water Spout, Aura Sphere, and Dragon Pulse
F Timid Dry Skin/Sand Veil Helioptile w/Glare
F Adamant Dry Skin Croagunk w/ Fake Out, Drain Punch, Bullet Punch, and Dynamic Punch
M Bold Water Absorb Frillish w/ Recover, Pain Split, Confuse Ray, and Acid Armor
M Adamant Tepig w/ Sucker Punch
F Adamant Speed Boost Venipede
M/F Timid Flash Fire Houndour w/ Sucker Punch, Pursuit, Counter, and Destiny Bond (Moon Ball)
M Brave Frisk Pumpkaboo (0 Speed)

I'm open to offers, but I'd really love:
1) 4/5 IV females in cool balls
2) Males with neat egg moves
3) Ability Capsule (willing to trade 3 for 1)

Send me a PM with your offer!


The Battle Master

Modest Thundurus-T 5IV (With HP ICE)
Adamant/Careful Landorus-T 5IV (if adamant needs stealth rock move tutor)
Bold Cresselia 5IV
Timid/Hasty Latios 5/6IV
Timid Latias 5IV
Naive Tornadus-T
Timid/Modest Keldo 5IV (With HP GHOST)

Impish HA Quagsire 5IV
Bold Eevee 5IV (needs wish/healbell)
Mild/Rash Hydreigon 6IV
Calm Blissey/Chansey 5IV
Modest Venusaur 5IV
Modest Dragalge 5IV
Impish/Careful Trevenant SHINY

Have more wants but these are the main ones right now just make an offer


Alakazam Timid 5IV HP ICE
Absol Jolly 5IV
Dragonite Adamant 5IV HA
Heatran Modest 5IV HP ICE SHINY
Ferrothorn Impish 5IV 0Spe SHINY
Gliscor Impish 5IV HA SHINY
Espeon Timid 5IV HA
Scizor Adamant 5IV SHINY
scizor adamant 5IV
Forretress Relexed 5IV 0Spe
Forretress Relaxed 5IV 0Spe Shiny
Reuniclus Quiet 5IV 0Spe Shiny
Gengar Timid 5IV
Gengar Timid 5IV Shiny
Conkeldurr Adamant 5IV Shiny
Volcarona Modest 5IV HProck Shiny
Infernape Naive 6IV Shiny
Blastoise Modest 5IV Shiny
Galvantula Timid 5IV
Togekiss Timid 5IV
Togekiss Calm 5IV
Gyrados Jolly 5IV HA *needs more breeding*
Klefki Bold 5IV
Tyranitar Adamant 5IV
Cloyster Jolly 5IV *needs more breeding*
Breloom Jolly 5IV SHINY
Salamence Naive 6IV HA
Malamar Adamant 5IV
Blaziken Adamant 5IV *needs more breeding*
Aegislash Brave 5IV
Aegislash Brave 6IV
Eevee Calm 5IV SHINY
Ditto Timid 6IV SHINY
Metagross 5IV SHINY

Also looking for leftovers


French IV Breeder
If someone here need a foreign Pokémon with 5 or 6 IVs and a good nature, I can help him :) ! I can do the Pokémon of your choice with the french nationality, if you provide me the parents who allow to do it. They must have the same characteristics as the Pokémon you want. Which mean 5 or 6 IVs, good nature, HA, Egg moves ...
I won't accept too difficult request, for exemple for a 6 IVs any other requirement that nature will be accepted.

What do I get in this trade? Parents! Make sure you have others to match the one I send if you want to do the Masuda Method.
If you are interested, send me a PM ;) .



Perfect 5IV Timid/Bold Levitate Misdreavus with Nasty Plot, Destiny Bond, Memento, & Spite
Perfect 5IV Jolly Quick Feet Shroomish with Natural Gift, Worry Seed, Seed Bomb, & Focus Punch
Perfect 5IV Jolly/Adamant Quick Feet Shroomish with Drain Punch, Bullet Seed, Seed Bomb, & Focus Punch in - Need good offers.
Perfect 5IV Modest Flash Fire/Flame Body Litwick with Heatwave
Perfect 5IV Adamant Technician Scyther with Defog, Night Slash, Silver Wind, & Baton Pass
Perfect 5IV Impish Sturdy Skarmory with Stealth Rocks, Brave Bird, Whirlwind, & Curse
Perfect 5IV Hustle Timid/Modest Deino with Earth Power, Fire Fang, Ice Fang, & Dark Pulse
Perfect 5-6IV Adamant Marvel Scale Dratini with Extreme Speed, Aqua Jet, & Dragon Dance
Perfect 5-6IV Adamant Marvel Scale Dratini with Extreme Speed, Aqua Jet, Iron Tail, & Dragon Rush in Dive Ball

4-5IV Iron Fist Jolly Chimchars with Thunder & Fire Punch
4-5IV Adamant Totodile with Thrash, Aqua Jet, Ice Punch, & Dragon Dance
4-5IV Defiant/Torrent Modest Piplup with Icy Wind, Agility, Feather Dance, & Yawn
4-5IV Timid Blaze Cyndaquil with Extrasensory
4-5IV Timid Snivy with Glare, Mirror Coat, Iron Tail, Pursuit

Special Pokeballs (Can be available with 5IVs & HA with egg moves, just ask!):

Moon Ball: Cleffa, Misdreavus, Ralts, Shinx, Absol & Gastly
Love Ball: Ralts, Buneary, Mareep, Mawile, & Cherubi
Dream Ball (HA): Eevee, Dratini, Cottonee, Kabuto, Carnivine, Scraggy, Munna, Chinchou, Finneon, Skitty, Shroomish, Elgyem, Chansey(No HA) & Tentacool
Dive Ball: Frillish
Friend Ball: Roselia, Seedot & Larvitar
Heavy Ball: Phanpy, Slakoth, Koffing, & Skarmory
Fast Ball: Magby
Sports Ball: Scyther
Safari Ball: Scyther

4IV Shiny Hasty Torrent Froakie (Dive Ball)
4IV Shiny Timid Torrent Froakie with Toxic Spikes (Dive Ball)

Perfect 5IV Timid Magic Guard Abra - Females
Perfect 5/6IV Blaze Adamant Charmander with DD, Outrage, & Dragon Rush
Perfect 5IV Timid Solar Power Charmander with DD, Outrage, & Dragon Pulse
Perfect 5IV Protean Timid Froakie with Toxic Spikes in a Dive Ball
Perfect 4/5IV+0Spe Brave No Guard Honedge (1 6IV)
Perfect 5IV Adamant Guts Larvitar with DD, Pursuit, & Stealth Rocks
Perfect 5IV Naive Sheer Force/Rock Head Bagon with DD, Hydro Pump, & Fire Fang
Perfect 5/6IV Jolly Sand Veil/Rough Skin Gible with Outrage, Iron Head, & Iron Tail
Perfect 5IV Adamant Speed Boost Torchic with Baton Pass & Last Resort - A LOT OF FEMALES.
Perfect 5IV Adamant Sand Force/Sand Rush/Mold Breaker Drilbur with Rapid Spin
Perfect 4/5IV+0Spe Relaxed Iron Barbs Ferroseed with Leech Seed, Stealth Rocks, Spikes, & Bullet Seed
Perfect 5IV Jolly Technician/Own Tempo/Moody Smeargle - Extra to sketch HH, HB or DV.
Perfect 5IV Modest/Bold Anticipation/Run Away/Adaptability Eevee in Heal Ball or Dream Ball (-Atk) - May be able to breed other natures.

Happy Hour and/or Dark Void and/or Hold Back Smeargles - Moves Only.

Entertaining any offers. Insta-trade any perfect 5IV non-USA pokemon. Also accept shinies. PM me! Thanks!


I have a Shiny 6IV Jolly Ditto, looking for other EV training ready (4/5/6IV's) Lv.1 Shiny Pokemon :D PM me with offers :)
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New Member
6iv male modest/overgrow Bulbasaur w/ Magical Leaf, Leaf Storm and Giga Drain
(7M) 5iv -attack modest/overgrow Bulbasaur w/ Magical Leaf, Leaf Storm, Giga Drain

Male Hasty/Pressure 6iv Absol w/ Sucker punch, Play rough, Megahorn, Zen headbutt

Female 5iv -sp attack lonely/iron barbs ferroseed /w bullet seed, spikes, leech seed, stealth rock

(6F/5M) 5iv -sp attack Jolly/Sand veil Gible w/ Outrage, Sand tomb

(5M) Togepi 5iv -attack Bold/Serene Grace w/ Nasty Plot

(5F/2M) Honedge 5iv -speed Brave/No Guard
(1F/1M) Honedge 6iv Brave/No Guard

Male Froakie 6iv Timid/Protean w/ toxic spikes, Camouflage
(1F/5M) Froakie 5iv -attack Timid/Protean w/ toxic spikes, Camouflage

(2F/1M) Skarmory 5iv -sp attack impish/Sturdy w/ Whirlwind, Brave Bird
(3M) Skarmory 5iv -sp attack 2x impish, 1x adamant/Keen eye w/ Whirlwind, Brave Bird

(2M) Eevee 6iv Impish/Adamant runaway w/ Curse, Yawn, Wish
(7M/1F) Eevee 5iv -attack Bold/Calm/Timid/(3)Hasty/(1M/1F)Jolly/Run away /w Curse, Yawn, Wish
Male Eevee 5iv - sp attack Impish/Runaway w/ Curse, Yawn, Wish

LF: Anything, feel free to PM with any trades, also looking for leftovers.


New Member

4 5IV Clear Body Careful Beldum - Speed
1 5IV Clear Body Careful Beldum - SpDef
1 5IV Clear Body Careful Beldum - Def
1 5IV Clear Body Careful Beldum - Att
2 5IV Clear Body Careful Beldum - HP


Any Damp Mudkip, doesn't need to have IVs. Male or Female will be fine.
Any Leaf Guard Chikorita, IVs don't matter, male or female.
Any Flash Fire Cyndaquil, IVs don't matter, male or female.
Any Sheer Force Totodile, IVs don't matter, male or female.
Any Unburden Treeko, IVs don't matter, male or female.
Any Shell Armor Turtwig, IVs don't matter, male or female.
Any Defiant Piplup, IVs don't matter, male or female.
Any Contrary Snivy, IVs don't matter, male or female.
Any Thick Fat Tepig, IVs don't matter, male or female.
Any Shell Armor Oshawott, IVs don't matter, male or female.

PM me if you're interested in a trade. Include which Beldum you want, the Pokemon you're offering, FC and IGN.


Fairy Tail Mage
5 IV Pokemons

Have some 5 IV to trade away:

Mudkip (Adamant)
Trapinch (Adamant)
Murkrow (Adamant)
Growlithe (Adamant)
Pawniard (Adamant)


Breeding Enthustiast
I have the following perfect 6IV pokemon to offer:
Poliwag, Modest, Nest Ball
Eggmoves Bubble Beam, Water Pulse, Water Sport
Swift Swim 1 female

Scyther, Adamant, Sport Ball
Eggmoves Defog, Night Slash
Technician 1 female

Magikarp, Jolly, Dive Ball
Swift Swim 1 female

Feebas, Bold, Premier Ball
Eggmoves Dragon Pulse, Hypnosis, Confuse Ray, Mist
Oblivious 1 female
Swift Swim 2 females

Chimchar, Naive, Poke Ball
Eggmoves Fake Out, Encore, Thunder Punch, Fire Punch
Blaze 2 males

Frillish, Calm, Dive Ball
Eggmoves Confuse Ray, Acid Armor, Mist and Pain Split
Cursed Body 1 male

Looking for any 6IV foreign (non-english) male pokemon from these egg groups:
- amorphous
- bug
- grass
- mineral
- water 1/2/3
6IV foreign Ditto will obviously work too, don't care if cloned.

I also have a big list of breedable perfect 5IV pokemon, will trade multiple for the 6IV foreign males. Link to my shop in sig. PM me!
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Shiny Breeder
I have:

31/31/31/x/31/31 Jolly Ponyta
31/31/31/x/31/31 Jolly Tyrunt with egg moves Dragon Dance,Icy Fang,Fire Fang, Thunder Fang(Males Only)
31/x/31/31/31/31 Timid Drought Vulpix with egg move Hypnosis,Heat Wave, hex, extrassensory(In Heal Balls)
31/x/31/31/31/31 Timid Helioptile with egg move Glare
31/31/31/x/31/31 Adamant Scyther with egg moves Baton Pass, Night Slash
31/x/31/31/31/31 Timid Blaze/Magician Fennekin with egg moves Heat Wave,Hypnosis,Wish(Male Only)
31/31/31/x/31/31 Adamant Mawile with egg moves Fire Fang,Sucker Punch,Ice Fang(In Heal Ball)
31/31/31/x/31/31 Adamant HA Dratini with egg moves Extremespeed,Aqua Jet, Dragon Dance,Dragon Rush
31/31/31/x/31/31 Jolly Riolu with Steadfast/Inner Focus/Prankster with egg moves Bullet Punch, Blaze Kick, Crunch, High Jump Kick(Mostly Male)(In Luxury Balls)(Have a few female Riolus, but only trading them for good offers)
31/x/31/31/31/31 Modest Cyndaquil with egg move Extrasensory(Male Only)
31/x/31/31/31/31 Bold Swift Swim/Oblivious Feebas with egg moves Haze,Dragon Pulse, Mirror Coat, Hypnosis
31/31/31/x/31/31 Jolle Moxie/Mold Breaker Pinsir with egg moves Quick Attack, Close Combat(In Net Ball)

Jolly Tyrunt with egg moves Dragon Dance, Ice,Fire,Thunder Fang(Male Only)
Jolly Ponyta(Female Only)
Bold Oblivious Feebas(Male Only, 2 Remain)

4IV or 5IV Foreign Pokemon
Shiny Pokemon
Pokemon with good egg moves
Female pokemon on cool or rare pokeballs

Trading my 6IV pokemon only for 6IV pokemon or multiple 5IV pokemon

Pm me if interested.


Future Gym Leader
Tyranitarite (2 Pokemon from my list)
Ability Capsule (4 Pokemon from my list)

[spoil]4x Modest Eevee Adaptability
EM Covet, Charm, Yawn

3x Modest Eevee Anticipation
EM Covet, Charm, Yawn

3x Modest Eevee Runaway
EM Covet, Charm, Yawn

5x Adamant Pawniard Defiant
EM Pursuit, Revenge, Quick Guard and Sucker Punch

2x Adamant Magikarp Swift Swim

1x Modest Goomy Gooey
EM Counter

2x Modest Charmander Blaze
EM Dragon Pulse

1x Adamant Ralts Trace
EM Shadow Sneak

1x Timid Ralts Synchronise
EM Confuse Ray, Mean Look, Destiny Bond

1x Modest Ralts Synchronise
EM Confuse Ray, Mean Look, Destiny Bond

1x Modest Ralts Trace
EM Confuse Ray, Mean Look, Destiny Bond

1x Jolly Bagon Rock Head
EM Dragon Dance, Fire Fang

1x Modest Mareep Static

1x Timid Froakie Protean

1x Modest Febass Oblivious
EM Dragon Pulse[/spoil]

[spoil]4x Timid Gastly Levitate

1x Adamant Magikarp Swift Swim