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IV Bred Trading Thread


New Member
Looking for a 5IV Fletching with gale wings will trade for protean froakie and pkrs.


New Member
My Pokemon are all German, so usable for the masuda method:

Froakie (Timid) 31/x/31/30/31/30 (Protean and Hidden Power FIRE, Note: you can't get HP Fire with 31 Speed or Special Attack. I want something good for this though.)
Honedge (Brave) 31/31/31/x/31/0
Venipede (Jolly) 31/31/31/x/31/31 with Swarm (can breed Speed Boost)
Klefki (Bold) 31/x/31/x/31/31 (for the Foul Play set, can breed 5V if you want)

Looking for: Other perfect breeds (5-6 perfect IVs).
I also have alot of spitbacks of these which I would trade for other spitbacks.


New Member
Looking for Japanese 5IV Hp.Def.Spa.Spdef.Speed eevee male... I'm offering male eevee 5iv bold with ha and wish... pm me with your friend code... mine is 3067-5243-2503... i'll get back to you as soon as i can...


Pokemon Coordinator
Still have 5 IV Adamant Baton Pass 31/31/31/xx/31/31 (also have other combinations) Speed Boost Torchics looking for shinies, other good IV (and egg move, HA, etc.) pokemon, Y-exclusive megastones (would also take X exclusives or even non-exclusives as I could likely trade those for Y exclusives)


New Member
5iv(non shiny):

blastoise(with blastoisinite)-needs to be a really good offer

mainly looking for shinys


Offering Eevees (HA), Growlithes and Dratinis (HA) with 5 perfect IV's! I'm looking mainly for an Articuno, would be great if someone could help me on getting that one. I can throw in more things at a time of course~


New Member
Larvitar: 31/31/31/xx/31/31 jolly nature with dd, outrage, iron head and pursuit.2x female 1male
Gastly: 31/xx/31/31/31/31 timid nature 1xfemale
Ralts: 31/xx/31/31/31/31 timid with trace ability 1xmale
Abra: 31/xx/31/31/31/31 timid1xmale(synchronize)

Dratini: 31/31/31/xx/31/31 adamant marvel scale 1female /shedskin(3female+2male)

Larvesta:31/xx/31/31/31/31 flame body (2x male 1xfemale)
squirtle: 31/xx/31/31/31/31 modest torrent male1x

charmandar: adamant blaze 31/xx/31/31/31/31(dragon pulse) 1xmale jolly 31/31/31/xx/31/31 with dragon dance.

4iv beldum: adamant nature with random iv spred(7x)

Looking for : tyranite/perf 5iv naive or jolly dragon dance HA bagon/perf 5ivjolly HA rilolu with bullet punch and crunch/perf 5iv timid staryu


Bug Catcher
I'm offering these Torchic:

Nature: Adamant
Ability: Speed Boost
IVs: 31/31/31/x/31/31*
~ Scratch
~ Growl
~ Baton Pass
~ Night Slash

I'm mainly looking for other IV bred Pokémon, but I'm open to offers! PM me if you're interested.

*Other IV spreads available too (some are female)! Feel free to ask.


Well-Known Member
Looking for 5 iv pokemon and 6 iv males(2poke for this).
Offer is in sig also have lots of calm 31/x/31/31/31/31 any ability goomy's

sin tori

New Member
I have 2 3 31 IV in HP, DEF, SP.ATk 1 rash, 1 quiet inbox offers


Well-Known Member
Latest Addition:
- 5V Adamant Aron with Curse
- 5V Timid Infiltrator Noibat with Switcheroo
- 4V Fennekin with Hypnosis and Wish

Offering these JAPANESE IV'd pokes:

Male Adamant Charmander HA (Dragon Dance)

*Will only trade for similar 6 IV pokemon male of the same caliber egg group wise and egg move wise...

Male (Solar Power 31/31/31/31/31/x) x5
Adamant Male (Solar Power 31/31/x/31/31/31) x5
Adamant Male (Solar Power 31/31/31/x/31/31) x3
Adamant Male (Solar Power x/31/31/31/31/31) x4
Adamant Male (Solar Power 31/31/31/31/x/31) x5
Adamant Male (Solar Power 31/x/31/31/31/31)
Adamant Female (Solar Power 31/x/31/31/31/31)
Adamant Male (Blaze 31/x/31/31/31/31) x2
Adamant Male (Blaze 31/31/31/31/31/x)
Adamant Male (Blaze x/31/31/31/31/31) x4
Adamant Male (Blaze 31/31/31/x/31/31) x1
Adamant Male (Blaze 31/31/x/31/31/31) x2
Adamant Male (Blaze 31/31/31/31/x/31) x2

Careful Male (Solar Powe 31/31/31/31/x/31)

Docile Male (Blaze 31/31/31/31/x/31)

Hardy Male (Solar Power 31/31/31/x/31/31)

Timid Male (Solar Power x/31/31/31/31/31)
Timid Male (Solar Power 31/31/x/31/31/31)
Timid Male (Solar Power 31/31/31/x/31/31)
Timid Male (Blaze 31/x/31/31/31/31)
Timid Male (Blaze 31/31/x/31/31/31) x3
Timid Male (Blaze 31/31/31/x/31/31)
Timid Female (Blaze 31/31/31/x/31/31)

Adamant Male (Speed Boost 31/31/x/x/31/31)
Adamant Male (Speed Boost 31/31/x/x/31/31) x3
Adamant Male (Speed Boost 31/x/31/x/31/31) x6
Adamant Male (Speed Boost x/31/31/x/31/31) x2
Adamant Male (Blaze 31/31/31/x/x/31)
Adamant Male (Blaze 31/x/31/x/31/31) x2

Lonely Male (Speed Boost 31/31/x/x/31/31)

Mild Male (Speed Boost 31/31/31/x/x/31)

Modest male (Anticipate 31/31/31/31/x/31)
Modest male (Anticipate 31/x/31/31/31/31)
Modest male (Anticipate 31/31/31/x/31/31)
Modest male (Adaptability 31/31/x/31/31/31)
Modest male (Run Away 31/31/x/31/31/31)

Timid male (Anticipate x/31/31/31/31/31; Fake Tear, Wish)

Bashful male (Adaptability x/31/x/31/31/31/31; Fake Tear, Wish)

Docile male (Anticipate 31/31/x/31/31/x; Fake Tear, Wish)

Gentle male (Run Away x/31/x/31/31/31; Fake Tear, Wish)

Modest male(Anticipate x/31/31/31/31/x; Fake Tear, Wish)
Modest male (Anticipate 31/x/31/31/x/31; Fake Tear, Wish)
Modest male (Anticipate x/31/31/x/31/31; Fake Tear, Wish) x2
Modest male (Anticipate 31/31/x/31/x/31; Fake Tear, Wish)
Modest male (Anticipate 31/x/31/x/31/31; Fake Tear, Wish)
Modest male (Anticipate 31/31/x/x/31/31; Fake Tear, Wish)
Modest female (Anticipate 31/31/x/31/x/31; Fake Tear, Wish)
Modest male (Adaptability 31/31/x/x/31/31; Fake Tear, Wish)
Modest male (Adaptability x/31/x/31/31/31; Fake Tear, Wish)
Modest male (Adaptability x/31/31/x/31/31; Fake Tear, Wish)
Modest male (Run Away x/31/x/31/31/31; Fake Tear, Wish)
Modest male (Run Away x/31/31/x/31/31; Fake Tear, Wish)
Modest male (Run Away 31/31/31/x/x/31; Fake Tear, Wish) x2
Modest female (Run Away 31/31/31/x/x/31; Fake Tear, Wish)
Modest male (Adaptability 31/x/x/31/31/31)
Modest male (Run Away 31/x/31/31/31/x)
Modest male (Run Away 31/31/31/x/x/31)

Quirky male (Anticipate 31/31/x/31/x/31; Fake Tear, Wish)

Relaxed male (Adaptability 31/31/x/31/x/31; Fake Tear, Wish)

Serious male (Anticipate x/31/31/31/x/31; Fake Tear, Wish)

Male (Justified 31/31/31/x/31/31; no Close Combat)

Male (Flash Fire 31/31/31/x/31/31)

Male (Guts x/31/31/31/31/31)
Male (Guts 31/31/31/x/31/31)
Male (Guts 31/31/31/31/31/x)
Male (Guts 31/x/31/31/31/31)

Male (Rain Dish 31/x/31/31/31/31) x2

Male (Rain Dish 31/x/31/31/31/x)
Male (Rain Dish 31/x/31/31/x/31)
Male (Rain Dish x/x/31/31/31/31) x3
Male (Torrent 31/x/31/31/31/x)
Male (Torrent 31/x/31/x/31/31) x2
Male (Torrent 31/x/x/31/31/31)
Male (Torrent 31/x/31/31/x/31) x2
Male (Torrent 31/x/31/31/31/x) x2
Female (Torrent x/x/31/31/31/31)
Female (Torrent 31/x/31/31/31/x)

Male (31/31/x/31/31/31)
Female (31/31/31/31/31/x) x2

Female (Super Luck 31/31/31/x/31/31; also with Double Edge) x3

Male (Super Luck 31/31/31/x/31/31)
Female (Super Luck 31/31/31/x/31/31)

Male (Super Luck 31/31/31/x/x/31) x3
Male (Super Luck 31/31/31/x/31/x)
Female (Super Luck 31/31/x/x/31/31)
Female (Super Luck 31/x/31/x/31/31)

Male (Pressure 31/x/31/x/31/31)
Female (Pressure 31/31/x/x/31/31)

Male (x/31/31/31/31/31) x2
Male (31/x/31/31/31/31)
Male (31/31/31/x/31/31) x2
Male (31/31/31/31/x/31) x2

Male (31/x/31/x/31/31)
Male (31/x/31/31/x/31) x2
Male (x/31/31/x/31/31) x2
Male (31/31/x/31/x/31)
Male (31/31/31/x/x/31) x4
Male (31/31/31/x/31/x)
Male (31/31/31/31/x/x)
Female (31/31/x/x/31/31)

Male (Infiltrator 31/x/31/31/31/31) x2
Female (Infiltrator 31/x/31/31/31/31)

Adamant male (Magician x/x/31/31/31/31)

Bashful (Magician 31/x/31/31/x/31)

Brave (Magician 31/x/31/31/x/31)
Brave (Blaze 31/x/31/31/x/31)

Careful (Magician 31/x/31/31/x/31)

Docile male (Magician 31/x/31/31/x/31) x2

Jolly (Magician 31/x/x/31/31/31)

Modest male (Magician 31/x/31/31/x/31) x2

Quirky male (Blaze 31/x/31/31/x/31)

Sassy male (Blaze 31/x/31/31/x/31)

Male (Rock Head 31/31/31/x/31/31)
Male (Rock Head 31/x/31/31/31/31)
Male (Rocke Head 31/31/31/31/31/x)

Lax (Limber 31/x/31/31/x/31)

Adamant (Imposter x/x/x/31/31/31)

Bashful (Limber x/x/31/x/31/31)

Brave (Limber x/x/x/31/31/31)

Hardy (Imposter x/31/31/x/x/31)
Hardy (Limber x/31/31/31/x/x)

Jolly (Limber 31/31/x/x/x/31)
Jolly (Limber 31/x/31/x/31/x)

Modest (Imposter x/x/31/31/31/x)
Modest (Imposter 31/x/x/31/31/x)

Quiet (Limber x/31/x/x/31/31)

Rash (Imposter x/31/x/31/x/31)

Timid (Imposter x/31/x/31/x/31)
Timid (Limber 31/x/x/31/x/31)

Can also breed those in my sig.

Looking for:
- 6V non-Japanese male pokemons from different egg groups.
- 6V non-Japanese male Eevee HA with Curse
- 5V Modest non-Japanese female Bulbasaur HA with at least with Giga Drain, bred in nest ball.
- 5V Modest female non-Japanese Fennekin HA bred in premier ball or repeat ball.
- 4V-6V non-Japanese Dittos
- Other 5V-6V non-Japanese pokemons, preferably with egg moves, and females with HA and bred in some good balls.

PM with your offer. If my PM box is full, just VM me. Will try to get back, but my internet connection just doesn't like serebii, so may sometimes take a while to get back as well...
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New Member
I can offer:

Gastly 31/x/31/31/31/31 Timid Male or female


Torchic Female With Impulse & Egg Move 31/31/31/x/31/31 or Klefki Bold 31/31/31/x/31/31

Roughneck JB

Well-Known Member
I can offer:

Gastly 31/x/31/31/31/31 Timid Male or female


Torchic Female With Impulse & Egg Move 31/31/31/x/31/31 or Klefki Bold 31/31/31/x/31/31

Just curious: Why do you need a 31 Atk IV on a Bold Klefki? Bold reduces Atk, plus the only attack Klefki should be running is Foul Play...
Also, what's Impulse?


New Member
Offering Ditto 20 / 30 / 31 / 31 / 30 / 31
Looking for a similar foreign Ditto (non-english) for Shiny breeding. It should have at least 30 IV in 5 of its stats.

These Dittos are also for trade. Not looking for anything in particular for those, just send me offers.

28 / 31 / 31 / 25 / 31 / 4 - 6
31 / 31 / 28 / 28 / 13 / 31
31 / 14 - 15 / 31 / 31 / 16 / 22
30 / 31 / 31 / 27 / 14 - 15 / 31
31 / 7 / 31 / 13 / 30 / 31
30 / 29 / 31 / 31 / 22 / 31


I do liek mudkipz.
Need, urgent! Aron, 4IV or 5IV. Preferably Careful nature, but any is fine.

Can offer:
- 5V/6V Honedges, Brave, Luxury Ball
- 2V/3V/4V Marills, Adamant, Dive Ball, Aqua Jet + Belly Drum
- 4V Female Eevee, Bold, Heal Ball, Wish + Yawn
- 4V Tyrunt with elemental fangs and Dragon Dance, Jolly
- Japanese Dittos with random IVs


*hugs Absol*
Looking for a Japanese Ditto with this stat combo:
31 - 31 - xx - xx - xx - 31
Can be of any nature, but Adamant would be a plus.
I'm also interested in Japanese Dittos with 4 maxed IVs, any nature.

I'd be willing to offer 2 or 3 from this list:

6IV Modest Infiltrator Espurr (female).
31 - 31 - 31 - 31 - 31 - 31

5IV bred Pokémon
Adamant Super Luck Absol with Rough Play as egg move, either male or female.
31 - 31 - 31 - xx - 31 - 31

Modest Infiltrator Espurr, either male or female.
31 - xx - 31 - 31 - 31 - 31

Timid Flame Body Volcarona, either male or female.
31 - xx - 31 - 31 - 31 - 31

Shiny Pokémon:

-Lucky Eggs
-Light Clays


Obsessor Collector
Offering evolution stones and rare items for:
a 3IV or more Jolly Growlithe 31/31/x/x/x/31 w/ Intimidate and egg moves Crunch, Close Combat and Flare Blitz

I can also offer a 4IV female Timid Espurr with it if preferable.

PM if interested.


New Member
Just curious: Why do you need a 31 Atk IV on a Bold Klefki? Bold reduces Atk, plus the only attack Klefki should be running is Foul Play...
Also, what's Impulse?

Uhmm realy do not know i'm noob pokemon world, i have 5 ivs and need put atk or especial attack just choose 1 xD sorry for my bad english


IcaV PokePimp
Have Iv bred Larvitars and Pinsirs, Look in sig for egg moves nature and iv layout. Currently have 3 male and 3 female larvitar and 1 male and 3 female pinsirs with potent IV spreads.