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IV Bred Trading Thread


Autism Love
Can anyone help me with a foreign to English ditto? IVs and nature don't matter. Id REALLY appreciate it. DM if you can help, thanks!


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Looking for a Munchlax with 31, atk, def, sp def, HP IVs
Nature- Adamant or Brave (minimal speed if brave)
Ability- Gluttony

Willing to give a Charizard with 4 IVs?


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Cottonee, (M) IV's 31/**/31/31/31/31.
Modest nature, Prankster ability

- Absorb
- Fairy wind

Deino, (F) IV's 31/**/31/31/31/31.
Modest nature, Hustle ability

- Tackle
- Dragon rage

Tynamo, (F) IV's 31/31/31/**/31/31.
Careful nature, Levitate ability

- Tackle
- Thunder wave
- Spark
- Charge beam

Ferroseed, (M) IV's 31/31/31/31/31/31.
Sassy nature, Iron barbs ability.

- Tackle
- Harden
- Leech seed

Bagon, (F) IV's 31/31/31/**/31/31
Rock head ability, Jolly nature

- Rage
- Dragon dance

Heracross, (F) IV's 31/31/31/31/31/31.
Moxie ability, Jolly nature.

- Leer
- Horn attack
- Endure
- Rock blast

Pawniard, (F) IV's 31/31/31/**/31/31
Defiant ability, Adamant nature.

- Scratch
- Psycho cut
- Persuit
- Sucker punch

Solosis, (F) IV's 31/**/31/31/31/31
Magic guard ability, Bold nature

- Psywave

Aerodactyl, (F) IV's 31/31/31/31/31/31
Pressure ability, Jolly nature

- Dragon claw
- Rock slide
- Earthquake
- Double-edge
( I suggest you use and ''ability capsule'' on her so she has Rock head as it's ability, and this is also the only one with a nickname: ''Aerielice'' )

Tentacool, (F) IV's 31/**/31/31/31/31
Liquid ooze ability, Timid nature

- Poison sting

Roggenrola, (M) IV's 31/31/31/**/31/31
Sturdy ability, Adamant nature.

- Tackle

Sartyu, IV's 31/**/31/31/31/31
Natural cure ability, Timid nature.

- Tackle
- Harden

All except for Aerodactyl are Lv. 1 with 0 EV's
Aerodactyl is Lv. 5 due to it being bred in Emerald ( also 0 EV's )


Omega Ruby Base on Route 118, Right Side Beach
I have several, 4 perfect 31 iv LV 1 Larvitars with egg moves. Message me if interested in trading

Edit---- no longer available. Can breed one though
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Omega Ruby Base on Route 118, Right Side Beach
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I have a Shiny Skitty level 8 timid with 31 iv hp and speed. I'd like to trade it for at least one NON- shiny 5 perfect iv Pokemon with one egg move but, I'd like two breded Pokemon, one is a-lot easier to breed than the other. Pm me if interested in trading. I doubt someone will respond anytime soon, so just message even if you see this much later


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some have egg moves, and some had a mom that was caught in something else than the standard poke ball.
i have the following pokemon up for trade
( and i can nickname them if you really want that )

cottonee, male, 5IV's, prankster ability, modest nature.
tynamo, female, 5IV's, levitate ability, careful nature.
heracross, female, 6IV's, moxie ability, jolly nature. ( has rock blast )
bagon, female, 5IV's, rock head ability, jolly nature. ( has dragon dance )
houndour, male, 6IV's, early bird ability, modest nature. ( caught in safari ball )
solosis, female, 5IV's, magic guard ability, bold nature.
deino, female, 5IV's, hustle ability, modest nature.
tentacool, female, 5IV's, liquid ooze ability, timid nature.
roggenrola, male, 5 IV's, sturdy ability, adamant nature. ( caught in quick ball )
staryu, no gender, 5 IV's, natural cure ability, timid nature
pawniard, female, 5 IV's, defiant ability, adamant nature. ( has pursuit, psycho cut, and sucker punch )
ferroseed, male, 6IV's, iron barbs ability, sassy nature. ( has leech seed, but DOESN'T have 0 speed IV's )
sableye, female, 5IV's, prankster ability, impish nature. ( caught in luxury ball, has recover )
fletchling, female, 5 IV's, gale wings ability, adamant nature.
shuppet, female, 5 IV's, insomnia ability, adamant nature. ( caught in heavy ball, has destiny bond and knock off )
pachirisu, male, 5 IV's volt absorb ability, impish nature. ( caught in a dream ball )
aerodactyl, female, 6IV's, pressure ability, jolly nature. ( has double edge, earthquake, rock slide, and dragon claw ) ( has the nickname Aerielice and i can't change it )
( i suggest using an ability capsule on aerodactyl so it doesn't hurt itself due to double edge )

is what i have for you.
and again the pokemon have IV's beneficial for what they usually are used for, so don't worry


Beautiful Midnight
Hey all.

I have some left over pokemon from some MM attempts I have made. I usually end up keeping any 6IV pokemon that happen to pop up but since I've got the shiny for them I don't require as many as I have. Anyways here's the list.

3x Amaura(Modest-Refrigerate)
6x Charmander(Timid-Blaze)
1xSneasel(Adamant-Keen eye)
1xDeerling(Adamant-Sap Sipper)
3xDeerling(Adamant-Serene Grace)
2xVulpix(Timid-Flash Fire)
5xNidoran male(Adamant-Hustle)
1XNidoran female(Adamant-Poison point)
2xNidran female(Adamant-Hustle)
4xChimchar(Jolly-Iron Fist)
4xEevee(Timid-Run away)
2xAron(Impish-Heavy Metal)
1xShellder(Modest-Skill link)
2xHorsea(Modest-Swift swim)
3xElectrike(Timid-Lightning rod)
1xPetlil(Timid-Own Tempo)
2xPetlil(Timid-Leaf guard)
3xHoundour(Timid-Early Bird)
3xScatterbug(Timid-Compound eyes)
3xScatterbug(Timid-Shield Dust)

There are probably some Anorith coming down the line yet but I still have a bunch of eggs to hatch then sort through so they're not ready yet.

Looking for 5 or 6 IV pokemon not listed above obviously. Also really looking for a Hoopa, Volcanion, and Diancie if anyone happens to have a spare. I would part with multiple of these for one of the event legendaries.
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