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IV question

Around Lv.25 IIRC. Lv.10 is too low.


i don't lose
metalkid himself has gotten by level 17. usually 20-25 is what i end up with though. if you know the HP type you will have exact IVs by level 20 though, im almost positive.


Crazy Trainer
Using the calculator I made, I can get exact EVs by level 17 every time. (I only have 12 Rare Candys)

What I do when Rare Candies are not enough, is use vitamins. In that way, I'm sure you could figure IVs at even lower levels.

For example I might narrow an IV range down to two choices, then I find that giving it a vitamin will be the tie-breaker.


Cascade Trainer
Well, my calculator does the same thing. When you get down to 2 IVs, it will tell you how many EVs you need to determine the correct IV. However, if you start trying to mess with the EVs before that point, you would just have to get lucky for it to actually help speed it up. Otherwise, you are wasting a lot of time trying to manipulate the EVs. That is another reason why I show the next helpful level where IVs would be reduced. If the next level will give you exact IVs, there is no need to mess with the EVs.