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"I've been sleeping for a long time" - Young Mewtwo

Discussion in 'SPPf Help & Newbie Lounge' started by Mewtwo's Amber, Sep 5, 2010.

  1. Mewtwo's Amber

    Mewtwo's Amber Don't cry Mewtwo

    Hello Serebii.net, again.
    I am not sure if anyone remembers a member here from a while ago called Phoenixfever; that is my old account. Not only did I want a new name but I actually could not remember the password to that account. So here I am reborn.

    So some about me since I will not be remembered nor did I really introduce myself as Phoenixfever.
    I will be 24 in November, and will likely be graduating from junior college with a liberal arts degree next spring with the hopes of becoming a New York Bestselling and Nobel Prize winning author, and would also like to try being an actress. It was something I enjoyed once before in my life and would like to see if I could cut it in Hollywood as it sounds like an adventure. I have a novel started that I hope to be my first publication and will get me at least in the world somewhat.

    I am also trying to learn the guitar; I had to put it down a few years ago to pursue a job, a task horribly in vein, at least until this week when I began a job my mom got me in her office building; now I need to pick it up again and re learn the little I had learned. I would love to be able to write songs as well as stories.

    I entered the pokemon world in compete and utter loath of it, in the seventh grade while it was all the rage I would see kids at school with their card collections and my best friend would tell me about the episodes she had seen in her mom's at the time boys daycare, and we would just love to make fun of how stupid we thought it was. But then one day with homework finished I was browsing channels and noticed pokemon was on, so I decided to take a look just to see how stupid it was; Mind you all that time of hating it this is the very first time I had actually seen the show, and believe me I have very much learned my lesson because after that day I became addicted, I had several of the videos and almost all the games. This addiction is long since reformed I am not quite as into it as I once once including the games although I still play every once in a while, in fact I am training for the elite four in my sapphire and actually found this website as I sought out a place to ask a sapphire question(which I will do in the appropriate section).
    Last edited: Sep 7, 2010
  2. Darato

    Darato (o,..,o)

    Welcome to sppf

    If you need help with anything feel free to ask me.

    Btw, are you Pikachu from nightmare?

  3. Mewtwo's Amber

    Mewtwo's Amber Don't cry Mewtwo

    Solstice you mean, yes I am Dorato and hello.
    I am to guess you recognized me by my introduction. I can get too lazy to type up a bunch of different ones so yes I do reuse them sometimes *blush*
    I am actually considering changing my name there to this one once I reach 100 posts as is the rule.
  4. A_Merry_Snowrunt

    A_Merry_Snowrunt Snorunt!

    welcome anyways, but if you couldn't remember the password, why not reset the password off your old account?
  5. Mewtwo's Amber

    Mewtwo's Amber Don't cry Mewtwo

    Um I did clearly say right there in the first line; I wanted a new name. Have for a while but the name change thread was not functioning, and now it seems to have been removed.
  6. The Power of Pika

    The Power of Pika Way Past Cool!!

    Yeah I can relate a bit. I've had my username for who knows how long and have just had the urge of wanting it changed only to find there isn't a way to change it from what I can see.=/

    Anyway welcome back.
  7. Mewtwo's Amber

    Mewtwo's Amber Don't cry Mewtwo

    Hello nice to meet you.
    They used to have a name change request thread that ran like every three months or something when I was new as Phoenixfever, but it was always backed up saying not to make a request because they still have several to fill. So I waited and waited and then lost interest in the forum for a long time. Now when I returned it seems to have disappeared. So I never got to even make my request.
  8. Stickly

    Stickly Member

    hello :) i hope you have fun on serebii. i just started a file not that long ago and i love it
  9. Mewtwo's Amber

    Mewtwo's Amber Don't cry Mewtwo

    Nice to meet you stickly, love the sig lol.
  10. GastlyMan

    GastlyMan Ghost Type Trainer

    Oh hi :)
    I think I saw your introductory post in another site too. I only joined myself a few months ago, but it's fun. :D

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