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Ive had it with THIS!

Discussion in 'Technology Help' started by krazyelements241, Jan 16, 2006.

  1. krazyelements241

    krazyelements241 Well-Known Member

    Hey people if i can please get some help with my stupid digital camera! i would be verry happy ok here is my problem
    my camera can rec. video clips but when i upload them to my com they only open with quicktime real player and i dont care about that is just that i cant use them in the program windows movie maker because it isnt some kind of file how can i make my movie clips from a quick time movie file to a mpeg file please help me i cant find out how i read the manuel lots of times and no help well if you guys need other info tell me by the way my cam type is a kodak 6.1 meha pixels and thats about it well thanx for your help!
  2. Eileen

    Eileen Queen of Orudoran

    Open the video in Quicktime and use the export option. It will only work if you have Quicktime Pro..

    Select AVI format.
  3. krazyelements241

    krazyelements241 Well-Known Member

    omg thank you so much i hope it does work i just hope because this homework is due on tuesday :)
  4. krazyelements241

    krazyelements241 Well-Known Member

    first of all im so sorry for doble posting but i dont have the quick time real plyayer so what else can i do?

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