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I've heard some people dont like gen 4... but why?


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In the past some people are talking about how Gen 4 wasnt as good as Kanto and saying how original it was. Then they say Johto is way better then gen 4 and what not. I've even heard some people saying how the legendary pokemon aren't good or they arent as good as the others and other things.
Then some people blame Chimchar as his a fire-fighting. I dont like fire fighting though since its OVERLY used but Chimchar is cute and cool.
Some of my friends are all over pokemon Black 2 and White 2 and all the other generations but they tend to not talk about Gen 4 unless I ask them if they like Piplup,Turtwig or Chimchar the best.
Do you know someone who doesnt like gen 4. Tell us why!
Do you not like gen 4?
Do you think the other gens are way better than it?
Ok first to answer your questions:
1) No i personally don't know someone who dislikes gen 4.The people i know like it a lot.
2) Well here it's a yes and no. I do like generation 4 and it's pokemon but i personally don't like the region,because i believe the other regions where better as regions you know ( for example i don't know why when i see johto in a map i'm like yeah :) though when i see Sinnoh it's meh ).
3) No.In fact when it comes to pokemon(evolutions),competitive battling etc. it's by far the best generation along with generation 5.I personally like it more than gen1 and gen3.(And i grew up with gen1 and gen2 ).

Now my opinion in the subject in general is that generation 4 receives a lot of hate because many people didn't like that it brough mostly evolutions than new pokemons.Also some don't like the region that much ( like me ).Some others let nostalgia take over.Most of the people that dislike this generation (4) is because they like more gen 1 and gen 3.


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Do you know someone who doesnt like gen 4. Tell us why!
-I don't know anyone besides non-Pokémon fans who don't like Gen IV.

Do you not like gen 4?
- Huh. I like it so much. It is my 2nd favourite generation after the 3rd and before the 5th.

Do you think the other gens are way better than it?
- In some ways, yes. Though every generation is great at its own way.

Now my opinion in the subject in general is that generation 4 receives a lot of hate because many people didn't like that it brough mostly evolutions than new pokemons.Also some don't like the region that much ( like me ).Some others let nostalgia take over.Most of the people that dislike this generation (4) is because they like more gen 1 and gen 3.

Not to mention the slow game speed (though not so much in HGSS's case)

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I used to be that someone who was like, "I'm done" when the fourth generation came out. But I quickly got over it, and I watched my friend play it a few times and liked what I saw. Unfortunately, at the time, I didn't have a DS, so I actually didn't get to play either of D/P/Pt until last year, and I found I liked it a lot. Sure, obviously there were some kinks that needed to have been (and were) worked out for future DS games, but I let it go because this was a new style, and the DS was still relatively new at the time. Now it definitely is going to show some aging within the next few years because of slow frame-rate, but it's still revolutionary for the Pokémon franchise for being able to adapt well into a 3D-like environment. Of course, Colosseum came first, but no one remembers that.

Is it my favorite generation? No, that's reserved for Johto. Where would I put it on the list of my favorite generations? Eh... I don't really know. I don't see it as being the weakest of the generations, but there were some annoyances (like the fog, ugh) that do keep it from being up there. I admire it because it was treading new ground, somewhat, and it succeeded for the most part. I wouldn't say it's memorable like Johto or even Hoenn, but was a neat experience. Platinum I think really tried to be different when it came to the Distortion World, and while I haven't played Platinum, I've heard a lot of people saying they liked the place, even if it was confusing.


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I actually Love the 4th generation..... My favorite is Torterra X)


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There are fans of gen 1 only. It's probably some of those people who hate it.


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Its one of the bests imo, where GTS was first introduce... Some old players usually just see the game quality based one some ugly pokemon they hate...


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4th gen was all right. I just think it didn't stand out enough. Might've seemed a bit like 3rd gen with the physical/special split to some. Still, I think Sinnoh's an amazing region.


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Gen 4 was pretty awesome, it really felt like a true expansion of the series with plenty of pokemon making their return as well as several getting evolutions and pre-evolutions.

I must say, though, Chimchar is among my least favorite starters in the series. I never liked its design much and always prefered Piplup and Turtwig.

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Gen IV has to be my favourite. DPPt were awesome games, and I loved the legendaries from it, but I find HG/SS, despite being remakes, clearly defined the friendship between you and your Pokemon.


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Well, I had a little trouble getting used to it. When the games were just released, I was so excited and I wanted soo badly for my mom to buy me a DS. When I actually played the games though... I didn't like it. I didn't like some of their designs. It lacked something. It wasn't as memorable. I loved the theme and the space-time concept of the games, but eh. Kanto(I played FRLG, not the old ones) made me feel like a heroine, and Johto continued the business. Hoenn was an exquisite island trip. Don't get me wrong I love the sinnoh games. I loved when Professor Rowan tasked Lucas, Barry and me to "investigate" the pixies

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Gen IV was my least favorite of all the gens, assuming we're only counting D/P/Pt (HG/SS are my second favorite set of main series Pokemon games besides R/S). However, I didn't dislike it by any definition of the word. I loved D/P/Pt to death. I loved a lot of what it brought to the table, including the new evolutions (Mamoswine is one of my favorite Pokemon), gender differences, the Physical/Special Attack Split, WiFi features, and the fact that they were the games that defined what is now the standard endgame.

It did, however, have some things that, while I took no problem with, I felt were done worse than other gens.
- Battles were extremely slow
- Super Contests were noticeably less fun than regular Contests (I hold this against B/W/B2/W2 as well. F the Pokemon Musical.)
- I hated how the Safari Zone was so muddy (granted, at least it HAD a Safari Zone, eh B/W/B2/W2?)
- The completely new Pokemon were my least favorite (Burmy, Budew, Pachirisu, Cherubi, etc.)
- The Gym Leaders I, personally, found to be the least memorable
- I've never liked Barry; I think he's extremely annoying

And lastly, the most important thing of all...

- Female Wobbuffet.

I still have nightmares.


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I don't get it too. I may have said this already but I have NEVER (if not, then rarely) seen nor heard of anyone hate the 4th gen (later gens maybe but not the 4th). As far as I'm concerned, this is one of my most fave gens because mostly due to the Pokemon and the fact that it made the series more challenging too (not to mention easier at the same time). Probably those who don't like it must've had a hard time familiarizing themselves with the new features that came with this gen, or probably didn't like the storylines or anything. Overall, great gen, though of course not perfect and there are some things in this gen which are better and worse than the others.
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I don't really get why anyone would dislike Gen 4, especially the sinnoh games. The storyline is great, the pokémon are great, the graphics are ok but not perfect. It's my second favorite behind 3rd gen.



I don't dislike the gen as a whole as I love HGSS, but I wasn't a big fan of DPPt. I own Platinum, I used to own Diamond.
For whatever reason, I just wasn't as into the new Pokemon in Sinnoh. There were a few I liked like Riolu/Lucario and Weavile was a well-done new evolution.
But for the most part, it felt meh to me. The main legendaries were really weird looking, the others felt forgettable.
The region also felt bland for some reason. It all felt mostly the same except for the snowy area.
DPPt are really the only Pokemon games I feel this way about as I love the others.

Well I don't mean to hate on these games. I still think they are fun after all, but was just giving my perspective as someone who wasn't as big a fan.
Diamond and Pearl also introduced wifi to Pokemon and Physical/Special moves not based solely on type, which is awesome.


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I don't really know anyone who hates Gen IV (except one friend who criticizes the 'slow' HP bar). I like it a bit, but I haven't really played it that much. It's the one generation that I haven't done much in yet, since I barely played my Soul Silver when I first bought it (when it first came out), and I didn't get Diamond version until August 2012...

It seems like a cool generation, but I should try getting into it more.