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So I'm attempting them right now, and trying to use the IV Calculator to help me out.

The only problem is I'm not sure if it'll work.

I want to go on the whole wi-fi and see at 100, but it would be a LV. 100 Feebas instead of a LV. 100 Milotic. So that stats would be completely different, and I'm wondering if that effects the IVs in any way?

If you can help, you'd be like my Patron Saint.

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Whether it's Feebas or Milotic, IVs don't change. Just select Feebas and input it's stats into the IV calculator.


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the best IV calculator is an AR (Action Replay)



i use AR for iv checking too and hidden power as well...
i tried wifi for it.. man i can't handle for waiting...takes soooo long


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Answere so closed - but use the Help thread next time. Also no discussing ar people - it's against the rules as well. =/
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