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Jacket and Ribbon (Fonz x Katie, Twitch Plays Pokémon, PG)


sometimes i get a deadache, yeah
Hi! I'm Canis, normally seen around the non-ship fic section. As this story is technically a shipfic, I'm posting it here to be sure. Rated PG for mentions of violence. Let me know if the rating needs to be changed one way or the other as this is my first time using these ratings.

This is a rather short story (roughly 1400 words) about two Twitch Plays Pokémon characters, Fonz the Nidoking and Katie the Dragonite. Some of the internal lore of TPP is referenced, but it's not crucial to the work, so don't worry if you're an outsider to the TPP community. I try to keep my stuff readable to everyone.

This is the first story in a while I've written in third person, so if you have critique on how it's used (or critique on anything else), I'm open to hearing it as I want to get better at this form of narration. And as I'm in the ship section now, feedback on chemistry is also useful, because that's something I have barely any experience with.



Jacket and Ribbon

Synopsis: On his way to a school parents' meeting, Fonz bumps into an old foe.


The stairs are broken. Please use the elevator.

Fonz blinked.

He briefly wondered how stairs could be broken, but soon brushed that thought aside and lunged for the elevator’s button. He was already late.

After a few nervous taps of his foot - or stomps, being a nidoking - a ding came, and the metal doors slid open. He walked inside, curling his lengthy tail around his leather-jacketed body, and pressed the button for the third floor. The doors started rolling to a close, allowing Fonz to sigh.

A sudden clank brought a stop to his calming and a surge to his heartbeat. White claws had appeared in the crevice between the doors, orange scales peeking further away. A dragonite! thought Fonz. Is it Mrs Teika? She’s never been late before. And she doesn’t strike me as the type to claw her way into an elevator… wait, I shouldn’t just be standing here, I should help!

Fonz hurriedly pushed the button to open the doors, but it was ruled unnecessary right after as, with a powerful grunt, the doors were pushed aside by sheer muscle strength alone. The dragon dashed in, tiny wings flapping, and raised the tip of her tail out of the way of the closing doors. A red ribbon was lifted to the level of Fonz’s face.

“Sorry,” she panted. “I’m late, and the stairs were --”

She’d looked up and seen the mon she’d spoken to.

Fonz had recognized her a few seconds prior - she was shorter and stockier than the usual dragonite at the parents’ meeting, even if she had something similar to her in her look beyond their shared species. The ribbon on the tail was the final piece of evidence Fonz needed to be convinced. It was Katie.

“You?” Katie’s thread-like eyebrows rose, then lowered in a defensive scowl. “Why are you here?”

“I, uhh… I’m Helix’s guardian. He goes to this school,” Fonz explained, sensing trouble ahead. “But… why are you here?”

“My sister couldn’t make it. She asked me to come in her place, since I’m pretty close to Vicky, anyway...” She inhaled sharply. “Not that it’s any of your business.”

“Ah, alright...” Fonz yanked his tail closer and turned his face away.

It had been about three years since the battle on Mt Silver, but Fonz hadn't seen her too many times since. I suppose it makes sense for her to still consider me her enemy… thought Fonz, tapping his claws against each other. But the Voices left AJ and Helix turned out to reincarnate after all. In a way, both sides won - neither lost anything, at least. There’s no reason why we should stay mad. Or… right. I guess I did give her a pretty bad smack during our fight. Maybe apologizing for that could be a start?

Fonz cleared his throat, catching Katie’s attention again. “I’m sorry about hitting you on Mt Silver,” he managed to get out.

Katie's eyes lit up - but not in any joyous way. “You're apologizing to me?” she roared, shrinking Fonz further in his purple, armored hide. “What about AJ? He was the one suffering! Why didn't you just let him kill Helix so he could’ve gotten rid of the Voices without all that strain? You knew he could just reincarnate!”

“But… we didn't know,” peeped Fonz.

Katie froze. “You… you didn't?” she quietly asked.

“Why do you think Red was so devastated?” Fonz said, confidence regenerating.

“I… huh.” Katie scratched her head and looked away. Silence arose in the metal box, the echoes of the shouts long gone.

“...wait,” the dragonite suddenly spoke. Fonz’s barbs rose on end again. Is she going to yell even more?

“Why haven't the elevator doors opened?” she continued. Fonz calmed as he realized the argument was over, but his relaxed state disappeared soon as another truth dawned upon him. W-we’re stuck?

Katie wedged her claws between the doors and began trying to pull them apart, but with no success.

“Let me help,” offered Fonz, stepping closer, but Katie only swung her tail in a threatening fashion. Guess we’re not quite friends yet... thought Fonz and eyed the buttons of the elevator floor. As he had hoped, there was an alarm button. Cautiously, he tapped it.

“Did you just press the alarm button?” snapped Katie.

Fonz’s ears shot back. “Y-yeah?”

Katie growled and tried once more to pry the doors open. This time, she got results - the doors separated about ten centimeters apart. Unfortunately, all that lie beyond was the wall of the elevator shaft.

Katie groaned and sat down with a thump. She buried her face in her knees.

“H-hey, it’s okay,” began Fonz, crouching. “The firemen are gonna come and get us outta here in just a while.”

“No, it’s not,” the dragonite lamented, voice muffled by her limbs. “I’m so late and I got stuck in an elevator and I’m gonna have to tell my sister I screwed it all up.”

“I’m sure she’ll understand.”

“No! You don’t know her. She already looks down on me, and now she's gonna use this as an excuse to let me see Vicky even less.”

Fonz sat himself on the floor. “She… looks down on you?”

“Well, she's the one who got married and had a kid…”

A disdain for this sister began to grow fast in Fonz’s heart. “But you're the one who battled to cure a child of the Twitch! That's way better!”

“No, it's not…” mumbled Katie.

“And you’re super strong! You pulled those doors apart, and… back at Mt Silver, that outrage of yours did quite a number on me.”

Fonz saw a quick smile on Katie's lips.

“Why'd you apologize for hitting me?” she abruptly asked. “You were only protecting your friend.”

“I… well,” started Fonz, scratching behind his ear, “I saw how worried you were about AJ. You seemed like a really nice mon.”

“Thanks…” Katie responded. Her smile returned. “I’m sorry about my outrage, too, then.”

“It’s alright.”

Katie smirked. “And Gator’s icy wind, if his stories about it are true.”

Fonz remembered the chill and shivered, prompting a snort from Katie.

Three clangs rang out. “You alright in there?” called a male voice.

“Y-yeah, we're fine,” answered the two mon.

“Good, we're gonna get you out of there soon. Please stay calm.”

“I guess those are the firemen,” said Fonz. “They sure were quick.”

Katie frowned. “I wish we could have gotten out of this without making a scene…”

“Hey, it's not our fault. It's the building’s for having both broken stairs and elevator.”

The dragonite snorted. Fonz felt warm.


Fonz watched the teacher, a red-coated sceptile with a round tail-bush, set her foot on the snow-covered ground after climbing down the escape ladder.

“Was that everyone?” asked the infernape in the uniform.

“Yes, I was the last. I checked,” assured the teacher, shivering in the winter air. Disappointment was visible on her face, even if she understood the meeting had to be cut short to assure everyone a safe way down.

“Alright, we’ll be heading off then,” the infernape announced and climbed into the fire engine. “Y’all stay safe and warm!” he shouted from the window. The vehicle withdrew its aerial rescue platform and drove off, the saved mon waving them goodbye - the ones with arms, at least.


Fonz turned around to see Katie. Her hands were grabbing her arms and her tail was wrapped around her feet.

“I’m sorry about that whole episode in the elevator,” she said.

“It’s alright, don’t worry about it,” Fonz replied with a dismissing wave of his claws. “But for something more relevant… are you going to be fine? It’s freezing out here, and you don’t have anything except that ribbon.”

“I’m travelling via train, same way I got here. I’ll get warmer when I start walking, too.” She looked at the ground. “I guess I have to wait longer for my train now, though...”

Fonz’s heartbeat sped up. “Well… I’m not in a hurry to get home,” he said, fidgeting with the collar of his jacket. ”Would you like some company to pass the time?”

Katie smiled, and Fonz knew his efforts had paid off.

“Sure. I’d like that.”