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Jaisey's super shiny swap shop!

Discussion in 'Trade Shops' started by jaisey89, Jul 16, 2011.

  1. jaisey89

    jaisey89 Shiny Hunter


    Hello and welcome to my 5th gen trade shop. This is my first attempt at this so constructive criticism is welcome (PM only please) I live in the UK and my timezone is GMT!
    My trade shop FC is 3783 0659 6194


    Please consider this when asking me about trades


    *USE YOUR MANNERS! I will not tolerate anyone being rude to me or anyone else on this thread.
    *NO HACKS! In the event that I trade anyone a hack, then I will issue a full refund, and a free Pokémon of your choice. If I find out I have been traded a hack I will expect the same courtesy.
    *BE PATIENT! Even if I appear to be online, I may not be available at the time. I have a life just like everyone else. If I don't contact you within 48 hours, PM me.
    *I WILL NOT WAIT AROUND FOR TRADES! If we have agreed on a trade, and you have not contacted me within ten days about it, then I will take it off my waiting list. You will have to repost and wait til I have finished all other pending trades before I get back to you.
    *ONE FOR ONE TRADES ONLY! I understand that other people expect more for a flawless shiny, but I am not one of those people. I will always trade one for one, unless I am trading with another shop owner who expects more.
    *ALL OTHER SPPF RULES APPLY! I do not have a strike system, but if anyone breaks any rules, I reserve the right to back out of any previously agreed trades, and ban you from my shop.

    I do clone, and I am more than happy to accept them, as long as they have not been cloned using Pokécheck
    Pokémon that have been RNGed are also fine.
    I do not clone for free! If you wish to have your Pokémon cloned then please offer me something else in return for doing this!​

    If I don't have something you're looking for, please visit my other recommended shops.


    *I will give any three shinies for a flawless, level one, shiny Larvesta!
    *I am looking for all basic level one shinies, such as Pidgey, Rattata, Wurmple, Lillipup etc.
    *I am looking for any shinies that I don't have. level one or UT only please. And preferably unevolved shinies.
    *I am looking to replace any Pokémon that are higher than level one, with level ones! EG. I will trade for a level one Sandshrew even though I already have one!
    I am looking for any shiny legandaries that I don't have. Especially Ho-Oh and LEGIT DEOXYS!!
    *I am not interested in events, unless I'm asking for specific ones!
    *Feel free to haggle, but no means no!


    All the following are shiny and UT unless stated

    001. Bulbasaur (level one/ Modest) knows Leaf storm/Petal dance
    004. Charmander (level one/ Modest)
    007. Squirtle (level one/ Hasty)
    010. Caterpie *German* (level one/ Quirky/ flawless)
    027. Sandshrew (level 15/ Rash)
    035. Clefairy (level 18/ Bold)
    037. Vulpix (level one/ DW ability/ Modest) knows Hypnosis
    039. Jigglypuff *Japanese* (level 58/ Timid)
    041. Zubat (level one/ Hasty) knows Brave bird/Steel wing
    052. Meowth (level one/ Sassy)
    051. Dugtrio (level 53/ Lonely)
    054. Psyduck (level 5/ Hasty)
    058. Growlithe (level one/ NN Rawr/ Adamant) knows Morning sun/Flare Blitz/Heatwave/Fire spin
    060. Poliwag (level one/ Lax)
    063. Abra (level one/ Modest) knows signal beam/Role play/Gravity/Magic coat
    073. Tentacruel (level 41/ Impish)
    074. Geodude (level one/ Serious)
    077. Ponyta (level 25/ Quiet)
    079. Slowpoke (level one/ Lax)
    081. Magnemite (level one/ modest)
    084. Doduo (level 2/ Naive)
    090. Shellder (level one/ Quiet)
    092. Gastly (level one/ Modest)
    102. Exeggcute *German* (level 28/ Hardy)
    111. Rhyhorn (level 3/ Bold)
    114. Tangela (level one/ DW ability/ Impish/ flawless)
    116. Horsea (level one/ Modest/ flawless)
    120. Staryu (level one/ Timid/ flawless)
    123. Scyther w/life orb (level one/ Jolly/ 100 EV's in attack) knows Night slash/Baton pass
    128. Tauros (level 17/ Impish)
    132. Ditto (level 53/ Relaxed)
    133. Eevee (level one/ DW ability/ Gentle + Modest/ flawless)
    134. Vaporeon (level one/ Bashful)
    135. Jolteon (level one/ Calm)
    136. Flareon (level one/ Lonely)
    137. Porygon (level one/ Timid/ flawless)
    140. Kabuto (level one/ Adamant/ flawless) knows rapid spin/Mud shot
    138. Omanyte (level 20/ Hardy)
    142. Aerodactyl (level one/ Naughty)
    143. Snorlax (level one/ Hasty)
    145. Zapdos (level 50/ Mild)
    146. Moltres (level 50/ Timid/ flawless)
    147. Dratini (level one/ DW ability/ Jolly/ flawless) knows Extremespeed
    150. Mewtwo (level 70/ Modest)

    152. Chikorita (level one/ Brave)
    155. Cyndaquil (level one/ Impish)
    158. Totodile (level one/ Bold) knows Iron tail
    161. Sentret (level one/ Brave)
    163. Hoothoot (level one/ Calm/ flawless) knows Heatwave/Twister/Night shade
    172. Pichu (level one/ Timid) knows Volt tackle
    175. Togepi (level 5/ Impish/ *ALSO HAS POKERUS)
    179. Mareep (level one/ Docile)
    183. Marill (level 21/ Bashful)
    193. Yanma (level one/ Modest)
    198. Murkrow (level 10/ Impish)
    201. Unown (level 5/ Quirky)
    206. Dunsparce (level 18/ Quiet)
    207. Gligar (level one/ DW ability/ Impish) knows Double edge/Baton pass/Agility/Poison tail
    209. Snubbull (level 19/ Lax)
    211. Qwilfish (level one/ Adamant)
    212. Scizor (level one/ Adamant/ flawless) knows Roost/Superpower/Bullet punch/Bug bite
    213. Shuckle (level 49/ Careful)
    215. Sneasel (level one/ Jolly/ flawless) knows Ice punch/Fake out
    216. Teddiursa (level one/ NN Teddy/ Adamant) knows Crunch
    218. Slugma (level one/ Impish)
    222. Corsola (level 48/ Lax)
    227. Skarmory (level one/ Impish/ flawless) knows Roost/Brave bird
    228. Houndour (level 2/ Adamant)
    231. Phanpy (level 7/ Brave)
    233. Porygon 2 (level one/ Docile)
    235. Smeargle (level one/ Jolly/ flawless)
    239. Elekid (level one/ Adamant/ flawless) knows Magnet rise/Ice punch/Fire punch/Cross chop
    240. Magby (level one/ Quirky)
    245. Suicune *NOT EVENT*(level 40/ Modest)
    246. Larvitar (level one/ Adamant/ flawless) knows Dragon dance

    255. Torchic (level one/ Adamant/ flawless)
    258. Mudkip (level one/ Hasty)
    261. Poochyena (level one/ Adamant/ flawless) knows me first/Sucker punch
    263. Zigzagoon (level 3/ Sassy)
    276. Taillow (level one/ Adamant)
    278. Wingull (level 29/ Adamant)
    280. Ralts (level one/ Female/ Timid/ flawless)
    280. Ralts (level one/ male/ Adamant) knows mean look
    285. Shroomish (level one/ Adamant)
    290. Nincada (level 7/ Bashful)
    291. Ninjask (level 20/ Jolly/ flawless)
    292. Shedinja (level 20/ Jolly/ flawless)
    300. Skitty *in masterball* (level 40/ Jolly)
    304. Aron (level one/ Adamant/ flawless) knows Iron head
    309. Electrike (level one/ Timid)
    318. Carvanha (level one/ Modest/ flawless) knows Hydro pump/Double edge/Ancient Power
    325. Spoink (level one/ Calm)
    328. Trapinch (level one/ Jolly/ flawless)
    333. Swablu (level one/ Timid)
    335. Zangoose (level 48/ Jolly)
    336. Seviper (level 48/ Jolly)
    345. Lileep (level 20/ Hasty)
    347. Anorith (level 20/ Modest)
    349. Feebas (level 2/ Mild)
    352. Kecleon (level one/ Careful)
    355. Duskull (level one/ Sassy) knows Pain split
    358. Chimecho (level one/ Lonely)
    359. Absol (level one/ Adamant/ flawless) knows Mega horn/Zen headbutt/Sucker punch
    363. Spheal (level one/ Docile)
    371. Bagon (level one/ Adamant/ flawless) knows Hydro pump/Dragon dance
    374. Beldum *German* (level one/ Adamant/ flawless)
    377. Regirock (level 30/ Relaxed)
    378. Regice (level 30/ Calm/ near flawless)
    379. Registeel (level 30/ Sassy/ near flawless)
    380. Latias (level 35/ Timid)
    381. Latios (level 35/ Modest/ flawless/ very slightly trained)
    382. Kyogre (level 45/ Modest)
    383. Groudon (level 50/ Adamant)
    384. Rayquaza (level 50/ Timid/ Flawless)

    387. Turtwig (level one/ Rash)
    390. Chimchar (level one/ Adamant) knows Blaze kick/Thunderpunch
    393. Piplup (level one/ Jolly) knows Hydro pump
    396. Starly (level 4/ Lax)
    399. Bidoof (level 4/ Lax)
    403. Shinx *Japanese* (level 3/ Adamant) knows magnet rise
    406. Budew (level 11/ serious)
    408. Cranidos (level 20/ Bold)
    410. Shieldon (level 20/ Rash)
    412. Burmy (Female/ level one/ Gentle)
    415. Combee (Male/ level 57/ Sassy)
    418. Buizel (level 10/ Relaxed)
    422. Shellos (east) *Japanese* (level 23/ Naughty)
    425. Drifloon (level 15/ Hasty)
    436. Bronzer (level one/ Timid)
    441. Chatot (level one/ Relaxed)
    442. Spiritomb (level one/ Adamant/ flawless) knows Pain split/Shadow sneak
    443. Gible (level one/ Jolly)
    446. Munchlax (level one/ Careful/ flawless)
    447. Riolu (level one/ Adamant)
    452. Drapion *Japanese* (level 40/ Naive)
    453. Croagunk (level one/ Jolly/ flawless) knows Fake out/Bullet punch/Dynamic punch/Cross chop
    459. Snover (level one/ Mild/ flawless) knows Leech seed/Seed bomb/Growth/Double edge
    474. Porgon Z (level one/ Docile)
    479. Rotom (level one/ Serious)
    480. Uxie (level 50/ Naive)
    481. Mespirit (level 50/ Relaxed)
    482. Azelf (level 50/ Hasty)
    483. Dialga (level one/ Modest/ flawless)
    484. Palkia (level one/ Lax)
    487. Giratina (level one/ Timid/ flawless))
    488. Cresselia (level 50/ Bashful)
    490. Manaphy (level one/ Bashful)
    491. Darkrai (level 50/ Timid/ flawless)
    492. Shaymin (level 30/ Timid/ flawless)

    498. Tepig (level one/ Adamant)
    501. Oshawott (level one/ Jolly/ flawless) knows Air slash/Night slash/Brine/Assurance
    509. Purrloin (level 4/ mild)
    511. Pansage *Japanese* (level one/ Naive) knows Nasty plot/Low kick/Leaf storm
    519. Pidove (level 12/ Rsah)
    522. Blitzle (level one/ Adamant/ flawless) knows Me first/Double edge/Double kick
    524. Roggenrola (level 11/ careful)
    529. Drilbur (level 10/ Mild)
    531. Audino (level 49/ Modest)
    532. Timburr (level one/ brave) knows Counter/Mach punch/Endure/Drain punch
    535. Tympole (level 14/ Relaxed)
    538. Throh (level 12/ Serious)
    540. Sewaddle (level 16/ Jolly)
    543. Venipede (level 15/ Mild)
    547. Whimsicott (level 48/ Docile)
    548. Petilil (level 14/ Lonely)
    550. Basculin (level 13/ NN BLUE GIRL/ Bold)
    551. Sandile (level 15/ Jolly)
    554. Darumaka (level one/ Jolly/ flawless) knows Sleep talk/Yawn/Focus punch
    556. Maractus (level 20/ Bashful)
    557. Dwebble (level 22/ Hasty)
    559. Scraggy (level one/ Adamant/ flawless) knows Drain punch/Ice punch/Dragon dance
    561. Sigilyph (level 20/ Mild)
    562. Yamask (level one/ Modest/ Near flawless) knows Nasty plot
    564. Tirtouga (level one/ Jolly) knows Bide
    566. Archen (level 25/ Jolly/ flawless)
    568. Trubbish (level 22/ Naughty)
    570. Zorua (level one/ Modest)
    572. Minccino (level 19/ Bold)
    577. Solosis (level one/ Bold, flawless) knows Trick/Imprison
    581. Swanna (level 48/ Quiet)
    582. Vanillite (level 20/ Docile)
    585. Deerling (level 24/ Adamant)
    589. Escavalier (level 24/ Bold)
    590. Foongus (level 33/ Serious)
    592. Frillish (male/ level 25/ Jolly)
    594. Alomomola (level 27/ Docile)
    595. Joltik (level 24/ Quirky)
    597. Ferroseed (level 26/ Mild)
    599. Klink (level 26/ Hardy/)
    605. Elgyem (level 28/ Jolly)
    607. Litwick (NN Shandrea, Modest, flawless *ALSO HAS POKERUS) knows Heatwave
    610. Axew (level one/ Modest)
    613. Cubchoo (level 28/ Quiet)
    616. Shemet (level one/ Calm) knows spikes
    618. Stunfisk (level one/ Careful/ flawless) knows Yawn/Pain split/Curse/Earth power
    619. Mienfoo (level one/ Adamant)
    621. Druddigon (level 31/ Calm)
    622. Gollet (level 30/ Careful)
    624. Pawniard (level one/ NN Skarm!/ Adamant/ flawless) knows Pursuit/Revenge/Sucker Punch
    626. Bouffalant (level 35/ Adamant)
    627. Rufflet (level one/ Jolly/ flawless)
    629. Vullaby (level 37/ Hasty)
    632. Durant (level 37/ Hardy/ flawless)
    633. Deino (level one/ Timid) knows fire fang/Thunder fang/Ice fang/Dark pulse
    638. Cobalion (level 42/ Timid/ near flawless)
    639. Terrakion (level 42/ Jolly/ flawless)
    640. Virizion (level 42/ Jolly)
    641. Tornadus (level 40/ Rash)
    642. Thundurus (level 40/ Timid)
    645. Landorus *Japanese* (level 70/ Jolly/ flawless)

    Thanks for looking, and please be sure to check back often as stock will be regularly updated! If you would like any more information on any of my Pokémon, then please don't hesitate to ask! =D
    Last edited: Aug 16, 2011
  2. Y2Gray

    Y2Gray Well-Known Member

    I'm interested in a Shiny Flawless Eevee. I can offer a level 1 Shiny Aerodactyl. Is that okay?
  3. Fissurous

    Fissurous <>< Staff Member Moderator

    Hey there, congrats on the shop! I'm interested in your shiny Trapinch and shiny Spoink. Please CMT :]. Also, my number is...3 c:
  4. Rayce

    Rayce _

    i like your shiny zorua and your shiny qwilfish, check my shop :D
    (36) is my number ;)
  5. jaisey89

    jaisey89 Shiny Hunter

    Yep that's fine =) I'm still sorting through a few things atm, but I promise you I'll message you when I'm ready to trade. Also what number would you like for your free Pokémon? Thanks!
  6. Excitable Boy

    Excitable Boy is a metaphor

    I'll trade a Bashful Manaphy for the Larvitar, provided I can have clones back.
    Last edited: Jul 18, 2011
  7. Apokalyptika

    Apokalyptika New Member

    Edit: Never mind, I'm an idiot.
    Last edited: Jul 18, 2011
  8. jaisey89

    jaisey89 Shiny Hunter

    Thanks a lot =) thought it was about time, I'm starting to build up quite a collection! I like the Snorlax and Yanma please if that's ok? Would you like to know your Pokémon or should I leave that as a suprise? I can't trade right now, but I will message you when I'm ready ;)
  9. Fissurous

    Fissurous <>< Staff Member Moderator

    Yes, that'd be fine. Please VM me when you're ready c:. And keep it a surprise :D
  10. CrystalDratini

    CrystalDratini Ace Trainer/Trader

    Want shiny Vulpix, Eevee, Dratini, & Zorua

    Your store is the first I have ever gone to. I saw shinies and had to come. I have an event to offer instead of shinies. I have a level 50 Japanese celebi in a cherish ball that is for the Zorua event in Black and White. Nature is bashful and I gave it pokerus. Since this is a Japanese legendary pokemon I was thinking I can ask for more than one pokemon, I would like at least two of the shinies I'm asking for maybe three. The one's I'm interested in are DW vulpix, DW Female eevee, DW dratini and Zorua. I'm not sure if you still have them so I listed all my choices.
    Last edited: Jul 18, 2011
  11. jaisey89

    jaisey89 Shiny Hunter

    Hiya, that's fine, but would you be able to tell me which of you shinies are level one please? Just tell me a few that I don't have, and I'll take anything really!
  12. jaisey89

    jaisey89 Shiny Hunter

    Is the Manaphy level one? And of course you can have a clone back ;)
  13. jaisey89

    jaisey89 Shiny Hunter

    I'm sorry, why is that? Lol I didn't even have time to read what you wrote!
  14. jaisey89

    jaisey89 Shiny Hunter

    Well I usually only do a one for one trade, but I do have a two for one offer going atm. I will take the Celebi for one of the shinies that you want, plus check out my offer in my first post. It's up to you if you accept or not ;)
  15. Apokalyptika

    Apokalyptika New Member

    No, I was offering a level 1 shiny Magikarp, but someone else just said they wanted it. So I can't offer it unless you can clone it in the next 5 minutes.
  16. Rayce

    Rayce _

    my lvl 1 shinies are bagon, mawile, manaphy, and karrablast. anything sound good? :)
    Last edited: Jul 18, 2011
  17. Cosmic Fury

    Cosmic Fury Evil Overlord

    I am interested in your Shiny Beldum, Totodile, and Squirtle.

    I am offering whatever is found in my signature, along with others that may have. :)

    Oh, and my Number is 26. :)
    Last edited: Jul 18, 2011
  18. Excitable Boy

    Excitable Boy is a metaphor

    Level 1 and UT. Is that a yes?
  19. A7XPWD93

    A7XPWD93 Johto GS Original

    Heya Jaisey :D Congrats on the store!
    now, im veeery interested in your Shiny tepig, beldum, dratini, larvitar and scizor. i can offer you any shiny in my sig, provided i get clones back? :D
    Oh, and before i forget, 23!
  20. riolu424

    riolu424 Emissary of Kindness

    Hello, I'm interested in your shiny Zoura. I don't have any shines that I can offer you but I do have some female ut dw female Pokemon:
    Lv.1 Aerodactyl - Adamant nature- Moves: Scary Face, Steel Wing, Roost, Tailwind-Ability: Unnerve.
    Lv.1 Eevee- Lax nature- Moves: Tackle, Helping Hand, Wish, Yawn- Ability: Anticipation.
    Lv.1 Growlithe- Lonely nature- Moves: Bite, Roar, Close Combat- Ability: Justified
    Lv.1 Poliwag- Naive nature- Moves: Water Sport- Ability: Swift Swim
    Lv.1 Exeggcute- Bold nature- Moves: Uproar, Hypnosis, Reflect, Synthesis- Ability Harvest.
    The Pokemon I listed (except for Exeggcute) were bred by my me so they aren't in a Dreamball but they are legit. I hope you see something you would like. :)
    I chose 24. Thanks
    Last edited: Jul 18, 2011

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