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Jakmaster1's shop of bewilderment

Discussion in 'Trade Shops' started by Youngster_Joey, Jun 20, 2011.


How would you rate my shop?

  1. Top of the pack, above all others!

  2. Pretty good, but I have sen better.

  3. Why are you even trying?

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  1. Youngster_Joey

    Youngster_Joey Better in HD!

    Givaway! Now every week there will be a giveaway! If you trade with me, you get the giveaway pokemon for free!

    This week- Shiny Level 1 Shellder! This will end this upcoming Sunday!

    [​IMG]Credit to millarc3005

    Hello all! This is my first trade shop, so please bear with me, constructive criticism is welcome!

    Before you go any further, I clone! Don't like it? Get out!

    Lets just get it over with, shall we?
    1.All SPPF rules of apply.
    2.Do not make ridiculus offers, it just wastes my time.
    3.I will try to get to all of you, but I to have a life.
    4.Have a good look at everything!
    5. I may accept things not on my wants, just ask.
    6. I don't bite.
    7.If you find out my pokemon is a hack, we can do a tradeback immediatly.
    8. Do not post when waiting list is full

    Now that you read the rules, onto the other dreaded part, my wants!-

    I want any shiny that I don't have. I will also take good events. I will except adamant ev trained in attack and speed fighting types. Payment can be discussed on these.

    Shiny Unown J E S S E and ! Will pay 2 legendary shinies or 3 normal shinies for each of these! They must be Level 5 UT!

    And now, my haves!

    Level 1 Ut Giratina
    Level 1 Ut Palkia
    Level 1 Ut Snorlax NN Robert
    Level 1 Ut Vulpix, male w/ dream world ability
    Level 23 Zorua ev trained 252 attack, 252 speed, 4 hp
    Level 1 Ut Karrablast
    Level 100 Japanese Haxorus
    Level 65 Metagross
    Level 44 Event Pichu w/ Volt Tackle
    Level 1 Ut Mudkip
    Level 37 Beartic
    Level 1 Ut Miltank
    Level 50 Ut Groudon
    Level 1 Ut Duskull
    Level 12 Ut Zubat
    Level 47 Ut Audino
    Level 1 Japanese Spiritomb Ut
    Level 1 Shellder Ut(1,000% percent legit, as it was hatched by me!!!)
    Level 40 Ut Thundurs<Near Flawless: 31|18|30|31|31|31><HP Ice 70>
    Level 50 Uxie Ut
    Level 30 Scyther Ut
    Level 1 Cacnea Ut
    Level 49 Shuckle Ut
    Level 10 Slakoth Ut
    Level 38 Purugly (hacked masterball)
    Level 34 Cofagrigus Ut Nick Named Menes
    Level 53 Skamory Ut
    Level 70 Ut Landorus
    Level 22 Touched Trubbish
    Level 1 Ut Patrat (hatched by me!)
    Level 1 Ut Treeko
    Level 15 Ut Simipour NN Sodamak
    Level 1 Ut Tepig
    Level 1 Ut Totodile
    Level 35 Ut Zen Mode Darmanitan
    Level 100 Zoroark EV trained 252 Attack and Speed 4 HP
    Level 50 Ut Japanese Latios
    Level 75 T Japanese Lugia
    Level 1 Ut Mienfoo
    Level 43 T Lampent
    Level 30 Ut? Scyther
    Level 48 Chandelure
    Level 66 Lucario
    Ut LOR Gyrados
    Level 36 Charizard
    Level 1 Ut Charmander
    Level 35 Machop
    Level 100 Oddish(legit?)
    Level 10 Ut Slakoth
    Level 53 Ut Skarmory
    Level 1 Ut Treecko
    Level 15 Ut Simipour NN Sodamak
    Level 1 Ut Absol
    Level 100 Rayquaza
    Level 6 Ut Whimsmur
    Level 1 Stunfisk
    Level 30 Ut Mew
    Level 35 Ut Japanese Ditto
    Level 19 T Gothita W/ Special Ribbon
    Level 1 Ut Aron W/ Special Ribbon
    Level 2 Ut Pidgey
    Level 41 Ut Tangela
    Level 12 Ut Hoothoot
    Level 12 Ut Budew
    Level 65 T Aggron NN GALEKING
    Level 10 T Treeko
    Level 10 T Torchic
    Level 7 T Piplup
    Level 10 T Ralts
    Level 6 T Riolu
    Level 40 Ut Darkrai
    Level 48 T Blastoise
    Level 10 Ut Beedrill
    Level 31 T Event Pichu W/ Volt Tackle
    Level 50 Ut VGC09 Milotic
    Level 30 Ut Gamestop Raikou W/O Event
    Level 30 Ut Win2011 Entei W/ Event

    Level 100 Michinia Arceus
    Lv. 51 Rayquaza
    Eeks the Rotom Ut
    Landorus Ut
    Lv. 100 GAMESTP Jirachi w/ draco meteor,
    Ut Virizon x2
    Ut Terrakion x2
    Lv. 100 Arceus with ot Mat x2
    Cobalion Ut
    WIN2011 Bt Celebi, event already used
    Ut Cresselia
    Lv. 76 Kyruem w/ pokerus
    Lv. 1 Phione
    Ut Volcarono
    Have more, just ask
    If you have any questions about any of my pokemon, just ask. I will try to help you to the best of my ability ^_^

    Happy Trading!
    Last edited: Jul 16, 2011
  2. Youngster_Joey

    Youngster_Joey Better in HD!


    The list is pretty long, so that is why it is in Spoilers. They do not have perfect EV/IV, so don't even ask. I am currently working on getting a perfect IV/EV Chandelure, so PM me if you want a Litwick from that. I also do Egg Moves, so you can request a moveset that is Legal, and I will be likely to be able to breed that moveset with wanted nature. Anyway, here is the list:
    My Pokemon Up for Offer:
    • Lvl 74 Timid Darkrai
    -Dark Void -Nightmare -Roar of Time -Spacial Rend
    • Lvl 100 Quiet/Brave Arceus with your choice of Plate
    -Judgement -Roar of Time -Spacial Rend -Shadow Force
    • Lvl 100 Quirky Shaymin
    -EnergyBall -Seed Flare -GigaDrain -SolarBeam
    • Lvl 30 Rash Raikou (WIN2011 Shiny)
    -ZapCannon -Aura Sphere -Extremespeed -Weather Ball
    • Lvl 30 Relaxed Suicune (WIN2011 Shiny)
    -Sheer Cold -Air Slash -ExtremeSpeed -Aqua Ring
    • Lvl 30 Adamant Entei (WIN2011 Shiny)
    -Flare Blitz -Howl -ExtremeSpeed -Crush Claw
    • Lvl 89 Impish Mewtwo
    -Psychic -Icebeam -Recover -Thunderbolt
    • Lvl 15 Timid Victini
    -Confusion -Incinerate -Quick Attack -Endure
    • Lvl 78 Serious Jirachi
    -Thunder -Hyper Beam -Thunderbolt -Doom Desire
    • Lvl 100 Hardy Reshriam
    -FlameCharge -DragonPulse -Blue Flare -Focus Blast
    • Lvl 50 Jolly Zeckrom
    -DragonBreath –Slash -Zen Headbutt -Fusion Bolt
    • Lvl 75 Jolly Kyurem
    -Glaciate -DragonPulse -Imprison -Endeavour
    • Lvl 40 Rash Thundurus
    -Revenge -Shock Wave -Heal Block -Agility
    • Lvl 42 Docile Cobalion
    -HelpingHand -Retaliate -Iron Head -Sacred Sword
    • Lvl 42 Adamant Terrakion
    -HelpingHand -Retaliate -Rock Slide -Sacred Sword
    • Lvl 42 Timid Virizion
    -HelpingHand -Retaliate -GigaDrain -Sacred Sword
    • Lvl 5 Jolly Mew
    • Lvl 100 Quirky Regiggas (Unlocks Ruins in Platinum)
    -Iron Head -Rock Slide -Icy Wind -Crush Grip
    • Lvl 5 Sassy Jirachi (SMR 2010)
    -Wish -Confusion -Rest -DracoMeteor
    • Lvl 30 Pichu (Spr2010 Pikachu-coloured-Pichu)
    -Charge -Volt Tackle -Endeavour -Endure

    • All Starters: Either Bred or specific evolution- Includes all Starters:
    o Bulbasaur
    o Charmander
    o Squirtle
    o Chickorita
    o Cinderquill
    o Totodile
    o Treecko
    o Torchic
    o Mudkip
    o Turtwig
    o Chimchar
    o Piplup
    o Snivy
    o Tepig
    o Oshawott

    Dream World:
    • Lvl 10 Adamant Lickitung (Cloud Nine)
    -Lick -Supersonic -Defence Curl -Sleep Talk
    • Lvl 10 Mild Bellsprout (Gluttony)
    -Vine whip -Growth -Seed Bomb
    • Lvl 10 Relaxed Tangela (Regenerator)
    -Ingrain -Constrict -Sleep Powder -Absorb
    • Lvl 10 Modest Espeon (Magic Bounce)
    -Tail Whip -Psyshock -Helping Hand -Sand Attack
    • Various Nindoran M/F (Hustle) Natures: Gentle (F), Rash (F), Naïve (M), Quirky (M), Gentle (M), Lax (M), Modest (M)
    -Leer/Growl -Peck/Scratch
    Last edited: Jul 15, 2011
  3. Hi, will you take a shiny Gothita for your shiny Male Vulpix?
  4. Youngster_Joey

    Youngster_Joey Better in HD!

    Sorry, no :( Please read the rules.
  5. Sorry about not reading the rules earlier. :( If you can clone and give me back the Pokemon I traded to you, I can give you a shiny Karrablast with the IVs of 31/31/31/x/31/31 for your Male shiny Vulpix. shiny pichu
    Last edited: Jun 21, 2011
  6. Youngster_Joey

    Youngster_Joey Better in HD!

    Sure :) I just like people to read the rules :) When can you trade? And what is your fc?
  7. Right now if you want. shiny pichu
  8. Youngster_Joey

    Youngster_Joey Better in HD!

    That should be fine. You want a clone back and a shiny vulpix, correct?
  9. Yep. shiny pichu
  10. Youngster_Joey

    Youngster_Joey Better in HD!

    Lol, edited the rule about username, and what is your friend code?
  11. My FC is 3482 2471 2809 shiny pichu
  12. Youngster_Joey

    Youngster_Joey Better in HD!

    Okay, I will be in the room. It will take me a few minutes to get your clone after we trade.
  13. Thats fine.
  14. Youngster_Joey

    Youngster_Joey Better in HD!

    Lol, sorry, only had one poke, trying again now :)
  15. I can just give you a random Pokemon for the clone, right?
  16. Youngster_Joey

    Youngster_Joey Better in HD!

    Yes, the vulpix is now all yours!
  17. I'll be waiting in the Wi-Fi room.
  18. Youngster_Joey

    Youngster_Joey Better in HD!

    Okay, I will be there soon.
  19. Thank you so much for the trade and the clone! ^_^ I always wanted a male shiny Vulpix or Ninetales.
  20. Youngster_Joey

    Youngster_Joey Better in HD!

    Happy to hear I have my first satisfied customer! Feel free to come back, just remember the rules :)
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