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James of team rocket


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I think James should leave team rocket and join Ash, Dawn, and Brock. He isn't really the type of person being evil and if you saw the episode "Sweet Baby James" his Cacnea defeated Jesse's Seviper. But what do yall think.

Shikamaru Nara

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I think...wait I know that we've had this topic many times before.


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Other than that why do you think he should join? I mean he still attempts to steal Pokemon(Pikachu among others)


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Taking Kojirou out of the Rocket Dan would rob him of the "misunderstood bad guy" aspect, which is a huge part of his character that I don't think the writers could make up for. It's always good to see his nice side, but if that's all we saw he wouldn't be nearly as interesting.


I Crush Everything
No way! He is needed to keep team rocket's endearing side. Sure he's proved to be nicer than the others, but him leave team rocket?

Come on, please enough with the thinking he should leave because he's too nice. And don't act as if he's the only one who ever did anything nice. Remember when Jessie helped that blissey? Sure it was in a way which didn't make her obviously the good guy, but she was helping. And what about meowth when he helped that pidgey? The others can be nice as well, they just have less instances.

The reason James can do more nice things is his position. He is the lowest in his group. Meowth gets all the ideas and Jessie is the one who... happens to be able to scare meowth so she can be the boss sometimes.


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he is sometimes a good guy but I think he will never leave Team Rocket..


de cold & de sorrow
oh this is an original topics. if he left team rocket by himself then he'd be abandoning his friends which isn't a nice thing to do


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LOL, this won't happen. As a member of TR, James apparently enjoys his life; every time the group has "separated," they are always back together by the next episode. Being the weakest of the group as well, he tends to be less villainous, but he does have his moments.

Miss Rarity

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No, I don't think he'll leave team rocket but I would like to see him actually win a battle, something which the bad guys don't do often... Also he should use Manene in battle more! >=O


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yeah well, why should he leave?
though he should win a battle here and there, hes not as evil as jesse
His friendship with Jesse is too strong, as shown in varius episodes, and in their Chronicles episode, so him leaving Jesse and Meowth is like Dawn's skirt getting lower; 0% to none.
He woudn't leave Team Rocket. As said before, his friendships with Jessie and Meowth are too strong. He has nothing to do without Team Rocket and he's been there since the beggining.


I Crush Everything
No, I don't think he'll leave team rocket but I would like to see him actually win a battle, something which the bad guys don't do often... Also he should use Manene in battle more! >=O

I think he could. He's proven to be a pretty good trainer. Of course he would have to go against someone who wasn't in team twerp, due to the unwritten rule that they must always lose to them.

As for Mime jr, I guess he's just a cute factor. Just like wobuffet, he's there for the personality, not the battle.

Princess Reina

I still say he should have won the PokéRinger tournament.

He should have won but of course, Ash was LUCKY.

However, James should leave Team Rocket and start his own journey because he isnt evil and I can call him -a good trainer.
He has a talent but is too weak (emotinally),that why he will never leave Jessie. She is tougher and bossy and James needs someone who care about him.
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de cold & de sorrow
Jessies just had a harder life, remeber that James was raised in priviledge and was spoilt rotten, Jessie lived in poverty and is bitter at the world. thats why shes tough because its how she deals with her issues. but there has been times when shes sweet


I Crush Everything
Exactly. Her life was worse, so she was less nice. James isn't as bitter because he's had a better life.

I'm suspecting that's why he does most of the complaining about hunger.