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January 13th: MPM01 - The Wind of Beginnings! The Eon Path!!

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Honestly if they don't have either the Latias be the M05 one or have him catch the Latias even if it's a different one, it'll probably not go well
I think it's more likelier its a different Latias that Ash catches

Either way, as long as we get great Ash Pikachu moments, great reserve moments and maybe a direction where this is going, I'll be satisfied
Bring on the conclusion of Ash and Pikachu, not ready yet but it had to happen someday



[Dam]n h[er] Gan[dal]f!
Welp, the beginning of the end has come. Can't believe this is the last 11 episodes of Ash's journey.


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I hope the opening feels nostalgic but modern.

I wonder how the team interactions will be. Maybe the Pokemon will use new moves?

Also isn't it weird Ash said "I won't see you guys for a while." at the end of JN and now suddenly he uses reserves. I feel like the writers at the end of JN didn't know "Aim to be a Pokémon Master" was going to be a thing.


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final prediction it will be a bait random Latias and theyre going to cram the movie plot into 1 episode ...im honestly just hyped for the intro and ending
Wait, have they mentioned an ending theme yet?


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You'd think by now Ash would have learned not to bother wild Beedrill...

Gonna presume it sort of fell into his arms. Being that's the best way for him to catch the Beedrill like that...
Beedrill will always keep chasing him lol
Wait, have they mentioned an ending theme yet?
Not yet, but there are rumors it is the very first one. The one with Pikachu playing with that Pokeball


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I'm so curious about the Opening. Really hyped.

Plus, I don't expect heavy stories, since I guess they are trying to imply that a Pokemon master is someone that can form strong connections with Pokemon, who loves Pokemon, who is kind and fulfilled with love towards Pokemon, who can use all the strength/power inside of a Pokemon.

With these attributes, yes, you will become the very best, that no one ever was. This is Ash's journey for me, and my expectation towards this special series.
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