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January 20th: MPM02 - Satoshi VS Kasumi! A One-on-One on the Beach!!

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World Turtle

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Over 1000 episodes and yet he never made it past Gary's OS caught Pokemon numbers.
Iirc Gary caught over 200 Pokémon of 60 different species. Depending on how you look at it you could say Ash just needs to get to 60.

Going by the 57 Pokémon on the final poster plus Beedrill, Seaking, and Raticate Ash does have 60. Though unlike The 57 I don’t see those three coming back for a team photo.

Now counting Pokédex space count so Pikachu and his evolution line would for example take three slots for himself, his pre-evolution, and his evolved form. It could be said technically Ash has…

Kanto: 32 (39 with the fish, bee, and rat, but I’d rather not count them)
Johto: 20
Hoenn: 10
Sinnoh: 18
Unova: 26
Kalos: 12
Alola: 15
Galar: 3
Paldea: 1 (Annihilape)

Total: 137 (144 with the previously mentioned trio)

…okay either way he is still pretty close to 150 and it would be kind of funny if Ash caught enough Pokémon that if you count their entire evolution lines you could say that Ash caught his own 150.


Careful? Where's the fun in that?
I'll admit, was not anticipating Rowlet... okay, Incinerator might actually finally showcase something


[Dam]n h[er] Gan[dal]f!
I wonder if the Infernape, Greninja, and vs leon clips at the end will be static or also change.
Cool though cause it should give each era a time for the OP.

Yeah if they'll switch it up for other hype battle moments, that list should also include:

* Pikachu vs Dragonite

* Charizard vs Blastoise

* Charizard vs Articuno

* Pikachu vs Regice

* Sceptile vs Darkrai

* Pikachu vs Latios

* Lycanroc vs Lycanroc

* Pikachu vs Tapu Koku

* Lucario vs Garchomp
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The funny part is that, I fear this was only an American thing. Somebody might have to correct me but I believe Aoi was ranked amongst the top Seiyuus when Sun and Moon was airing and was the only one to be nominated because of her role in the Pokemon anime and then two years later in the next series she was the first character that got an appearance. I'm sure Japanese fans have reasons why they dislike BW or Iris or whatever but it's not for trivial stuff like that.
You're correct.

This thread here from 2018 shows that Aoi ranked 24th.
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