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Theoretically, Misty shouldn't stand a chance against Ash.
Why is that?

Corphish has been at Oak's, hasn't been used by Ash in a while.

Politoad has presumably been used by Misty more often since she's a gym leader and Politoad is one of her main Pokemon.

I think Politoad is more likely to win a battle between the two of them.

Also, theoretically, Lucario shouldn't have stood a chance against Garchomp, but it happened anyway, so it's not like the writers care about logic.


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Heck not even SM, end of OS showed that, with it being followed up in her AG and chronicles return episodes as well
Idk which show half of the forum watches sometimes

Even earlier then that. By the start of Johto, she pretty much mellowed out. Her and Ash don't really argue that much since they have grown up a little bit from traveling together for so long.


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Just because Ash is the World Champion. It doesn't mean that Ash would automatically beat Misty. (How many overconfidence arcs have we had).

I think Ash beats Misty. Gives Misty Clauncher as a surprise as a selfless act for a friend. Just wish it was a Dewpider instead to try and help Misty get over her fears of bug types.

(HI observing Latias witnessing another selfless act by this trainer).


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What new moves for Corphish is using?
I doubt he will get any new move even one. You saw what happened with old mons at first episode, right? Here was never any new moves.


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Misty is Elite 4 level now and she has the advantage in a water-on-water battle. Only one challenger in history ever escaped her Gyarados' hurricane, that will tell you that she doesn't lose often (if at all).


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No but seriously did Ash call out Rowlet to battle against Misty and it just decided that her head is actually the best perch to rest on??


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I doubt he will get any new move even one. You saw what happened with old mons at first episode, right? Here was never any new moves.
His Pokémon in the first episode only we’re battling against Team Rocket Trio or helping Latias swim so they didn’t need to use more then one move.

However in Ash’s Corphish’s case it’s actually battling Misty’s Politoed in a battle with the latter being revealed to have learned Focus Blast.

So there is a pretty realistic chance that Corphish could have or will learn a new move especially if it evolves here which is most certainly a possibility.
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