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January 22nd: PM2019 052 - Hands-On Agriculture Studies! Where is Digda?!

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A huge amount of vegetables addressed to the Sakuragi Laboratories have arrived alongside a letter. The sender is Professor Sakuragi's former student Endo, who's now a farmer. Endo writes that he's been having trouble recently due to Digda and Dugtrio ravaging his field, so Satoshi, Go and Koharu head to Endo's field to investigate and find out why these Pokémon are doing this.

Screenplay 柿原優子 (Yuko Kakihara)
Storyboard 齋藤徳明 (Noriaki Saito)
Episode Director 門田英彦 (Hidehiko Kadota)
Animation Director 谷澤泰史 (Yasushi Tanizawa)
Animation Director 日置正志 (Masashi Hioki)
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Reminds me of the old Digda research episodes from Kanto/Jouto.

Definitely not my cup of tea, but [PM] has to recycle lore and make their way through the Kanto Dex and I suppose it’s the easiest route to go with Digda while bringing in a bit of nostalgia?

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As long as we don't have to hear them sing I'm willing to see what happens here.


Which form of Diggett you think it is alolan or kanto?
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