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January 22nd: PM2019 052 - Hands-On Agriculture Studies! Where is Digda?!

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Doesn't matter the summary is delayed. It's not like something very interesting is happening in this episode!


"I..I..Iron Tail, Pikachu."
I remember watching an episode where a lot of Diglett and Dugtrio were doing a sound like this, I only watched it once and I don't even remember what that episode is about, but I still remember the sound XD

There's two episodes. One in Kanto with the first phrase and the other in Kalos in the episode with the shiny phantump.

Red and Blue

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Instead of going after the Galarian abominations they decide to bring back TR for a bunch of Diglett? Lol.


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Endo writes that he's been having trouble recently due to Digda and Dugtrio ravaging his field, so Satoshi, Go and Koharu head to Endo's field to investigate and find out why these Pokémon are doing this.
How much do you want to bet it's Team Rocket either trying to steal pokemon or pull off one of their get rich schemes?

But on the bright side we get to see Chloe going on another adventure. I'm also hoping we'll get a scene where Farfetch'd tries to attack the Diglett in a Whack-a-Mole style
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