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January 27th: MPM03 - Takeshi, Dent and the Forest Witch!!

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The series ending is causing everyone from every fandom to implode at this point
Whether it be coping with some stuff, or staying mad at something else
Earlier you always had the assurance of it continuing and any possible 'redemption' you'd want, whether it be for any series. Now that it's all ending it puts it into perspective for many, and causing many who haven't been happy with some directions to lash out even harder

At this point I just hope the episodes come by quickly and I can enjoy Ash again, before the new series starts and eventually the forum quietens down. That or proper new mods are introduced but apparently that's too much to ask ig


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Did Cilan ever get Brock's name in the special or was this a continuity error because shouldn't they have both known they were friends with Ash in the first special?
Brock and Cilan never got each other's name nor did they knew they had a mutual friend in Ash in the special.

Watching Ash battle Leon on TV together might at least confirm they know Ash as their friend.

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Brock will probably catch Hatterene
For some reason, I don't think Brock will catch Hatterene. Could see Misty and Croagunk teaming up to do the gag and stop Brock under the spell of Hatterene.


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It was my wishful thinking see Ash catching hatterene in Journeys, but, eh, water under the bridge, I guess.

I don’t see Brock catching her. It'll stay wild or Cilan will get it.


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Dunno, it doesn’t look like something that fits to him. I could be wrong, if course.
eh, from the description we have of this ep, I always thought that it was essentially setting up for it.

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The Ninetales in Johto basically did the same thing, just with ghost yokai powers, but that didn’t end with a capture.
At this point I’m of the opinion that Iris is just as dense and uninterested in love as Ash. She’s pretty much the only Pokegirl that’s never shown any romantic interest and the one time she did blush it was over Cynthia. They’re just too much in love with battling I guess
Cottonee episode exists where she knows what love is where Ash is the most dense he is EVER


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The ships being talked about aren't even the most important, is Buneary getting together with Pikachu? Now that's what the people want to know.
JN robbed us! I hope they make it up here by giving us BunBun and Chu moments
You guys have great memories because wow.
It was a fun episode lol. Especially when Iris talked about love


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I'm going based purely on Pokedex entries here.

We know that Hatterene kidnaps Brock, retreats to a forest (One I presume with nothing else living there), as that's Hatterene's Pokedex entry. It can also read the emotions of creatures over 30 miles away. So in theory it should know that Ash and company are coming.

If I'm correct in my guess Latias itself is also highly sensitive to the emotions of people. If it senses any hostility it tries to intimidate the foe by shrieking and ruffling its feathers. (It also refracts light to make itself invisible).

With Brock caught in the middle because he's Brock and the group doesn't know how much of a threat that Hatterene is. (The underestimate it). As I highly doubt Ash is bringing Mr.Mime into this battle. Latias has to be here in my opinion but we shall see.
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