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January 27th: MPM03 - Takeshi, Dent and the Forest Witch!!

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Plus Ultra!
Anything to note in the extra 40-second preview that shows up for episodes? Like maybe the rotation for Ash's team this time around? Or no?


Oeh exciting :D. Brock is hypnotized by Hatterene. I am curious how that happened and who that blonde hair pretty lady is. Will she play a role in the episode, or is it a random woman who breaks Brocks heart


Too lazy to pick a pic
Ash and Brock are fighting, what in the world is going on
It's about time, if you ask me. Last time Ash and Brock had a serious battle was during Hearthome's Double Battle Tournament.

Ash getting a Hatenna would be cute.
After clauncher today, I lost my faith on Ash catching anyhing aside latias. And latias is still a big "IF", because they can pull a meloetta all over again.

I'd appreciate if Ash catch that hattena, tho.
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