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Fighting Type Prof.
If pokemon were real, do you think that there would be any jealosy, or even animosity between the pokemon on your team?

For instance, Satoshi's Chickorita being jealous of his Pikachu?

Personally, I think that there would be some level of jealosy, and perhaps hostility, between my 'chan and 'cham.

I have had my 'chan for 12 years now, approaching 13 years. He has been with me from the begining, through all regions--never off my Team. On the other hand, my 'cham is also highly prized. When he can't handle something, she always can.

I think that she would be jealous of him because of mine and his Ash-and-Pikachu type bond, and he would be jealous of her being "the cleaner", thinking that I value her power more than his.

Do you think that any of your pokes would be like that, if they were alive?


om nom nom
Um, yeah. My likes flucate.

Infernape > Gardevoir (don't ask) > Volcarona > Infernape.

Jealously galore.

"He likes you better!"


Not a tool
Depends on how smart the pokemon are. Real life isn't like the anime. Pokemon, just like animals, have varying degrees of intelligence, and some won't be capable of any sort of abstract thought, including jealousy. I suppose the smarter ones, like Dragonite, Slowking, and Alakazam for example, could develop emotions similar to those of humans, considering the close bond they share with their human partners.


Gallade owns
If Pokemon and Animals co-existed then I assume my dog would be jealous of my Oshawott, and sometimes vise-versa. Also I think the rest of one's party could get jealous of the Main over the latter's extensive use.