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Jesse & James or Butch & Cassidy?

Would you hire Jesse and James, or Butch and Cassidy?

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Crystal Walrein

Two Team Rocket duos. Two ethics. Very different.

In my opinion, I favour Butch and Cassidy — this group never has really cared about the profits they make off their work, much less the Pokémon they gather. They do their job simply because they love it and don't mind a couple police raids.

Jesse and James, however, exist in the group solely for the payout. They don't try hard enough to nab the Pokémon, relying instead on plans dreamed up in the head without any extensive planning.

And your opinion is? Which do you like better?

Mimori Kiryu

Well-Known Member
I would have to go with the famous Team Rocket duo of Jessie and James. They've always been there and have had some really funny, cute and sad times along in the anime. And anime characters like them that have nothing always wish for money ^^

Argoxoz Crucificus

I like Jesse and James more. For some reason I just don't really like Butch and Cassidy.
I think James and Jessie are much funnier, and you see them more often. Not to mention Jessie is hotter, and so is James...

That's why I go with the classics. :D


Well, the poll question is who would you hire...

Hiring Musashi and Kojirou would be like hiring a first-grader to do your taxes--disastrous. So obviously, I'd go with Yamato and Kosaburou.

As for who I like better... Still Yamato and Kosaburou. I love it when they pop up. <3


Back I guess??
jessie & james (you forgot meowth) aren´t true members of team rocket they are members, but they don´t get the same ..... I don´t know...... from the original ones, remember that episode that they dream wearing new clothes? so those are the original TR clothes, the dark ones, not white. but I really don´t know how they buy all those machines and fix the balloon all those times.
I prefer jessie & james, because they are fun and make funny aparitions on movies, J&J are the best part of the anime (apart from some battles)

Sports Pirate

NY Mets FTW! Woot!
I'd hire Jessie and James. Their machine is quite good and Ash seems to be the only person who can really destroy the machines. On the second epsiode of Pokemon back in Kanto, Team Rocket seemed pretty experienced. The most probable reason they lose a lot is because they only go after Ash and company... Sure Butch and Cassidy are good, but I like Jessie and James better.


Well-Known Member
Butch and Cassidy, 'cause they actually . . . uh. Nevermind. Sorry, just Jessie/James/Meowth are boring/repatative IMO. -__-;


In terms of which I'd prefer if I were Giovanni, it's easily have to be Butch and Cassidy, but in terms of which pair have appealed to me more, Jessie and James win. Team Rocket has always been funny to watch.
I'd still hire Jessie and James. Every malefic genius needs his buffons. :D I'd use them for my own amusement, what with Meowth's fantasies of myself, James' excellent lines and Jessie's... umm... smoking body. :D

Momoko Lover

Hop, Skip, Jump!!!
I like both a lot but Jessie and James win my vote.


Butch and Cassidy. 'Cause everyone gets Butch's name wrong :D
Crystal Walrein said:
Which do you like better?
Completely different question from the thread title and poll question.

I'd hire B&C cause they seem more capable to succeed but I like J, J, and M more cause they're cool and they know Mondo. ;P

Also, those five are from the anime so this belongs in anime polls.


Evil Azurill

RIP Maddie
Butch and Cassidy.

B&C are better bad guys; their motives are more evil, and they have NEVER been known to do something as stupid as to help out the enemy. *coughJ&JinPikachuRevoltscough* Plus...I know it's a really stupid reason, but I like their hair better. Appearances are very important to me, and frankly, I think Butch and Cassidy are better-looking that Jessie and James. So that's another reason why I like them better.

The main reason, though, is because I like their ethics better. I'm a fan of Team Rocket...and even though I like Jessie and James, too, I'm sorry to say, they're just not Rocket enough for me. Butch and Cassidy win, hands down.


As much as I love Jessie and James, I'm going with Butch and Cassidy. Mostly it's because B&C do not pull the same crap all the time like J&J.

Lord Mewtwo

Advanced Human
Jessie and James because they have more personality. B&C are better at being villans alright, but J&J can actually be both good and bad, and I like that diversity.

Mizu Kasumi

The Mist
Well, it depends on what kind of job. If it's a very bad and evil one, Butch and Cassidy. But if the job requires nice and convincing people, then Jessie and James.

Blazin' Blaziken

Well-Known Member
I think Jesse and James are better because they aren't that evil and they are in EVERY episode!