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Jin's Ginjinka Project

Discussion in 'Fan Art' started by Jinchuuriki Hunter, May 17, 2010.

  1. Jinchuuriki Hunter

    Jinchuuriki Hunter Johto Champion Ninja

    Jin's Gijinka Project

    Ok, a bit of background on Jin's Gijinka Project (known in my area as Tan's Gijinka Project): Jin's Gijinka Project is, as the title would have you believe, a project where I attempt to draw each and every Pokemon as humans. Unlike most other gijinkas (it basically means "pokeman"), my characters are unique in that they all each have one superpower/ability, from the common 'invisibility' to the more unique 'summoning a performing stage'. Most of you will notice the names I give each ability (those big words in the middle of each picture) are actually references to music/games/movies/something completely different. This is entirely intentional.

    This project began in 2008, when I first started compiling all my gijinka ideas into sketchbooks (I had ideas way earlier than 08). In April 2010, I decided to showcase my ideas on the Internet, where I choose a gijinka everyday to draw on a piece of A4 paper, color it (they aren't colored in my sketchbooks), and scan it into the Net to post on my blog. Which is here, by the way: Gijinka Project Showcase Blog
    Visit my blog for explanations on each ability. (Which I'm too lazy to copy and paste here...some of them can be surprisingly long.)

    On the subject of criticism, I'll accept anything that I could use to improve my drawings, though I might not practice any suggestions that might change my art style to one I'm not comfortable with. Also, I tend to be a bit lazy sometimes, and it shows in some of my drawings (such as Cherrim and especially Spiritomb). I'd prefer if you guys don't criticize my lazy tendencies, thank you very much; I'm here for advice on art. (If all I wanted was to show you my work, I could just post the link to my blog and leave it at that...but that's not gonna help me improve anything...)

    Here they are, sorted numerically by generation:

    Last edited: May 31, 2011
  2. Jinchuuriki Hunter

    Jinchuuriki Hunter Johto Champion Ninja

  3. ijea4444

    ijea4444 Well-Known Member

    Your good at drawing backgrounds which is always good. And most of your drawings are great. Keep working on it, your doing a good job.
  4. Jinchuuriki Hunter

    Jinchuuriki Hunter Johto Champion Ninja

  5. Jinchuuriki Hunter

    Jinchuuriki Hunter Johto Champion Ninja

  6. hmongboy337

    hmongboy337 Pokemon Artist

    these are insanely good.
    i'm really impressed.
    cant wait to see more :)
  7. Jinchuuriki Hunter

    Jinchuuriki Hunter Johto Champion Ninja

    Here are another three more:
    Farfetch'd (Black-Eyed Peas)
    Shuckle (Melt)
    Umbreon (Moonshadow)
    As of my current typing, Umbreon has not yet appeared in my blog. I'm putting him here first because my schedule for tomorrow is full and I won't have time to post him here after I post him in my blog. How lucky, you guys are the first people to see my Umbreon gijinka (on the Net at least...).
  8. Rika_of_Thunder

    Rika_of_Thunder a sleepy creature

    Holy meep, I love these~! The way you draw looks amazing, and I really love the scenes with their attacks in each one, so unique~!!

    I look forward to more~!
  9. Jinchuuriki Hunter

    Jinchuuriki Hunter Johto Champion Ninja

  10. Northern Lights

    Northern Lights [BritishSarcasm]

    I see you have the Gijinka bug too, did you know theres a Group on DeviantArt for Gijinkas, i suggest you check it out, theres tonnes of them.

    I like the Absol one, but tbh they're all good, maybe increase the contrast with the shading, and make the colours fuller, atm they seem a little pale but i don't know whether that's your scanner or what not.

    It's interesting to see how you've incorparated the different pokemon aspects into their clothing or stances.

    Keep up the good work waits avidly for Vaporeon, Flygon or Ninetales
  11. Jinchuuriki Hunter

    Jinchuuriki Hunter Johto Champion Ninja

    Oh yes, I know about the Deviantart Gijinka Craze. But other than MS Paint, I don't know how to use, nor do I own any other art editing software. I won't be able to create those smooth-looking lines or cut them out perfectly and paste them on the gijinka pokedex backdrop.

    The colours are probably my fault. I don't apply a lot of pressure on any piece of stationary I use unless I really try to do it. That's why most of the colours appear pale. The scanner probably had a part in it too since it apparently brightens any picture I scan...

    Vaporeon, Flygon or Ninetales? Why not all three?

    Vaporeon (Dire Straits)
    Flygon (Sandman)
    Ninetales (Bloodhound Gang)

    Until next time...
  12. Northern Lights

    Northern Lights [BritishSarcasm]

    omg, you're amazing. The water effects on Vaporeon are good [i can never draw water for some reason] but Flygon is by far my fave, dynamic pose and outfit ftw =D

    Oh btw, you don't need to have them on the backdrop to enter them, they've changed quite a bit you can just enter them as stand-alone images if you want - because not everyone has photoshop XD
  13. Jinchuuriki Hunter

    Jinchuuriki Hunter Johto Champion Ninja

  14. Jinchuuriki Hunter

    Jinchuuriki Hunter Johto Champion Ninja

  15. arceus03

    arceus03 Well-Known Member

    Groudon... Is he wearing some kind of suit? o.o

    So far, my favourite of all these is still Chatot. The wind effect is really dramatic. XD
  16. Jinchuuriki Hunter

    Jinchuuriki Hunter Johto Champion Ninja

    Groudon is wearing a kind of heat-resistant armor. The claws are part of his armor and help him to fight.
    So you like looking up girls' skirts...

    Anyway, here's the latest batch of three:
    Drifblim (Boomboom Pow)
    Ditto (Whose Line Is It Anyway)
    Gardevoir (Makes Me Wonder Aloud)

    I'm also going to start organizing my pictures to make them easier to find now. The first post will be redone heavily with recent pictures and will be updated every three pictures, starting from today.

    Until next time...
  17. Jinchuuriki Hunter

    Jinchuuriki Hunter Johto Champion Ninja

  18. arceus03

    arceus03 Well-Known Member

    You know I meant her hair, right?
    Or didn't you? Who knows.... XD

    Yanma... reminds me of Makoto Kifune, a Bleach filler guy. lol. I think it's the hair and glasses.
  19. Jinchuuriki Hunter

    Jinchuuriki Hunter Johto Champion Ninja

    Her hair? But windy hair is present on most of the people I draw. People who are moving at least.

    Does he? I dunno, I don't watch Bleach filler.

    Here are my latest three. If you notice the pattern, you should be able to guess who's next:

    Mew (I Wanna Be The Guy)
    Celebi (Chrono Trigger)
    Deoxys (Harder Better Faster Stronger)

    Until next time...
  20. arceus03

    arceus03 Well-Known Member

    Oh, really? XD idk, but I remember her hair the most.

    I was never able to guess right.... XD;

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