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Jo Morgan, Adventurer Archaeologist

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by Joanie, Jun 14, 2011.

  1. Joanie

    Joanie Well-Known Member

    Well, my first fanfiction here. This is, in a way, related to Feralninja’s League of Heroes, in that the Jo here is the same Jo who pops up in that (and in DispleasedOwl’s Journeymen).

    And also inspired by League of Heroes.
    So, here we get to see how Jo stopped being a gym leader – League of Heroes is based upon the fifth generation Non-Competitive League Thingy, and I was a gym leader in the fourth generation one – and became a wandering trainer. And an adventurer archaeologist, because I always wanted to be one of those. It’s all Harrison Ford’s fault.

    Also, there is a cliffhanger. I do not apologise.

    Instead I cackle manically.

    Also; links to the above stories, plus two done by other people in the league.

    League of Heroes
    The Journeymen
    S.E.X (Shiny Expert Xander. I don’t think he realised what acronym we could make out of that)
    Dracoburn's Story

    Chapter One​

    Jo Morgan was bored.
    She’d heard of gym leaders getting like this, but hadn’t expected to find herself amongst them. Her gym was nice, she got a steady stream of challengers of varying ability, and she’d even gotten a gym trainer.
    She wasn’t entirely sure when that last one had happened, but Marisa didn’t seem to hear her when she’d tried to get rid of her, so Jo had long since given up and accepted the blonde’s presence. And her regular challenges for the gym.

    Speaking of which ... a glance at her email showed that another gym challenge had be registered for today. Expecting the email to contain the usual information – “It’s Marisa again, the paperwork was filed on the blah of blah, etc etc,” – she left it unopened and considered her pokemon. Her only challenge today had been some kid looking for his second badge, and all of her best pokemon were in perfect shape.
    Frowning, she looked out the window as she thought that.
    As she had feared, it seemed that some of her pokemon were up to no good again.
    Sighing, she stood and opened the window, shouting out at the Miltank that was crowding her Tauros.
    Bessie!” she shouted, exasperated at the stubborn Miltank. “He’s not interested. We’ve both told you loads of times. As has Briar, “ she added, glancing at the Stantler that was glaring at Bessie. “You know what she gets like when you do this.”

    Looking between Jo and Briar, Bessie sighed and slumped off.
    “Cheer up, Bess,” Jo called, gentler than before. “You’ll find someone.”

    “Yo, boss!” Sighing, Jo tried not to flinch as the door crashed open. As a gym leader she really shouldn’t be startled by loud noises so much. Especially when she had a gym trainer like the manically grinning and persistently loud blonde that was standing before her.

    “Yo yourself, Marisa,” she replied. “Here for your battle, then?”

    “Eh?” The blonde scratched at the back of her head, messing her hair up more than it usually was. “I haven’t challenged you. I was planning to next week. But there’s this guy out front who says he has business with you. Might be him.”

    “Ah.” Jo wasn’t sure why, but she was starting to have a bad feeling about this. And her feelings were usually right. Still, it wasn’t like she could turn a challenger away.
    “You go fetch him in and I’ll get the pokemon ready, then.”

    “’kay. Try not to lose, though.” Marisa smirked. More than she usually did. Smirking seemed to be her default expression. “I’m gonna be the one to beat ya.”

    “If you say so,” Jo smiled back, already going over her pokemon in her mind. Auroch was one of her best, so he was definitely in for this …

    “I do!” Naturally, Marisa couldn’t leave without having had the last word.
    Chuckling, Jo rounded up six of her pokemon, running through ways to counter them and ways to counter those counters.

    “Hey boss! Got him here.” And there’s the challenger. A middle-aged man. Unlike the people who challenged her for a badge, she didn’t have to guess what type of pokemon he would be using. He wanted to take over a normal type gym, after all. He had to show that he was better than her.

    “I hope you don’t mind if she watches, “ Jo said, nodding at Marisa. “She’s a trainer here and it’ll help her to see how her gym leader battles, whether it’s me or you.”

    “It won’t be me,” the man replied shortly with a glance back at Marisa. “I have no interest in teaching novices. But she may watch.”

    Marisa scowled at him. “You’d better beat him, boss. Beat him hard.”

    “I plan to,” Jo replied, smiling slightly. “If you’re ready?”

    As the man nodded, Marisa stepped back out of the way. And began making gestures behind his back.
    Knowing that she wouldn’t stop if she told her to, Jo just ignored her and reached for the first of her pokeballs.

    “Right, then. The rules. You probably know them, but I’m supposed to go over them anyway.” Glancing at Marisa, Jo tried not to grin at the faces she had started pulling. She was probably far too soft on her student. “ Six pokemon each, no use of items of any sort during the battle, and only pokemon at least partially classed as normal type may be used,” she stated. “Also neither side may switch pokemon, except by the use of techniques such as Volt Switch. You got that?”
    As he nodded – Jo really should have asked for his name, but that would mean admitting that she hadn’t actually read his challenge – they both sent out their first pokemon and Marisa stopped being silly in favour of watching properly.

    One of the reasons that Jo was so relaxed about Marisa’s constant challenges was that she had quickly become aware of just what the other girl’s pokemon could actually do. This time she didn’t have that advantage and she realised that she found it quite exciting. Maybe being a gym leader wasn’t all that bad, after all.
    Still, she had to win this in order to keep being a leader, and as her challenger’s Miltank emerged she began guessing and planning.
    Whitney has one of these, too. She thought as the referee, a pleasant young man called Stuart, asked if they were ready to begin.
    She really likes using Rollout and Stomp. Scout can’t do much about Stomp, but I can stop him from building up a powerful Rollout.
    As Jo nodded her readiness Scout, her Pidgeot, launched herself into the air, barely needing a spoken command to fly.
    As expected, the Miltank came rolling forwards, clipping Scout before she could fly out of reach. Unfortunate, and Scout would certainly have felt that hit, but the battle could still be won.
    As the Miltank came around for another pass, Scout darted up, far out of its reach.
    Skidding to a stop, the Miltank looked up just in time to see Scout swooping down upon it. Unfortunately, Jo’s smile at the hit was quickly removed by the man’s next command.
    “Ice Beam.”

    Reacting instinctively, Jo called for Scout to Protect herself, giving her a few more seconds to come up with a way to deal with this unexpected attack.
    Unfortunately, she came up empty. Scout didn’t have anything reliable and powerful enough to win this.
    “Unreliable it is, then,” Jo muttered. She hated this sort of attack, but it was the only chance Scout had. “Scout, Hurricane.”
    Wincing as Scout took an Ice Beam head on, Jo sighed in relief as the Pidgeot weathered the attack, then smiled as Scout formed a miniature tornado that picked the Miltank up and slammed it into the ground.

    “Miltank is unable to battle,” Stuart announced after a few moments.
    Not that Scout is much better off, Jo thought to herself. She had been surprised when Scout survived the Ice Beam, and she knew that the Pidgeot was at the end of her strength.

    “You did good, Scout,” she told her quietly, the Pidgeot giving her a tired but happy trill in return.

    Wordlessly, the challenger returned his defeated Miltank to her pokeball and called out his second pokemon. A Raticate.
    Fast, Jo’s mind supplied. Scout’s done for. We might be able to get a hit in first, though.

    The battle was over in seconds, both pokemon blurring into a Quick Attack, but only the Raticate remained standing afterwards.

    Jo frowned. This battle was already not going well and she needed to gain the advantage quickly. And that meant doing something else that she didn’t particularly like.
    Recalling Scout and sending out Mihawk, a large Staraptor that immediately puffed himself up and screeched loudly at his opponent, she waited for the battle to resume before issuing the command for Mihawk to attack, the challenger ordering his pokemon at the same time.

    ”Close Combat!”
    “Hyper Beam, Raticate.”

    She winced. Mihawk got to his target first, hammering the Raticate with heavy blows from his wings and beak, but the oversized rat didn’t go down.
    Instead, it blasted Mihawk into the roof.
    As he fell to the ground, Jo recalled him. He might have been able to get up after being hit by a powerful attack when his defences down and falling from the gym’s high roof, but Jo didn’t care. She wasn’t going to let him take that sort of fall.

    The challenger said nothing as she picked her third pokemon, having remained silent other than his brief and calm commands to his pokemon. He’d managed to pull out some tricks and a lot of power, but so did Jo.
    She’d never mention it in front of Scout or Mihawk, but the were probably the weakest of the six pokemon she had on hand for this battle.

    As Lowry, her Smeargle, took up a ready position, she nodded to Stuart, signalling that she was ready to begin. She was also pleased to notice that her stoic challenger was starting to look worried.
    With good reason – after all, there was no real way of knowing what a Smeargle would be attacking with until after it hit you.
    She was less pleased when his response to her ordering an Aura Sphere was a faint smile, though.
    She wasn’t happy when the Raticate used Dig, either, burrowing underground and out of Lowry’s reach.

    Of course, it would be back in her grasp very soon. Unaware of any preparations Jo might have made while it was underground.

    “Get ready to Counter,” she told Lowry as the Raticate made its unseen approach.
    Standing firm, Lowry took the hit noiselessly when the Raticate burst out of the ground and into his face.
    He did look rather pleased with himself when he caught the Raticate in mid-air and threw it into the ground.

    Jo was relieved when the Raticate was recalled. Things had started off badly, but now they were both down to four pokemon, and Lowry was doing pretty well, even after taking that attack.

    That relief faded slightly when his next pokemon was revealed to be a Snorlax. She knew just how strong and resilient they were.
    It faded completely when his first order was for a Belly Drum. She knew what would follow that and she doubted that Aura Sphere would be enough to finish this. Not tin the one attack she had time for before-
    She grinned. It was supposed to have been used in combination with Counter, but …

    “Give him an Encore, Lowry. And then Aura Sphere, until it stops moving.”

    As much as she would have loved it to, the Snorlax wouldn’t knock itself out. But, only being able to use Belly Drum for a while, it wouldn’t be able to knock Lowry out, either.

    Unable to do anything more than beat at its chest, the Snorlax just had to stand there as Lowry launched an Aura Sphere into its massive belly. Unsurprisingly, the first one wasn’t enough the bring the big pokemon. Neither was the second, to Jo’s surprise. Belly Drum had put it halfway to being knocked out, and two of Lowry’s Aura Sphere’s weren’t enough to get it the rest of the way.
    As the Snorlax began to Rest, Jo growled and changed her approach. Aura Sphere’s type advantage was clearly not enough here. She’d have to go with sheer power.

    Lowry’s Hyper Beam hit the sleeping Snorlax with enough force to flip the massive pokemon over. Twice.
    But not, it seemed, with quite enough to take it out of the battle.
    As Lowry recovered from launching that attack, the Snorlax woke, yawning loudly as it climbed to its feet before waddling over to Lowry and falling down upon the Smeargle.
    Wincing, Jo was surprised to see that Lowry was still able to move as the Snorlax lifted itself off of him.
    She sighed as she realised that she’d have to do something else that she disliked in order to have a chance at winning this. She hated using this attack, but it was also the single strongest attack any of her pokemon used.
    As the Snorlax seemed to have a little bit of trouble lifting its own bulk off of Lowry, Jo closed her eyes. “I’m sorry, Lowry,” she said quietly. “But … Explosion, please.”

    This wasn’t an order. She’d made it clear to Lowry that no matter when she said to use that attack, he could say no. In fact, she hoped that he would.
    But he didn’t. The explosion was enough to throw the Snorlax into the air with enough force that Jo was worried about the survival of the gym. Buildings, even those built to take the side effects of pokemon battles, could only survive so much.
    Then she swore loudly.
    The Snorlax got back up.

    Closing her eyes and calming herself down, Jo reached for the first of her three ‘emergency’ pokemon. They hadn’t seen battle for quite a while, as they would have simply been overkill.
    But now, as Marisa would say, there was no overkill. Just power and more power.
    None of these three could manage the satisfying techniques and combinations that she preferred, but they never had to. They just hit the enemy and hit them again until they stopped getting up. They’d even faced off against Elite trainers – and won.

    Auroch was her next pokemon, the Tauros pleased to finally see another battle.

    “No half measures this time,” Jo muttered to herself, raising her voice as the battle resumed. “Giga Impact, Auroch.”
    The charging Tauros didn’t impact with quite the same amount of force as Lowry’s failed Explosion had, but it was enough to shake some plaster from the walls and, more importantly, ensure that the Snorlax didn’t get back up again.

    Next was an Exploud. Unlike the Snorlax, it didn’t go down with Auroch’s first Giga Impact.
    The second attack, Jo thought, would definitely bring it down, though.
    Unfortunately Auroch’s endurance failed after being hit with both a Hyper Voice and Hyper Beam and there wasn’t a second attack

    Still, Jo had two pokemon left and her next had gone up against Lance.

    As her Kangaskhan finished her Exploud off, Jo smiled grimly. Retaliate was a particularly satisfying attack. While she didn’t like that any of her pokemon needed avenging, she was happy when that vengeance was swift and powerful.

    She was less than happy to see that the challenger’s Kecleon also knew that attack, but Kangaskhan – they hadn’t been able to agree on a name yet – endured it. And she had the perfect attack for this opponent.

    “Outrage time!” she called, grinning as Kangaskhan began to use one of her most powerful attacks and turn Kecleon’s own nature against it.
    The Sucker Punch that hit Kangaskhan before she could launch her attack wasn’t quite according to plan, but Jo doubted that it would be enough to finish this battle before the Kecleon’s induced dragon-type weakness could be properly exploited.
    The Protect that prevented the second burst of Outrage from connecting, on the other hand, certainly did have that potential.

    Kangaskhan getting confused and punching herself in the face instead of attacking for a third time completely ruined the plan, and another Sucker Punch did what Lance hadn’t been able to do and downed Kangaskhan.

    “Just you and me now, then.” Jo muttered to her last pokeball. “Just like old times, Kagami.”
    Last edited: Jun 14, 2011
  2. Firebrand

    Firebrand Indomitable

    Very good! It's obvious you have some experience writing! I can't wait to see the rest of this. Welcome to the hallowed ranks of the group's fic writers.

    Also, you may want to link Dracoburn's story in the first post.
  3. Xman96

    Xman96 Fighting Leader

    Very good job Jo! You have an interesting style of doing battles, and I like it. Keep up the good work! And no, I didn't know that the acronym for my fic was S.E.X.! Oh well, to late to change it now.
  4. Joanie

    Joanie Well-Known Member

    Well, then. Consider this part of the same chapter as before. Also, I have decided to set a schedule for this. Every Friday, a new 3k+ chapter. Like episodes of a TV show or something. Anyway ...

    Also Chapter One​

    The scarred Zangoose was, Jo knew, at least as old as she was. And for a Zangoose, that was getting old.
    Still, Kagami never let her age get to her and Jo knew that she’d never let her down. If she couldn’t win this then it’d be her own fault, not her pokemons’.
    As the battle began and Kagami went through the graceful motions of her Sword Dance, Jo smiled. As she’d expected, the Kecleon and challenger had tried another Shadow Punch. Unfortunately for them, Kagmai’s dance made that attempt useless.
    Then, as the Kecleon focused its mind for a Psybeam, Kagami darted forwards, bringin both arms down and across.
    While Kecleon didn’t have a psychic’s weakness to an X-Scissor attack, neither did it have the stamina to survive Kagami’s attack.
    Without receiving a single blow, Kagami had evened the odds.

    It took Jo a few moments to identify her opponent’s last pokemon.
    A particularly large and impressive looking bird pokemon, it was the first Braviary that she’d ever seen. And, considering her the power of his pokemon had grown as the battle progressed, probably his best. She glanced at Kagami, who nodded back.
    Well, she had her best with her, too.

    As Stuart announced that the final battle had begun, both pokemon shot forwards, Kagami and the Braviary seizing each other in a brief, crushing grip as they passed.
    Neither pokemon seemed to be especially hurt from the mutual Crush Claws, Kagami spinnig around to face her enemy as the Braviary flipped over in mid-air, diving quickly and upside down at Kagami, who took the attack and remained standing even though the force of the Brave Bird pushed her back along the ground.
    Digging her claws into the ground to steady herself, the Zangoose reached up as the Braviary passed overhead, seizing one of its legs in a second Crush Claw.

    “Keep on with Crush Claw,” Jo told Kagami as another Brave Bird crashed into her back, causing the Zangoose to stumble slightly.
    The Braviary was starting to show weakness as well – clearly the Crush Claws were working.
    Which was good, Jo reflected, as Kagami didn’t really have many powerful attacks that would work here. X-Scissor and Close Combat were amongst Kagami’s best moves, but neither of them would be much good against a flying opponent. Close Combat would be an option if it wasn’t for how it left the user open to attacks afterwatds.
    As another Brave Bird and Crush Claw were exchanged, the Braviary’s wings briefly gave way. It picked itself up and got back into the air before Kagami could get to it, but it seemed to Jo like she was going to win th-

    ”Enough. Superpower, Braviary.”

    … or not. There was no way that Kagami was going to survive that, and another Crush Claw wasn’t going to bring the Braviary down in time to prevent.
    Well, she didn’t have to worry about any attacks after this one, so the opening in Kagami’s defences wouldn’t be an issue.
    “Kagami, Close Combat. Quickly!”

    As the Braviary swooped down upon her, Kagami leapt up, lashing out powerfully and repeatedly in the head, wings and body. As she landed, panting heavily,, the Braviary crashed into the ground.
    Looking over to Stuart, Jo saw him leaning in towards the battle, trying to determine whether the Braviary was out of the battle.

    He got his answer a moment later as it pushed itself up and, briefly, into the air and onto Kagami, hammering her with beak, wings and claws.
    Again Stuart leaned in and again the pokemon pushed itself to its feet, just barely able to continue battling.
    Then the Braviary struck out with a wing, knocking Kagami down again. This time, she didn’t manage to drag herself up.
    Giving Jo an apologetic look, Staurt raised one of his flags.
    “Zangoose is unable to battle. Braviary, and the challenger, win.”

    Sighing, Jo walked over to Kagami, who was weakly trying to get back to her feet.
    “You did good,” she said softly, returning the pokemon to the relative comfort of her pokeball. “As did you,” she added, looking up at her opponent.

    “I know,” he replied, withdrawing his Braviary. “And the rules say up to a week before you and the novice have to leave. Sooner would be preferred.”

    With that, he turned to leave, presumably heading to the nearby Pokemon Centre.
    He didn’t get very far before Marisa came stomping over, a pokeball in either hand. “I have had enough of you! I challenge you!”

    “Denied.” The man stepped around her. “Come back in two weeks when the gym is open. Or two years. You might have a chance then.”

    “Oh, I’m coming back,” Marisa muttered as she watched him leave. “I’m coming back and beating you so hard that you’ll … you’ll be really beaten!”

    As the new gym leader left, Jo knelt down to check on Kagami who, as Jo had expected, was already trying to get back up.
    “Don’t worry,” she said quietly to the Zangoose. “I’ll do better next time, You just lie back and take it easy for now. For once.”

    Smiling as Kagami grumbled and clambered back to her feet, Jo looked over to Marisa.
    “What do you think you’re going to do now?” she asked her former student. “Go back to wandering?”

    “Maybe,” Marisa replied, shrugging. “Haven’t really thought about – I always thought that I’d be the one to beat you. What are you gonna do, anyway?”

    Jo shrugged. “Get my pokemon to the pokemon Centre,” she replied. “And then .. I don’t know, either. There were some guys in Hoenn who wanted me to help them with something, but I told them no. Since … gym. Of course, that’s not an issue any more.”
    Glancing down at Kagami, Jo got a glare that told her that the Zangoose was more than able of walking to the Pokemon Centre on her own.

    “Hoenn? I’ve never been there before.”

    Sighing, Jo shook her head. “This is the part where you ask to come along, isn’t it?”

    Marisa grinned. “Yep. You know your way around, I don’t. Besides, it’s not like either of us have anything better to do. So …how about it? Wandering around alone gets boring fast.”
    “And boredom is probably fatal for you,” Jo nodded. “Sure. I could do with some company. Besides, how long have we been in this gym?”

    “No getting mushy, though.” Marisa smirked. “You take care of the pokemon and I’ll pack?”

    “Deal. While you’re at it, if you could put my books into that box in my room … “

    “.. you’ll get me dinner?”

    Jo sighed. “I guess. Pizza?”

    “Thanks. The usual.” As Jo and Kagami left, Marisa’s smirk grew. Time to ‘accidentally misplace’ that bottle of wine that Jo thought she’d hidden.
    Last edited: Jul 8, 2011
  5. Displeased Owl

    Displeased Owl NCTH Leader

    I have a feeling the best is yet to come, keep it up! Also whoa when did you get the Flare badge?!
  6. Joanie

    Joanie Well-Known Member

    Oh, the best is definitely still to come.
    Also; when I beat Feral. Which, according to the message log thing was the 20th of June.
  7. Displeased Owl

    Displeased Owl NCTH Leader

    Nice one, I think I might battle him tomorrow. I'm still auditioning for champions, the candidates I've battled so far are looking good ;)
  8. Xman96

    Xman96 Fighting Leader

    That was a vvery nice way to show how you were replaced as a leader. I do have one nit pick though, there's no attack called Crush Grip, it's Crush Claw.
  9. Displeased Owl

    Displeased Owl NCTH Leader

  10. Joanie

    Joanie Well-Known Member

    Indeed. However, that was indeed an error. Crush Grip is, as far as I know, only available to Regigigas. It was meant to be Crush Claw but I got confussled.

    Also, about the schedule - due to birthday and preparations, this week's may be late. I might be able to finish it today, but that's a 'might' rather than a 'will.
  11. Xman96

    Xman96 Fighting Leader

    I knew that there was a move called Crush Grip, I just didn't word it properly. I figured it was just a typo so no biggie. I really hate that I can't update my own stories though. I have nearly four more chpaters done. Stupid no internet.
  12. Joanie

    Joanie Well-Known Member

    Right .. let's forget about that schedule thingy. Since that's definitely not happening.
    But, eventually, I got the next chapter up! And after this - plot!
    No, not the pony kind.

    Chapter the Second​

    Jo yawned as she pushed a pawn into place.
    The journey to Hoenn was a long one as, rather than taking the much quicker and much more expensive option of flying there, she had decided to save money and take a boat. While she would have been fine with this if she were on her own, she wasn’t.
    She’d known that Marisa was energetic but she’d never had to endure her during the night back at the gym.
    Somehow, Marisa barely needed to sleep to keep her energy up, and if Jo didn’t stay up to keep an eye on her, the taller blonde would invariably get in trouble. Again.
    Something had happened during the first night, and Jo didn’t want to find out what Marisa had done or if the rumours about exploding toilets were right. Or, even, what the rumours actually were. All she had heard was ‘exploding toilet’ and that was enough detail for her.

    Fortunately, she’d found a small travel chess set and Marisa’s competitive nature had ensured that she didn’t back down from the challenge.
    Jo hadn’t expected it, but Marisa was actually quite good, and the score currently stood at five games to six in Marisa’s favour.

    “So,” Marisa began as she peered at the board, trying to figure out what Jo was up to. “What’s the story with the stuff in Hoenn, then? This guy friend of yours wants you to come see something?”

    “Sort of,” Jo replied, smiling as Marisa moved her bishop to where she wanted. “He’s a friend from university. I nearly went into archaeology before … pokemon.” She shrugged, taking Marisa’s bishop with her knight. “I reckon he’s found something. Probably with writing on it. I was always better than him when it came to translations.”

    “Huh.” Marisa moved her rook. “So … was he a guy friend or a guy friend?”

    Flushing, Jo nearly dropped her pawn. “ Friend! Just a friend! I’ve definitely never … that!”

    “Really?” Marisa smirked as Jo set her pawn down, taking it with one of her own. “You’ve never h-“
    “No! I mean yes! I …”
    Marisa snickered as Jo spluttered and turned red, shifting a pawn forwards while the older girl was distracted. “Also, mate. The chess sort, I mean.”

    Her face still red, Jo looked between the board and Marisa a few times before muttering something rude.

    Jo’s efforts to keep Marisa from getting too bored succeeded, and they reached the port of Slateport City without any further incidents.

    “So, where do we go?” Marisa asked Jo as she fiddled with her backpack, looking around at the city. “Is your friend-“ Jo glared at the emphasis Marisa put on that word. – “going to meet us, or do we head over to … wherever it is he is? And can we have a look around first?”

    “After, Marisa.” Jo replied. “Once we’ve seen what he wants, then we’ll have a look around Hoenn. Not just Slateport, but the whole place. And he said to meet him at the pokemon centre in Mauville City. We’ve got a day to get there, thanks to the boat needing to stop to fix that toilet.”

    Marisa grinned “So, let’s get going to Mauville then!”

    “Actually … maybe you could look around for an hour or two.” Jo said, looking off at something.
    Surprised by the sudden reversal, Marisa followed Jo’s gaze.

    “After, you said,” she repeated, snagging Jo’s arm as she tried to move off. “We don’t want to be late.”

    “But …” Jo turned surprisingly large eyes onto Marisa. “Just a little bit?”

    ”It won’t be a little bit, though, will it?”
    Jo sighed, giving the sign for the Slateport Museum a wistful look. “I suppose not. But we’re coming straight back here once we’re done.”

    “Sounds good to me,” Marisa grinned, leading Jo away from the temptation of the museum.

    “Are you trainers?”
    Jo smiled to herself as a boy, no older than thirteen or fourteen called out to them, pokeball in had. She’d almost forgotten about this. Judging by the grin on her face, though, Marisa clearly hadn’t.
    “Yep,” Marisa called back. “We sure are. One on one?”
    “sounds good to me,” the boy replied, followed a moment later by a little hiss of agreement from the Seviper he sent out. Carefully, Jo reached down and clamped her hands around Kagami’s pokeball, which had already begun to twitch. Backing off both to get out of the way of the battle and to put some space between Kagami and one of her hereditary enemies, Jo tightened her grip. Kagami had rarely ever seen a Seviper but those times had not been fun for anyone.

    Marisa, meanwhile, was already enjoying herself, even though she had only just sent out her one and only pokemon.
    “Let’s do this, Star!”
    Giving a happy chirp in reply, the Clefable squared off against the Seviper.
    “Quickly, Toxic!”
    “Oh, no you don’t! Sing, Star!”
    Rearing up to deliver its strike, the Seviper suddenly found itself wobbling, almost too drowsy to stay awake. For a moment it looked like it would throw off the effects that Star’s song was having on it but, after a few seconds, it collapsed to the ground asleep.
    “Giving up now?” Marisa asked, smirking. Jo nodded to herself in approval at Marisa giving the boy a chance to back out now that his pokemon was hel- she frowned as she noticed something strange about the Seviper, then grinned to herself. This kid was smart.

    “Don’t be silly,” He replied to Marisa. “Seviper? Now.”
    Taking both Marisa and her Clefable by surprise, the Seviper seemed to burst out of its own skin, lunging forwards to bite Star, leaving a rapidly collapsing skin behind it.
    “I’d appreciate that trick if you weren’t using it on me,” Marisa said, giving Star a long look. “You alright Star? Good. Thunderbolt, now!”
    Taking the thunderbolt head on, the Seviper twisted, bringing its tail around to slash at Star.

    “You were good,” Marisa reached up, brushing some of her hair out of her eyes. “But .. enough. Star, end this. Hyper Beam.”
    As the Seviper darted in for another attack it was caught by the blast of energy unleashed by Star and flung back. When it hit the ground, it didn’t get back up.

    “You’re good, kid,” Marisa said, already beside Star and administering an antidote.
    “Mike,” the boy replied, carefully checking his Seviper. “And you’re not bad yourself. Mind giving me your number? A bit more training and we’ll get you back for this.” He smiled at Marisa.
    “Aren’t you a little young to be asking girls for their numbers?” Marisa grinned. “Sure. I’ll come back and put you down any time you want.”

    As Mike left for the marginally closer Pokemon Centre in Slateport, Jo released her grip on Kagami’s pokeball, sighing as Marisa’s walk turned into a strut.
    “You only won one battle,” she reminded her. “If you’re getting a big head I’ll have to bring you back down.”
    “Party pooper,” Marisa grumbled, sticking her tongue out. “Let me enjoy my victory for a little bit, alright?”
  13. shiniesrock

    shiniesrock right now

    Lawl at the acronym
  14. Joanie

    Joanie Well-Known Member

    And, finally, I'm back. Stuff happened, now I'm here again and picking this back up. Now we get the first hints of plot, and a new character.

    Chapter 3- Once More, With Feeling

    Jo smiled to herself as she sat down. While life in her gym had been comfortable, she had almost forgotten just how enjoyable it was to be back out on the road with her pokemon. Briefly, she considered making a tour of the local gyms, before dismissing the idea. Not that she wouldn’t get dragged around them by Marisa, though, she suspected.
    Her feet were sore, her back ached and her legs felt like they hated her guts but, sat here in the woods by the road with a tent and her pokemon, she couldn’t help but smile. Maybe she would challenge a gym or two.
    Unfortunately for Jo, however, her good mood was soon broken by a soft voice coming out of the surrounding trees.

    “Joooo …”
    Almost instantly, Marisa was scrambling up from where she had been sat feeding Star, the Clefable jumping with surprise.
    “Who’s there?“ Marisa called out. “And how do you know her name? Leave us alone.”

    No.” The voice responded flatly, before giggling. Sighing, Jo rolled her eyes. “You’ve been a naughty girl, Joan Miriam Morgan. Making me wait for you to get to Hoenn.”

    Getting up, Jo made a show of reaching for one of her pokeballs, bouncing it in her hand.
    ”Really?” she asked the darkness. “This old trick? You did this when you were twelve. Just come out before I send Kagami in to drag you out.”

    “Fine,” the voice said sulkily from just behind Jo. Seconds later, there was a yelp and a thud as Jo’s foot kicked out backwards.
    “That hurt, Jo!”

    “Good,” she replied, smirking as she turned around. “Now, why all the theatrics, Helena?”

    With a sigh, the other girl climbed back to her feet, standing almost a foot taller than Jo.
    “I was bored,” Helena replied with a shrug. “And I remembered how that used to scare you.”

    “When I was ten, yes.” Jo shook her head. “So, why were you waiting for me, then?”

    “Because of our mutual friend in Mauville,” Helena shrugged, brushing a twig out of her black hair. “Besides, it’s been a while since I’ve seen you. Can’t blame a girl for wanting to see her sister, can you?”

    “Sisters?” Marisa asked sceptically, looking between the short blond and tall, dark-haired woman.
    Jo shrugged. “She got our mother’s good looks and I got stuck with our father’s. Anyway, Marisa, this is Helena, my sister.”
    “Is she a trainer, too?” Jo smiled to herself, seeing Marisa’s competitive streak beginning to flare up. Glancing at Jo, Helena shrugged.
    “Yes, and I can see where this is going,” she replied. “Just a quick one on one battle. It is starting to get late, after all.”
    “This won’t take long at all!” Marisa grinned back. “Let’s go, Star.”
    As the Clefable chirped happily and and into position, Helena smiled slightly to herself. As she silently sent out her pokemon, Jo glared at her.
    “No.” Helena said , turning slightly towards her sister. “You know I don’t hold back.” There was a pause before she turned her attention back to the battle.

    “If you’re sure you both want to do this,” Jo said, glaring at her sister and her Alakazam. “Then I’ll referee. Are you both ready?”
    Helena nodded and Marisa grinned back.
    “Always,” the blonde said. “Star and I aren’t ever going to back down.”
    Giving Helena another dark look, Jo nodded in resignation.
    “Then begin.”

    There was a long pause as the two trainers and their pokemon stared at each other, scruitinising each other’s faces.
    As Helena’s eyes narrowed, Marisa grinned.
    “Now, Star!”
    A moment later, a wave of psychic force rolled out from the Alakazam, smashing into a Substitute that formed instants before it could reach Star.
    “Now hit it with Signal Beam!” Marisa called, taking the initiative.
    Catching the resultant beam on its pair of psychically-enhanced spoons, the Alakazam grunted, holding itself in place against the force of the attack for a moment before being blown backwards off its feet. As it floated back onto its feet, one of its spoons beginning to glow, Marisa’s grin grew even wider. “And a Shadow Ball! It can’t take much more of this!”
    Her grin vanished a moment later as Star’s Shadow Ball hit the ground, the Alakzam wavering and disappearing before the attack could connect.
    And reappearing behind Star. Tossing the glowing spoon into the air, the Alakazam lashed out with a single punch. Despite the psychic pokemon’s frail looking body, the blow sent the Clefable flying across the campsite, landing in an unconscious heap.
    “Not bad,” Helena said, breaking the silence that she had maintained throughout the battle, recalling her pokemon. “Quite inventive, too.”
    “You aren’t too bad, either,” Marisa replied, cradling Star. “Guess you fancy psychics are as tough as people say.”
    Helena raised a brow. “You could tell?”
    “Considering that you were all silent? Yeah?” Marisa smiled as Star began stirring.
    “A bad habit, I suppose,” Helena conceded, before turning to her sister. “Did he tell you why he wanted you to come?”

    Blinking, Jo shook her head. “No, just that it was important. Why? And how come you’re here? I thought you were busy in Saffron.”
    “I was,” Sighing, Helena lowered herself to sit on the grass. “But whatever this is, its enough for Sabrina to take notice, get me temporary League authority and send me here. This thing he’s found has to be big, to get me out of the gym.”
  15. Glover

    Glover Pain in Rocket side

    Now that you've come back, i can review this puppy. Not well, but I can cover the basics. (i read everything that the League had when I started threading the timeline)

    First off, i love that you've built two solid charcters already, given me some smug trainer I'd love to smack around, and Helena's getting there. The battle might have been a bit too early in her development for me, but it certainly adds to Marisa's "battle anything that moves" personality. And i like that Marisa's becoming the little sister Jo still doesn't want but has to take along to keep her out of trouble. The battles are descriptive, a bit short maybe, they reflect wifi matches quite well, but in storybook The latter matches all seem to be innfour moves. I could be misinterpreting that though.

    I love Alakazam's punch, you drew attention to the spoon, then had him through it in the air. Like a Fake out sucker punch combo that still works mid match.

    Helena's "you could tell?" uh, yeah. The big yellow fox with the spoons was kinda a tipoff.

    Nothing sticks out at me sppeeling and grammar wise, but i do have to call attention to the white donphan in the room: line spacing. From chapter to chapter, its not consistant that I can see, and its not the preferred posting format. Ideally, there should be a line break between every quote, since we can't indent like proper english. This is to make it easier to read. (you'll see on some of mine i'll stick translations underneath a poke on's quote and i've done it where multiple people are saying the same thing, but...)

    If the forum is eating your line breaks, then you probably need to be writing them in a double space format. I do my stuff in a PM to myself and then copy backups to Word, which adds in extra spacing that the forum will then pull out when I copy it back over.

    Its not thT hard to read, and certainly worth theq stumble, but it isnoticeable.
  16. Joanie

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    Yeah, something's going on with the spacing here. I guess I'm going to have to check and edit in here instead of just copying and pasting and hitting send. As for the battles, those last two were short , but the ones in the future will be getting longer and harder for both sides.

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