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Jobbing vs Facing tougher Opponents


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Not on account of it showing how strong each trainer had become over the course of their respective journeys
To be fair Ash didn't even earned eight badges when he battled Diantha so realistically she shouldn't have any problem with A-G, and as for Alain the whole purpose of him battling powerful trainers and Pokémon was to establish his strength.
I agree about Carnet, but maybe not so much Pachira. Considering that Alain had faced another member of the Four Heavenly Kings [Zumi] sometime before he faced Pachira and did quite well despite losing to him, I felt that it was realistic for Alain to have beaten Pachira, especially since he obviously gained more experience prior to their battle since we'd seen him battle more Mega Evolutions before that point. Carnet's Sirnight struggling against Satoshi-Gekkouga was embarrassing, however.
I find Malva's loss more embarrassing tbh, considering the circumstances (Alain battling multiple Mega Evolution trainers rught prior to their battle).


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I was using the same criteria others were using to establish whether someone was "jobbing"

- winning/losing against impossible odds
- no sense to lose against the opponent
- used to make someone else look stronger without them actually being stronger
And none of the battles you listed fit the criteria.


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With regards to Lizardon versus Samayouru, I didn't think that Lizardon "jobbed" since his loss was entirely Satoshi's fault for commanding Lizardon to use a Fighting-type move on a Ghost-type. That battle has always irritated me, mostly because BW-era Satoshi got a lot of flack for forgetting basic things, yet that particular battle showed that Satoshi had moments of foolishness during battles even outside of BW.
Let’s not also forget episodes earlier he commanded Pikachu to use Quick Attack against Agatha’s Gengar.
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Sham said:
Let’s not also forget a episodes early he commanded Pikachu to use Quick Attack against Agatha’s Gengar.

Yes, although in that case I felt that he was going to lose no matter what he did, so I wasn't as bothered by his temporary lapse of judgement compared to what he did at the Battle Pyramid.