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joews bak

Discussion in '5th Gen In-Game RMT' started by Aura Sensei™, Feb 6, 2013.

  1. Aura Sensei™

    Aura Sensei™ User Title


    i needz to getz better atz dis game. pl0x help 40-18-5204395 me.

    magikrap x 6 all with splash and bounce.

    Alright, so I haven't posted much of any thing here in weeks so I figured I'll give you guys some shit to look at. And thiS means you, Joe, since nobody else is really here.

    B2 runthrough agogogo!

    • Serperior @ Leftovers
    • Overgrow
    - Coil
    - Leaf Blade
    - Return / Aqua Tail
    - Dragon Tail / Outrage

    Slap a setup move on and three attacking moves.

    • Azumarill @ Smthing
    • Huge POWAH
    - Waterfall
    - Ice Punch
    - Aqua Jet / Substitute
    - Brick Break / Focus Punch

    Although most say at about midgame it starts sucking, they're wrong.

    • Magnezone @ Smthing
    • Magnet Pull
    - Thunderbolt
    - Charge Beam
    - Flash Cannon
    - Substitute


    • Arcanine @ Life Orb
    • Inimidate
    - Flamethrower
    - Crunch
    - ExtremeSpeed
    - Wild Charge

    Some pretty standard stuff.

    • Haxorus @ n00b repellent
    • Rivalry
    - Dragon Claw
    - Dragon Dance
    - Earthquake
    - Rock Slide / Brick Break


    • Shedinja @ Life Orb
    • Magic Guard or whatever
    - Sandstorm
    - Harden
    - Explosion
    - Double Edge

    Better be legit. Unless you have a better check to BounceKarp, keep quiet.

    I don't know what to replace it with.

    So yeh, this is for old time's sake. In this Thread we see a few of us guys (and a gurf) put up with ((JAWS))' ****.

    See you guys around :)
  2. Ana_Julía

    Ana_Julía The Girl You Want!

    You're such a nOOb...lurk, purease! You suck badly at this...i hate nOObs.

    Explain...don't you prefer Close Combat>>>Wild Charge? I guess, you fear being walled by Water Types? Arcanine gets walled by Ground Types though...not a problem, eh, all your team have great synergy. FU Logan, hahah!
    That's team great!! xD
    I don't see a mistake here, so i'll pass to any other rater (there's any?)...
  3. Aura Sensei™

    Aura Sensei™ User Title

    Don't feel like breeding that much.

    I might use Sunkern to counter Magikarp, what do you think?
  4. Aurath8

    Aurath8 Well-Known Member

    How about Superpower > Brick Break? You only ever use your Fighting move if it's supereffective, and Superpower has enough power that most things are either outright KO'd or left crippled enough that Aqua Jet could finish them off.

    'Magnet Pull'
    Implying the AI ever switches. Sturdy is a free infinite Focus Sash.

    And if Magnezone's 115 Defence and a x4 resist isn't stopping Bounce Magikarp then god help us all.
  5. Shine

    Shine Psyched Up Staff Member Moderator

    ....Rivalry on Haxorus? Why not Mold Breaker?
  6. Aura Sensei™

    Aura Sensei™ User Title

    @Aura I'm not going to ruin the whole point of the game and collect shards, so no. Thanks tho.

    @Shine and Aura I don't like trying for good Ability's when I play ingame.
  7. Zhanton

    Zhanton le quant-à-soi

    It's not really that difficult to 'try' for decent abilities in-game since there are only two to choose from (excluding DW) but it's your choice in the end.

    Go with Rock Slide > Brick Break on Haxorus. No need for both Earthquake + Brick Break since Ground and Fighting share similar coverage.

    Definitely go with Aqua Jet on Azumarill because STAB priority backed by Huge Power is great. You could run Sub > Waterfall and then run Focus Punch, if you want, though.

    (Also Magikarp gets Hydro Pump now, so be careful)
  8. Aura Sensei™

    Aura Sensei™ User Title


    Lol I just realized it now gets Hydro Pump, now I gotta rebuild my whole Team to counter it.

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