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Johto Adventures - A Pokemon Trainer RP. (RP-Thread)

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by Schade, Aug 10, 2017.

  1. Schade

    Schade Iron Defensive

    Johto Adventures
    ~ RP thread ~ ​

    - Sign-Up Thread
    - Discussion Thread


    New Bark Town: A small and peaceful town. Main area of interest is Professor Elms Lab, located central in the town. Often the first step for new aspiring trainers to begin their journeys. There is also a dock here, connecting the Johto Region with the rest of the Pokemon world by sea.
    Available Pokemon: None

    Route 29: Located to the south of new Bark Town, Route 29 is a fairly low-level route for newbie trainers, and is often the first route on their travel. A relatively forested area, Route 29 follows a fairly simple path, leading towards Cherrygrove Town. New trainers beware the occasional explosive Pineco.

    Available Pokemon:
    Very Common: Pidgey, Rattata, Sentret
    Common: Hoothoot, Patrat, Caterpie, Weedle, Lilipup
    Uncommon: Pineco, Aipom, Poochyena, Spearow
    Rare: Fomantis, Plusle, Minun

    RP Rules
    - No God-modding or Mary Sue characters. This rule goes without saying.

    - Don’t bunny other players characters without the players permission. There are minor exceptions to this, like if we need to progress the RP.

    - Limit the amount of swearing and cussing for your character.

    - Follow all the RPG forum rules! Remember that there is a 200-word minimum on all posts in this section.

    - Post a header including your characters name, location and pokemon. You can be creative here, but within reason. Remember to keep the header readable. The same goes for the post itself.

    - Be nice to each other. I will not tolerate flaming or bullying of other players.

    - Monster Guy is my Co-GM. As with mine, his words are law.

    Alexander "Alec" Gotleib
    New Bark Town. Professor Elms Lab.

    "Let's see here. Hold still. Hold still." Professor Elm said, deeply concentrated. Though he was the leading expert on Pokemon Breeding, Alec still found it weird that he would have him stand on one leg, holding one Egg in one hand, and another one in the other. Molly was standing next to the professor, who was fiddling around with his camera. She looked about as confused as Alec felt. "Is there... a specific reason for doing this?" Alec asked. He very rarely questioned the professor, though the need to do so presented itself often. "Oh, no not at all" Professor Elm said, not looking up from behind the camera. "Figured this would make for a fun christmas card, don't you think?" he then said, laughing softly. Alec sighed. Suddenly, he lost his balance, tummeling to the ground. Immediately, he worried about the two eggs he had been holding, and to both him and Professor Elms relief, they saw them floating in the air from Molly's Confusion Move. "Smooch!" She said, looking at both of them in a stern yet adorable face, before gently placing the eggs back in their holders.

    Once the small chaos had subsided, Professor Elm put the camera away. "Are you ready to greet the coming Pokemon Trainers today?" he asked. It had been planned for a long time that Alec would be following the group of to-be trainers on their journey through the region, and he was pretty adamant about Alec taking notes about everything he sees. To Elm, this was kind of like Alec's "graduation exam". To put everything he had learned to the test. "Yes indeed. I have packed the essentials, a couple of clipboards, printed out some lists..." Alec got excited now. "... fully charged my pokedex, groomed Molly, organized my belongings, tidied out my workspace here.." He stopped himself when he realized he was babbling. "Uhm. Yes." he said, straighting up his glasses. "The date in your letters said for today, right? They should be here any time now.", he said, looking at his wristwatch. He was curious to see what kind of people would be joining him on this journey, and was a little bit nervous as well. It was no secret that he didn't get along with people that well, but he was trying his hardest, and besides the work for the professor, this journey would also teach him to better socialize. It was a devious plan.

    Picking up Molly's Love Ball, he signaled for her to follow him. "I'll go down to the docks and greet the newcomers then. Do you have everything sorted out here for their arrival?" he said as he went for the doors. "Uhm, yes yes i do." Professor Elm said, gesturing towards the pedestal where the starter pokemon would normally be waiting patiently. They were of course, nowhere to be found."I'm sure they're around here somewhere. Cydaquil will likely set off the smoke alarm again." Elm said, trying to sound reassuring. Trying to ignore the gnawing sound coming from the cabinet where the suspicious blue tail was sticking out of, Alec turned around, and opened the two doors, letting the sunlight into the surprisingly gloomy laboratory. He could have sworn he heard one of the other assistants his at the sudden sunlight. Alec made a mental note to himself to casually pull back all the curtains once he came back.

    Alec quickly closed the doors behind him and went on his way. Though New Bark Town was rather small, it was a pleasant change from the hectic busy life in Kanto he was used to prior to coming there. He waved at a few residents as he walked towards the docks. Everyone seemed to know each other here, and word traveled fast, even though Alec suspected Martha from the neighboring apartment building. That woman knew everything about everyone, it was almost creepy. Settling in here had been tough for him as well. Most, if not all knew of his past here, and even though they were really nice to him in the beginning, he could tell they harbored caution towards him. Over the past two years, however, that had all changed, and Alec had really started to feel like home. It also helped that Molly would support him through thick and thin.

    Getting to the docks, Alec looked at his wristwatch again. He was early, and the various ships were set to arrive in about 20 minutes. It was a sunny day, and the Wingulls were active in the sky, swooping down on the occasional unlucky tourist trying to enjoy a meal in peace. Alec bought himself a strawberry Ice Cream. Seating himself under a parasol near the edge of the water where new arrivals would exit the coming ships, he got a clear view of the ships on the horizon, as well as a good spot away from the sun. Molly was sitting on the table, drooling over the ice cream while plotting to steal Alec's spoon. The plot was successful, as Alec was now heads deep in a list he had made before he left. "Timothy, Faith, Joshua, Jay, Sara, Mauve and Bunny.. I wonder what kind of characters these people are.", he said, eyeing his perfectly made, and neatly organized list. He would be easily recognized by the trainers by his name tag. Now, all he had to do is wait.
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  2. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy type Trainer

    Tim Wolfe
    New Bark Town, Docks


    Tim held Rocky in his arms, and gently stroked his head. Petting his Rockruff was something he always did when he was nervous, or deep in thought. The puppy Pokemon certainly appreciated it. The boy looked over the balcony as the boat pulled into the port. It was a rather quiet journey onboard the ferry to New Bark. Tim wasn't even aware that New Bark Town had docks, but apparently it did. He wasn't sure if this whole thing was a good idea. He wanted to look for new Pokemon to raise and care for, but he didn't understand why did he have to travel with a group of strangers? People who were certainly going to be judgemental of him and his ideals. He had already dealt with enough bullies in his life, and didn't need any more of that. Still, his parents had insisted this was a good idea, and had already contacted the Professor. He was also already on the Ferry, it was too late to turn back now.

    When it was finally time to disembark, Tim got off the boat as quickly as possible. He wanted to get off before the crowds got there, and everyone started pushing, shoving, and just being rude to each other trying to be the first one off. Once he got off, he put Rocky down, and looked around. It was a sunny day, and a bunch of Wingulls were flying around in the sky. The dock was just as nice as the one back in Olivine. "Lets see, we're supposed to meet one of Professor Elm's aides here..." Tim looked around, and saw a red haired guy in glasses sitting at a table with an umbrella on it, that looked like he could be a Professor's assistant. He had an adorable Smoochum with him, and he also had an ice cream. Sure enough, there was also also an ice cream stand nearby. Tim's eyes went wide. "Ooh, let's go get an Ice Cream!" Tim said to Rocky. "We haven't eaten since we left. But first... I guess we should talk to the aid first..." His face fell at the thought of having to approach a complete stranger. "To let him know we're here..."

    The Rockruff barked his agreement. "Ruff!"

    Tim nervously approached the guy, who's name was Alec, based on the glittering name tag he had. "Um... excuse me... a-a-are you with Professor Elm? Um... I'm Tim... I'm... one of the new trainers..." Tim kept his hands behind his back, shuffled his feet, and looked around everywhere besides at Alec's face. Human interaction was never his strong suit.

    "Ruff! Ruff!" Rocky barked happily, wagging his tail. Unlike his trainer, Rocky was happy to meet new people

    Once that was over, Tim gave the guy's Smoochum a pat on the head. He had a much easier time with Pokemon than with people. Then, he made a beeline for the ice cream stand. He had managed to talk to a human, he deserved a reward. Once Tim got to the counter, Tim ordered a rather large sundae that was shaped like a Vaniluxe, for him and Rocky to share. Two large scoops of vanilla ice cream, drizzled in fudge, and rainbow sprinkles. Both scoops were topped with whipped cream, and one of them had a chocolate straw stuck into the side. The dessert even had candies arranged to look like Vaniluxe's faces.

    After paying for his food, Tim and Rocky took a seat at a different table with an umbrella on it. Tim in the chair, Rocky on the table. Both of their mouths were watering at the delicious frozen treat they were about to enjoy. As they were chowing down, Wingull occasionally flew down. Unlike some of the other people present, Tim wasn't annoyed by them. "Hey, guys." The boy said with a smile as he reached into his bag to grab some Pokemon treats he carried around just for situations like this. "I take it you want some food too?" He happily fed the Wingulls that stopped by for a visit. It wasn't long before there were Wingulls all around where Tim was sitting.

    Meanwhile, after having his fill of his trainer's Ice Cream, Rocky jumped off the table, barked, and playfully chased some of the gulls.
    Last edited: Aug 11, 2017
  3. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    Bunny Wilson
    Location: New Bark Town - Ferry > Docks
    Pokemon: Petra (Sassy Alolan Meowth)

    Bunny looked excitedly out over the rails as the ship approached New Bark. In truth she'd been excited the whole trip; from getting to ride a ferry for the first time to seeing all the passenger’s Pokemon, and the wild Pokemon in the water, and eating while she watched the waves go by. This was it, it was almost time! The boat slowed, coming closer to the docks. Bunny was almost jumping from excitement, the Alolan meowth giving up on clinging her shoulder, and leaping to the deck. Realizing this change, Bunny turned to look at her, “Petra, don't wander off now. We'll be getting off soon.”

    The grey meowth nodded lazily, and looked out between the bars of the rails. Bunny turned her attention again to the docks, where crewmen were now trying off the moor lines. People were gathering their things and starting to jockey for position to get off. Bunny knew it be easier to wait for the bulk of the passengers to get off, but she was really excited to get going. She checked the contents of her heart-shaped bag and adjusted the strap.

    Strolling down the crowded gangway, with Perta once more on her shoulder, Bunny looked around wildly, talking to the meowth, “Ah, look at that. . . and look, that must be the lab up there! . . Ooo! Ice cream! Petra, I know what our first stop is!”

    Ice cream tunnel vision on, Bunny walked right past Alec's table and proceeded to order a mint chocolate chip cone. She got a poffin out of her bag while she waited, and handed the treat to Petra. The nearby wingull seemed interested, but Petra was having none of that, swatting at them and taunting, “Nyah!” before biting into the sweet. After accepting her cone and thanking the vendor, Bunny commenting to herself, “Suppose I'd better figure out where I'm supposed to be. . . wasn't a lab assistant, Alec, I think, supposed to meet us?”

    Wandering back the way she came, Bunny realized she'd walked right past Alec, who was also enjoying some ice cream. She moved over to talk to him, checking his nametag to make sure she had the right name, but she still wasn't sure what she was supposed to say, “Um, Alec, hi! I'm Bunny. It's nice to meet you. . . I'm one of the trainers that was in contact with Professor Elm. . . you'll be taking us up to the lab, right?”

    Done checking in, Bunny found a chair to sit in while she and Petra enjoyed their treats and waited for the other trainers. Even though she had something sweet to occupy herself with, Bunny was still a little fidgety.
  4. TikTok13

    TikTok13 Oh, I have a title?

    Jay Julien
    Docks, New Bark Town
    Pokémon - Snivy:495:

    "Can you believe it, Snive?" Gasped Jay as the Johto sea breeze whipped his hair, in which the little Snivy was curled up, sleeping. Cawing Wingull soared happily overhead, and Jay grinned at them, positively elated. He couldn't wait to start his adventure in Johto with his partner. They were sure to make tons of new friends, and maybe catch some new members for the team. From the prow of the boat, salty spray splashed in Jay's face, and he could see the small town of New Bark. Evidently, Jay was not going to be the first one there. Even from this distance, he could see two Pokémon and their trainers. Hopefully they were nice people.

    Taking a deep breath and filling himself with confidence, Jay stepped off the ship. The sudden change in ground seemed to wake the Snivy atop his head, as it slid down to rest in the hollow of Jay's neck, its bright red eyes glaring at the new region. The Unovan spotted a young man who appeared to be one or two years older than Jay stood at the end of the docks, wearing a lab coat and looking important. Jay vaguely remembered something about an assistant - he had read the email multiple times - and guessed that this was the assistant.
    "Alrighty then," Jay whispered, stroking Snivy's nose. "You ready for this?" In response, Snivy sneezed and smiled, with a little nod.

    Jay trudged towards the man with a certain nervousness bubbling in his chest. He didn't want to give anyone reason to dislike him. Feeling a sudden wave of dread, Jay smiled nervously at the assistant and introduced himself, holding out a hand. The assistant shook it and introduced himself in turn. Alec. Jay was sure to remember that name. Still feeling nervous, he asked if it would be alright to have a look around. When he got the go-ahead from Alec, Jay made a beeline for the ice-cream stall. He wasn't fussed about it, but he knew that Snivy was hungry and adored ice cream.

    He bought his partner a mint choc-chip ice cream and purchased a bubblegum sundae for himself before making his way to one of the tables. He spotted the two trainers he had noticed earlier, as well as a Rockruff and a Meowth. It wasn't a normal Meowth; both of these Pokémon were recognised by Jay as being from Alola. He only knew about these Pokémon as his father was a geographer, and spent some days educating Jay on the regions of the world. Jay was never that much interested in the geographical formations and the like, but he did enjoy learning about different Pokémon.

    Snivy sat munching away at his ice cream, already on the cone, as Jay looked around. He saw another young man, this time one who seemed younger than Jay. Not even sure if he was looking at him, Jay flashed the kid a friendly smile, but the trainer looked away quickly. Jay wasn't that annoyed. He knew that people were shy,and that it would take time for people to warm to each other. He smiled as Snivy belched. He was going to enjoy this journey.
  5. Tangeh

    Tangeh Well-Known Member

    Faith McMullin
    Location: New Bark Town - Ferry > Docks
    Pokemon: Junior (Rattata)

    Music blasted through the sky blue headphones perched on Faith's head, punctuated with loud guitar riffs and a pounding drum beat. Her black bangs blew in the wind, and the rest of her dark hair was pulled back into a ponytail. She wore a berry midriff tank top with black jeans, and a sky blue (her favourite colour) belt and sneakers. She even had a skiff of sky blue eyeshadow, though nothing too aggressive today. She'd spent the better part of her day pacing the ferry from Kanto to Johto in anticipation of arrival to New Bark Town. Even after jogging all the way from Celadon City to Saffron City to Vermillion City that morning, she was full of energy and wasn't able to sit still for the last leg of the journey. She marched around the deck, peering eagerly over the edge into the dark waters (mostly she saw a lot of tentacool). Once the New Bark Town port came into view, she pulled a pokeball out of her left pocket. A rattata burst out of the ball and scurried onto Faith's shoulder. Faith reached back and gently ruffled his ears. "Hey Junior! That's the dock right up ahead!" Junior chattered excitedly in response.

    The boat had barely docked before Faith burst off it at a run, throwing both arms in the air. "Johto, here we come!" she cheered. Junior imitated her, raising two tiny paws up. Faith lowered her headphones to her neck, music still blaring out of them. She glanced around - she was told to look for a lab assistant, and she spotted him right away. He had red hair and bright green pants. She rushed up to him and grabbed his hand to shake it. "Hi there! You're the lab assistant for Professor Elm, right? My name is Faith McMullin!" She gave him a toothy grin. "What's your name? I'm soooo excited to get started! We're going to be best friends, I'm sure of it!" She glanced around. "Hey, where are the others?"

    "Rattata!" Faith glanced up at Junior, who was pointing behind the lab assistant - technically he was pointing to where a small group of similarly-aged teens were sitting down to eat, but Faith followed his gesture a little bit further, and noticed an ice cream stand. Faith lit up. Even the lab assistant had ice cream - surely it was okay for her to have some, right? "Hey, I had a lot of travel time exercise today. I totally have earned ice cream. Right Junior?" Junior chirped his positive response.

    She headed over to the stand. "One double scoop cone of salted caramel fudge swirl, please!" She walked away with her treat and noticed a rockruff chasing some wingull. She'd only ever seen this species on television. She walked over to him and knelt down, allowing Junior to lick some of her ice cream as she did. "Aww, hi there cutie!" she cooed at him. She supposed she shouldn't pet him without asking the owner first. She straightened up and noted a small group of teenagers sitting near Alec and eating ice cream. She connected the dots and figured they were all here for the same reason. They didn't seem to be talking to each other though. 'Guess I'm gonna have to change that!' She waved with her free arm. "Hi everyone! My name is Faith! It's really awesome to meet you all!" She took a large bite out of her ice cream as Junior similarly waved a greeting. "Mmm, this was a good decision!"
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  6. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    Bunny Wilson
    Location: New Bark Town - Docks
    Pokemon: Petra (Sassy Alolan Meowth)

    Bunny tried to be patient while the other trainers arrived. It was really hard, even though she had ice cream to distract her. Beside her Petra nibbled contently on the poffin she'd been given. Bunny noticed a few more trainers joining the group, including a small athletic looking girl who sounded about as excited as she felt. After the girl had checked in and gotten ice cream as well, she greeting the group with, “Hi everyone! My name is Faith! It's really awesome to meet you all!” before commenting happily on her ice cream. And it seemed to Bunny like they might have a lot in common.

    Bunny got up stepping closer to Faith, minding that she kept her own ice cream cone upright. She'd made the mistake of failing a hand with food on more then one occasion, and it never was that great of a thing. Though the Wingul would probably enjoy it. She smiled at Faith, “Hi Faith, I'm Bunny. It's nice to meet you!” she looked down at the Rattata. She was familiar with them as pest on the ranch, but she knew a lot of people kept them as pets and battle partners as well, and that they had a pretty strong bite once they evolved, “So, this your Rattata? He looks really happy.”

    Petra eyed the other trainer's pokemon suspiciously, stuffing the last of the poffin in her mouth.
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  7. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy type Trainer

    Tim Wolfe
    New Bark Town, Docks


    Tim patiently waited for the other new trainers to arrive. He wasn't in a hurry to get started, as he was perfectly happy sitting there, enjoying his ice cream. Occasionally, he would stop to look at the trainers that came in. One was a girl with brown pigtails who had the Alola variation of Meowth. He knew about them because his dad had gone to Alola for his work. Specifically to breed Alola variations of certain Pokémon for people that wanted them. Tim wasn't too worried about Rocky being aggressive towards it. The Rockruff didn't normally bark at every cat Pokémon he comes across unless he wants to play. Usually, it was the cat Pokémon who were aggressive with him. She went to get an Ice Cream.

    The next trainer to arrive was a guy with a Snivy, who also got an ice cream. Snivy were given away as starters in Unova, and weren't exactly common in Johto, so naturally Tim was interested. The guy also seemed to be roughly the same height as Tim, give or take an inch. Tim then thought the guy must have caught him staring, and quickly looked away at his now empty bowl of ice cream. "That was embarrassing..." He muttered to himself.

    Next to arrive was a small athletic looking girl with Rattata for a companion. Those could be found everywhere, and a lot of people thought of them as pests. Common as they were, Tim appreciated every Pokémon. They were gifts to be treasured. The girl seemed smaller than Tim himself, which he found a little refreshing, to not be the smallest one in a group for once. Still, people usually found girls being short to be acceptable. Guys who were short were usually mistaken for children, or it's viewed as weird, sometimes even getting bullied for it. At least, that was the case for Tim. She also got an ice cream. Now this was turning into an ice cream party. The new girl cooed over Rocky, something the Rockruff appreciated, since he stopped chasing Wingulls to bask in the attention. The puppy Pokémon was wagging his tail, and panted happily. He actually seemed upset that the girl didn't try to pet him. The girl then greeted the entire group. "Hi everyone! My name is Faith! It's really awesome to meet you all!”

    Tim stayed in his seat, and said nothing. He kept his gaze away from the others. He was never good at this whole small talk thing. Besides, she was already talking to the Meowth girl. No need to jump in on someone else's conversation.

    Rocky however, decided to answer for his trainer. He started barking loudly, in an effort to get attention. "Ruff! Ruff!"

    Tim blushed. Everyone was going to start staring weren't they? "Rocky, please stop that..." He whispered, not too loudy to avoid making a scene. Of course, the Rockruff didn't seem to notice his trainer's pleas, and kept on barking. Only stopping to pant, and nuzzle on Faith's ankles.
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  8. TikTok13

    TikTok13 Oh, I have a title?

    Jay Julien
    Docks, New Bark Town
    Pokémon - Snivy:495:

    With a satisfied sigh, Jay finished off his ice cream. Snivy was already done, and was coiled up in his trainer's curly locks, sleeping soundly. Feeling good, Jay shoved on his headphones (careful to avoid Snivy) and blocked the world out slightly, although taking care not to start bopping like he usually does. Humming along and singing in his head was a perfectly viable option, however. Jay leant back in his chair and closed his eyes for a moment, letting the music flow. "Southern nights, Have you ever felt a southern night?" The melody was then interrupted abruptly by an overly cheerful, but relatively intriguing call.

    "Hi everyone! My name is Faith! It's really awesome to meet you all!"
    Jay wobbled on his chair and sat forward. Snivy woke abruptly, slapped Jay on the face with his tail, and went back to sleep. The young trainer wiped his face and pulled his headphones off. Turning, he saw Faith, the apparent culprit of the broken silence. She looked younger than Jay, but he couldn't be sure; it might have been due to her short stature. The girl appeared bubbly and chipper, happy to make new friends, and Jay admired that. Shaking himself, Jay turned away, his inner self telling him not to notice how much her midriff was showing. The girl had a Rattata, too, its purple fur moving in the wind. While Jay wasn't overly fond of Rattata, he still had a soft spot for Normal-type Pokémon.

    "Don't want to go and make some new friends for me, huh buddy?" Jay asked Snivy, who stirred, yawned, successfully hit his trainer in the face again, and went back to sleep. "Thought not." The Unovan zipped his jacket up and made to stand,before changing his mind, his fear getting the better of him.

    "If anyone wants to talk to me, they will, right Snive?" Muttered Jay hopefully. Snivy snored. Better than nothing. So Jay sat, feeling distinctly intrigued by his new companions, but at the same time, afraid that they wouldn't be as interested in him.

    "RUFF!" The bark of the Rockruff filled the air, and Jay smiled. Friendships would take time, and if there was any time to start them, it was now. Taking a deep breath, Jay decided that he would sit for just a teeny tiny bit longer, around ten minutes, and if nobody approached him, he would take the initiative himself. So Jay folded his arms, and prepared to sit.
  9. Schade

    Schade Iron Defensive

    Alexander "Alec" Gotleib
    New Bark Town. Professor Elms Lab.

    It was an interesting experience watching as the various ferries docked. Alec did not know how long he had been sitting there, and using his ice cream melting process as a way of determining the time was a poor choice considering Molly was cooling it up with her Powder Snow move regularly enough for her to stealthily snatch away at Alec's frozen delight. As the ferries docked, Alec tried to keep his eyes on wherever the passengers would emerge. It was fairly difficult, considering the people of the ferry exited through cars, buses, mini-vans, on foot and.. was that a small aeroplane he saw? Can't have been. Regardless, keeping up with the passengers was a hassle, and Alec sighed in disbelief at the thought that he would have to scout out very specific individuals from the crowd.

    "Um... excuse me... a-a-are you with Professor Elm? Um... I'm Tim... I'm... one of the new trainers..." an eerie voice said behind his back, making Alec almost fall out of his chair. What the? Had that guy been standing there all the time? He said his name was Tim, so Alec checked his list. Tim, tim timmy-Tim, Ah! Must be Timothy!. Alec turned around, hiding his initial shock behind a somewhat forced grin. "H.. Hello!" he said. "Yes, I am the guy you are looking for, I am here on behalf of professor Elm. May i be the first to congratulate you on doing this adventure with us all.." he had rehersed these lines in his head a million times, but now that he actually spoke them, they'd never felt so fake. The boy was accompanied by an Eevee-looking Pokemon, which piqued Alec's interests. He knew the species as Rockruff, but he had never actually seen the pokemon up close before. against all his better judgements, Alec left the pokemon be. He'd have to analyze it later. At this point, he was busy figuring out wether anyone else would show up. This Timothy person was petting Molly, and she seemed to enjoy it. After that, he went to get ice cream, before seating himself at a different table than Alec was seated at. Shy fellow, wasn't he.

    “Um, Alec, hi! I'm Bunny. It's nice to meet you. . . I'm one of the trainers that was in contact with Professor Elm. . . you'll be taking us up to the lab, right?” another woman said as she walkd up to him. As he got a second look, Alec saw that she had gotten an ice cream at the shop right besides him just like Tim had done. "Yes, yes that is me. Hi, I'm Alec. I will be accompanying you back to the lab, yes. We just need to wait for the others.." he said as he eyed his list again. Yup. Bunny was a name on the list. He fought the initial urge to nickname her Rabbit, and started noticing her rather odd Meowth. It was darker in collor than normal Meowths, and looked so smug he could punch it in the face. Probably an Alolan variant. He had read of those, but the only ones he had ever actually sen were the Exeggutors. She had also taken him by surprise, and he fiddled with his list again to check her name and confirm her arrival.

    eyeing the arrivals as if they were pieces of art, fiddling very close to creepy territory, Alec was greeted by a young man and his Snivy. Now, Alec knew about snivy's, and though he had seen a few during his time with Professor Elm, they were still very fascinating to him. ripping himself from staring at the pokemon for too long, Alec straightened his glasses before announcing himself to the newcomer. "Hi everyone! My name is Faith! It's really awesome to meet you all!"a girl said as she found her way to where Alec's little ragtag team was seated. As everyone else, she had also gotten herself a big portion of ice cream which she shared with her pokemon of choice: A Rattata., "Mmm, this was a good decision!", she said as she was stuffing her face with ice cream. Alec had finished his own at this point, and he had to pull Molly in so she would not go and harass the newcomers by stealing their ice cream. He nodded in acknowledge as he introduced himself yet again while trying to wrestle Molly down.

    It seemed that the Faith person was interacting with Rabbit. It was good to see some of the other trainers getting along from the get-go. It made things simpler for Alec. though he was more or less an A+ assistant at this point, his social skills had not developed well during his past 2 years, and he was somewhat frightened to deal with a huge group of people. He did manage to put his straight face on though, and focus on gettting everyone together. It would be a shame to waste such a nicely organized list after all. He eyed the list again as if possessed, and faded out of reality.

    It did take him a surprising amount of time when he realized no one was dragging him out of his trance by introducing themselves to him in an overly sparkly amazing fashion. He looked up from his list and looked around. It seemed most of the newly arrived trainers managed to get along quite nicely. There were still a few trainers missing from his list, and Alec decided it would be best for him to stay put where he was in case anyone would come by. He heard the guy with the Snivy, JAy, was it? talked to himself. He couldn't exactly hear what he said, but he interpreted from his behavior that he was getting anxious. that was not good. Alec began fidgeting with his pen in an actually amazing fashion as he was impatiently eyeing the dock for more oncoming people, hopefully some to join them before heading back to the professors lab.
  10. Dragalge

    Dragalge Leaked footage

    Sara Clark
    Location: Docks -> New Bark Town
    Pokemon: [​IMG]

    “We finally arrived, Popplio!” Sara happily said to Popplio. They stood in front of the beautiful town, New Bark and Sara took her first photo of the area with her camera. Sara already had many photos from the ferry she rode on from Akala Island, Alola consisting of Pokemon like Lapras, Alomomola, and Bruxish. Before they ventured off to taking photos of New Bark Town, Sara and Popplio encountered a lab assistant dressed in a white coat. Sara was told to meet up with someone in the same caliber and this person matched the descriptions.

    “Hi, my name is Sara Clark and this is Popplio! We are both excited to venture out to Johto and meet all sorts of Pokemon…and to make some lasting memories with my camera!” Sara said to the lab assistant, shaking his hand gently.

    After Sara and Popplio met the lab assistant, Sara took pictures of the many houses and gardens spread around New Bark. One of the locations Sara photographed was an ice cream shop where she saw other people that looked to be around her age, all with Pokemon of their own. As Sara went up to the front of the ice cream shop, Sara noticed someone who spilled ice cream on his shirt. Sara took a quick snap at the boy and giggled a bit but then deleted the photo immediately.

    After Sara got her ice cream, she continued to take photos of the people near the ice cream shop as well as the Pokemon too. One of them was a Rockruff chasing a Wingull flying as well. Adored by this, Sara snapped a quick picture of the Rockruff and continued to eat her ice cream
  11. Tangeh

    Tangeh Well-Known Member

    Faith McMullin
    Location: New Bark Town Docks
    Pokemon: Junior (Rattata)

    A girl with brown pigtails approached Faith and introduced herself as Bunny. She had ice cream too! Granted, most of the group seemed to have ice cream. But that wasn't really surprising; after all, ice cream was delicious. Faith smiled back at her as she commented on her rattata. "Yup!" She reached back and petted Junior between his ears. "This is my partner, Junior! I caught him when I was fourteen just outside of Celadon City! That's where I'm from. Where are you from? Oh, I guess probably Johto, right? Although, the professor mentioned there would be people from many different regions here today," Faith babbled, not noticing Junior warily eying Bunny's meowth. He scrambled up from Faith's shoulder to her head, and she winced a little at his tiny claws gripping her face. She tried to glance up to look at him, which wasn't physically possible. She seemed to shrug the behaviour off, and lifted her ice cream higher so that Junior could nibble at it. Faith gestured toward the meowth. "I know that's a meowth, but it looks a lot different from the meowth in Kanto! What's her name?"

    The rockruff from earlier was barking at a boy wearing a blue knit cap. Faith couldn't hear what the boy was saying, but she presumed he must be the rockruff's owner. Then the rockruff came back over to Faith, and started nuzzling her ankles. Feeling a bit safer having technically introduced herself to the owner, she reached down to scratch his ears. The growlithe in Kanto always liked that, after all. "Aww, hi again little guy! You're soooo adorable and friendly. Who's a good boy? Who is it?" she cooed, making sure to hold her ice cream out of the puppy's reach (no way she was sharing with anyone who wasn't Junior). She could hear Junior huff a sigh from atop her head. She straightened up and giggled. "You're not jealous, are you Junior?" Faith teased. She offered the rattata more ice cream as an apology. He accepted.

    Faith looked over to the boy who had been talking to the rockruff. She waved at him. "Hey! Is this your rockruff?" she asked with a grin. "He's super cool! He's so friendly and stuff. What's his name? And what's your name?"
  12. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    Bunny Wilson
    Location: New Bark Town - Docks
    Pokemon: Petra (Sassy Alolan Meowth)

    Bunny nodded as Faith introduced her pokemon. Bunny watched the rattata climb Faith, where Faith shared her ice cream with it. Bunny wondered it that was sanitary, and if it was really okay for rattata to eat ice cream, but it wasn't her pokemon. Junior seems like an interesting name, there was probably a story there, but Faith wanted to know about her unusual meowth. She replied, “Oh, w're from Hoenn, but Petra here is an Alolan meowth. My parents got her from a breeder for my birthday.”

    While they were talking a rockruff decided to join them, barking loudly. Bunny smiled as Faith immediately moved to shower it with attention, still feeding her rattata ice cream. She clearly loved pokemon.

    Faith turned to talk to the owner a moment, so Bunny took the opportunity to look around again. There was a new arrival, taking pictures of everything. Either very touristy, or very artsy. Bunny wasn't sure which at this point. Alek seemed to be waiting, as did the guy with the Snivy, sitting there with his arms impatiently crossed. Yikes.

    Bunny returned to her ice cream, realizing it was starting to drip onto the cone. She should probably go ahead and finish it up. Meanwhile Petra crept over to inspect the rockruff Faith was adoring. Bunny sighed and took a big bite of ice cream, hoping this wasn't something where she was going to have to intervene with Petra's attitude problem. Maybe she'd ask the professor about what to do with a pokemon that keeps goading others on. She wanted to battle sure, but she couldn't just let Petra keep picking fights.
  13. InnerFlame

    InnerFlame Fire and Ice Combo

    Jazzlyn ‘Jazz’ Gifford
    New Bark Town’s Docks
    Pokemon: Cyndaquil (in the future)

    The rolling of the deep blue water, fluffy clouds the light blue sky, and the Wingull gliding about; Jazz experience little of those sights. Shortly after getting on the boat she pretty much station herself in the restroom. Feigning to have seasickness because it was too overwhelming with all the different pokemon onboard. There were so many pokemon from distance regions and she just felt herself losing her self-control. How desperately she wanted to examine and get a close look, but that would be strange! There was no way she could stop herself from getting carried away and then the whole boat would be staring at her. Just thinking about it got her all riled up, she had to calm down…

    “Hey lass,” a knocking on the door and voice rang out. It made her jump. “You feelin’ better? We‘ve docked so try to make your way out.” It was one of the crew informing her, probably concern since she spent pretty much the entirety of trip in the bathroom.

    “Y-yes, I‘m fine! I‘ll be out momentarily!” Jazz shouted due to her nerves. She had to calm down and act normal, she would be meeting her group in town. She splashed water on her face, a terrible mistake. Her makeup was all messed up now. Panicked, she wipe it all off and reapplied it. It wasn’t too much now, was it? Then Jazz glance down at her clothes thankfully still dry and not dirtied. Back into the mirror now focusing on her hair. The girl gave the dark green strands a gentle rubbed down despite nothing being wrong with it. She took a couple deep breathes and exited.

    Oh no… she had taken too long… almost everyone was off the boat. That meant she would have to face the entire group all at once. She brush down her pink blouse and white skirt, it looked fine, right? She was becoming more anxious as she slowly made her way off the boat. As Jazz was talking through her introductions in her head, her brown eyes made contact with the obvious group of people waiting and chatting. There were so many pokemon; three Alola pokemon, and Unova starter, such a rare species to see in Johto. There was also a Smoochum, a baby pokemon discovered in Johto and a Rattata a common pokemon in most places, but not in her home region of Hoenn, she wanted to examine them all! Catching herself intensely staring and internally ogling, she shook her head. She had to be a normal girl… but was she improperly dressed? The girls standing around were wearing jeans and tank tops, oh my gosh she was dressed wrong, wasn’t she?!

    Lost in her panic thoughts, Jazz foot missed a step and she stumbled. Luckily, she stabilized herself and didn’t face plant on the ground but her flailing must have been comical sight. Oh gosh, everyone saw that didn’t they! She had to calm down and play it off. As Jazz approached, she forced herself to smile broadly. “He heh… had a misstep…” The pathetic laugh and nervous words came out of her mouth. “S-sorry… Jazz… Jazzlyn Gifford…” She pointed at herself as she said her name, the nervousness was obvious from her very demeanor.

    Standing there awkwardly, Jazz just wanted to disappear like a Kecleon… This was actually the worst, and she couldn’t even enjoy the pokemon. Were people talking to her? About her? She didn’t know… escape, she had to escape! Her eyes locked on to the ice cream stand and she immediately stormed over there as another sorry left her lips. Jazz dropped her head mortified, why couldn’t she just normally get off the boat and introduce herself? It was simple, even a toddler could do it… She had less social skills than a toddler! As she reached the front, got a red popsicle and shove it in her mouth. Maybe Jazz could avoid talking for awhile…
  14. Schade

    Schade Iron Defensive

    Alexander "Alec" Gotleib
    New Bark Town -> Professor Elms Lab.

    After an unknown amount of time staring at his list of people, crossing out some, and adding some others, Alec started to notice that the group of people around him had grown considerably. Taking one last longing look at his list, he checked that everyone that was supposed to be there were there. Molly had at this point chomped down the remaining ice cream that Alec had left, and had started eyeing the ice cream of others. The others had started socializing, although some of them seemed somewhat awkward. There was an atmosphere present, but Alec couldn't exactly put his finger on whether it was a good one or a bad one. Regardless of the current mood, he stood up, grabbing Molly in the process, thus interrupting her from stealing the ice cream from the guy with the Rockruff.

    "Ahem, Everyone!", Alec said and pushed his glasses up, giving them a bright glare from the sunlight. He definitely felt like a bada**, and it seemed he got everyone's attention. "It appears that we have everyone gathered now, and I will lead us to the Professor's Lab where we will be undergoing the next few steps before heading off.". He gave a wave to the ice cream man behind the counter, who was greedily counting the surprising amount of cash the group had brought in for him. The trip to the lab would be short and sweet, and Alec walked ahead of the others, guiding them down the right street. As the group came to the lab, Professor Elm had decorated the facade with poorly handmade banners saying "Welcome New Trainers". There were three Sunfloras dancing around in the small garden in front of the lab, but they stopped and eeriely eyed the group as they arrived at the front doors. the double doors of the Lab were hold up by a trashbin on one side and, surprisingly enough, a desk on the other. another assistant was sitting next to it in the doors opening working on her recent field studies, completely ignoring the group as they slithered past her.

    Inside the lab, the Professor had put on some light background music as he stood in anticipation of the new trainers. On a table next to him sat a Totodile, a Chikorita and a sleeping cyndaquil. Alec knew well that those were the pokemon presented to new trainers here in Johto, and though he had seen that most of the new trainers already had pokemon with them, the starting pack included a starter regardless. quantity was not an issue.

    "Alec! There you are!" Professor Elm started. "I needed to ask you a favor. I'm conducting new Pokémon research right now. I was wondering if you could help me with it, Alec. You see... I'm writing a paper that I want to present at a conference. But there are some things I don't quite understand yet. So! I'd like you to raise a Pokémon that I recently caught." Professor Elm said. He sounded oddly eccentric, and talked as if Alec did not know of this piece of work he was doing. "Uhm.. Sure, I.." he started, but was interrupted. "Thanks, Alec! You're a great help! When I announce my findings, I'm sure we'll delve a bit deeper into the many mysteries of Pokémon. You can count on it! Oh, hey! I got an e-mail! .................. Hm... Uh-huh... Okay... Hey, listen. I have an acquaintance called Mr. Pokémon. You know him, Tall, rather chubby. He keeps finding weird things and raving about his discoveries. Anyway, I just got an e-mail from him saying that this time it's real. It is intriguing, but we're busy with our Pokémon research... Wait! I know! Alec, can you go in our place? I want you to raise one of the Pokémon contained in these Balls. You'll be that Pokémon's first partner, Alec! Go on. Pick one!", Professor Elm said as he casually pushed Alec towards the table. Alec just mechanically walked over to, and picked up the Totodile. He knew this Totodile. It was always his first choice.

    "Now, for the rest of you." Professor Elm said, finally acknowledging the other trainers to-be. "Do not fret, these are not the only starter pokemon in here." he then walked over to a door behind a machine designed to heal wounded pokemon. As he opened the door, one could briefly see the horde of other Chikoritas, Cyndaquils and Totodiles playing around in the mini-daycare set up in the back of the lab. Quantity was not an issue. Elm walked out a minute later, with a line of Totodiles, Chikoritas and Cyndaquils behind him. They behaved oddly exemplary today. Alec had tried diciplining them before, with no luck. growing somewhat nervous, Alec stepped out in front of the line of pokemon, addressing the group. "Yes.. Like the professor said, you get to chose one of these three pokemon. The Grass-Type, Chikorita." he gestured to a chikorita headbanging with its leaf to some odd rythm from somewhere. "The Water-Pokemon, Totodile" he majestically held out the totodile he had picked up in an extravagant fashion. "And the Fire-Type cyndaquil" he finished as he gestured towards a cyndaquil gnawing on a cord.

    "We're not on any time limits, so take your time to pick the right pokemon. This choice will cement itself in your history books as the first time you met a pokemon!" he knew well most of the trainers already had a pokemon, but he had rehersed these lines so much, he couldn't stray from the lines. He continued talking, sounding like a bad infomercial. "Once you have chosen your destined partner, you go over here to Latrice to take your picture for your trainer ID.", he walked over to the assistand, Latrice as he talked. "Mmmhmm", Latrice said, making an odd movement with her head, making her curly brown hair bounce around. Alec sat down in demonstration as Latrice took his picture. Seconds later, his trainer ID was printed out of a machine. He held it out to the others. "After you have obtained this, we will speak to the professor again for some basic supplies.". Totodile was sitting by his feet, looking up at him lovingly, while Molly was looking over at it, with envy. "Now, when you are ready, step into a neat line, and Latrice will take your picture. You may feuture your pokemon in the picture." Alec then said before walking over to the table he picked up Totodile from, hopping up and sitting where it sat. He pet the Chikorita and Cyndaquil on both sides of him as he watched the new trainers line up.
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  15. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    Bunny Wilson
    Location: New Bark Town - Docks > Elm's Lab
    Pokemon: Petra (Sassy Alolan Meowth)

    When the last trainer had arrived, a slightly awkward girl that Bunny imagined might be a little eccentric, Alek dramatically announced it was time to go to the lab. Finally! Bunny chomped down the last bit of her cone and picked up Perta before she could start a fight, “Hear that? It's time to go.”

    “Neya,” meowed Perta uninterestedly, before squirming out of Bunny's hands to climb onto her shoulder. Meowths, right?

    Excitedly Bunny headed off after Alek, staring back at the Sunflora outside the lab, and hardly able to keep still while Elm explained about the starter pokemon. Of course she knew about these already. She'd been so excited, she had to find out all about them before she'd even left for this trip. But not too much, she didn't have the patients to read essays or anything.

    She squealed softly in happiness as the professor opened the door to his private daycare, revealing a ton of adorable starters they’d breed, leading them out in a line of cuteness. Ah! Which one to pick?

    It was hard to focus on the directions after that. . . but they were simple, get in line and get your picture taken. Sure. But first, pick a starter.

    She could hear Petra groan as she walked quickly over to the group of starters awaiting them. Oh, they were all so adorable. She knelled down and pet a warm Cyndaquil that seemed almost as indifferent as Petra, while simultaneously noticing a couple of Totodiles butting heads. She giggled at this, watching them amused, until she noticed a soft touch. Looking down, she saw a Chikorita was trying to crawl into her lap. “Aw,” she cooed, picking up the adorable plant type. She cradled it in her arms, “Do you want to join my team sweetie?”

    Carefully, and a little awkwardly, burdened with two pokemon, Petra on her shoulder and Chikorita in her arms, Bunny got up. She wobbled a little, but definitely had this. She looked down at the Chikorita, and it gave her a charming smile. Yep, they were gonna be best friends forever. She looked over at Petra. The cat pokemon was eyeing the newcomer in annoyance. Bunny whispered to her, “Be nice.”

    She headed over to Latrice. There wasn't really a line yet, so she was able to just sit down, gave her name, and smiled. Petra however had other ideas, leaving her shoulder, and forcing herself into Bunny's lap, by pushing Chikorita aside. Bunny scowled down at her, “I said, be nice!”

    She wrapped an arm around each pokemon, holding them still, and smiled again for the camera. Click and Whir, the machine was printing out her card already. Bunny set her pokemon down and got up to excepted this eagerly. It was. . . not fantastic though. Her smile looked forced, and her pokemon looked like they were possessed. Well, no one was going to see this unless it was necessary, decided Bunny, shoving the card down into her cute heart shaped bag. She looked down at her pokemon. Petra seemed to have settled down though still glaring at the Chikorita, while Chikorita was rubbing it's head on her leg. Bunny smiled at this, “Hmm, suppose I should give you a name?”
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  16. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy type Trainer

    Tim Wolfe
    New Bark Town, Docks > Elm's Lab


    Faith scratched behind Rocky's ears, which the puppy Pokémon appreciated. "Aww, hi again little guy! You're soooo adorable and friendly. Who's a good boy?"

    Rocky happily barked, and panted. He didn't pay attention to the Alolan Meowth observing him.

    "Hey! Is this your rockruff?" she asked with a grin. "He's super cool! He's so friendly and stuff. What's his name? And what's your name?"

    Tim blushed, and sank in his chair. His Rockruff just had to get someone's attention. He had hoped to sit here in silence. Rocky why... He knew his Pokemon was a social creature, but Tim was not. Now he actually needed to give an answer. "Um... uh.,." Tim stammered. He started twiddling his thumbs, and keeping his gaze down.

    Rocky could tell how nervous his trainer was, and took the opportunity to jump into Tim's lap, and start licking his face.

    Even Tim couldn't help giggling. "Haha! Rocky, quit it!"

    After the last trainer arrived, Alec announced that it was time to go to the lab. Tim breathed a sigh of relief that he had an excuse to get out of this conversation. He still figured he should at least answer Faith's question though. It would be rude to just run off. "I'm Tim..." he mumbled as he picked up Rocky, and got the heck out of there.

    It wasn't a particularly long journey to the lab, and Tim had to maintain his composure to not fawn over the adorable dancing Sunflora in front of the lab. Then, when they entered, they were allowed to pick a starter right away.

    Now was the hard part. Which one to choose? All three of them were great Pokémon for different reasons. Tim sat on the floor, and put out some Pokémon food. Immediately, some energetic Cyndaquills,Totodiles, and Chikoritas, ran right up to have a snack. Tim petted each Pokémon that came up. "So cute..." He whispered with a small smile. "How can I possibly choose?"

    Suddenly, Rocky started barking, and nudged his trainer to get his attention. Tim looked up, and saw a smaller than average Chikorita, cowering in fear as it was being antagozied by a Cyndaquill and a Totodile. Tim was immediately reminded of his own life. How he had been picked on by jerks for no good reason. He empathized with the Grass type Pokémon, and felt like he should do something. He stepped into the scene, and scooped up the scared Chikorita into his arms. "Stop that right now. Bullying is not nice..." Tim told the two Pokémon like he was a schoolteacher scolding naughty children. He would never be able to talk like this if they had been humans.

    The Totodile and the Cyndaquill said something angrily in Pokémon speech, but Tim didn't acknowledge them, and walked off with the terrified Chikorita in his arms. Tim gently petted the Grass type Pokémon. "It's ok, the bullies are gone now..." He said kindly. "This probably happens to you a lot, doesn't it? I understand how awful it feels. I know what it's like to be bullied. You don't have to worry about them anymore. How would you like to come with me?"

    The Chikorita stopped shivering, whimpered, and nodded her approval. Then she went right back to cowering. She buried her head in Tim's chest.

    Tim smiled, and stroked the timid Pokémon in an effort to calm her. He was glad to have found the right Pokémon. He got in line to have his picture taken, and tried to come up with a suitable name for his new Pokémon.
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  17. Sketchie

    Sketchie it's about the CUBES

    Joshua Hoffman
    New Bark Town : Hotel > Laboratory


    Joshua groaned as he woke up, rolling from his side onto his stomach. "Isaac, I don't wanna get up." He curled up in his blanket, quite against actually waking up. Isaac jumped from the beside and onto Joshua's back, yelling loudly, quite against his trainer going back to sleep.

    "Togetrii, togetrii, toge toge toge!!"

    "Wait, what now?"


    "That's today?"


    "But I just wanna sleep..."

    Cue more bouncing. "Toge toge triii!!"

    Joshua wriggled his way up to catch Issac mid-bounce. "Yes! I know I signed up for it, fine, yes. I'll go. Fine." Joshua put a victorious Isaac down on the bed, before swinging himself off, bracing himself against the wall. He hopped to the corner where his leg rested, slipping the lining on, pulling his leg onto the post with a click. He walked around his room as he got dressed, making sure his gait was passable, throwing on a navy blue t-shirt and jeans, slipping into a right shoe and struggling a little with his left. He made a point of pacing, making sure his gait felt right. He made sure his crutches was in his backpack, as well as everything else he would need, before packing everything onto his person. He didn't notice Isaac, still crying out, holding Joshua's phone above his head.

    "TO. GE. TRI."

    Joshua finally turned to look at him. "What is it?" He took the phone from the bouncing egg, turning it on and... "Oh my god, we're late!" He scooped the togepi into his arms and dashed out the door.

    Thankfully, the lab wasn't too far away. He sneaked inside, trying to stay as quiet and unnoticeable as possible. "We're not on any time limits, so take your time to pick the right pokemon," Professor Elm said to the other trainers. Oh good, he wasn't too late. "This choice will cement itself in your history books as the first time you met a pokemon! Once you have chosen your destined partner, you go over here to Latrice to take your picture for your trainer ID." Joshua was so busy listening to the professor that he didn't notice Isaac jump down and start sneaking away. "Blah blah blah, trainer pictures, blah blah Mr. Pokemon..."

    Joshua looked around, his arms empty. He noticed his small pokemon tip-toeing through trainer's legs and towards the other starter pokemon. "Isaac!" he whispered harshly, "Get back here!" Isaac looked at his trainer, to the pokemon, and back at his trainer. And then made a mad dash to the pokemon.

    "TOGETRIIIII!!" He ran and latched on to a totodile, giving it a big hug and making a huge togepi fuss. The totodile made an equally big fuss. "TOGE-- TOTO-- TOGEDILE-- TOTOTRIII!!" Joshua put his head in his hands. So much for people not noticing he was there. He moved through the other trainers slowly, his face a bright red. "Excuse me, sorry... that's my togepi, I'm so sorry. Sorry." He reached Isaac and his apparently new friend, and knelt down to greet them. "Isaac, you can't just run away like that, and you know it. Please, be a little bit more respectful?" Isaac nodded, still latched on to the totodile. "And you... well I guess I don't have a choice anymore, Isaac made it for me. Do you want to be my pokemon?" The totodile nodded, and, wriggling out of Isaac's grasp, went to go hug Joshua's knee. He picked up both pokemon and put one on either shoulder and went to go stand in line behind a remarkably short boy with pretty black hair. (Okay, maybe he wasn't really that short, but everyone is so much shorter when you live up in the stratosphere.) Joshua tapped on his shoulder, and gave a nervous smile.

    "H-hi, my name is Joshua. I got a late start, legs giving me t-trouble and all that, c-can I ask you what I've missed?"


    New Pokemon! Unnamed as of yet, will likely be named Dahlia, Totodile.
  18. TikTok13

    TikTok13 Oh, I have a title?

    Jay Julien
    Professor Elm's Laboratory, New Bark Town
    - Snivy :495:

    Jay sat amazingly silently as people moved and talked around him. Around him, not to him. Figures. His back hurt, his arms hurt, Snivy was restless. It was taking longer than he expected, and there were only a few new arrivals. He tried to locate all the other trainers, but Snivy whacked him in the face with his tail. It was becoming a habit.

    Grabbing Snivy and pulling him down before his face, Jay smiled.
    "Stop." He tried to make it serious, but Snivy just stared at him with innocent, wide eyes. "I'm being very serious." Jay then started tickling his little friend, who let out a joyous cry, wiggling about and flailing his arms.

    The two were interrupted by a call from Alec. They were going to Professor Elm's Laboratory. Jay stood up, almost flipping his chair over. Clutching Snivy close to his chest, Jay started to jog towards Alec, who was already leading the way. They came across a large building, with a crudely made but amusing banner welcoming them all. Accompanying the banner were three murderous looking Sunflora. Snivy glared at them with attempted intimidation, but recoiled when he almost fell out of Jay's arms.

    They were inside. There was music coming from… somewhere, and Jay had to resist the urge to hum with the tune. Jay saw Alec and Elm conversing about something, before Elm used his assistant as an example. Jay watched, enthralled, as they were preparing to make their first steps of a long journey.
    "We're not on any time limits, so take your time to pick the right pokemon. This choice will cement itself in your history books as the first time you met a pokemon!"*Professor Elm said, smiling at all the trainers. Jay frowned, looking at a just-as-confused Snivy. Most, if not all the trainers, already has Pokémon to call their own. Giving Elm the benefit of the doubt, Jay sighed as they all lined up, and watched patiently as people picked their starters. Meanwhile, Jay made calculations in his head. Which type would be the most effective counterpart for Snivy, a Grass Pokémon?

    "Sniiive?" Snivy patted Jay on the face, snapping him out of his stupor. The trainer frowned, looking at the snake Pokémon. Snivy was pointing at the rows of starters, eager to pick a new friend, and Jay strode forward just as eagerly. He examined the Pokémon, taking into account the supposed speed and power capabilities. He ruled out the cute Chikorita easily; there was no point having two Grass Pokémon, both with the same weaknesses. But that left the difficult choice between Totodile and Cyndaquil. Water…or Fire? "Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…?" Hummed Jay, pensively. Before Snivy brushed him with his tail. Snivy was looking at a smaller-than-normal Cyndaquil, stuck on its back and wiggling its little arms frantically. Hating to see the Pokémon in distress, Jay picked it up, and flipped it right way round. The Cyndaquil continued to flail for a moment, before sneezing and shuffle towards Jay.

    "Cynd!" It cried happily, looking at Snivy and Jay. The Grass Pokémon patted it on the head gently, and Jay stroked it under the chin.
    "I think we've found our new teammate buddy!" Jay picked up the Cyndaquil in his arms and let Snivy jump onto his shoulder, and then his head. Jay then rushed towards Latrice, who had just finished with another trainer. "Hi," Smiled Jay, sitting in a chair and looking straight at the camera. Latrice smiled back and asked if Jay was ready. He nodded, but felt something… odd. Snivy started to tumble, clinging on to Jay's hair tightly.

    That's why, as Jay looked at his picture, he frowned, but with a sense of amusement flickering in his eyes. Cyndaquil was looking up from Jay's arms, his little face in a bright smile. Jay's left eye was closed, and his mouth was set in a light grin. Falling from his forehead, however, was the upside down head of Snivy, who's eyes were wide with fear. This was now his official Trainer Card photo. Which meant that he was one step closer to starting his journey.
  19. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy type Trainer

    Tim Wolfe
    Elm's Lab

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Tim hadn't noticed the girl in front of him had finished getting her picture ID, or that the guy with the Snivy had actually gone ahead of him. He was still petting his new Pokemon. Lets see, what's a good name for a Chikorita? Tim thought. Hm... Chiko? Rita? Nah, those won't work once she evolves... Ugh, naming Rocky was so much easier.

    Tim was interupted from his thoughts when he felt a tap on the shoulder. He jumped a little, and let out a high pitched "eep!" His Chikorita also let out a nervous yelp.

    Thankfully, the guy didn't seem to bothered by his reaction, or make fun of him for being easily scared or screaming like a girl. As a matter of fact, he seemed as nervous as Tim was. Which made Tim feel a little better. The guy speaking to him was an obnoxiously tall blonde guy, which made Tim feel shorter than he already was. "H-hi, my name is Joshua. I got a late start, legs giving me t-trouble and all that, c-can I ask you what I've missed?"

    However, Tim was more interested in the Togepi sitting on his shoulder. His eyes immediately widened excitedly. "OHMIGOSH A TOGEPI!" He shouted, which frightened the Chikorita he was carrying, and she jumped out of his arms, but still stayed close by, cowering next to him. "I've never seen one of those in person before!" He started to stand on his tiptoes and stretch his arms up, but the guy was so tall he still couldn't reach the Togepi. He let out a sigh. Why did tall people have to put their cute Pokemon so far out of reach? "Um... C-c-can I pet him?"

    The Togepi did not wait for Joshua to give answer, he jumped off his shoulder, and into Joshua's arms. Within reach for Tim.

    Tim giggled, and starting petting the Togepi for a minute, then became embarrassed and stopped. This guy must think I'm some kind of weirdo..." He looked at the floor, and shuffled his feet. "I-I-I'm sorry, that was rude of me..." His face was blushing bright red. "Um... I-i-i'm Tim... You didn't miss too much. We just had Ice cream, then came here..."

    Meanwhile, Rocky wanted some attention, since no one had given him any since Tim found the Chikorita. "Ruff!" He barked to make his presence known, then nuzzled Joshua's ankles.
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  20. InnerFlame

    InnerFlame Fire and Ice Combo

    New Bark Town’s Lab
    Pokemon: Cyndaquil (will receive very soon)

    Quietly, Jazz trail behind of the group, sucking the popsicle. The research guy immediately had the group leave as she arrived. No one said anything so she knew they were all thinking badly about her, last uncoordinated person to arrive. Not a single person said a thing to her; not that she wanted to talk to anyone after that… But no introductions, no greetings… she already being shun by the everyone… She fought her sorrows by looking at the pokemon ahead of her. They were so cute and cool. She wondered if they were friendly? What attacks they knew? Did they like battling or would prefer to be dressed up? That Snivy would be so cool with fedora and pair sunglasses. And that alolan Meowth would be adorable with some shiny purple ribbons and some pearls~ It probably accept it, Meowth loves shiny stuff. What about the Rattatta? Its whiskers seem fairly long so probably male so maybe a bandana and cowboy hat would look good on it… Jazz spent the whole walk smiling to herself and imagine about dressing up the all pokemon. Then her eyes locked onto some dancing Sunfloras in the garden. They were so adorable, even with that unnerving expression it was giving the visitors.

    Jazz distracted by the sun pokemon walked into the door… The Sunflora chuckled at her a bit as she rubbed her arm. Praying no one else saw that she entered properly. She diligently listen to Professor Elm introductory speech, and eagerly waited for her turn to get a pokemon. The first assistant guy with Smoochum chose a Totodile without much thought. Then the professor unveil a bunch more starter pokemon. Jazz was ecstatic. Just seeing them all made her quiver with excitement, they were all so cute! She wanted all of them not just one of each type. Oh no, she was acting way too excited about this. She smacked her cheeks as she told herself to calm down.

    The girl with the Meowth walked up glance at all the pokemon before getting herself a rather friendly Chikorita. It seem the cat pokemon was rather possessive of its trainer. Next the boy with the Rockruff walked up little around slightly before picking up a smaller Chikorita being bullied on by two of the other starters. Aww… that was sweet of him… Something white toddled into the group of pokemon. Oh my goodness, it was a Togepi, a super rare baby pokemon! It was sooo cute; what was it doing here?! A guy voice called out the name Isaac before rushing over. This guy was quite tall and picked up both his pokemon and a new Totodile as his companion.

    His name was Joshua and he was late in joining so he didn’t see her looking all clumsy and awkward. So maybe… he’ll be her friend. She just had to be normal girl. Before she could approach she was intercept by the Rockruff boy. He was super enamored with Togepi, pushing up against him trying to reach it though was too short. How bold, to do that to a stranger Jazz assumed. Though she totally understood the feeling… she wanted to hold and squeeze the little critter as well. Looking at how small and cute it was, and obvious very happy and playful it was only natural, right? Realizing she was staring too much she ripped her eyes away. It seem she wouldn’t be able introducing herself… being last one coming, it wasn’t like she knew if he missed anything…Her chance for a friend, swiped away…

    Jazz entered the starter pokemon zone stopping in the middle of it. Many of them excitedly approach wanting attention. All of them were so adorable that she wanted to pet them all. But then her eyes locked on to a lone Cyndaquil laying in the corner. She loved fire pokemon most of all. Thinking that it maybe a lonely pokemon like herself, she went over to it. The pokemon acknowledge her with a head turn and yawn. Upon examination she noted it was… male and more generously built than the other of his species. Putting two and two together, she realized her previous assumption was probably incorrect.

    “I guess, you’re not really lonely but just want to nap in peace… maybe I should accept fate and be a loner…” She sighed…maybe it just wasn’t meant to be… having human friends. The fire pokemon looked at her sad face with concern. It made her happy. “You’re so adorable, sorry for making you worried…… Hey… would you like to come with me?”

    Jazz thought the pokemon would hesitate seeing that he seem to just want to sleep but he instantly nodded his head at her request. She loved the pokemon the most right now. Scooping him up and cuddling him in her arms. He was warm, soft… and on the heavy side… He definitely needed more exercise, but for now she would carry him. The Cyndaquil was the first friend she made all day.

    With more pep in her step, she head toward the picture line. Jazz was so overjoyed to finally have pokemon of her own that she wasn’t paying attention to surrounding well and walked right into someone… Maybe her real problem was she got distracted too easily. The girl focus on the person she crashed into… It was the guy with the Snivy! It looked like he chose a Cyndaquil as well and a tinier one compare to hers. It also seem more energetic than her lax fire pokemon.

    “Ah… sorry about that…” Jazz apologized as her excitement instantly turned into nervousness. He had definitely saw her looking like a klutz earlier… The girl wanted to escape again but manage not to. She wanted to talk but she nothing came to mind except… “You chose a Cyndaquil too, huh? It‘s small and cute…”
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