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Johto Adventures - A Pokemon Trainer RP (Sign-Ups)

Discussion in 'Sign Up' started by Schade, Aug 6, 2017.

  1. Schade

    Schade Iron Defensive

    Johto Adventures
    ~ Sign-Up Thread ~​

    Have you ever wanted to be a Pokemon Trainer? Did something get in the way of your grand plans of embarking on your own journey when you turned ten? Well now you can! The region of Johto is Kantos western sibling, and is home to lush forests, peaceful beaches and extravagant city life, as well as being a center of cultural lore, and exciting history. The opportunities are endless. You could settle down, go on a vacation, or, as our pending heroes are going to do, embark on a Pokemon journey. Johto is famous for being the first region where different species of Pokemon were discovered. One houndred of them, to be specific, which adds to the already huge roster of Pokemon. Needless to say, the Johto region is a very good place to start your adventure.

    Or at least that is what the brochures are saying. Pokemon journeys in the Johto Region have somewhat decreased after rumors about the evil organization, Team Rocket, surfaced. These hooligans are feared for stealing other people's Pokemon, running illegal businesses, and rigging fair play for their own benefits. Since the word about their return is nothing but rumors, Professor Elm feels confident in aiding you all on your new adventure together.

    Despite the ill rumors, Johto is still a good place for young to-be trainers to start their journeys to become the very best. The legal age for starting a pokemon journey is at the age of ten. You’re a bit older than that, be it fourteen or nineteen. You want to explore the Johto region on your very own Pokemon Adventure, and after having written an e-mail to the regions Professor, you receive a letter in the mail.

    ~ ~ ~

    This RP follows the pretty basic guidelines of a standard Pokemon Trainer RP. The RP starts off in New Bark Town in the Johto Region where all the players will meet. Your character does not need to be from the Johto region, and you can assume there is a dock there, if you come by sea. We move onward in a group, but you’re free to re-visit old locations. This is a fairly linear, straight forward RP that takes place instead of the regular GSC/HGSS story, so Gold and Silver do not make appearances.

    Regarding Pokemon. There will be Johto starters available in the Lab, but your SU can include any non-starter first stage Pokemon (Within reason, of course. Please don’t pick something overpowered) from any generation. I will decide what Pokemon can be met at which locations, and I will post a small list whenever we reach a new destination.

    RP Rules
    - No God-modding or Mary Sue characters. This rule goes without saying.
    - Don’t bunny other players characters without the players permission. There are minor exceptions to this, like if we need to progress the RP.
    - Only one character and one Pokemon per player. There will be opportunities to capture Pokemon later on as the RP progresses, so don’t worry about that.
    - Limit the amount of swearing and cussing for your character.
    - Be active. If you sign up for this RP, I expect you to be active in keeping up with the group. I am hoping for maybe two or three posts per week.
    - Monster Guy is my Co-GM. As with mine, his words are law.

    I like to consider myself a decently generous guy, but since this is my first time GM’ing, I will be strict on the rules, and call you out if you break them.

    Name: Your characters Name
    Gender: Your characters gender
    Age: 14 - 19

    Appearance: Minimum 100 words,

    Personality: Minimum 100 words

    History: At least 100 words

    Other: Other nifty details regarding your character.

    Gender: (or lack thereof)
    History: (You only need to include where and how they were obtained. Any other backstory is optional.)
    Note - You will have to create a Sign-Up for any Pokemon you obtain or catch throughout the RP. if you catch a Pokemon and do not plan on using it, this is not necessary.

    Player List:
    1: Schade: Alexnder "Alec" Gotleib
    2: Monster Guy: Timothy Wolfe
    3: Tangeh: Faith McMullin
    4: Sketchie: Joshua Hoffman
    5: TikTok13: Jay Cole Julien
    6: Dragalge: Sara Clark
    7: InnerFlame: Jazlynn ‘Jazz’ Gifford
    8: VampirateMace: Bunny Wilson

    Waiting List
    1: Legnak
    2: klizcool
    3. InnerFlame
    Last edited: Sep 5, 2017
  2. Schade

    Schade Iron Defensive

    Name: Alexander "Alec" Gotleib
    Gender: Male
    Age: 18
    Appearance: Alec is a medium tall young man, standing at around 180 Cm tall with a slim yet relatively fit physique as he works out to maintain it. His skin is fair, and also has a slight tan since he spends a lot of time outdoors for his research. His red hair is medium long, and more often than not kept in a high ponytail with his right bang hanging over his face, slightly covering one of his warm green eyes. His eyes have a mature, yet curious look to them at most times. He has a well-defined jawline, and well proportioned facial features overall, something he is well aware of.

    For Clothing, Alec mostly wears bright colors along with a lot of black; a style he has kept from his earlier years. He does, however, take a more conservative approach. He wears a black sidecut tank top, and a pair of bright limegreen jeans, along with practical and comfortable shoes for hiking and whatnot. Over his tank top, he wears a short, clean white laboratory coat, fitted with pockets for many of his tools or handy items. He doesn't accessorize much, and has both of his ears pierced. He also wear a silver chain necklace. He has also stopped wearing contact lenses, and started wearing glasses to compensate for his poor eyesight.

    Personality: At first glance, one would assume Alec is an edgy character. He definitely has that "Im gonna punch your face in" look to him, and at default, he looks like he doesn't have a care in the entire world. This is very opposite to how he acts and behaves, however. Initially an edgy character with little to no respect for others, Alec has a hard time warming up to people. He is a character plagued with guilt, and often keeps to himself when met with a social situation. He is mostly indifferent to other people, though he tries his best to be friendly and welcoming, which in turn makes it seem forced. He is plagued by his past, and often hides away in his work in order to distract himself from the guilt.

    Speaking of his work. Alec is Professor Elms assistant, helping him out in his various tasks regarding both Pokemon Breeding and Pokemon Evolution. He is very proud of Professor Elm, and takes great pride in his work, as well as his own. He has a habit of getting carried away when met with interesting new information regarding his topics, and can rabble on about potential theories etc. He also have somewhat of an obsessive trait, which shows in how he organize his work. Despite his rough appearance, you'll have to search for a long time in order to find someone more organized than Alec. He has files, lists, reports and everything one can think of. This obsessiveness often come to show whenever he learns something new, and get excited about the possibilities of getting to organize his found for the Professor. He is enthusiastic about his work, and is a borderline workaholic.

    Despite being a whole new person, Alec has maintained some of his street smarts from his earlier years. Despite being a person that strives to be kind and good to others, he falls back into his punk kid act whenever something goes wrong, making him seem like a totally different character than before. Though it doesn't come naturally to him, he tries his best to act nice, and would stand up for his friends should they be in trouble. His caring about others gives him somewhat of a big brother feel to him. He is very responsible, and tries to keep everyone happy, though he doesn't take sh*t from anyone.

    History: Alec's life can be described as a troubled one, as he was thrown off the path at an early age. He was born in Cerulian City in Kanto, in a middle class family. His father died when he was young, so his mother had picked up two jobs in order to support him and his baby sister. Everything seemed to be normal during his early childhood. He got average grades, and had a few friends in school. Alec was an angry child, however, and would often bully other kids, and act as the class' boss, using peoples fears to his advantage. He was a bully. Simple as that. His parents tried intervening too, but was too late.

    During his early teenage years, he started to stop giving a damn in school, making him lag behind the others. It came to the point where he stopped attending, rather ditching school and hanging out at the Nugget Bridge with older teenagers, watching pokemon battles. His friends were a bad influence, who also introduced him to smoking and alcohol. Alec, who was still fairly young and impressionable, wanted to act tough as a means of gaining their approval, as he didn't have a father figure in his life. His mother had more or less given up at this point, and never bothered with his whereabouts. She was more concerned with providing for his sister. Despite spending most of his time watching Pokemon battles at the Nugget Bridge, Alec never actually got into Pokemon Battling himself, even though he did plan on doing so at some point.
    One day, as Alec and his friends were hanging out at the Nugget Bridge, they were approached by a guy representing Team Rocket. Having heard of them before, Alec was a bit wary. He knew what they did, and he didn't really share those beliefs or support their actions. His friends, however, did. Once most of his friends had decided to join Team Rocket, Alec bowed down to peer pressure, and did the same.

    Having joined Team Rocket as a grunt, he was provided with a Zubat. Alec had very little experience in Pokemon Battling, but he learned quickly. He mostly did footwork for the gang, and despite what he initially believed, he began feeling at home there. Sure, they were doing illegal things, and the risk of getting caught was high, but Alec had never felt more alive. He enjoyed his time in the group. He even adapted their objective views regarding Pokemon, and began believing that Pokemon were nothing but mere tools for Team Rocket to exploit. He was 14 years old at this point, and believed that this was where he belonged.

    As it turned out, it wasn't. A few years later, when he was 16 years old, Alec was part of a raid group targeting the Silph Co. building in Saffron City in Kanto. After the initial loss of the tower, he was captured with a group of grunts by the local authorities. While his team mates were shipped out to jail one by one, Alec was sent to do community service due to his cooperation. He was sent to work for Professor Elm, who had an optimistic, borderline naive view on the situation. The Professor was hellbent on turning the young outlaw into a responsible young man, and though Alec did not enjoy the idea of being some four-eyes personal slave, he had no right to object. With little argument from his mother, he moved into an apartment close to Professor Elm's Laboratory in New Bark Town, to start what would become his new life.

    - He is street smart, and knows his way around most situations.
    - He has been Professor Elm's assistant for 2 years.

    Nickname: Molly
    Species: Smoochum
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Molly is a very curious young Pokemon. She often waddles away on her own to explore her surroundings, though she has the firepower to defend herself if necessary. She is somewhat conscious of her appearance, often mirroring herself on shiny surfaces to make sure her appearance is on point. She is also somewhat devious, and can use her cute appearance to manipulate others, and get grumpy if her plans fail.
    History: Molly was obtained as an egg given to Alec as a way for him to learn responsibility when he first came to work for Professor Elm. Though initially skeptical, Alec maintained the egg until it hatched into the Smoochum, which marked as the turning point for him. Seeing the adorable, innocent little blubber, looking up at him, Alec became determined to leave his past behind, and focus on his future instead. The two of them are now inseparable, and she reminds him to do his best

    Nickname: Canan
    Species: Totodile
    Gender: male
    Personality:Canan is an odd fellow. Seemingly always distant, Canan is very detached from his surroundings, often wandering about completely oblivious to anything going on around him. Despite this though, he is a formiddable fighter. Pokemon Battles seems to be the only time he actually manage to focus on anything, and he gives it his all. Once the battle ends, however, Canan reverts back into his oblivious self.
    History: Canan was always Alec's first choice regarding Professor Elms plethora of starter pokemon. Having been with him from his hatching, Alec had already grown very fond of Canan's Lax nature. Once it ws his turn to choose a formal starter, Alec wasted no second thoughts, and decided on Canan.
    Last edited: Sep 20, 2017
  3. Tangeh

    Tangeh Well-Known Member

    Reserve me a spot, please! :3


    Name: Faith McMullin
    Gender: Female
    Age: 17

    Appearance: Faith is pretty tiny in stature, not quite reaching 5'2" (156cm), and has a lithe, though muscular build. Her height means she almost always has to look up to people when talking to them. She's stronger than she appears, being very athletic and health-conscious. She has a light complexion and is freckly, even a bit of sun causing them to emerge down her arms and across her face. She doesn't have a curvy body type, but has somewhat remedied the situation by preferring clothing that shows her midriff. This also exposes that she has a belly button piercing and a dark birthmark above her right hip.

    She has black hair which she almost always keeps tied up in a ponytail, except when sleeping. She has bedhead so terrible in the morning that its almost comical, and is reluctant to wear it down in public. She has bangs that can't stay tied back, and swish to the left side. Faith's head is circular in shape and her eyes are a bright steel blue. They're similar to her favourite colour - sky blue. She refers to it as "her colour" and owns a lot of accessories in sky blue, including her favourite headphones which are generally on her ears blasting loud rock music. They are attached to a small portable media player that she keeps in her pocket. She generally wears black eyeliner and coloured eyeshadow (sky blue is a safe assumption, though sometimes she may be in the mood for something else). She doesn't wear much makeup otherwise, having a fairly clear complexion aside from the freckles, which she isn't bothered by. She has a small silver stud in her right nostil, and her ears are similarly pierced.

    Usually Faith wears a berry midriff tank top, though she's been known to go out in just a sports bra for exercising. She either wears dark jeans or jean shorts with a sky blue belt and running shoes. She doesn't tend to wear much jewelry, mostly because she has a history of losing anything that's not literally pierced into her skin. She carries a black backpack with sky-blue accents on the straps with her to hold her gear.

    Personality: Bold, dynamic, and full of energy, Faith can be a difficult person to keep up with. She talks about a mile a minute to just about anybody who will listen to her, and sometimes jumps topics abruptly. She is highly competitive, and just about anything can become a competition in her books. Eating lunch? She can eat it faster. She's very into healthy eating and follows a lot of current health trends. She drinks a protein smoothie for breakfast every day - she has a large container of protein powder and a battery operated single-serving blender on hand. She has an impressive appetite for somebody her size in general, and gets very excited on the odd occasion she decides to eat junkier food (she's pretty fantastic at coming up with reasons why she needs to treat herself). She's sporty and athletic, loving soccer and track events in particular. She may decide to get up early and go for a run even before a planned long hike to the next town over - she loves mornings and running outside during the sunrise is her favourite activity. She's usually wide awake by 6am - conversely, she needs a lot of sleep and usually crashes before 9pm most days. She doesn't get cranky when tired, but does get quiet and sluggish - the sudden change from her go-go-go attitude may make new acquaintances wonder if she's feeling ill. She similarly gets very quiet when upset, making it pretty easy to tell her current mood.

    Faith isn't very responsible and is very forgetful. She's impulsive and doesn't think scenarios through very well before leaping into them. This has gotten her into trouble many times in the past, but she doesn't seem to learn from her mistakes. She was diagnosed with ADHD as a child and many of the symptoms still shine through in her late teens. She rarely listens to rules and is a very hands-on learner, having zero patience for instruction manuals. She understands the importance of school but isn't a fan of studying. After all, there's a gazillion other fun things she could be doing.

    Faith tends to bond more quickly with males than with females, and is notably more comfortable around boys. A byproduct of having no close female friends growing up, she tends to act more restrained and polite around women, and more jokey and friendly around men. She's also a lot more competitive with the opposite sex. Her personality can come off as unintentionally - or, sometimes intentionally - flirty to boys her own age. She can be quite complementary, especially as a means of getting people she doesn't know very well to like her. Faith isn't a shy person, but she's especially not shy about sharing her likes and dislikes, unless she gets the impression she may insult somebody. Then she just gets quiet, making her opinion obvious nonetheless. Though she's pretty accepting of "you think this, I think that, let's agree to disagree", it's possible to pull her into an argument if you touch a nerve. Unsurprisingly, she gets loud and aggressive when angry, and isn't intimidated by appearance even if the aggravator is a foot taller and twice her weight. Though she's never been seriously burned by this lack of judgement in the past, it again can have a tendency to get her into trouble.

    History: Faith was born in Celadon City, Kanto to an unmarried couple in their early twenties. Her arrival wasn't exactly planned for, but as the first grandchild on both sides of her family, she was adored and heavily doted on. Her parents tried to stay together for her sake, and had a lot of pressure on them to get married, but they ultimately decided to separate. Faith's father stayed in Celadon until Faith started school, but then moved to Fuchsia City to focus on his career. Faith lived with her mother in a two bedroom apartment in the heart of the city, and her mother would take her to visit her father every second weekend.

    To say Faith was a handful as a young child would be a massive understatement. She always seemed to be exactly where she wasn't supposed to be, whether that was in the kitchen tearing apart a bag of flour, in the hallway scribbling on the walls, or outside stuck halfway up a large tree. She got bored easily, and was difficult to pacify for more than a few minutes at a time. Even when playing with other children, she tried to switch games so often that they had trouble following what she was doing. She didn't improve much in a structured school environment, and was put in time-out pretty much on a daily basis for talking too much and distracting the other children. This led to a diagnosis of ADHD at the age of six. Her parents were hesitant to medicate their young daughter, but placed her in behaviour therapy and tried to provide as much structure to her life as possible.

    Faith had trouble making friends with the girls in her grade, as they found her constant chatter odd and excluded her, but gravitated toward the boys who spent most of recess running around trying to prove who was the fastest, or who could throw the ball the furthest, or who could push the hardest. Faith wasn't the only girl in the group at first, but eventually the other tomboys merged with their female peers, leaving Faith with boys who would eventually grow up to be her closest friends. Being the token female, she always felt as if she needed to prove she was just as fast or strong or competitive as any of the guys, and for the most part, she was accepted.

    Her best friend, though, was a boy named Brian, and they met in fourth grade when they were placed at the back of the class together. They spent pretty much all day doodling instead of listening, but somehow Brian was paying attention enough to quickly answer any curveball questions their teacher asked to ensure they were paying attention. Brian was way more talented at drawing than she was, and she was way more athletic than he was, yet they were friends despite their differences. She loved to talk his ear off, and he loved to listen. Her peers and parents would tease her, saying Brian was her boyfriend, and Faith politely took the comments without argument. After all, Brian had secretly told her he was gay when they were only ten.

    He came out in his mid-teens, and Faith mercilessly defended him from anybody who dared to say an off-colour comment in his direction. Boys became a favourite topic once they reached their teenaged years - after all, Faith couldn't exactly discuss the topic with her other friends. They egged each other on to ask classmates out on dates - and Faith wasn't one to resist a challenge. Though it was really just innocent fun, Faith has been on a large number of first dates, but never in a steady romance.

    Though school drama was fun, school itself was not. Faith was a poor student in any subject she didn't have an interest in - which was everything aside from physical education and music. Though she has never actually been held back, mostly because her mother drilled her homework into her head, it was threatened a few times and proved to be a good motivator. Really, all Faith wanted to do was go on a pokemon journey, but her parents didn't think she was responsible enough to journey alone and do her classes on her own time. And besides, as her mother often reminded her, there wasn't any money in being a trainer unless you were incredibly talented.

    When she got older, she was allowed to visit her father in Fuchsia via the cycling road on weekends. He was a bit more lax than her mother was, but still refused to allow her to go on a pokemon journey. He didn't even care when she got her nose pierced and her belly button pierced on the same day, after threatening to do so on a whim and then impulsively following through (her mother was horrified) - but he wouldn't let her become a trainer. At age fourteen she begged him for a pokemon, to no avail. Her mother similarly denied her wishes, insisting they were a lot of work. She saved up her birthday money and purchased a pokeball, and on her way to visit her dad for the weekend, she stopped at the northern portion of Route 16 and lobbed it at the first pokemon she saw, capturing a rattata.

    After a long lecture about how she still wasn't allowed to go on a pokemon journey and all of the responsibilities that came with owning a wild pokemon, her father could see how quickly she bonded with the little pokemon and (Faith is still baffled at how this all played out) called her mother and convinced her that it would be a good idea for her to keep the rattata. Though it would still be two weeks before the rattata was allowed to touch the floor of her mother's home (out of fear of the plague, or something), Faith nicknamed her new partner "Junior", after his tiny size.

    Junior kept Faith pacified for a few years, and was even a motivator to do better on her schoolwork. Her mother was quite pleased to see Junior refuse to go outside with her unless she finished her homework, and by the time Faith had reached the age of seventeen, her parents reconsidered allowing her to travel. Thrilled, Faith contacted Professor Oak, who referred her to Professor Elm, saying there was a group gathering in Johto...

    Other: n/a

    Nickname: Junior
    Species: Rattata (Kanto form)
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Though he doesn't have as much energy as his trainer (especially not in the morning), he's very alert to what's going on around him and likes to sit on Faith's shoulder to get a better view. Sometimes he helps to keep Faith focused, or tries to help remind her of something she's forgotten (the language barrier makes this rather difficult, though Faith has learned to interpret him fairly well). Junior is friendly to other pokemon but is not overly outgoing, preferring to take a backseat to social situations.
    History: Caught by Faith on Route 16, Kanto. He is Faith's first pokemon.
    Other: n/a
    Last edited: Aug 10, 2017
  4. Schade

    Schade Iron Defensive

    Sure thing. Nice to have you onboard.
  5. Sketchie

    Sketchie it's about the CUBES

    My computer needs to be charged and I don't wanna deal with my phone, may I place a reserve?
  6. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy type Trainer

    Schade went to bed for the night, so as Co-GM, I'll tell you you're reserved.

    Player List:
    1: Schade: Alexnder "Alec" Gotleib
    2: Monster Guy
    3: Tangeh
    4: Sketchie

    I'm still deciding my character. So many choices!
  7. TikTok13

    TikTok13 Oh, I have a title?

    Can I drop in a reserve? This seems really cool, but I don't have the time to write right now.

    Also, if we already have a Pokémon, does it have to be native to Johto? Also, can it be a Pokémon without an evolutionary line? Anyone who knows me will know what Pokémon I'm wanting to use.
    Last edited: Aug 6, 2017
  8. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy type Trainer

    You're reseved.

    Player List:
    1: Schade: Alexnder "Alec" Gotleib
    2: Monster Guy
    3: Tangeh
    4: Sketchie
    5: TikTok13

    Unless Schade comes here and says differently, It doesn't need to be native to Johto. You're character might be from another region... It also doesn't need to have an evolutionary line. I'm assuming your wanting to use Sableye.
    Last edited: Aug 6, 2017
  9. Dragalge

    Dragalge Leaked footage

    Johto sucks

    Reserve me!
  10. Cobalt XIV

    Cobalt XIV Well-Known Member

    Placing a reservation.
  11. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy type Trainer

    @Dragalge: Are you going to need help writing an SU again? :p You're reserved.

    @Cobalt: You're reserved too.

    Player List:
    1: Schade: Alexnder "Alec" Gotleib
    2: Monster Guy
    3: Tangeh
    4: Sketchie
    5: TikTok13
    6: Dragalge
    7: Cobalt XIV
  12. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    Well, I'm gonna want a reserve.
  13. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy type Trainer

    Player List:
    1: Schade: Alexnder "Alec" Gotleib
    2: Monster Guy
    3: Tangeh
    4: Sketchie
    5: TikTok13
    6: Dragalge
    7: Cobalt XIV
    8: VampirateMace

    There will be a waiting list for people that didn't get to announce their reserve. And Schade may add more spots.
  14. Dragalge

    Dragalge Leaked footage

    Bringing someone back from the dead! And if we can't using Pokemon like Turtonator, I do have another Pokemon in mind.

    Name: Sara Clark (sometimes referred to as the Scarlet Shooter)
    Age: 19
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Sara is a young white skinned woman that stands at five feet and seven inches. Her hair color is light brown and the hair itself is long as well. On her hair is a pink hibiscus that she got from Malie City. She has brown eyebrows and her eyes are a green color almost as shiny as emeralds. She sports a light blue shirt which allows her to traverse across hot areas like Alola with ease and sports a bone necklace around her neck too. This bone necklace was given to her by a tour guide from a field trip to Vast Poni Canyon on Poni Island. She wears jeans that go to her ankles and wears black and green sneakers. She often holds a scarlet colored camera where she both takes pictures of everything from Pokemon to embarrassing stuff that people might be doing. Her camera was given to her own her 12th birthday by her parents.

    Personality: Sara is generally an easy going, approachable person with a bright grin on her face 90% of the time. She hardly gets into arguments with other people as she can keep her temper very well. When it comes to being the shutterbug she is, Sara gets excited and gleefully runs around and starts to take pictures of whatever she finds interesting to her. Pokemon battles are one example of what Sara loves to snap. Sara really likes the strategies other people like to use as well as what Pokemon a trainer will use too. That said, Sara is not all rainbows and sunshine when it comes to taking pictures. In fact, Sara carries a small but darker side with her.

    Sara loves taking photos but sometimes she will see something embarrassing that someone is doing and she’ll not hesitate to take a picture of the scene. Afterwards she will run off and laugh at the photo of whatever she just took a picture of for her own personal amusement. No one knows why Sara loves doing this but perhaps it was because of something that happened in her childhood that caused her to do such sneaky things. Still, even after all that, Sara then gets rid of the photos as fast as possible and vowed that, while she likes to take photos of things of people in embarrassing moments, she would never share them with a bunch of people and thus keeps it all to herself.

    Overall, Sara is generally a friendly person to be around with but one should always be careful of not doing something embarrassing near Sara or else she will get a good laugh.

    History: Sara was born and raised in Konikoni City, Alola for twelve years with her parents at a house near the jewelry shop. As a child, she enjoyed being in photos taken by cameramen/women alongside with her parents. Sara was originally presented with toy cameras when she was three years old where she pretended to be a real camerawoman by going around in her house, pretending to shoot photos of everything she saw. She began going to a trainer school in Heahea City at the age of eight, learning about the Island Trials Alola was known for. Sara had to be accompanied by her parents back and forth to the trainer school however as Diglett’s Tunnel was dangerous if one went alone.

    When Sara became 12 years old, her parents presented her with a gift in the form of a scarlet-colored camera. Sara was initially excited that she finally could take her own photos until she also heard the news that she and her parents were moving away to Malie City on Ula’Ula Island. Saddened that she was going to leave in the next three days, she spent her birthday taking photos of everything she found amazing on Akala such as the Wela Volcano Park and various Pokemon including the Island Guardian, Tapu Lele.

    Malie City was the place where Sara would begin at another trainer school. On her own free time, Sara would go around the city taking photos of many buildings, festivals, and Pokemon battles in which she enjoyed a lot. One day, she was taking photos and accidentally took a picture of someone who just fell. Sara had laughed at what she snapped but to avoid hurting the person more, she deleted the photo off her camera. For some reason, this sparked something inside Sara that she would start shooting photos of anyone who had an embarrassing incident happen to him or her.

    As Sara grew older, other students at her trainer school started to take a liking to Sara’s photos. Due to how good of a shutterbug Sara was, some started to give her the title dubbed “the Scarlet Shooter” due to how she was a camerawoman and that her camera was scarlet-colored. At the age of 18, Scarlet graduated from her trainer school and one year later, she was offered the opportunity to travel to the Johto region to start becoming a real trainer herself as opposed to doing Island Trials in Alola.

    Name: N/A
    Species: Popplio
    Gender: Female
    Personality: This Popplio is both very welcoming and a little boastful too, mainly her skills at swimming. She enjoys playing with Pokemon both big and small but at times, Popplio may taunt her playmates a bit and challenge them to a race. Sometimes she even tries to ask to race against big Pokemon who, in return, hardly take her seriously. Despite that, Popplio is a good sport and always shows kindness whenever she wins or loses.

    History: Popplio was originally found by Sara on a trip to the Poni Breaker Coast in Poni Island where it was being attacked by an aggressive Wishiwashi. While Popplio fortunately made it to land, it was badly injured by the Small Fry Pokemon. After being fully healed in the Seafolk Village's Pokemon Center, Popplio took a liking to Sara and allowed Sara to throw a Pokeball at her. The cause of this incident was more than likely Popplio wanting to race with the Wishiwashi only to anger the Pokemon and tranform into its School Form.
    Last edited: Aug 7, 2017
  15. Vern

    Vern Why not both?

    Can you put me on the waitlist then?
  16. Sketchie

    Sketchie it's about the CUBES

    i don't know how many words i use i'm sorry

    Name: Joshua Hoffman
    Gender: Male
    Age: 18
    Theme Songs: Don't Give Up // Toby Fox, Abraham // Sufjan Stevens

    Appearance: First and foremost, Joshua is soft. His appearance is just... soft and demure, his skin is soft, his hair is soft, his gaze is soft. There is almost nothing rough about him. Secondly, Joshua is RIDICULOUSLY tall. He has the nickname "Joshua the Great" because he's so tall. He stands at 6'8", and he's on the thin side. He's not so thin that he's awkward and gangling, but graceful and serene, almost elfish in feature. His skin is a soft pale, and dotted with light freckles across the bridge of his nose and his shoulders and honestly? Everywhere. His hair is very soft and platinum blonde, styled in a simple coiffed undercut. His eyes are large and expressive, and a dazzling gunmetal blue. His eyebrows are clean and thin, and darker than his hair. Again, his features are nigh elfish -- smooth lines and curves, defined cheeks, jaw, and collarbones. His nose is sharp and smooth, his lips thin. He doesn't have much body hair to begin with, and it's very light so it doesn't show up. He keeps himself clean-shaven anyway. The veins in his hands and forearms protrude some, and faint veins/arteries show up nicely against his skin. His voice is very open, with a sound like liquid silver, and as deep as the Marina Trench. Joshua is missing his left leg from about the mid-thigh down, and has a simple prosthetic to, y'know, walk. The prosthetic is quite light, and made of black carbon fiber.

    As for clothing, he's pretty simple. He mostly wears dark colors, primarily in blues, reds, and greens, though the occasional light blue will be thrown in there. He prefers simple t-shirts and jeans, with gray converse. Occasionally he might spice it up and wear a crop top, or a flannel button up with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows. That's... pretty much it. He doesn't wear shorts often, as he prefers to keep his leg hidden, but he'll wear them on occasion. When he isn't wearing his leg, he uses crutches to stay balanced (unless it's a short walk, in which case hopping is acceptable). He wears a woven leather band on his right wrist, and a cross necklace that's tucked underneath his shirt. He also has his ears pierced.

    Personality: Joshua is a very calm person. "Angry" is not a word you could ever use to describe Joshua. Ever. He is very laid-back, and quite often, a content person. He does go through periods of sadness, and while he's never angry, he can be quite fearful. He isn't the type of person to throw himself into the action, he has to be nicely nudged. He wants the best for others, though. He wants people to be happy and joyful. He is incredibly sweet and charming, and very loving as well as being very lovable. He loves to be loved. He loves to be dragged along to things, and he loves being with people. When he loves someone, whether platonically or romantically, he gives them his all. He wants them to be better, he longs for a better life. He hates anger, and will often leave if things start heating up. However. If pushed hard enough, Joshua will lash out. And you don't want to be there if that happens. (See: "demons run when a gentle man goes to war.")

    Joshua is VERY sensitive, to everything. This is both a good and a bad thing -- he will adore the little kind things, but he's upset easily. He hates it when people call him out on this. He knows he's sensitive, you don't need to comment. Joshua is a loyal, trusting, and warm kind of person, as well as being very trustworthy. He's a natural confidant. His internal drive is to help people. He has no problems with blood or needles, and combined these two aspects into a love of nursing. He wants to be a nurse so he can help heal. Despite being very calm, Joshua is low-key passionate about everything. It can be hard to tell, because of how laid-back he is, but he does put a lot of work into the things he loves and cares about. He's very smart, and does well in school no matter the topic. (Except PE, he gets too scared and self-conscious to function properly in those classes.)

    Joshua is a very artistic person. He loves reading and writing poetry, he loves playing with ink, and he loves photography. His poetry and photography are very important to him, and he clings to these hobbies as Major Personality Traits. He adores flowers, they're likely the key to his heart. He has a book full of pressed flowers. His room has a vase of dried ones. He loves beauty, and can easily find it anywhere he looks. Joshua is also very talented at learning languages, and is fluent in Dutch, English, ASL, German, French, and Swedish. He's currently learning Arabic for the hell of it. He wants to be loved. Joshua could be considered bi, but he's 90/10 and more attracted to guys, so often just pegs himself as gay. He loves music, and has been primarily captivated with stringed instruments. He plays the guitar, the piano, and the cello, though he's been learning how to play the violin recently. He has a lovely singing voice, and can be caught singing when he doesn't think anyone else is around. Joshua is a non-denominational Christian, and reads the bible pretty often for someone who's not religious. He's also a morning person, and loves the sunrise.

    While Joshua spends much of his life seemingly calm and content, there is a storm constantly brewing in his mind. Joshua suffers from depression, anxiety, and PTSD. His anxiety has a way of ruling his life, and he often lets his worries get the best of him. He has little to no faith in himself. He's easily flustered and wears his heart on his sleeve, and has a very hard time saying no to people. Joshua is incredibly insecure, and is terrified of failure. He's afraid that if he fails, his world will shatter and he will fall apart. He has kept a delicate balance in his world, and fights to keep it. He is easily startled, and loud, sudden noises will often put him into a panic. Fireworks are his worst nemesis. He wants to get better, but he can't imagine a future, so it's difficult for him to do so. He can be very pessimistic, and will usually listen to the negative voice. He cries, and he hates that too.

    In all, Joshua is a good kid. His primary drive is to make others feel safe and happy, he wants to heal people. Despite his disbelief in a future, he wants to believe that he too will be healed. He so desperately wants a future. He's very determined, and will fight for others' futures, believing that he will find a future of his own. He is tenacious, and if he truly wants something, he will go after it. He mostly wants other's happiness. He's strong, and even though much has been thrown his way, he wants to keep going. He's been through hell and back. He has no faith in himself, but he wants that faith. He refuses to give up.

    History: Joshua was an accident. Ten years younger than his older brother Caleb, Joshua caught his parents by surprise. His father left before he was born, leaving Rachel Hoffman to care for the two boys on her own in Sandgem Town, Sinnoh. Both Caleb and Joshua are biblical names -- they were named for the two Israelites who returned from the land of Canaan with a good report. Rachel taught her sons the bible, though none of them were religious. Unfortunately, despite being a decent caregiver and breadwinner, there wasn't much good in Rachel. She was very rough, and with her husband gone, there wasn't much to tell her what to do.

    Caleb had been dealing with his mother far longer than Joshua ever could, and was used to it. He had a strong personality, the kind everyone loved. But, he had put up walls to protect himself, and those walls would never, could never come down. He immediately took to his younger brother, offering love, protection, and support. Rachel was physically and verbally abusive, to both boys. Caleb knew how to handle it, -ish. Joshua was sensitive, and broke down crying quite a bit. Whenever something happened, Caleb would be right by Joshua's side, and would tell his own pokemon, Staravia, to watch after his little brother while he was at school. Caleb showed Joshua the world, and Joshua felt almost as much joy as Caleb did when Staravia evolved into Staraptor.

    Caleb was handsome, strong, well liked by the ladies, and carried the Hoffman traits of being ridiculously tall and quite blonde. He went to a specialized culinary school in Jubilife City, and was well liked by almost everyone. For his whole life, he had put up with the abuses of his mother, and he hid it so well that no one noticed a thing. Unfortunately, in return for less focus on his little brother, his mother began to sexually abuse him. Caleb took it like he had taken everything else -- just let it happen, it will be over soon. The years of stress, the added weight, everything started to wear down on Caleb. One summer day, when he was 17 years old, he felt as though his world was coming crashing down, and he couldn't hold himself up any longer. He tearfully waved Staraptor off, not wanting his precious bird around to stop him. He spent the day locked up in his room, away from everyone, away from Joshua. Joshua wandered the house alone, confused as to where everyone went. He was fine with his mother being gone, but usually someone was home. The house was cold and dark. Caleb had to be home, it was late. Where was he? The door to his room is ajar. Maybe he's...

    The first thing Joshua saw was a gun to Caleb's head. The last thing Caleb saw was a horrified Joshua. Time seemed to slow down as Caleb fell, then crashed into Joshua's face as his body hit the floor. Joshua was overcome. Tears started pouring down his face, and the only thing he could do was run away, as fast as his little seven-year-old body could handle. He ran out of the house and into the woods, not knowing what to look for, but knowing that he wanted to be anywhere but here. The forest and the shoreline became a temporary solace. Maybe when he came back, Caleb would still be there. Maybe he actually saw his long-lost dad, or his mom or something. Maybe it was all a dream.

    Joshua came home to police lights and investigators. The notes written by Caleb revealed the hells he had gone through, and Joshua's living witness confirmed it. Rachel was taken to court, and was found guilty. She was taken away, leaving young Joshua alone. His mother was jailed, his father had nearly fallen off the map, Rachel had no siblings -- but his father did. Coming out of the woodwork at this time was Aaron Hoffman, Joshua's uncle. He had just returned to his home in Ecruteak City after a study abroad session. He was contacted if he would take care of the boy, and Aaron quickly accepted. Joshua was taken into his beautiful large house in Ecruteak, and quickly made it his home. He was enthralled by all the art and love and life. Aaron was an art history professor at Ecruteak University, and Joshua was shown the wide world of the fine arts. Joshua slowly learned to love. Not long after he arrived in Ecruteak, Aaron gave Joshua a white egg with odd red and blue markings on it. He had gotten it from a friend in the University, and after hearing what Aaron's nephew had gone through, gave it to Aaron for Joshua. It soon hatched into a togepi. Joshua couldn't help but crying when he met the little pokemon. He named the togepi Isaac, after the son of Abraham. He had always felt close to that story, of a father almost sacrificing a son, only to be stopped by the hand of God.

    As he grew up, he found a love for music, especially stringed instruments. He was started young on the cello before branching out into piano, and eventually guitar. He loved to paint, especially with all of Aaron's india ink just lying around. Joshua's whole life had changed suddenly, and little Joshua had no problem with it. He grew stronger, taller, and by the age of twelve, he was the tallest in his class, and would stay that way for the rest of his schooling years. However, tragedy struck when he was thirteen -- or rather, a car struck.

    Joshua was waiting in the car for Aaron. It had been a long day at the University, and the parking lot was nigh empty. Joshua sat in the driver's seat, waiting for Aaron. It was easier to lock and unlock the car from there. He was leaning back, stretching one ridiculously long leg and keeping the other tucked underneath him. He had his eyes closed, listening to music, and opened his eyes only to see the headlights of an oncoming car. Two drunk college students were playing around in the parking lot, and crashed into Aaron's car head on. Joshua found his left leg crushed and pinned underneath the twisted metal of the car. He could barely cry out in pain, let alone move. When he was finally removed from the car, his left leg was mangled, the bones shattered. The rest of Joshua's body was still beaten up, a broken rib, a fractured arm, bruises and cuts, but he healed eventually. ...Mostly. His left leg, unfortunately, was so twisted and shattered and mangled that it had severely compromised bloodflow and began to die. By the time he got to the hospital, it was already too late. The surgeons put him under to correct his right leg, but when he woke up in the hospital bed, Joshua was missing his left leg from the mid-thigh down. It was devastating to the boy. His emotional state was already compromised, with the onset of depression, anxiety, and PTSD from the years before, but the loss of his leg plunged him in a deep depression. He felt alone, hopeless, future-less.

    It was poetry, photography, and a prosthetic that pulled Joshua out of his depression. The fight left in Joshua refused to give in, and he found solace and comfort in reading poetry. He collected poems and hung them about his room. He used the camera on his phone to take pictures of things mentioned in the poems he loved, or merely things he found beautiful. It was only a month after the surgery that Joshua received his prosthetic limb and started physical therapy. With Isaac's support, he threw himself into therapy, he began to write poems, he was given a camera for his 14th birthday. He continued musicking, and overcame his months long trials of being lopsided. Eventually, he even came to love it that way. He missed feeling in his left leg, sure, but it was amusing to take his leg off in front of people.

    Joshua had always been an amazing student, and despite some setbacks due to therapy and a leg, he quickly caught up. He graduated at the top of his class, and with Aaron working at Ecruteak University, he knew he could get in easily. But, with permission from Aaron, he applied to become a pokemon trainer and adventure with Isaac by his side. He was accepted, and set off to Newbark Town, where he is now.

    Other: Remarkably amazing at solitaire and other various card games. Also facebook games.

    Nickname: Isaac
    Species: Togepi
    Gender: Male
    Personality: MY SON. Isaac is happy-go-lucky, nothing can bring him down. He loves life and people and joy! He wants to see people happy! Especially Joshua. Isaac is a kind pokemon, and will do everything in his power to make people feel better. He aids in Joshua's mental hiccups, and is right by his side during a depressive episode, an anxiety attack, panic attack, even just when Joshua's afraid. He is very protective of those he loves.
    History: Included in Joshua's history: "Not long after he arrived in Ecruteak, Aaron gave Joshua a white egg with odd red and blue markings on it. He had gotten it from a friend in the University, and after hearing what Aaron's nephew had gone through, gave it to Aaron for Joshua. It soon hatched into a togepi. Joshua couldn't help but crying when he met the little pokemon. He named the togepi Isaac, after the son of Abraham. He had always felt close to that story, of a father almost sacrificing a son, only to be stopped by the hand of God."
    Other: Bigger than your standard Togepi. If the pokedex height is 1', then Isaac is 1.5'.
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    legnak Alvion Region it is!

    Oooh! I'd like a reserve... errr reserve please!
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    Schade Iron Defensive

    Tiktok13 - It does not need to be Johto-native. However, I would prefer it if you did not use standalone pokemon.

    That goes for you too, Dragalge.
    - Sara Clark: Pending.

    Sketchie, Joshua Hoffman: Accepted!

    Vern and Legnak. I'll put you down on a waiting list.
    Big thanks to Monster Guy who dealt with the reserves in my absence.
  19. TikTok13

    TikTok13 Oh, I have a title?

    Name: Jay Cole Julien
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16

    Appearance: Jay is a relatively strapping young man, with curly, light brown hair that falls down to his eyebrows in a comb to the left. His left eyebrow has a cut down the middle, leaving a small bald patch that splits his eyebrow in two. He has earth-blue eyes, flecked with yellow and green, and has a large, hooked nose with freckles along the bridge. Jay has a prominent jawline and dazzling white teeth, almost matching the shade of his pale skin. He's small for his age, about 5"5, and has little to no muscle, with long arms and legs.

    Clothing wise, Jay usually wears a white polo shirt, with a navy blue jacket over the top, a white stripe cutting horizontally across the torso. A black watch with a leather strap is fastened to his left arm. In addition to his top-half, Jay wears faded black jeans and a brown belt with a silver buckle, and upon his feet are old black converse shoes, with frayed laces with missing aglets. For storage he has a brown leather bag that hangs over his shoulders on a single strap and rests by his left hip. Another thing: Jay always has headphones. Light, small, silver headphones that rest comfortably on his ears. He listens to music a lot of the time, and uses it to escape any worries that he might have. Although he may just put them on to get away from people in general.

    Personality: Jay Julien is an odd person. His personality is a bit of a mixed bag. He isn't quiet, but he isn't loud either. Jay prefers to keep to himself mostly, after everyone else has been catered for, he will do his own thing. That's the defining part of Jay. He's selfless to a fault, and will give up even basic necessities to keep those he cares about happy. He likes to be alone, but gets a thrill from being in a group, becoming friendly, excitable, and much more trusting. Unfortunately, being a part of any social situation drains him.

    Despite his apparent need to "save mankind", Jay is a rather cynical person with a knack for being right. All the time. The opinions he gets when he first meets someone are usually the right ones, and it takes a whole lot to budge his view on people as a whole, especially those who he is not fond of. His biggest peeve about people is their loudness and selfishness. Sometimes, people are just too much for Jay to handle. That's when he whips his headphones out and props Snivy up in his curly locks.

    And if you get on his bad side, you stay on his bad side. Dealing with Jay is like dealing with a door. It stays open for a very long time, with powerful and sturdy hinges. But if you beat it down and take advantage of it, the hinges will weaken and the door will swing to a close. And when it finally hits shutting point, there's no way for that person to open the door again; they are locked out of Jay's life forever.

    Furthermore to his intuitive behaviour regarding people, Jay trusts his own logic, preferring to follow the rules until he knows that there is a universally better option that will help everyone in the long run. Often he comes across as stubborn and idealistic. Jay is not stubborn. He wants the best for everyone, and if they can't see that, well, they're blockheads. However, Jay is a very idealistic person who understands everything on a deeper level than anyone gives him credit for. He always seems to be one step ahead, and he just knows.

    Although he seems calm on the outside, Jay is a very emotional person. He doesn't live in the past, like most people do, oh no, he lives in the future. His biggest problem is wondering "what could be…" and, "what would happen?", which gives him a cautious streak and deters him from being engaged in anything important. Like relationships, both platonic and romantic.

    Even from a young age, Jay had no close friends to speak of. Yeah, people talked to him in school, ate lunch with him, but after the school day was over, nobody even acknowledged that Jay existed. His Xtranciever became a dust collector on his desk, with no friends to call and no messages to receive. If there is anything that Jay hates, then it is relationships of circumstance. There's no point in being somebody's friend just because they're there. You have to know them on a deep level, and they have to know you. Unfortunately, Jay has trouble letting people in. Even though what he wants more than anything in the world is to be noticed for who he is, and be understood at last.

    Jay also panics when he simply cannot help. When he sees someone in pain, or doing something that might not be right, he wants to help, but if he is pushed away, or if they are out of his reach, he becomes stressed, wanting to help but being physically unable to. Sometimes though, while Jay would never admit it, this is a good thing. He carries other people's emotions around like a weight, shackling him to their problems and worries. He's so caught up in fighting other people's demons that he doesn't know how to deal with his own.

    Inside his collected exterior, he's just a man filled with insecurities who wants to do good for the people who pay him no heed.

    History: Well, Jay's had a fun ride. He was raised effectively by his parents, and, being the only child,he got all of their love. But he didn't lead a pampered life. He was put under a strict studying regime, where he gained much intelligence and book-smarts. However, they never honed his physical skills, believing that a sharp mind was all that mattered. Maybe it was their influence, but Jay agreed.

    At school, he was a sharply-dressed individual with the highest grades, being one of the teachers favourite students. Due to this, he was subject to ridicule, and made no friends at all. He maintained the same routine with a depressed tediousness. Get up, breakfast, shower, school, lunch, more school, home, work, dinner, sleep. Every day, every week, every month. Over and over and over. It was too much.

    He got bored. Jay had entered a state of depression at the mere age of 13. But he couldn't let it show. That would be selfish. He continued to help out, getting more and more crushed by his emotions. Until one day, he just broke. A kid had shoved him down the stairs at school, and he'd had enough. Jay walked straight out, straight towards the famous lookout of Aspertia City. The rain hammered him, but he didn't care. Jay just kept walking. He reached the fence separating the cliff face from the path and clambered over it.

    On the edge. Jay was stood on the edge of the cliff, ready to jump. But should he? That, as he knew, would be selfish. He didn't want to think about it. Indecision was a pet peeve of Jay's, and he wasn't going to fall into the trap. Steeling himself, Jay prepared for the fall. Then something grabbed him. First on the shoulder, then on the hip. Whatever it was wrapped a something around his waist. Jay was then pulled pack by this something, before tripping back over the fence and onto the pavement. He banged his head as he fell, looking up from his uncomfortable seat. From his upside-down view he could see a Snivy, vines flying from its shoulders. This Pokémon had stopped him from dying.

    Jay and Snivy became fast friends. It was the youngster's first Pokémon, and he was now the highest ranked battler in his school. Still friendless, but he no longer cared. He had Snivy. Jay didn't want to nickname him, mostly because he couldn't think of one, but because it seemed more natural. Jay and Snivy were so powerful that the school teacher sent an e-mail out to all the Professors of the world, giving Jay the choice of any region to start his journey.

    He decided against Sinnoh and Kalos straight away. Never really liked them. Alola was tempting, but it was too darned hot. Kanto? Nah. Hoenn was very nice, but there was one problem: too much water. That left Unova and Johto.

    So, it was with excitement bubbling in his chest that Jay made his way across the sea in an old boat. Johto.

    Jay really wants a Sableye.
    Jay really wants a Mawile.
    His favourite colour is navy blue.
    His favourite type is Ghost.
    Also, Jay is a great strategist and loves a challenge with card games and chess.

    Nickname: N/A
    Species: Snivy
    Gender: Male

    Personality: Snivy is calm and collected. He can always be seen with Jay, either coiled up in his hair, sticking out of his bag, or curled up asleep on his shoulder. Snivy loves to be outdoors and train, jumping from tree to tree. It has high speed and has a killer vine whip, but lacks high stamina. Snivy is very protective of his trainer, and has been since their first meeting, however the reason is unknown. All in all, the two appear to be very similar, and bounce off each other nicely.

    History: Not much is known about Snivy's past, but he is now inseparable from Jay. "This Pokémon had stopped him from dying. Jay and Snivy became fast friends. It was the youngster's first Pokémon, and he was now the highest ranked battler in his school. Still friendless, but he no longer cared. He had Snivy."

    Snivy is oddly taller than normal. He should be 2"0, but he is actually 2"4.
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    Alright I edited! Let me know if I need to make any other changes! I didn't want Popplio to be given by Hala because that's something expected.

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