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Johto Box Set?

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I've bought both the Kanto and Orange Islands DVD box sets. I've looked everywhere for the Johto box set, and I'm pretty sure it doesn't exist. Well, it does, but not in America.

I find it bizarre that Pokemon, how popular it is, that we only have box sets for a handful of the seasons. Does anyone know how or when somebody will release the box set for the 3rd season?
The Johto saga was never re-released in boxset form. Its on DVD but only in like 3 eps per disc from DVDs during the early 2001's.

They probably thought Johto wasn't popular enough to be re-released so they didn't do it.


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Actually, I remember looking it up and Australia and NZ have a box set of Johto Journeys and Johto League champions. So you could get that, but you'd also need a multi-region dvd player if you're in the states.
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