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~Johto Powers Unleashed~ v.3

Discussion in 'Clubs' started by NinjaScyther4, Jun 7, 2008.

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  1. NinjaScyther4

    NinjaScyther4 JPU Owner


    This Club's goal is to prove to other people that the Johto Region is not as boring as they think. We will show them that Johto will be as popular as the Sinnoh Region. Let all members prove their Johto Pride!


    1. All SPPf rules apply.
    2. All Club rules apply.
    3. No Flaming.
    4. No SPAMing.
    5. No posting external clubs. (Except staff)
    6. Respect EVERYONE.
    7. Higher post count of 20.
    8. For new members, when joining, somewhere in your post you must say: "The world wouldn't be the same if the Johto Pokemon wouldn't be around."
    9. New members, please type more than 1 line when you introduce yourself.
    10. No vulgarities.
    11. No pornography.
    12. Be active and have fun!
    13. GOOD ENGLISH. Exceptions may be made by PMing me.
    14. NEW- No posting one-liners. If you do, it will result in a straight away ban from the club. If you return and do so again, your ban will become permanent.

    Job Applications:
    (PM to tell me.)
    1.Professional Banner Makers (We can always use some)
    2. Good advertiser for the club. (3 spots left)


    There are no warnings. If your name is on this list and you break the rules again you will be banned. If either Bill Nye the Sneasel Guy or I say you are banned, you are banned. You can always come back after a week ban. We already have too little members and it will be a shame to ban any Johto lover.


    Active User Count

    Violet Trainer~ [​IMG]

    Azalea Trainer~ [​IMG]

    Goldenrod Trainer~ [​IMG]

    Ecruteak Trainer~ [​IMG]

    Cianwood Trainer~ [​IMG]

    Olivine Trainer~ [​IMG]

    Mahogany Trainer~ [​IMG]

    Blackthorn Trainer~ [​IMG]

    Owners are able to ban people, issue warnings and appoint new staff.

    Bill Nye the Sneasel Guy

    (If I missed you, PM me!)

    Fire fan
    Foo Fighter
    Blue Snover

    Banner Makers:
    Fire Fan

    Banners: (Always give credit)
    If you have a banner for the club and it’s not here, just Pm it to me and I will add it.

    Fire Fan

    Competition (Restarted):

    By the request of some members, JPU is having an Art Drawing contest! Post your artworks and members can vote by Pming me ONLY. The artwork that receives the most votes wins. As a prize the winner will be promoted to Co-owner (trial period only. If you don’t fit the job you don’t get it). Currently we have no artworks but I will link the posts to here when you start. All the artworks from the previous club will have to be resubmitted. Thank you.

    New News!

    Forums are open!
    Last edited: Aug 7, 2008
  2. NinjaScyther4

    NinjaScyther4 JPU Owner

    Hello everyone. Welcome back to Version 3 of the club after its very sucessful history. Just letting everyone know that the first post and the rules have been updated since the last version and you should have already read the all if you were working your way down to this post! To start things off lets have a topic.

    How old were you when you first played G/S/C?
    I was nine and I found it very fun (being at such a young age, though I still do find it fun.)
  3. Spoinky

    Spoinky becstar xoxo!!

    How old were you when you first played G/S/C?

    I think I was 7 or so, I remember I used to get scared of the cave music :x

    And it's good to see the new club is up NinjaScyther4:)

    *filler* Umm, I like Octillery *filler*
  4. pit-fall

    pit-fall Angels Amoonguss

    How old were you when you first played G/S/C?
    I was 8 I believe (2001?). One of my cousins was my age, another a year younger, and my brother was 6. We all started it up. My brother chose Cyndequil, my cousins Chikorita and Totodile, and I got to have Mareep as my starter.

    Also, sweet the clubs back.
  5. Fire_Fan

    Fire_Fan Watch me burn..

    *hugs the club* I missed this place sooo much talking to everyone
    about my favorite region & characters and a big thank you to NinjaScyther4 for starting the club up again *sigh* it feels like only yesterday when the club was V1.

    How old were you when you first played G/S/C?
    *Goes to check what year it came out*About eleven *feels old when realizes everyone else's age.* Mum bought it for I can't remember if it was for Christmas or my birthday either way I loved mum for getting me it ! : - D
  6. Charizard_Millky

    Charizard_Millky Punk Rock > You

    I have no idea how old I was. Around 8 I think.
  7. Bill Nye the Sneasel Guy

    Bill Nye the Sneasel Guy Well-Known Member

    It's good to see this is back, even though I never can get on Serebii anymore due to my life.
    Pointless topic change:
    What is currently your favorite area in Johto?

    My current favorite area in Johto would be Mt. Silver.
  8. Charizard_Millky

    Charizard_Millky Punk Rock > You

    Mt. Silver is a good place to train but Goldenrod City is a good place to bum around.
  9. NinjaScyther4

    NinjaScyther4 JPU Owner

    Hello everyone. Nice to see the club back up and active again. Now just for the couple of things I have to address.

    FireFan@ Thanks a lot. It is always good to get some thanks.
    Bill Nye the Sneasel Guy@ Thanks for joining the forum. Try to post (no-one really has yet)
    Charizard_Milky@ Your banned. Reason: One liners. You were sort of pushing it with your first post but the one above me is clearly a one -liner. As you should know the ban lasts one week. This should tell everyone that I will be strict about the rules so the club doesn't get banned again. A Tip- If you can post something will some structure or takes more than one sentence, DONT'T POST.

    As for everyone else, if you know anyone from the old club that is not yet aware that the new club exists please let them know. Also the forums still lack activeness so post there if you want something to do. Another thing, rate this thread 5 stars. (you don't have to but...)

    What is currently your favourite area in Johto?
    Like most other people here, I'm a huge fan for Mt Silver. My other fav. place at the moment is the Ruins of Alpha. For some reason I just like the mystery and nostaliga feeling about it.

    That is all until next time,
  10. pit-fall

    pit-fall Angels Amoonguss

    What is currently your favourite area in Johto?

    Dragon'sDen, specifically the Crystal Version version :)p). I just love the events that take place their, the obtaining of the Dragon's Scale, and the Dratini with Extremespeed (I think thats where you get it...).
  11. NinjaScyther4

    NinjaScyther4 JPU Owner

    Hello everyone.

    Just letting you all know that I've updated the members list because of the inactivity of some members (like they were there since v1.) Anyone who has posted before this post will have automatically become a member. Anyone who post after this post must re-join the club, even if you were part of the last version.

    I've sent pms to the 6 most active members of the last version and I hope that they rejoin but we are still low on numbers. If anyone here could help with advertising, even just putting a banner in there sig with a link (I know, a bit hypocritical, but I'm working on it!) It would be greatly apreciated! You might even get pushed up the ranks. (I new system I'm going to introduce soon to help promote activeness within the club.)

    For all of these new additions to work, we need members.

    Also, a big thanks to Bill Nye the Sneasel Guy for actually posting in the forum (have a look if you want, its the same topic that he posted here)

  12. Bill Nye the Sneasel Guy

    Bill Nye the Sneasel Guy Well-Known Member

    Pardon me, but I can't seem to get any of those banners. All the ones listed in the OP were deleted, not found, etc. I suppose this means we'll just have to advertise without banners?
  13. Fire_Fan

    Fire_Fan Watch me burn..

    dslfkdsa;lfk sorry I'm sooo frustrated I typed this lovely long answer to the latest question to go and accidentally press the back button and have everything deleted. Anyways as I said before everything went BOOOM! I'll go check my photobucket to see why it's deleted but if I can't get my banners back I made I shall make some brand new spanking FANTASTIC banners to celebrate Version 3!

    What is currently your favorite area in Johto?
    *Cough* Here I go again ... Funnily enough even though I'm a country person and love the country Goldenrod is my favorite place at this time (unless if they make a updated version and some other place even better which I doubt...) because look at this list of things this awesome place has:-

    1.Game Corner
    2.Department store
    3. Bicycle shop
    4. Radio tower <<3 Major Love
    5. Magnet Train Station

    Also outside skirts of Goldenrod city you have the one place a Eevee breeder like myself cannot live without BREEDING CENTER !! On the other side of Goldenrod you cannot forget the gamers attempt to make bug Pokemon look cool National Park!!

    Let's not forget the story that goes down in this city! Team Rockets attempt to bring Giovanni out of hiding and become the leader again!

    This place is sooo busy and that's what I love about this place the activity you can never be bored in this city! andpeoplewithshortattentionspanslikemeneedactivity!

    EDIT:- *New Signatures to use on here ALL within rules -


    Last edited: Jun 16, 2008
  14. NinjaScyther4

    NinjaScyther4 JPU Owner

    Hello everyone.

    Fire Fan@ Thankyou so much for the banners. Now we can advertise a bit. Btw, I was looking through the first version of the club that was a merge of another two clubs by Charizard_Milky and Fire Fan. Heres a bit of triva for you also. We still use the same club banner as we did in yours! and look how far we've come.

    Bill Nye the Sneasel Guy@ Congratulations. You have been promoted to Owner with me after charizard_milky's demotion. If you don't want the job just say so, but if you are going to do it, make sure you take responsiblity.

    In other news, I posted the Active User Count (an idea from the original) and it will comence usage next week. Basically it works like this. The more you post the higher you rank. It goes down if you break the rules, get banned etc.

    I'm stilll busily thinking up ideas for the club. If you have a suggestion, please pm me.

    That's all for now.
  15. Bill Nye the Sneasel Guy

    Bill Nye the Sneasel Guy Well-Known Member

    I take a small trip and suddenly I'm Co-Owner of the JPU club forum?

    Well, that was a bit unexpected... But I'll take the job, and update my signature *cough* eventually */cough*.
    Next pointless topic change-
    What do you like least about Johto? Or hate, I suppose?

    We all know that nothing's absolutely perfect... what was one part of Johto you didn't like?
    Erm... I'd have to say... uh... I'll go with Mt. Mortar. I never did like the place, especially when I had to find that Martial Arts Master... Karate Master? What was he called, again?
  16. NinjaScyther4

    NinjaScyther4 JPU Owner

    Bill Nye the Sneasel Guy@ Well someone had to take the job. You were the most suiable at the time. Also thankyou so much for posting. I was wanting to myself but as you know, you can't double post.

    Charizard_Milky@ Your ban has been lifted and you have lost your postion as co-owner. Please continue to be an active part of the club.

    I'm delaying the use of the Active User Count until we get some mroe members. we could also use some more banners to use for the club. I also thinking of starting on some mini projects that will mainly be focused on the forums but will also be about here. Just little things such as triva and facts. If you have anything to add, just post.

    What do you least like about Johto?
    Probally the fact that you couldn't catch Celebi and that there were some huge holes in the storyline that I wouldv'e like to have filled such as the museum and the safari zone.

    That's all for now,
  17. Spoinky

    Spoinky becstar xoxo!!

    What is currently your favourite area in Johto?

    Favourite Town: Mahogany/Goldenrod
    Favourite Grassland: National Park
    Favourite Cave: Ice Path

    I think that's it.

    What do you like least about Johto? Or hate, I suppose?

    I don't remember Mt. Mortar, was it Crystal only? I hated having no Safari Zone, no Fossils and a bit of the music like, if I remember correctly, I hated the Lighthouse music.
  18. Charizard_Millky

    Charizard_Millky Punk Rock > You

    What is currently your favourite area in Johto?

    Favourite Town: Goldenrod
    Favourite Grassland: National Park
    Favourite Cave: Mt. Silver

    What do you like least about Johto? Or hate, I suppose?
    I hated how you had to re-battle the E4 just to face Red again. Also I missed the Safari Zone.

    Favorite Music from the Johto Region? This doesn't include the music found in Kanto
    I liked Voilet's music. The tune was really good.

    I don't think I broke any rules here ;p
  19. NinjaScyther4

    NinjaScyther4 JPU Owner

    Favourite Music from the Johto Region?
    Porbally the music in the ruins of alpha because that is the only music i remember distinctly. Most of the time though I was guilty of not having the music on at all!

    And no Charizard_Milky you didn't break any of the rules. Keep up the good work. There is nothign else at the moment I have to say other than keep advertising the club.

  20. Syphax

    Syphax Member

    Favourite Music from the Johto Region?
    That's got to be Route 27. It still brigs back so many memories from time of old. Technically it is in Kanto, but not in R/G/Y.

    Favourite Music from the Johto Region?
    The fact that there probably won't be a remake for the DS.
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