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Joining the network


I feel a little silly posting an intro thread, but I figure it's probably a safe place to start while I try and participate here.

Anyway, I'm Blummers. The Serebii main page has been in my favorites list for years now, but I never got around to joining the forums. At least, I don't think I have. If I did at one point down the line, I apologize, but nothing was showing up in my email history.

Aside from having a keen interest in Pokemon, there are other parts to me. I'm 25, Australian, a professional musician by trade. It's great to be paid to do something I'm passionate about, and I'm really lucky I can do it. I'm a keen sports fan, with specific interests in the Australian Football, Rugby League, Cricket (all forms) and I'm starting to enjoy the soccer, thanks to my girlfriend's influence. My username is also my nickname in real life, with more people calling me that than my given name. The history behind it will get me banned if I post it though. It's a bit quirky like that.

With Pokemon, I've been with the series since Red and Blue, picking them up in 1999, and instantly became hooked. I've never really strayed too far from the main series though, something I'm trying to change. Earlier this year, I started collecting the trading cards, and I'm now starting to use them for matches as well.

I finally decided to join the forums mainly to talk to other Pokemon fans, and start getting the most out of the 3DS internet capabilities now I've got a stable internet connection to use. Get competitive tips, and TCG advice, as well as learn other things I had no idea about.

Anyway, this seems to be a lot more lengthy than what others post as intro threads, but hopefully it's given people a little more of an idea about me and where I'm coming from. I'm looking forward to getting involved in discussions and such, and hope what idea's I've got don't sound too outlandish or ridiculous.

Cheers :)


nothin' at all
welcome fellow australian

hope you have fun on these here forums.

what kind of music do you make?

Pokemon trainer Black

All praise Helix!
Nice to meet tou hope you have a fun time don't forget to read the rules.


Cheers guys.

Moot, I'm a Trombone player who mainly play in Big Bands, performing a lot of more modern things. Occasionally I'll be roped into a Rock Band, or a small brass ensemble, but it's mainly Big Band.


nothin' at all
ah yeah, cool. i used to play the trumpet and now sometimes i kinda want to bring it out and play along to some king crimson or something