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Josh's Awesome-o-saurus Shiny Outlet


New Member
Rare Candy my Pokemon

Hi, I am looking for someone to Rare Candy up my pokemon so they are at lv100 for wifi battles. The 6 pokes are lv 62-70. Pls PM me if you can do this, or if you could point me in the right direction.

I can offer item/s and/or breedable pokes for your time. Thanks!


Coolest Haxer Around
Hey I am interested in your DW Flawless Shiny Timid Eevee. Would you be interested in my Shiny Flawless Milotic?
@TheAwesome thx :) and i just remebered wasent there something we were supposed to trade :eek: lol sory bout forgeting if you dont want to its ok :)

@Celes no thx im really just looking for UT pokes is there anything else you can offer?


Coolest Haxer Around
[/QUOTE]@Celes no thx im really just looking for UT pokes is there anything else you can offer?[/QUOTE]

Besides a Level 30 EVed Flawless Shiny Gardevoir thats about it sadly :(
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Mild Monk
Hi there! I have a flawless UT Gamestop Raikou (shiny by default), as I noticed that you don't have one to trade. What ratio would that pokemon fall under, as I was hoping that the ratios would work both ways xD
K1LL3RxP0P7ART said:
Spoiler:- :

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UT Lv. 10 MSTRY Mew, Rash
UT Lv. 70 10ANNIV Celebi(sassy)
UT Lv. 5 SMR 2010 Jirachi, jolly
UT Lv. 50 ALAMOS Darkrai
UT Lv. 30 PokePark SHINY Mew(Quirky)
UT Lv. 50 PALCITY Lucario(Modest)
UT Lv. 50 PKTOPIA Electivire,Magmortar
UT Lv. 50 Almia Darkrai
UT Lv. 100 TRU Arceus
UT Lv. 50 TRU Manaphy
UT Lv, 30 Oblivia Shaymin
UT Lv. 50 TRU Shaymin FLAWLESS
UT Lv. 50 TRU Dragoinite
UT Lv. 50 Pokemon Ranch Flygon
UT Lv. 70 10ANNIV Blastoise
UT Lv. 70 10ANNIV Suicuine
UT Lv. 30 SHINY Movie9 Pichu(Jolly, endure,endevor, volt tackle)
UT Lv. 50 Haleys Mew
UT Lv. 50 Haley Phione
UT Lv. 50 Shiny VGC10 Eevee
UT Lv. 50 Shiny VGC09 Milotic(Timid)
UT Lv. 70 MATTLE Ho-oh
UT Lv. 30 WIN2011 Raikou
UT Lv. 30 GMSTP Entei
UT Lv. 30 GMSTP Suicuine
UT Lv. 50 GMSTP Deoxys(Hardy)
UT Lv. 50 GOON Scizor(Adamant)
UT Lv. 5 SHINY WISHMKR Jirachi(Timid)/BT Lv.20(Docile)
Movie 11 shiny UT Lv. 70 Golurk
Movie 11 Shiny UT Lv. 70 Hydreigon
UT Lv. 50 Movie Victiini w/V-crate, fusion bolt, fusion flare, searing shot
not a big diffrence between WIN2011 and GMSTP raikou


New Member
Interested in your BT Shiny Treecko w/ EM Dragonbreath.
If you have a male I will trade you an UT Lv. 1 shiny treecko (more attractive for your shop)

PM/VM if interested