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Jostling for the Junior Cup (751)


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The Junior Cup Gets Underway! Dragonite VS Beartic!!

It's time for the Junior Cup of the World Tournament and, after the exhibition match between Cynthia & Elite Four member Caitlin, the battle begins. With the old rivals of Burgundy and Georgia re-appearing, the battles are going to be tough. First up is Iris battling against Georgia, with Iris choosing to use the Dragonite she recently captured. However, Dragonite doesn't listen to Iris' orders, choosing to do what it wants instead. Will Iris manage to win the battle or will Georgia live up to her Dragon Buster nickname?

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Can we please get the older, old forum back?
So the Junior Cup starts now!

Just under a minute until the arc starts. We've already had some advertizing clips pass on tv, eagerly awaiting the episode now.

Episode starts!!!

They're already at the tournament!!!
- They're looking at the dome.
- Ash is moderately excited!
- Meloetta's there as well.
- Meloetta gets bumped into by two CotD's.
- Ash rubs his hat by the confusion that somebody would do that!
- No sign of Trip, or any of the other rivals!
Opening! :D
- Time for a gathering I'd say.
- Oh, first we see a Joy and Audino...
- And there's Alder!!!
- With Cynthia!!! :O
- In the bushes!!! The perv! :O
- Dawn is excited, Iris is miffed by Alder's act.
- Trip jumps before Ash and talks at Alder.
- Alder forgot Trip's name...
- Alder forgot Ash's name as well..
- Trip really wants to battle Alder badly..
- Trip walks away and Alder smirks.
- Georgia freaks Iris out...
- Iris tries to keep a pose, but fails... falls for Georgia's taunt about Kibago.
- Dawn asks who she is, Ash says its Iris' rival.
- Cilan says something, and the same happens to Cilan: Burgundy.
- Burgundy gets up in Dawn's face. EPIC! Dawn's reaction: Aha... 0.0
- I agree with Piplup here: Pocha... -.-
- Here are the entrants on line-up.
- Ash is much exhited. And we're only 7 minutes in! :D
- Here's Alder's speech. 'Alder here!'
- Trip's frown was when Alder speeched a bit.
- Time for the exhibition match.
- Here's a rose that comes down from the ceiling, it's Caitlyn of course!
- Here comes Cynthia in her robe, epic music plays, probably from the games.
- Garchomp vs. Gothitelle! More epic music!
- All the participants are exhited.
- Gothitelle uses a Psywave which confuses Garchomp
- Then uses Psychic which actually smacks Garchomp around quite a bit.
- Garchomp gets a hold and composes, Dragon Rush immediately into Gothitelle!
- Gothitelle gets back up again!
- Cynthia's turn, Draco Meteor
- Gothitelle uses Thunderbolt to destroy the meteors to create awesome fireworks, compliment on by Ash's.
- Dawn makes a comment about that its contest like.
- Dragon Claw vs. Brick Break...: Time runs out...
- Everybody exclaims that they're much exhited by this exhibition.
- Matchup's almost get on screen.

- Dare Da: Garchomp
- Commercials

The matchups:
- Crap: Trip vs. Burgundy is the first matchup...
- Cotd Vs. CotD
- CotD Vs. Cilan
- CotD vs. CotD
- CotD vs. Ash
- CotD vs. CotD
- CotD vs. Dawn
- Georgia vs. Iris

This is a horrible out come for the tournament.
- Seems like we're getting the entire first round out of the way in the first episode.
- Trip vs. Burgundy starts immediately.
- Darmanitan vs. Serperior.
- Cilan has a comment about Darmanitan
- Ash dexes Serperior.
- Serperior uses Glare.
- Darmanitan is pinned to the ground.
- Serperior uses Solar Beam: KO already...
- Trip wins in two moves, Darmanitan didn't get to do anything... Can we here a Stu?
- Alder is sitting next to Freddy

Here come all kinds of 1HKO's, yes even the groups battles are 3 second 1HKO's...
- Heatmor beats Golett with Flamethrower.
- Cilan's Pansage beats Galvantula with Solar Beam.
- Cinccinno beats Zebstrika with a charging move, you didn't even clearly get to see Cinccino. But a nice throwback to Bianca vs. Stephan in the Don Battle I'd suppose.
- Ash' Leavanny beats Karrablast with an Energy Ball: That's literally all we see of it. Odd, as the scan said Ash would face pokemon he hadn't seen before..
- Sawsbuck is defeated by a Reuniclus' electric attack.
- Dawn's Piplup defeats a Stoutland with Drill Peck!?
- HOLY CHIT!!! Fastest first round ever! :S

- Iris vs. Georgia.
- Here's Beartic's Hidden Power.
- Iris is screaming for it to watch out, but it smacked them down.
- Everybody is flabbergasted at Dragonite's amazing force.
- Ash yells that Dragonite should listen.
- Georgia orders Focus Blast!
- Dragponite is bracing it, and stops it in its tracks.
- Everybody is looking miffed about this.
- Here comes Ice Beam, and Dragonite takes it like a boss.
- Iris is shocked, as well as Cilan.
- Georgia orders another Ice Beam.
- Dragonite is fully encased in the ice.
- Alder comments, isn't impressed anymore.
- Iris looks like an idiot, Georgia rubs it in her face.
- Iris screams at Iris to do something.
- Dragonite barely listens, but breaks the ice, and starts charging at Beartic.
- Georgia: wtf... Icy Wind!!!
- Iris: Dragonite!! :O
- Dragonite: I'm Thunderpunching you silly!!! You're going down!!!
- Iris wins and is exhited, Cilan is less exhited about, he knows.
- Here comes Georgia: She points the finger at Iris about that she didn't control it yet.
- Dragonite is completely ignoring Iris at this moment.

Omg, can't believe that this was the entire first round...
- Ash, Dawn, Iris, Cilan and Trip advances, and the only battle of note of the second round is Dawn vs. Iris.
- Hahahahaha! Trip glares at Alder over the shoulder! Priceless!
- End of the episode, no Team Rocket!
- Crap, TR-Live Caster...
- Ending.

Are we going to get a preview? I wonder.. -.-

Wow, I didn't even see what had beaten the Sawsbuck!
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Sick of dealing with idiots.
The episode starts off with Ash and co. arriving at the Junior Cup.

Ash sees Meloetta.
Can't wait! Then the rest of the season


Sick of dealing with idiots.
The gang are all excited about the tournament and now for the opening.

Ash and co. find Alder, who appears to be hitting on Cynthia.


Enjoy this episode, since it's followed by a double break. -.-


Sick of dealing with idiots.
Trip ain't pleased.

Alder forgets Ash and Trip's names again.


Shooti seems pissed at Adeku and pretty determined to win this.

Langley seems to be in a bad mood, she didn't even introduce to Hikari.

Cabernet is said soemthing to her.

Lol nice expressions from Hikari.


Sick of dealing with idiots.
Now here's Georgia.

And now Burgundy.

The Tournament finally starts and Ash gets pumped.



Dawn/Sinnoh Fan!
Burgundy shouted in Dawn's face for some reason.


We don't have our running gagers in the tournament this time, lets see if Piplup and Oshawott take the cake.

Opening match will start :D, lol they are making a huge deal out of it.


Burgundy shouted in Dawn's face for some reason.
I think she warned her about Cilan or something. At least it seemed like it. xD


Sick of dealing with idiots.
Caitlin enters and so does Cynthia.

Cynthia brings out Garchomp, Caitlin brings out Gothitelle and Cilan says it's her Vintage and that they have a good marriage.
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