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Jostling for the Junior Cup (751)

Also it was cool to see a member of the Elite 4 slightly losing her composure during battle, if only internally, though I wish that match had an outcome one way or the other.
I agree about her internal "freaking out". Although, the tie was good, imo. The point was that Cynthia and Caitlyn know each other and have battle many a time before. The point was to show that Caitlyn has grown a lot stronger as not only a trainer, but also an Elite Four member (possibly a former Battle Frontier Brain).


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The more dub episodes with Trip that pass the more I think that Jamie McGonnigal was the wrong choice for Trip's voice. He's a good actor but when I hear Trip speak to Alder I feel like you want something a little more seriously arrogant, whereas here he comes across as more casual. I don't see the drive that he's supposed to have.


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A few things...Caitlin's voice, I did not like...too deep...also, garchomp should have won that battle...I mean really it was battling a gothitelle...anyways, bias aside...serperior's voice was AMAZING!!! I completely loved it with that hissing tone, better than its voice in Japanese...finally, I never realized how CUTE meloetta was in this episode in the original!


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I was really interested in all the stuff Caitlin was talking to Cynthia about, I hope we learn more about this if we see her in future episodes


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Fine episode, the big part was that the battle between Caitlin and Cynthia was excellent. Other battles, not so much at all. Probably an excuse to get the first round out of the way.
I really liked this first part of the Junior Cup. It had a lot going for it. Some of my thoughts:

-Alder being the Brock of Unova and being a pervert as usual. Cynthia turning him down was awesome. Girl power! Better luck next time, Alder ;)
-The battle between Caitlin and Cynthia was awesome and we even got some inner thoughts from Caitlin. Now there is a character I would like to know more about. From the 5 minutes we saw of Anime Caitlin, she seems extremely interesting.
-Poor Trip. No matter how hard he tries, Alder never seems to remember his name. Alder, it's not Tristan. It's Trip. Get it right for once. Maybe if you weren't so busy looking at Cynthia's body, you would have gotten it right by now (or not).
-The dub debut of Serperior was amazing. Trip interrupting Evaluation Time was hilarious and we say goodbye to Burgundy during Round 1 once again.
-Dawn's reactions to Georgia and Burgundy were hilarious. After seeing Burgundy, I wonder if Dawn sees Ursula as rather tame. I still think Dawn would rather have to deal with Burgundy over Conway though ;)
-Yikes! Dragonite is not listening to Iris but Georgia was eliminated from Round 1 and made a good point that it was Dragonite, not Iris that won which tells us that this rivalry is far from over.


The difference between Burgundy and Georgia is even if they both hold grudges Georgia has more of a goal and she makes up good points. Like in this episode while Burgundy had some issue with Cilan which is minor Georgia not only pointed out where Iris needed to improved but did it in more a rival way rather then a jerkish way. Didn't she even call Burgundy out in the Donamite thing?

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This was a pretty good episode. I was a bit surprised Dragonite was able to take 2 ice attacks and still have the strength to KO Beartic with 1 move. I also found it cute how Meloetta just sits on the sidelines happily watching the battles that take place.


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The episode began with a comedic note which I really enjoyed. The whole section with 'the rivals' arriving was brilliant and both Dawn and Ash's reactions just reinforced how great they are when they are travelling together. Secondly, the whole scene with Alder and Cynthia just made me laugh, reminded me of Brock but not with a major over-reaction (instead Alder begged). It is also noted that there is still no love lost with Trip with his reaction.

Next was the exhibition battle with Cynthia and Caitlin. Caitlin was a very interesting character. She seemed very reserved and I think there is a lack of confidence due to her 'inner' reaction. Anyway, even though the battle was short, it was action packed and I hope this isn't the last we see of Caitlin.

Finally, we had the first round battles. I personally believe only the last battle between Georgia and Iris was really significant. We find out that Dragonite likes to battle head-on in both offence and defence and discover that in this particular instance that Dragonite is pretty successful at it. I wonder what this team will be like once Iris gets Dragonite to listen (hmmmm). Succeeding this we see that Trip has a burning hatred for Alder and Trip really didn't like his childhood idol after they previously met. I wonder if this will effect Trip during the tournment or if he battles Alder in the finale.

On to the next one!
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The only good thing about this episode was the battle between Caitlin & Cynthia the VA's really did a good job showing history between these two. Unfortunately that's the only good part with the return of Charizard in Dragonite, & Trip's constant monologue on how "he's" better than the Pokemon Champion just cause Alder doesn't live up to his imagination Alder.

Marbi Z

I loved the part when Alder was flirting with Cynthia! Ya gotta love Alder the most MODERATE champion EVER!


You have to love those episode fast-forwards. Dragonite will be overpowered as hell it seems. So much for training Pokemon the old-fashioned Pokemon training.


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I really don't like how Trip was basically able to plow through his opponent. I mean yeah, Serperior is his starter and yada, but cmon, he's been KOed on the first round in the previous tournaments. Give him a bit of a challenge. I guess it doesn't help that the writers have given me no reason to think he's interesting, so instead of thinking "Yeah, he's a jerk, but at least he's an interesting character", I just see him as a jerk, want him to lose, and want him off screen as soon as possible.
He already lost a bunch of times. But his Serperior isn't just some pokemon he just caught, he had it for some time now. Pikachu should be the same way with it's opponents like Charizard is normally is but there is definetly something wrong with it.
I already saw this in Japanese, so why not see it in English? It was good until I heard Jalorda's voice. Why couldn't it roar like Rosa's? D: Other than that, it was a good episode.


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This episode sucked. None of the type matchups made any sense. How could a Darmanitan get knocked out by a Serperior's Solarbeam in one hit!? And you'd think Iris's Dragonite could at least be afraid of ice. Of all moves, it had to use Thunder Punch to knock out Beartic after getting frozen solid. Moreover, I didn't really like Caitlin's voice, I always imagined her voice to be a little more flamboyant and emotional. Although I did liked the part where Alder was hitting on Cynthia.


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Can I just stay how stupid Trip's "Strategy" is, seriously?? LEER lowers DEFENSE, not SPECIAL DEFENSE. The writers need to play the games more -_-.


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Gah, playing catchup time again. I knew I was seriously behind in viewing Pokemon episodes when I saw the last one I watched was in December. -_- Even though I still watch every episode, seeing it every week doesn't seem as high a priority without all the Team Rocket wackiness. I love the eeeevil Team Rocket, but I miss their jokier days sometimes. At least ep. 783 looks hopeful, they actually look... cheerful. :eek:

Anyway, on to this episode...

The one thing I liked best about the Junior Cup tournament, besides having Dawn around again, was the stuff between Burgundy and Georgia. Those two ladies crack me up when they're together. I don't like Georgia too much otherwise, but she's most fun to watch when she's with Burgundy. What I didn't like so much about the arc was Iris's problems with Dragonite, which were a little too reminiscent of Ash and Charizard back in the day.

This episode had a couple of great lines. I like Georgia calling Dawn a "dragon doofus", and Burgundy warning Dawn about Cilan's babbling.