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Journey in the Delta Region [G] Sign Up

Discussion in 'Sign Up' started by Victinifan100, Jun 3, 2012.

  1. Victinifan100

    Victinifan100 V-create Everything!

    All the info here can be found on the actual page Exept the sign up form.

    This is a pokemon rpg

    Will have a Max of 25 characters.

    Welcome to the Delta region in the pokemon world, this region was artificially created by man-kind. Since this region was artificially created, all the pokemon in this region where imported from other regions you, the player, shall explore this region.

    20 years ago in this region a mysterious bunch of crooks called 'team Soul' Bombed this region by dropping thousands of Forretrest, there was chaos and mayhem all over the region, thousands of raids from Team Soul devastated the region until one day a Group of heros formed a rebellion eliminating Team Soul, not much is known about how this group did it, but after this event all the raids finished no more bombing no nothing, until today...

    These days life is smooth and every thing is normal, well partly normal, Pokemon and people lived together in this region, but suddenly A Man wearing a Grey hat, brown shirt and grey pants approached with a mysterious device, he pressed a button on the machine sending out this ray of noise, making all the pokemon in the area act crazy! he commanded the army of hypnotized pokemon to capture all the people in town, the pokemon did as he commanded and everywhere he went the same thing happened soon half of the region was under his command, but One professor found out that pokemon with EXTREME relationships with there trainer are immune to the effects, he created something called the Bonding ball, a special pokeball with the ability to build relationships with pokemon 3x faster!
    The mysterious man one day mysteriously vanished! But a familiar Logo rose high in the sky saying 'TEAM SOUL IS BACK', the region was terrorized with this announcement, but for some reason there where no attacks not one bit.

    In A small town on the far east of this region the very same professor that made the Bonding ball, lab was right here, apparently he was a good friend of professor oak, he had a lab filled with pokemon, not much is really know about him, besides he made the bonding ball but unlike other professors He doesn't give a trainer there first pokemon and strangely enough he never leaves his lab, nobody knows anything about him not even his parents! but for some reason, he hates Visitors...

    Well your adventure is about to start and there are places that await you now go ahead and leap into the Delta Region!

    1. All Serebii net rules apply
    2. All RPG thread rules apply
    3. No Bunnying with out the characters owner permission
    4. This is [G] as you know it, so keep swearing to a very small amount
    5. No God mode things, it ruins the fun
    6. Stay on the storyline of the RPG, don't try to change it without my permission.
    7. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them
    8. Put Marshmallowfugecream at the 'Anything else?' part of your character to tell me you have read the rules and disguise it so others won't be suspicious

    This is your sign up form, please be as detail as possible, your character doesn't need to be human, you can be a pokemon,
    Name: (think about human names and if you want you can have last names)
    Age: (doesn't have to be your age)
    Anything Else?:


    Starter pokemon: (can be any non-legend pokemon)
    Gender: (If they have one)
    Anything else?:

    If you're a pokemon
    Anything Else?

    Hope to get new members soon!

    My Sign Up

    Name: Kenny Gracidea

    Age: 14

    Gender: Male

    Description: He is a tall person he is exactly 60 inches tall and has long legs he has brown hair in the style of open curtain, he has one eye colored green while the other colored blue, he usually wears a Green Polo shirt and grey shorts he is nearly always seen with a bag of potato chip, he wears Running shoes a lot and always carries a bag with him everwhere.

    Personality: Kenny is a not so bright person but usually forgets a lot, he even sometimes forgets that he is in a lot of pain! He is very gluttonous but never seems to gain weight... he has gotten into many fights because of food but his Munchlax has shown to be a reliable partner when this was shown when it used Metronome on a hive of wild combee( which Kenny accidentally ate there honey) well Kenny can be a very strong battler showing that he used munchlax to defeat a machamp Of a other trainer which he angered.

    History: Kenny grew up in Recon town, he is very well known for his appetite. When Kenny was 10 he was ambushed by a Pack of wild Mankey, they chased him to the local lake where Kenny managed to loose them, for that time he was absolutely frighten by the attack, but when he looked into the lake he saw a group of wild Chimcheo and Lanturn he said they where Beautiful, from that day he realized that pokemon all do there own thing and He was Most probably tress passing the Mankey's Territory making them rage, On Kenny's 13th birthday His parents gave him a Munchlax egg, because his parents thought that it is time for him to 'Have his own pokemon' and the egg hatched on the same day

    Anything else?: I just want to say this marshmallowfudgecream on my post!.


    Starter Pokemon: Munch the male Munchlax'

    Gender: Male

    Moves: Metronome, Tackle, Zen Headbutt

    Personality: Much like Kenny, He is very gluttonous, but he is also very relaxed. Munch is never afraid to fight foes that might be 5x's stronger than him if he was to do it to save someone. Munch has a Generous Nature

    History: Kenny has a very gluttonous nature so his parents got him a Munchlax for his 13th birthday, ever since the duo have been eating truckloads of food together and they really have a close relationship

    Anything else?: He ate his own pokeball

    Approved players:

    1.Kenny Gracidea (Me)
    2.Hedge Goldenwood (Chili)
    3.Aliana (Rosierjay)
    4.Ryan Ferdinand (*Kyurem*)
    5.Gage "Frog" McArthur(ImANOKIE12)
    6.Xena (xaby)
    7.William "Will" Mason (Biggggs)
    8.Jake Archer (SteelKing 2012)
    1.Big Macintosh (Rapidash)(Chilli)
    Last edited: Dec 1, 2012
  2. LostMetagross

    LostMetagross He's Lost. He Stong.

    [Name] Jack Frozen

    [Gender] 13

    [Gender] Male

    [Description] Jack has wild spikey, blonde hair. His eyes shine a beatiful blue colour, which is very light, like a baby blue. He's a avarage size. About 5`2 ft and 120 pounds. His hair is kept up by a red bandana with a white symbol on it. He wears a black patterned jacket with small patterns of white on it, over a red t-shirt. He carries a small "Man Bag" That has a black strap and the bag it's self has is red with black patterns and pockets on it. His cargo shorts are a dark grey with a lighter grey cargo pattern.

    [Personality] Jack's usally happy, he's excitable and always ready for a battles. Jack stands up for Pokémon, he protects them with his life, as well as his friends. He has a nice grin, that seems to be infectious, making everyone smile and happy. He's a big joker, too, he's always up for a bit of fun and games, even during battles. He cares for his Pokémon like crazy. He loves them and gives them attention, but in battles he'll push them to their last limit.

    [Starter pokemon] Sneasel - Black Ice - Male.

    [Reason] Jack recived his Sneasel from his father, Pryce, the ice-type gym leader of Johto. When Jack had to evacuate Johto, due to Team Soul. His father father said it was too dangerous to stay and said to visit the Delta Reigon for his adventure, so Pryce gave him his newly caught Sneasel and sent him to the Delta reigon. He named it "Black Ice" Becuase it has black fur and is a ice-type Pokémon, as well as the ACDC song. Now Jack has sworn vengance against Team Soul.

    [History] Black Ice lived in Mt. Silver, always being bullied by the other Pokémon. Pryce, the gym-leader of ice types, in Johto saw Sneasel being bullied, and saved him. When he got home from his journey Forrestress was attacking his family. Sneasel was given to Jack, so he could protect himself, now they are both great friends.

    [Moves] Ice Punch, Scratch, Quick Attack, Leer
    Last edited: Jun 5, 2012
  3. Victinifan100

    Victinifan100 V-create Everything!

    Denied! Read the rules first as i can see you haven't read the rules.
    Last edited: Jun 8, 2012
  4. Psychic

    Psychic Really and truly

    Pokemon each need their own sign-up sheet that at least includes Nickname, Gender and Personality, so please add this. You really shouldn't start the actual role-play thread until you have all or most sign-ups, so I'm closing it. Victinifan100, your first RPing post should be in the original post as well, so I'm merging it. Once you have enough Sus, the thread can be reopened.

    You should also be leaving a space between paragraphs to make it easier to read, and lostmetagross, your posts should be minimum 200 words.

    Please read the rules and check out some other RPs, guys.

  5. Victinifan100

    Victinifan100 V-create Everything!

    Ok Sign ups are available! Just to let everyone know!
  6. Chili

    Chili Well-Known Member

    Name: Hedge Goldenwood.
    Age: 11.
    Gender: Male.
    Description: Hedge is "5 11' And is a little skinny but not too skinny. His cap that he wears says "Pokemon Time!" On it with a Chikorita, Todadile, and Cyndiquill. He has auburn hair that is quite curly and comes out of some of the cap. His eyes are brown colored and are quite bright. Hedge's shirt is a Blue and Green burst of color on the right hand corner. Hedge's pants are plaid and are shorts. Their pattern is Green and Blue but sometimes he wears different clothes. Such as a Orange Shiny Shirt with an African pattern in the middle. And he wears black Capris. His shoes can vary from Forest Patterned Crocs to Black and Red Tennis shoes with the logo NSS on it. Sometimes he doesn't even wear shoes! His socks are regular white ones during the week but on the weekend he wears Zebra Pattern ones.

    Personality: Hedge is very brave. He is getting very smart . Hedge is quite friendly to others and when he talks he is quite courteous. He tries hard not to get angry at others but it happens. He enjoys singing and being in the forest. He also plays a Recorder and if he is just sitting in a tree a nearby leaf. He sometimes prefers to be alone. But is welcoming to a friend.

    History: Hedge's parents have told him stories about Team Soul. At first he thought he would be scared but later on he realized there was nothing to be scared of if he were to help people against them. He began his journey with Leaf when he was 10. He was walking through the woods nearby and he heard this sonic boom. He looked above and saw a ship with the initials TS he immediately realized TS stood for Team Soul. Hedge hid with Leaf behind a tree. He heard a scream and saw a girl running with her Pokemon. Hedge's eyes widened and he ran out to the girl where the claws are about to drop on her and her Pokemon. He is here currently about to try to save her.

    Anything Else?: Marshmallowfugecream.

    Pokemon: Chikorita.
    Nickname: Leaf./Hoja.
    Starter pokemon: Chikorita.
    Gender: Male.
    Moves: Razorleaf, Tackle, Poison Powder, and Synthesis.
    History: Leaf was Hedge's first Pokemon he got from a traveling professor from Johto. At first Leaf was mean but shy. But Hedge learned to befriend it and soon enough it was nicer and braver. When Leaf was going through the woods with Hedge he already sensed something wasn't right. Even though his leaf can only detect temperature his leaf can also sense danger. But he was unable to tell Hedge but felt uneasy. When he saw the girl Leaf was ready to beat those people and Pokemon to a pulp for chasing the girl and her Pokemon. He is currently in attack mode in the forest.

    Anything else?: Marshmallowfugecream.
  7. Victinifan100

    Victinifan100 V-create Everything!

    Nice to have ya on board!
  8. rosierjay

    rosierjay Lillipup Trainer

    Name: Aliana
    Age: 12
    Gender: Female
    Description: really short brown hair with gray eyes. she's pretty short for her age, about 4' 4" likes to wear baggy t-shirt and shorter shorts. she's never without her oversized clunky watch that belonged to grandfather. she carries a satchel bag and a baseball cap, but usually doesn't wear it. often goes by "Al" what her grandpa called her.
    Personality:Because she's the last of three girls, she goes out of her way to act like a tomboy, even when she finds the thing disgusting. Extremely stubborn, but fairly level headed. she's extremely afraid of heights and never flies. once you're a friend, she's loyal to a fault.
    History she grew up in a small town out in the middle of nowhere, so most of her family all specialize in Flying Pokemon. after she fell off a pidgey when she was three she's had a fear of flying and heights. because of this drastic difference she isn't close to most of her family, except her grandpa.
    she refused to get a flying type pokemon when she was old enough so her parents told her she didn't need a pokemon if it's wasn't a flying one. there was no point. when she was 8 she hear something coming from the woods near her house. there she found a young lillipup beaten and dying, she took care of it hiding it from her parents. she finally revealed the lillipup to them when they were strong enough to beat her oldest sister in a battle. gaining the right to keep Beckett.
    Anything Else?:Marshmallowfugecream = best ice cream topping ever! good with mint.


    Starter pokemon: Lillipup nn- Beckett
    Gender: Female
    Moves:Crunch, giga impact, thunderbolt, and fire fang
    History: was abandoned by a young trainer, when it lost one battle too many. Aliana found Beckett injured and alone in a small thicket near her house. she nursed her back to health herself since they lived too far from any pokecenter. They worked hard to train together and Aliana saved all her money for several years to be able to buy the TM thunderbolt to help improve her attacking ablilities. Beckett comes from pack of wild fire lillipups, so was born with the attack fire fang, but she's never been very good at using it and lacks the confidence to learn. aliana helps change that little by little.
    Anything else?: blue collar ok? never goes in the pokeball. stubborn and playful. thinks everything is a toy.
    Last edited: Jun 21, 2012
  9. Victinifan100

    Victinifan100 V-create Everything!

    Accepted! Good to have ya on board!

    Plus I won't be active for a week or two since I'm moving so If anyone join Just tell them I'm not here, but only if I don't reply in 24 hours.
  10. Chili

    Chili Well-Known Member

    So have you made the thread for the stories yet? I am anxious to start writing.
  11. Victinifan100

    Victinifan100 V-create Everything!

    Be patient I have the thread already on, but Psychic locked it until I get enough members.
  12. Chili

    Chili Well-Known Member

    Oh... I see. I could get a few more people to come if you want..... But if you could to it to me for Morph Legends in return. By the way, It's Hedge Goldenwood not Hedge goldwood. I see that mistake in your Approved Members section just pointing that out not to be rude.
    Last edited: Jun 22, 2012
  13. Victinifan100

    Victinifan100 V-create Everything!

    Ok you can do that, but I don't really have many friends who go on the RPG Thread, which is my only problem.
  14. Chili

    Chili Well-Known Member

    You posted the same thing twice.
  15. Victinifan100

    Victinifan100 V-create Everything!

    Chili you shouldn't Mini mod it can be bad
  16. Chili

    Chili Well-Known Member

    Oops. Sorry. Well I won't do it again. Alas, I wish my big brother was intrested in RPGS. I will try to get my younger brother on. He's new. Excuse his typing.
  17. Victinifan100

    Victinifan100 V-create Everything!

    sure thing
  18. Chili

    Chili Well-Known Member

    His name is Cressisnumber1. He's on my friends so you can talk to him and add him if you want.
  19. rosierjay

    rosierjay Lillipup Trainer

    how do we get more people to sign up?
  20. SenorLaughsaLot

    SenorLaughsaLot Why So Serious ?

    Is this RPG still going to go on?

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