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Journey of Sinnoh!

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Fake Administrator
Hello, this is my first roleplay so hope it is good.

This a journey of the Sinnoh region.

Form said:
Name: Casey
Gender: Male
Age: 14
Pokemon: Piplup
Hometown: Floaroma Town
Type of House: Lodge Cabin
History: Original grown up in Johto but parents got a job in Sinnoh when I was age 5.
What you will do?: Trainer traveling to beat the gym league.
You may be a crimial or cop or anything but gym leader or professor or any big Sinnoh roles.

Everybody must have different Pokemon but this is allow below.
Person said:
Eevee (Leafeon)

Pikachu and other with a baby form must be it if it is your starter.

Your Pokemon will only evolve when I think it is ready.

Non Sinnoh Pokemon ain't allow.

You will start out in your hometown so there is no order of the gym leaders.

Please, proper grammer and no swearing.

This is how the role play starts you meet your Pokemon in the wild and start a journey.

Color code for members
Aquablast is talking.
RP people (Gym Leaders, etc)


Really and truly
Please read the RPG Rules before you actually begin an RP. Your plotline needs to be at least 400 words long, and sign-up forms need to also have Appearance and Personality which have to be at least a paragraph long. Additionally, your explanation about what Pokemon and characters are or are not allowed is really vague and hard to understand. Please be more clear.

Please be sure to read the rules before you post here again.

Not open for further replies.