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Journey to the Unown (528)

Mrs. Oreo

Seeing Commander Saturn and Team Galactic return was such a treat + I didn't know that Unown could get so violent.

To me it was kind of refreshing to see the Solaceon Ruin's Unowns get mad cuz it seemed like Team Galactic's presence was harmful to their environment and we never saw Unowns display much personality before.


I didn't like how Ash decided to butt in and do training with Turtwig in a Dawn episode. It annoys me how he did this a lot whenever May or Dawn got focus.


James had odd dialogue. I know that's nothing new, but with all the other stuff going on this bothered me more than usual. He said at the end that there's too many Galactic people or something, when originally it was about how there's too many villains in Sinnoh.


It was nice to see Kengo again, and I appreciated that the Zui Ruins were given a connection to Dialga and Palkia in the anime. Seeing Saturn and the Ginga-dan cause trouble was refreshing, especially since the berserk Unknown inadvertently helped Eipam evolve into Eteboth. I liked the skirmish between Naetle and Kinogassa too, and when Musashi sat on Kengo.


I call you honey
This episode was entertaining because Team Galactic showed up and Kenny was around too. Turtwig learned Energy Ball, but doesn't know how to really control it yet. Ambipom seemed strong when he evolved.


The Ginga-dan's whole plan confused me a bit since they didn't discover anything vital as far as them finding Spear Pillar's location was concerned, which I believe was Saturn's immediate goal.
It was great to see more of Team Galactic in this episode and it's odd how Ash and his friends don't even know about them yet at this point. I liked how Saturn just let Team Rocket follow him in order to get the Unown to attack them. Unlike both of the other evil teams from the games, Team Galactic were actually able to get what they came for.


Alola Shill
I liked how this episode looked, the animation and style was nice. Galactic using three of the Arceus plates to get the Spear Key makes sense and is pretty interesting; I like how the Galactic anime plot adheres to the lore but also connects other parts of the Sinnoh mythos. The connection between Arceus and the Unknown is even bigger when you take into account Sinjoh and PLA.

Kenny gets more endearing this ep, idk I like him. Love how Dawn is always proactive, #1 girlboss continues to be the best.