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Journeys still has 16 episodes left in Japan apparently


I watched Pokemon anime for 20 freaking years
Why are we rushing then? This makes no sense...

Alolan Glaceon

Glaceon master
I did not expect that. This is a series that I don't like. It is a pity that instead of the chronological thread of Chloe, Gou and finally Ash, it would be perfect and sometimes something else, it mixes up a bit. Hope to see all of Ash's companions and use his best pokes from all generations, well I hope they will be good episodes


NEXT TIME: A BRAND New Beginning!
If you think about it, it's not surprising.. We had a hiatus of almost two months in 2020, many breaks, more recently we had clip shows, production issues...

Wouldn't be surprised if they get around the late Paldea promotion with an Alexa-like guest in the later episodes


Generation 4 was how I got into Pokémon
It will be interesting to see what they do with the Scarlet and Violet anime because Journeys, while it did had some great episodes it was all over the place, too many filler episodes, and of course episodes that don't make any sense that relates to the story. I hope they go back to their roots, but I would like to see what Ash would do once he goes to the Paleda Region because in the game they give different routes to take and he will have to decide what to do, challenge the gyms like he did in the past or do some sort of treasure hunt. The possibilities are endless.
Sooo you're telling me that the extra time could've been used to sneak in a PWC loss or two for Ash on his Gary Stu-ish path to the Masters 8.

Geez, by the time the anime ever gets to SV, everyone would be done with it.