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Journeys still has 16 episodes left in Japan apparently


Not thinking twice!
Hmm, what do you mean by the order came in at the last minute?
Tbh going by stuff like the M8 starting super early, it's very likely this was a last minute decision (unless it's a typo or something lmao)
Come to think about it all of the companions returning and some basically achieving their goals (Brock, Iris, Lillie, Serena) might be a sign it’s ending. That would be sad but it was bound to end anyway I guess

Brock is a Doctor

Serena makes a bunch of people smile and is idol known in Kalos in Hoenn

Iris is the best Dragon user in the world

Lillie found her dad.

Most of these characters have peaked
Serena’s goal is to be Ash’s girlfriend.


Not thinking twice!

Rune Knight

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Noooo!! Pls pls I hope that maybe it's just referring to them being off by just a few episodes.

Red and Blue

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I was kind of ok with the possibility of more episodes before SV. That way there could have still been time for Gigantamax Eevee(and maybe more Gigantamax forms if we got a Rose return arc).

But if they still intend to wrap things up before November 18th I guess I can look forward to a rushed finale