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Jovi's Jovial Adventure

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by Dragonitor, Jan 9, 2012.


What do you think of my story?

  1. I loved it!

  2. It was good.

  3. It's an OK story.

  4. Not the best I have seen.

  5. Bad.

  1. Dragonitor

    Dragonitor <- Shiny Hunter

    Jovi's Jovial Adventure

    Hey there, this is my first written story. (G Rated) Maybe some of you remember that I posted this story a while ago, but a lot of people said that I wasn't really good and that I let things happen way too fast. So I stopped writing and started reading other fics and practiced. So I post here the first chapter of my fic, wich has in my opinion improved since last time. but if you have any tips/suggestions/critiques/compliments I would like to see it, as long as it's told friendly.

    Age: 14
    Home: Pokémon HQ Laboratory
    Looks: Long straight blue hair, long blue jeans, pink T-Shirt with a black vest over it, pink and black shoes. (Click here for image)
    NOTE: This picture is made by using this
    Personality: Always trying to see the positive side of things, always cheering for others, and very sweet and nice to her Pokémon, especially her first 2, Plusle and Minun.
    Gadget(s): P*DA: This P*DA has a map and PokéDex. It also has a calling function and it can scan a Pokémon, seeing its attacks, ability and gender. Prof. Krane updated it with a talking function.
    Bracelet of Knowledge: This was given to Jovi by Celebi, to help her in her quest. It gives the holder the power to understand what his or her Pokémon are saying.
    Sandstorm Goggles: Given by Jack, so Jovi and Mike could investigate the cause of the sandstorms.

    Pokémon on team:
    Swablu (♀) ;333;
    Ability: Natural Cure
    Moment of cathing/obtaining: Chapter 1, a gift from Prof. Krane as a starter Pokémon.
    Attacks: Peck, Sing, Fury Attack
    Personality: It kind of has the same personality as her trainer. Swablu is positive and takes the battles seriously, what gives her a bit more power.
    Nidorina (♀) ;030;
    Ability: ???
    Moment of cathing/obtaining: Chapter 2, a prize for getting third in the mini tourney of Mt. Battle.
    Moment of evolving into Nidorina: Chapter 6, after Jovi cheered her on in the double battle against Prof. Krane and his assistant.
    Attacks: Scratch, Double Kick, Poison Jab, Poison Fang.
    Personality: Confident of herself and she can get mad when she thinks that someone else thinks she isn't strong enough to beat her opponent. She also can be a bit rude, even to Jovi.
    Shinx (♂) ;403;
    Ability: ???
    Moment of catching/obtaining: Chapter 9, after Jovi saves him from an agressive Absol.
    Attacks: Quick Attack, Fire Fang, Swift, Flash, Spark
    Personality: Afraid of people, except Jovi, and being into a Poké Ball. It does everything Jovi asks from him and protects her at any cost. This way of acting is probably caused by an earlier experience with people or trainers.

    Plusle;311; and Minun;312;
    Not much is known about them besides that Minun knows Quick Attack and that they are the first Pokémon of Jovi and that they are very attached to her.

    Age: 14
    Home: Agate Village
    Looks: Long brown hair, cut to just above his shoulders, a blue jacket with a red T-shirt, black jeans and red shoes. (Click here for image)
    NOTE: This picture is made by using this
    Personality: Calm and confident in battles and has some strategies which help him to win battles more easily. Outside of battles, he’s calm and thinks before he acts.
    Gadget(s): P*DA: This P*DA has a map and PokéDex. It also has a calling function and it can scan a Pokémon, seeing its attacks, ability and gender. Prof. Krane updated it with a talking function.
    Sandstorm Goggles: Given by Jack, so Jovi and Mike could investigate the cause of the sandstorms.

    Pokémon on team:
    Scyther (♂) ;123;
    Ability: Swarm
    Moment of cathing: Currently unknown, it's only clear Mike had it for a long time.
    Attacks: X-Scissor, Quick Attack, Focus Energy, Razor Wind
    Personality: He’s been with Mike for a long time, so Scyther is very loyal to him and will do anything for Mike. Sometimes he can be a little overconfident, which can lead to a loss in a battle.
    Spheal (♂) ;363;
    Ability: ???
    Moment of catching: Chapter 2, a prize for getting first in the mini tourney of Mt. Battle.
    Attacks: Blizzard, Snore
    Personality: Unknown.
    Shiny Anorith (♀) ;347;
    Ability: Battle Armor
    Moment of catching: Chapter 8, when Mike revives his first Fossil with the help of Chase the archeologist.
    Attacks: Cross Poison, Rock Blast, Ancient Power, Water Pulse
    Personality: Unknown

    This story is about Jovi, the little sister of the protagonist of Pokémon XD Gale of Darkness. It has been a few years after he wrecked the plans of Chipher and everything returned to normal again. A lot has happened since then, towns have changed or growed, new towns have formed and although back then wild Pokémon were only found at PokéSpots, wild Pokémon can now be found all over Orre.

    Although many things have changed, there's one thing that didn't change: The Pokémon HQ Laboratory. And this is where our story begins...

    ----* Chapter 1 * ----
    A new Trainer appears

    ~* Orre, a few years after Chipher was destroyed *~​

    “Good job Jovi, you did great in the simulation.”

    A girl with long blue straight hair and light blue eyes wearing a small pink scarf, a black and grey striped vest, dark blue jeans, pink fingerless gloves, black and pink sneakers and a black bag with a pink Poké Ball logo on it slowly walked out of the simulator room.

    “Thanks, I really like to battle. I want to be just as good as my brother!” Jovi said to the professor.

    “You will be,” the professor answered. “You just have to keep practicing.”

    Jovi thanked the professor once again and ran out of the room.

    When she walked out of the Pokémon HQ Laboratory, a white building that had used a lot of glass in its structure and had a giant Poké Ball, that was sliced in pieces, on top of it, Jovi saw Prof. Krane.
    Professor Krane was the head of the laboratory. It was a tall man in its early fifties with brown hair, wearing glasses and usually wearing a lab coat. He was looking at the lush green trees and landscapes around the lab while slowly walking around.

    Jovi approached him and just as she wanted to ask him something he turned around and said: “Ah Jovi, I heard from several professors you are using the simulation room a lot lately. They also say you are improving a lot.”

    “That’s right but after doing the same simulation for ten times you sure know how to beat it in two moves. But that’s why I want to travel around, meet real trainers, see different strategies and improve myself.” Jovi said excited. “But Professor Krane, I wanted to ask you, would like to have a battle with me?”

    Krane thought about it for a moment while scratching the back of his head, then he answered: “Ok Jovi, show me how much you improved.”

    “OK, let’s go then.” Jovi said. “Oh…wait….Mimi come over here!”

    The doors of the lab slid open and two rabbit like creatures ran outside. One had blue colored ears and paws, blue cheeks with a min sign on it and a blue tail with the form of a min sign. The other one looked almost the same but was red colored and had plus signs where the other was blue colored and had min signs.

    “Okay we can go now.” Jovi said happily

    They walked to a battlefield that the professors, and Jovi, sometimes used for battles against each other. It wasn’t far away from the lab and was located at an open spot in the forest.

    Jovi’s Plusle, the red colored rabbit, was watching this time. While Jovi gave her Minun, the blue colored rabbit a pep talk, Prof. Krane send out a Pokémon that looked like a half hatched egg. Jovi had seen his Pokémon before and knew this wouldn’t be a hard battle.

    “Are you ready Jovi?” Prof. Krane asked.

    “Yes,” Jovi answered “and you may start this time.”

    “Well, let’s get started then” Prof. Krane said.

    He grabbed something that looked like some sort of MP3, pressed a few buttons and music could be heard. Jovi was used to this because when she did simulator battles there also was music playing in the background.

    “Togepi use Sweet Kiss!” Prof. Krane yelled.

    “Piiiii!” Togepi shouted and started to look cute at Minun followed by shooting pink hearts at it.

    “OK Mimi, evade and then attack with Quick Attack!” Jovi told Minun.

    “Miiiimiiiiiii!” Minun cried before it started dashing over the battlefield, evading the Sweet Kiss and charged at Togepi.

    With high speed Minun rammed into the Togepi, which almost couldn’t get up anymore.

    “C’mon Togepi get up and use Charm!” Prof. Krane said to Togepi.

    The Togepi obeyed the orders and started to gaze charmingly at Minun.

    “Quick Mimi, don’t look at Togepi. Just use Quick Attack again and win this battle.”

    Minun started to dash again slowly gaining more and more speed.

    “We don’t get rammed again, right Togepi?” Prof Krane said to Togepi “Use Metronome Togepi, and show what you can do!”

    Togepi started to waggle it’s finger from side to side while Minun still was getting closer. And just when Minun would hit Togepi, Togepi blew Minun way back.

    “Good job Togepi!” Prof. Krane said.

    “That didn’t do much damage right Mimi?” Jovi asked “you can finish this!”

    “PlaaPLAAAA!” Plusle cheered on from the side.

    “Alright!” Jovi said fierce. “MIMI, QUICK ATTACK!!!”

    “MIIMII!!!” Minun cried loudly before launching itself to Togepi.

    “Togepi use Yawn!” Prof. Krane said to his little egg Pokémon.

    Togepi could only breathe in because it got bashed by Minun in its belly. Then it fell over on the ground, unable to keep on fighting.

    “Togepi!” Prof. Krane yelled “Are you alright?”

    “P-p…iiii” Togepi slowly said.

    Professor Krane picked up its Togepi, gave it an Oran Berry to reduce the pain it had and stopped the music.

    “I’m sorry Togepi, I’m just not used to battling. I’m way better in researching.” Prof. Krane said while smiling.

    Prof. Krane picked up Togepi and said to Jovi that he would go inside and give the Pokémon some rest, Jovi followed his lead and gave her Minun some rest.

    *Inside the Pokémon HQ Laboratory*
    After they had given their Pokémon some rest, Jovi decided to get some more practice in the simulator room. Tomorrow would be the great day. Tomorrow she would go with Lily to Mt. Battle to start her adventure as a trainer. After a few battles she heard that Prof. Krane was looking for her.

    When she walked into his office, Prof. Krane was sitting behind his desk, working on his computer.

    “You wanted to see me?” Jovi asked curious.

    “Yes Jovi, I wanted to ask you something.” Prof Krane said “Do you already know which Pokémon you are going to take with you?” he asked.

    “I was thinking of taking Plusle and Minun with me.” Jovi answered.

    “Are you sure?”Prof. Krane asked. “Sure your Plusle and Minun can battle, but they aren’t really trained and even more important, they only played with you and aren’t used to battling that much. They would do much better in Contests, but those aren’t held here in Orre.”

    “Maybe your right Prof. Krane” Jovi said a bit disappointed “But I don’t have any other Pokémon to take with me.”

    “ Come over here and take a look at the monitor” Prof. Krane said.

    Jovi walked over to the monitor and saw pictures of 3 Pokémon. The first one was a little blue bird, the second was a little green plant, and the third was an iron covered Pokémon.

    “What are those?” Jovi asked.

    “Three Pokémon your brother send me.” Prof. Krane answered. “In every other region that has been discovered they had three starters provided by professors. But here we don’t have those. So you may pick one of these three.”

    “Hmmm…..it’s a hard decision, but I will take the blue bird.” Jovi said.

    “You chose the Swablu Jovi.” Prof Krane told Jovi “I think you made a good decision, let me get it for you, wait here for a minute, OK?”

    After a few minutes Prof. Krane returned with a Pokéball.

    “Here you go, your own Swablu. Take good care of it.” Prof. Krane said.

    “Of course I will! But what moves does it know?” Jovi asked.

    “Use the built-in PokéDex in your P*DA to scan your Pokémon and see for yourself.” Prof. Krane said.

    Jovi scanned the Pokéball and 3 moves appeared: Peck, Growl and Sing.

    After Jovi had put away the P*DA and the Pokéball, Prof. Krane said to her that she could use the rest of this day to get familiar with the Swablu, since it was a type of Pokémon Jovi didn’t own before. Jovi agreed and just before she left Prof. Krane’s office, he said to her that she should go to bed early, so she would be ready for the big day tomorrow.

    * The next day*
    Jovi couldn’t sleep that well this night because she was so excited to start her journey that day, but she still got up early. When Prof. Krane walked outside of the laboratory, he saw Jovi already training with her Swablu. He watched her from a distance, but Jovi soon saw him and ran towards him.

    “Professor Krane, I wanted to thank you again for the Swablu. I really like her, and we make a good team.” Jovi said.

    And before he could answer she ran inside the laboratory, to prepare herself for the adventures and travels that would await her.

    “Hah, her inexhaustible spirit. It always makes me think of my younger days.” Prof. Krane said to himself.

    Then the time had finally arrived, and Jovi and Lily were getting ready to go to Mt. Battle.

    Lily was Jovi’s mother and also worked in the lab. She has brown hair that she wears tied up in a knot. She also wears a long pink coat. Lily took care of the Purification Chamber when Michael, Jovi’s big brother, rescued Shadow Pokémon. Her husband has died.

    “Do you have everything you need Jovi?” Lily asked.

    “Yup, I’m ready to start my new life as a traveling trainer” Jovi answered.

    Jovi had the paper from Mt. Battle in her hands and red through it one more time:

    “Do you think you are ready for the challenges we have made for you? Are you ready to battle and win from the trainers we have? If you do, come to the newly renovated Mt. battle. You can still challenge the trainers the way you used to, 9 trainers in a row with 1 area leader, or our new project that will be revealed at the grand opening of the renewed Mt. Battle. But we’ll give a tiny hint: You have to travel around Orre. That’s all we say for now. If you are interested, just come to the opening and you’ll discover what you have to do and you can sign up for it.
    - You have to be old enough to travel without adults.
    - You have at least one Pokémon.
    We’ll hope to see you at the opening!
    The Mt. Battle Event Managers”​

    Jovi put away the paper and got in Lily’s car. She said goodbye to Prof. Krane one more time, and then they drove away to Mt. Battle.

    - Jovi is revealed to have a Plusle and Minun.
    - Prof. Krane is revealed to have a Togepi.
    - Jovi got a Swablu from Prof. Krane
    - Jovi wants to participate in the Mt. Battle Challenge.
    Last edited: Jul 26, 2012
  2. Dragonitor

    Dragonitor <- Shiny Hunter

    Chapter 2

    ----* Chapter 2 *----
    The Challenge of Mt. Battle

    Jovi and Lily got out of the car and looked at the entrance of Mt. Battle. They turned it into a happy and festive place, with balloons and garlands of all colors, several stalls, games and shows. They still had 15 minutes left before the re-opening, so they decided to walk around and enjoy all the things this event had to offer. More people arrived when the re-opening came closer. Then the moment was there, the moment of the grand re-
    opening, and also the details of the challenge, the challenge that Jovi wanted to take. The manager of Mt. battle got on the stage, and welcomed the guests. He talked a little about how happy he was that the renovation of Mt. Battle was finally done. This was the moment Jovi was waiting for. The details of challenge were getting explained.

    “Let’s get started with explaining what you have to do with our challenge.” the manager announced “For our challenge you need to battle some leaders we have chosen for you, 12 in total. They all have their own battle rules, and some have type specialties. Your goal is to defeat them all and then face the Elite Battlers. Unlike other regions these leaders aren’t just in a gym building in a town. This challenge also test your knowledge, because after you defeat a leader you will get a hint about the location of the next leader. So you will have to think about the hints and then go look for him or her. You will get the first hint from us. If you think you are ready for this, go inside and sign-up, and after 1 hour we have a surprise for the trainers that signed-up. I hope you all will have some fun here at Mt. battle today, enjoy our games and I will see you all back in 1 hour.”

    Jovi rushed inside and signed up. After that she and Lily used this hour to meet some other trainers, which may could be travel partners for Jovi. When they had talked to some trainers, Jovi saw a boy. He had long brown hair, cut to just above his shoulders, a blue jacket with a red T-shirt, black jeans and red shoes. She walked to him to say hi.

    “Hey there, I was wondering if may ask for your name, and if you signed up for the challenge?” Jovi asked friendly.

    “Hello, I’m Mike and yes I also signed up for the challenge. But who are you?” Mike answered.

    “I’m Jovi, nice to meet you.”

    They talked until the manager stood on the stage again.

    “Dear visitors, I’m happy to announce that 26 trainers signed up. And now like I said there will be a surprise. …..We picked 16 trainers for our mini tourney! The 3 best ones will get a price!”

    A big screen behind him lighted up and one by one the trainers where shown. Jovi and Mike both got selected. Then the matchups were shown. For the first round they didn’t had to battle each other.
    Both went to the battlefield that was set for their battles. In the first round Jovi had to battle a Hoppip, and a Slugma in the quarter finals. Then she saw that Mike was her next opponent.

    (“I will show him what I got.”) she thought and went to the battlefield.

    They both got ready and when the referee told them to begin they sent out their Pokémon.

    “Alright Swablu, let’s go!” Jovi yelled and Swablu appeared on the battlefield.

    “C’mon Scyther, show them your power!” Mike yelled and also Scyther appeared on the field.

    “Swablu fly up high and use Growl!”

    “No way, Scyther use X-Scissor and Quick Attack!”

    (“How does he want to hit me with direct attacks if Swablu is in the air?”) Jovi wondered.

    Scyther’s blades lighted up and he started to dash over the field, until he was right beneath Swablu.

    “Okay, Scyther now jump and use X-Scissor!” Mike said with a grin on his face.

    Using the power of Quick Attack Scyther jumped up high and trying to hit Swablu.

    “…..Swablu use Peck!” Jovi yelled.

    Swablu turned down and started to fly right at Scyther. The two hit each other with a loud crash. Both Pokémon seemed to suffer from the attack.

    “OK Scyther let’s keep going and use Focus Energy!”

    Scyther started to focus, and Jovi knew that if Scyther hit Swablu one more time it wouldn’t survive. So she tried to take the advantage of Scyther focusing his mind.

    “OK, Swablu use the wind to speed up, and attack Scyther with Peck, at full power!” Jovi commanded Swablu.

    Swablu got in the position so the wind could speed it up. It prepared Peck and flew at high speed to Scyther.

    “OK Scyther, that’s enough focusing, use Quick Attack.” Mike said.

    Scyther stopped focusing his mind immediately and dashed with full speed at Swablu. When Swablu almost hit Scyther with Peck, he dodged it and hit Swablu with Quick Attack. The battle was over, with Mike as winner.

    Mike proceeded to the finals, and Jovi had to fight for the 3rd place. Jovi healed her Swablu in the PokéCenter and got to the battlefield to battle for the third place. She waited for her opponent, Lisa, and when the referee said that they could begin they send out their Pokémon.

    “Swablu, it’s on!!!” Jovi yelled and Swablu got out of her Pokébal with a loud cry.

    “Come out Budew and show your pretty!” Lisa said and Budew appeared on the battlefield. “Go and use your Absorb.”

    “Swablu, quick, use Peck to stop it!” Swablu flew at high speed to Budew and pecked it with greater power as usual. Also, Jovi noticed that this time her attack looked different. She thought it was just her imagination and kept going.

    “C’mon Budew don’t give up yet, she may be strong but we have tactics! Use Stun Spore followed by Growth! Lisa said a bit panicky.

    “Swablu just use peck again!” Jovi said.

    Again, Swablu used Peck and the wind to speed up, evading the Stun Spores, and hit Budew, but this time Swablu continued with pecking Budew instead of just one peck. This caused Budew to faint.

    Jovi won! She really got a third place! She called Swablu, which came flying to her, and sat on her shoulder. Jovi used her P*DA to see what happened at this fight. She saw Swablu learned a new attack: Fury Attack! Now it was time to relax, let her Swablu rest and watch the match of Mike.

    *15 minutes later at the award ceremony*

    “I hope you all enjoyed the matches as much as I did” the manager said, filled with happiness and joy. “Well without further ado, here are our 3 best trainers of today! Ended as third: Jovi!” (The crowd clapped) “And the one who became second: Roger!” (Again….the crowd clapped) “And our number one of today: Mike!!!!!! (Mike got a huge applause) “Now, you all are very curious about your price, right? Well look behind you!”

    Jovi turned around and saw three doors with different colors. A purple, blue and pink one.

    “Alright, you may all pick 1 door, we start with Mike then Roger and last Jovi. And don’t open the door yet.” The manager told them.

    Mike chose the blue door, Roger the pink one, and Jovi had to take the purple one.

    “Well behind each door lies a Poké Ball. Go and get it.” The manager said, full of excitement.

    They opened their doors, grabbed the Poké Balls and walked back on the stage.

    “Now, please show us what Pokémon you got from us!”

    Mike, Roger and Jovi sent out their Pokémon. Mike got a Spheal, Roger a Slowpoke and Jovi, Jovi got a Nidoran♀.

    “I hope you all like them, and that they will be a good adding to your teams. And with this our special opening event is over. You still can enjoy some of the games and stalls. All our participators may rest here for the night. Take a good rest, and prepare for your challenge, tomorrow you will get your first hint about the first leader.” the manager said.

    Jovi got of the stage and walked to Lily.

    “Well Jovi I’m heading home, so I think this is where we both go different ways.” Lily said a bit sad.

    “Don’t worry about me Lily, I now have 2 Pokémon with me. And maybe I will travel with Mike.” Jovi said happily.

    “Well then Jovi…ehm….well…..good luck with your challenge and don’t forget to call us sometimes with your P*DA.” Lily said.

    “OK Lily, tell everyone at the lab I will do my best and that I’m OK.” Jovi said.

    With that said, Jovi and lily said goodbye. Lily got in the car and drove away, while Jovi was waving her goodbye until she wasn’t in sight anymore, and then she went to Mike to have dinner. After that they both went to their bedrooms and get some rest.

    *The next morning*

    When Mike came out of his bedroom, he already noticed Jovi was outside, playing with her Nidoran. He grabbed a sandwich from the breakfast table, which was set up for the participants of the Mt. Battle Challenge. He walked outside, and went to Jovi.

    “Hey Jovi, good morning. Did you sleep well?” he asked.

    “Mornin’ Mike, I slept very good, that’s why I was up early this morning.” Jovi said happily. “Are you ready to start with your adventure for the challenge?”

    “Yeah, I am convinced that I am able to win this challenge.” Mike said confident. “but I wanted to ask you something. Although I am convinced that I can win this, I was wondering if you would like to travel with me. This way we can solve the hints and train together, and keep each other company.”

    This kind of surprised Jovi, she was planning in asking him the same thing later on that day, probably after the hint was given.

    “I would love to. I was going to ask you the same thing.” Jovi said with a smile.

    They both laughed. Then Mike sent out his Spheal to play with him. After about 15 minutes, someone walked out of the Mt. Battle facility and announced that all participants should come inside for the first hint. Jovi and Mike called back their Pokémon and went inside.

    When all they all arrived, someone walked to the group. He had some cards with him.

    “It’s good to see you all. In my hands I have cards with the hint for the first leader. Come and get one, and then you may start with your challenge.”

    Mike and Jovi both got a card. They looked at it and red the hint.

    “Hint of the location:
    I am green and peaceful, come and you will see.
    Deep in me, rests the stone, who holds the power of Celebi.

    Hint of the leader:
    A great trainer of this village has chosen me as his student.
    I’ve become a leader after many battles went.”

    Mike and Jovi walked outside, and Mike directly knew which place was meant in the riddle.

    “Jovi, I don’t know about you, but I already figured out the place we have to go.” Mike said with a grin.

    “How did you figured it out so quickly?” Jovi asked.

    “Well it describes my hometown, Agate Village.”Mike said.

    “Let’s go then!” Jovi said happily.
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  3. Dragonitor

    Dragonitor <- Shiny Hunter

    Chapter 3

    ----* Chapter 3 *----
    Agate Town, a pain in the head.​

    Jovi and Mike were on their way to Agate Village. They left as soon as they got the hint, and so it was still early in the morning. Just before they left Mt. Battle they saw some other trainers using their Pokémon to travel around. There was a trainer who used a Pidgeot to Fly and another a Tauros to ride. Also, there were a few trainers who apparently didn’t had any clue about the location from the hint.

    While they walked, Mike and Jovi saw the landscape changing. At first the terrain was rocky and plain. But after 1 hour and 30 minutes they already saw some small trees and bushes growing. It was another beautiful day to travel around, the sun was shining and a light breeze made it a great day for a walk. Jovi had sent out both her Pokémon, Nidoran walked next to her and Swablu sitting on her shoulder. Mike only had his Scyther sent out, because Spheal wasn’t really suited for long walks. Everyone was having a nice time.

    Mike and Jovi were talking about their hometowns and their families.

    “I think it’s great that you grew up in a laboratory, this way you learned things about Pokémon that no one else know.” Mike said.

    “Well, it’s not that great. Sometimes I wished that I grew up in a city, but maybe I wouldn’t have such a heroic brother then.” Jovi said happily. “But how’s your family?”

    “….well….I don’t like to say it, but I’m the grandson of Eagun, the elder of Agate Village. When I do most people always think of me as a great trainer, because my grandfather is too. But that’s not all… I never met my father. He didn’t die or something, but I never met him. He left me and my mother alone when I was around the age of 3.” Mike said sadly.

    “Ow…I’m so sorry to hear that. Did you heard from him after that?” Jovi asked.

    “No, he only left a letter behind, a letter which I could read when I was 6. I hope to find him one day, so I can ask why he left me and my mother. That’s why I joined this challenge, in the hope of finding someone who can help me. There must be someone in Orre who knew or knows my dad.” Mike said.

    “I believe that you will find him one day Mike.” Jovi said with smile.

    “Thanks Jovi.” Mike said. “Look, we are already at the edge of the forest, Agate won’t be far anymore. And it’s already 1:30 PM. Shall we search for a nice spot to eat our lunch?”

    “I see one!” Jovi said.

    She pointed at an open spot in the woods. There grew flowers, there was a small river next to it and the sun shined. They sat down and ate their lunches with their Pokémon. Mike also sent out Spheal so he could enjoy their little break too.

    After a half hour they all were done and decided to go further. Spheal returned to his Poké Ball, and they continued their walk to Agate. They talked about Pokémon, who was their favorite and which Pokémon they would love to train one day. Jovi became more silent as they came closer to Agate.

    “Well, I think we already walked half of the way. So we will be just in time for dinner.” Mike said happily. “Jovi…are you ok? You have been quiet for a while, you seem distracted.”

    “Oh….it’s nothing, I’m just a bit nervous….” Jovi said unsure.

    Jovi wasn’t nervous, but when they came closer to Agate, she got headaches more frequently and sometimes a little blackout. She thought it was exhaustion that made her weak. So she continued without saying anything.

    Once arrived at Agate it became dark outside. Jovi had a quick dinner with Mike, because her headaches became worse. She went to her bedroom in the Pokémon Centre and was trying to sleep, while Mike stayed a little longer and finished his dinner. Finally after some hours of staring at the ceiling, Jovi fell asleep.

    “….Help me…….”

    “Hurry…..protect me….”

    This was what Jovi heard in her sleep, she didn’t knew what was happening but before she knew it the voice was gone. But then suddenly a bright light blinded her and she saw 2 men sneaking in a cave in Agate Village. She saw them walking through the cave and reaching the end, where a stone was. This stone was shaped like a tube. Just as this vision came, it disappeared.

    Then the voice called Jovi again.

    “Please……help me………”

    Jovi suddenly woke up. She thought about what she saw, while looking around the room. The only thing she saw was a small light coming from the hallways. Then she realized what she saw in her dream. It was the cave she saw when they arrived in Agate.

    Jovi got out of her bed, opened the curtains and the window and looked outside. Agate looked peacefully in the night, the water of the river flowing through Agate sparkled in the moon rays, the wind blew through the trees, making a peaceful sound. This calmed her down. She stood there for a few minutes, and went to bed again.

    *The next morning*

    Jovi woke up with the sound of people speaking and working outside. Last night, before she went to bed again, she left the window open so she could keep listening to the sounds of the wind blowing through the trees. She got out of her bed and got dressed. She looked out of the window and saw that the villagers of Agate were already working. She closed the window and got out of her bedroom.

    When she got in the main room of Pokémon Centre, the nurse told her she had a message for her. It was from Mike, he was in Agate Forest, training with his Pokémon. She sat down and ate her breakfast. Jovi’s headaches were less worse than yesterday, but her head felt like it could explode anytime. But she tried to enjoy the sight of this nice day and the taste her delicious breakfast.

    When she was done, she asked the nurse if she had some medicine for her headaches. The nurse told her she didn’t have any medicine for her right now, but if she came back in the evening she might have some for her.
    So without any medicine Jovi decided to walk around Agate, think of who the first leader of the Mt. Battle Challenge might be, and some strategies to beat him or her.

    Last night she didn’t really pay attention on the looks of Agate, but now in the daylight, and without such worse headaches, she noticed the differences with last time she was here. They had built some sort of shop…with Pigeots next to it? The shop looked kind of cheap, and it looked very unstable and was completely made out of wood. Jovi didn’t remember that there was such shop. Then she saw a sign in front of the shop. It said: Agate Transport Shop. Jovi didn’t really care about it, so she just moved on and looked around Agate.

    She saw that there grew much more trees and there lived more people. But then, she was shocked by what she saw. Two men were sneaking into the cave of Agate! Apparently they put the guard to sleep and went inside. This was exactly what she saw in her dream last night!

    She was curious about what those two were going to do in that cave. So she ran over there and followed them. They put every guard in the cave to sleep, so they could proceed without anyone knowing that they were there. Jovi kept following them silently at a distance. Once the two reached the end and stood in front of the stone, she could bring up the courage to approach them and listen to what they said. She hid herself behind a bush. The left one looked kind off goofy and clumsy, while the other one looked more powerful and confident. Jovi couldn’t see any looks of the two, since they had special thief disguises.

    “Did we came here for just a stone?” the goofy person asked.

    “NO, you stupid. The boss said the stone hides a hidden power, maybe even a Pokémon.” said the other guy, probably the leader of the two.

    Jovi felt her heart pounding in her chest. She almost forgot to breathe, she was afraid and curios at the same time. Who are those guys? Who is that boss? What do they want with that stone? And is it true what they said about the stone? She kept listening.

    “So……what do we do now?”

    “Can’t you remember anything? Our mission was to find a way to reveal this stone’s power or Pokémon.” the leader said a bit irritated.

    “OK, and now? I mean we have no clue where to start, we just have this weird shaped stone.”

    “Well…maybe we have to take it to the boss then. Maybe he has an idea.”

    One of the guys reached for the stone, and touched it. At that moment Jovi’s mind became weak and she heard the voice again.

    “Hurry…….save me! Don’t……..let them……take the stone…….”

    At the same time the person touching the stone was pushed back by a mysterious power.

    “Aha! The boss was right. This stone has a power.” the leader said with a happy and evil tone in his voice. “C’mon lend me a hand, I’m sure this stone can’t handle two guys at once.”

    Jovi’s mind became clear again, and she knew the time had come. She had to face the two guys, to protect the stone….or whatever that thing was what spoke to her. She sprang out of the bush and yelled: “Don’t touch that stone!”

    The two men were clearly surprised that a young girl had followed them.

    “I thought we took out all of them” one of them said a bit dull.

    “We did. This girl has followed us, we can’t have missed one of the guards. But I’m sure you can handle this. I mean even a foolish person like you can take her out.” the leader said.

    “Are you sure?” the other asked.

    “Of course, I mean, look at her, she isn’t very confident now. And it also looks like we have the honor of battling a fresh new trainer.”

    Jovi suddenly began to think that she may not be strong enough to take them out.

    “Don’t worry dear. My buddy will make sure you will never have the courage and trust to battle again. I would let go if you wouldn’t have heard our conversation”

    Jovi prepared herself for the upcoming battle.

    “Where are you waiting for, stupid? Get her!”

    “O..Ok. C’mon Lotad let’s take her down.”

    He threw his Poké ball and with a flash a little blue creature appeared, it had a green lotus leaf on its back.

    “Well, Nidoran, it’s time for you to show what you can!”

    Jovi threw her Poké Ball and with a loud cry Nidoran appeared on the battlefield.

    “OK Lotad, start off with Water Pulse!”

    “OK Nidoran, you can do it, dodge and use Poison Sting”

    Lotad made ball of pulsing water and shot it at Nidoran. Nidoran jumped out of the way and ran to Lotad to stab it with her poisonous barbs.

    “Lotad watch out! U…uhm.....use Growl!”

    Just as Lotad was about to Growl, Nidoran stabbed Lotad with her barbs. Lotad clearly suffered from this attack, since it had a hard time getting up again. Not only that, but Lotad seemed to suffer from more than just Nidoran’s attack. Jovi looked closer at Lotad and saw that her Nidoran poisoned his Lotad.

    “Alright Nidoran, let’s finish this with Scratch!”

    The still startled guy couldn’t bring out a word, because of the fact he couldn’t really follow what was happening. Nidoran charged at Lotad and scratched it with her sharp claws. This was enough to let Lotad faint.

    The other guy had been trying to take the stone with him during the battle, but the power of the stone kept pushing him back. When he saw that his partner lost, he came running to him.

    “DID YOU LOSE!?” the leader yelled.

    “I….I’m sorry, she was stronger than me.” he said a bit scared of his leader.

    “Ugh...Those little brats of today never know when it’s time to stop. You may have won from my partner but I can promise you that I will be much stronger. You will not beat me!” he shouted at Jovi.

    He pushed away his partner and grabbed a Poké Ball.

    “Now you’ve made me mad, you will wish you never crossed my path! Crush her Jumpluff!!!”

    Jumpluff appeared on the battlefield.

    “OK Jumpluff! Take that pest out by using Sunny Day, followed by Solarbeam.”

    “OK Nidoran we don’t get intimidated, use Poison Sting!” Jovi said confident.

    Both Pokémon started their attacks. Nidoran started running at Jumpluff, while Jumpluff brightened up the sunrays and used Solarbeam. The beam of sunlight swallowed up Nidoran. When the light faded away Nidoran lied unconscious on the battlefield.

    “Ha! I told you. You can’t win from me, you puny little trainer. Now….where’s that fighting spirit you had in your previous battle?”

    Jovi was shocked. She couldn’t say anything and knew she wouldn't have a chance. The only thing she could think of was someone to rescue her.

    Then she made up her mind, called back her Nidoran and sent out her Swablu.

    “Whahaha. Your confidence and fighting spirit are incredible, too bad you won’t have any of them left when I’m done with your Swablu. Any last words kiddo?”

    It was silent for a few seconds.

    “No? Well then, I gave you the opportunity. Jumpluff use Solarbeam again!”

    And just before Jumpluff could make his move a bright bolt of electricity shot over Jovi at Jumpluff. It hit Jumpluff hard, which caused Jumpluff to faint, and his trainer to look with amazed eyes.

    “D…did the stone that?” the goofy thief asked.

    “No of course not you idiot!” the leader answered.

    Jovi turned around and saw a man standing in the opening of the cave. He had long gray hair and a beard. He had a purple-bluish robe with a green suit under it. Next to him stood a yellow mouse with red cheeks. Jovi was delighted that someone came to rescue her.

    “Get out of here you two! Or do I need to shock you with my Pokémon too?!” the man said angry.

    “You got lucky kiddo, next time you’ll cross our path we will make sure you won’t be standing in our way again.” the leader said grumpy.

    With that said the two ran off. The old man walked to Jovi and introduced himself.

    “Hello there young woman. I’m Eagun, Elder of Agate. And who may you be?”he asked friendly.

    “I’m Jovi, nice man.” Jovi said happily. “Thanks for saving me.”

    “No problem, but your name…it sounds familiar…like I heard it before.” Eagun said thoughtful.

    “Maybe because my brother told you about me?” Jovi said. “He used this stone to purify the retrieved Shadow Pokémon before he could use the Purify Chamber in our lab.”

    “Shadow Pokémon!? You mean your brother Michael? Hmm….yes I remember now, he told me about you sometimes.” Eagun said. “Well, shall we head out of here? Then we can go drink something together and you can tell me what you did in that cave.”

    “If you don’t mind, sir, I would like to stay here for a couple of minutes, I really like this place, it’s so calm and peaceful, like we are in another world.” Jovi said happily.

    “OK Jovi, I will wait in front of the cave until you are done here.” Eagun said. “But don’t let me wait too long.”

    “I won’t sir”

    Eagun left, followed by his Pokémon. Now Jovi finally had some time to take a closer look at that stone. She felt kind of attracted to it. She slowly walked to the stone, and laid her hand on it, although she didn’t really knew why she did that.

    Suddenly she was surrounded by all sorts of colors, like she was in a rainbow. A small but bright star flew around her and stopped in front of her after a couple of seconds.

    “You….saved my stone….”

    Jovi wanted to speak back, but oddly she couldn’t.

    “I’m weakened…because thieves stole other…stones like these. They didn’t destroy them…but made sure they couldn’t give me power. This is the only stone left…where I can hide…myself for those thieves. Help me….and retrieve those stones for me…I will reward you…”

    Jovi was stunned and thought about what the voice said to her, it was the same voice that she heard in her dream. She again thought about the offer, and then decided to give an answer.

    “I don’t know who or what you are, so unless you can tell or show me who you are, I won’t be helping you for sure.” Jovi said confident.

    “That’s understandable, but since I’m weakened I can’t show myself, not here and not outside of this stone. I can only tell you who I am, so that’s what I’m going to do.” The voice said. “My name….is….is…”

    “Who are you?” Jovi asked, getting more and more curious.

    “I’m Celebi, Pokémon of Time Traveling and Forests. Now you know who I am, will you help me?” Celebi asked.

    “How can I reject a call for help from a Pokémon like you? Of course, I will help you!” Jovi said overexcited.

    “Thank you, since I feel I can’t speak much longer now, I will visit you again in your dreams tonight.”

    And with that said, the colors around Jovi began to fade and the place around the stone returned to their normal form, shapes and color again. Jovi took her hand of the stone, and suddenly noticed her headaches disappeared. Then she thought off what Celebi said and ran into the cave on her way to Eagun.
  4. Dragonitor

    Dragonitor <- Shiny Hunter

    Chapter 4

    ----*Chapter 4*----
    Getting ready to Baby Battle

    Jovi ran out of Agate cave and saw that Eagun was waiting for her.

    “Jovi, are you done?” Eagun asked

    “Yup, it was great to be there for a few more moments.” Jovi answered.

    “Well, let’s head to my house, so we can drink something and you can explain what you did in the cave and so we can get to know each other.” Eagun said.

    Jovi, Eagun and his Pikachu got on their way to his house. Once arrived they both sat down outside, since it was a nice sunny day, and drank something. Jovi told Eagun about how she saw the thieves sneaking inside and how she followed them. Eagun listened with great interest. After Jovi was done telling Eagun the whole story, Eagun told her about himself and how he met her brother.

    They sat there until a woman, about 20 years old, long brown hair, wearing a blue cocktail dress and light blue pumps, came running to Eagun.

    “Is the stone alright?” she asked a bit panicky.

    “Nothing happened to the stone while you were training with your Pokémon, thanks to this girl here, if she didn’t follow those thieves, well…then the stone would be stolen.” Eagun said while pointing to Jovi.

    “Ah…So this girl prevented the stone from being stolen. You must be pretty talented in battling if you can beat 2 thieves.” She said friendly.

    “Well……actually I didn’t beat both of them, just one.” Jovi said a bit sad.

    “It’s ok, don’t be sad. I think it’s very brave of you to take on those thieves. But where are my manners, I’m Nicole, former student of Eagun and experienced battler.” She said.

    Jovi was surprised to hear that, but also happy, since this woman had a lot in common with the description of the leader.

    “I’m Jovi, nice to meet you.” Jovi responded. “Nicole can I ask you something?”

    “Of course sweetie, whatever you want.” Nicole said.

    “Well, I participate in the Mt. Battle challenge and I was wondering if you are the first leader of this challenge.” Jovi said.

    “Wow, you are the second who asks me this today. Maybe I shouldn’t say so much about me being a student of Eagun and that I’m experienced battler, but yes I’m the person you ask for.” Nicole said.

    “Make that 3 Nicole, I have a friend and we travel together and we also share our knowledge to solve the riddles. I hope that’s ok.” Jovi asked a bit shy.

    “No problem, it’s good to see 2 people working together. But if you want to battle me, you have to wait until tomorrow, just like the other challenger.” Nicole said.

    “That’s ok, then I can rest from today and maybe even practice a little for our battle.”Jovi said calm.

    “That’s the spirit! Then I will see you tomorrow. And oh, before I forget, you need to search for Eagun, he will take you to my battlefield.” Nicole said and she walked away.

    Jovi also said goodbye to Eagun and went to the Pokémon Centre, to heal her Nidoran. Although it got hit hard by the Solarbeam it wasn’t hurt too badly. He was healed and restored in just 10 minutes. Jovi went outside again and decided to train a little and think of some good strategies.

    After she trained a few hours she saw that Mike returned from his training session in the woods of Agate. She walked to him to tell him everything that had happened this day. Well…maybe not the part about Celebi. While they had dinner Jovi told about the thieves and about Nicole. Mike listened with great interest. After they finished their dinners, they walked around Agate in the evening with their Pokémon. Then they headed inside the Pokémon Centre and got to their bedrooms. Both Mike and Jovi were exhausted so both fell asleep quickly.

    “Hello Jovi….I’m here…..as promised…..”

    There it was, the voice, also known as, Celebi.

    “Now you may wonder, how on earth am I supposed to find those stones and how do can I make sure they retrieve their powers again…”

    That was indeed what Jovi was wondering after she had spoken with Celebi.

    “First of all, to find the stones, you need to use the knowledge of yourself and you Pokémon. You might be surprised of what your Pokémon may know.”

    “How am I supposed to know what my Pokémon know?” Jovi asked

    “Don’t worry, since I kind of forced you into this I have a little gift for you. When you wake up tomorrow morning look under your pillow. There you will find a nice bracelet that has the same color as me. This will give you the power to understand what your Pokémon are saying. But since I’m weak the bracelet is too. So when I get stronger the bracelet will get more power too. Right now your bracelet will only help you understand your own Pokémon. This is what I call the Bracelet of Knowledge, since you will be using the knowledge of yourself and your Pokémon.”

    Jovi couldn’t really understand what all was happening, but she just listened to what Celebi had to say.

    “Of course you can’t just start searching by asking your Pokémon for the locations. I know the main surroundings of 3 of my stones. One is in a desert, the other in or near the water and the last one….is……”

    It was quiet for a few seconds.

    “I’m sorry I can’t see the surroundings of the third stone.” Celebi said a bit disappointed “Also, you need to remember that thieves stole my stones so they are probably hidden in a building or hideout.”

    Jovi was listening and trying to learn and understand everything Celebi said.

    “But what if I want to speak you again?”Jovi asked.

    “Don’t worry if you want to contact me, just lay the bracelet under your pillow and I will visit you in your dreams. And if I have some new information about the hidden stones I just visit you in your dreams, with or without that bracelet…..under your pillow….”

    Celebi started to speak slower by the minute.

    “…That’s all for now….I don’t have much energy left to stay here much longer….good luck Jovi…..I believe you can do it……believe in yourself……and in your Pokémon…….and……..good luck with…..your….battle…….tomorrow…………I……………will………………visit……………….you………..soon…….”

    And with that being said the voice faded and Jovi slept further until the morning woke her up.

    The sunrays shined through the window on Jovi’s face. She slowly opened her eyes and sat up. Jovi was a bit drowsy and rubbed her eyes, then she remember that Celebi said that she had to look under her pillow. She grabbed her pillow, lifted it up and was surprised by what she saw. A small but colorful bracelet. It was made of small green ball shaped gems, who where put together by a small cord.

    Jovi got dressed and put the bracelet on her left arm. She immediately felt stronger, but also got another weird feeling that couldn’t be described.

    She left her bedroom and walked to the room of Mike and knocked on his door. He said she could come in. Jovi opened the door and saw that Mike was already dressed and he was preparing for the battle of today. She walked in and also noticed his Pokémon were out of their Poké Balls.

    “Good morning Mike, had some nice dreams?” Jovi asked.

    “Hey Jovi, I slept wonderful, I always sleep wonderful after a long day of training with my Pokémon.”Mike said happily “Are you ready for the battle today?”

    “I’m kind of nervous, this is my first important battle, or at least against a leader of some sort. But I trust my Pokémon and I will give it the best I can.” Jovi said convinced.

    “That’s the spirit!” Mike said.

    Both left the room and they had their breakfast with their Pokémon. When they were finished, they both decided that it was time to battle. So they went to Eagun, since Nicole told Jovi to do that. Eagun led them to a small curtain hanging from the ceiling, in his house. He moved it and behind it was a door! They went through it and as they came out of the short tunnel behind the door they saw a small sort of waiting room.

    “You have to wait here until Nicole is done with her battle against the other challenger. She doesn’t like that people watch her battle, since they can analyze her strategy then.” Eagun said before he left the waiting room.

    Jovi and Mike waited for like 5 minutes before a door opened and a girl walked in. She had red long hair with two pigtails. She wore dark red shoes, black pants and a brown T-shirt with a black vest over it.

    “Hmpf…She was a total wimp…Just like you two.” She said
    grumpy. “Although, you look like a pretty strong boy. Are you traveling with that girl?”

    “Yes” Mike said calm.

    “What a waste of time, but it’s your choice. If you want some strong company, come with me.” She said tempting.

    “Why would I, I don’t even know you.” Mike said, now a bit irritated.

    “….Well that’s your choice, if you change your mind, we will meet again, maybe.” She said grumpy again. “By the way, I’m Dina” she said just before she left the room.

    “Well that was rude…and weird.” Mike said a bit confused.

    Jovi shrugged her shoulders and asked: “Who is going to battle Nicole first?”

    “You may go first, since this is your first battle against a leader, I don’t want you to sit here alone waiting to battle her, while having intense nerves.”Mike said.

    Just as Mike finished his sentence Nicole walked into the room and asked who was going to battle first. Jovi got up and followed Nicole to the battlefield. They both took places and the referee entered the battlefield.

    Jovi was amazed by the field. It looked like an old ruin, and a waterfall was crushing down behind the field and streamed beneath it. The field fitted perfectly to the image of Agate.

    “Well Jovi, are you ready to face me?” Nicole asked.

    “Yup, this is my first leader battle ever, so I will give it my best shot.” Jovi said determined.

    “Ok then. I, Nicole, Master of Baby Pokémon, accept your challenge!” Nicole said.

    “OK, are both sides ready?”the referee asked. “These are the rules. The challenger may switch Pokémon, the leader may not. The first trainer who defeats all the Pokémon of the other wins this battle!”

    “Ready Jovi?” Nicole asked.

    “Of course!” Jovi answered.

    “Well then, here I come!” Nicole yelled. “OK come on fight fiercely Tyrogue!”

    Tyrogue appeared on the battlefield, and showed off his muscles.

    “OK then, Swablu we can do this!” Jovi shouted, and Swablu appeared on the battlefield.

    “Swabluuuuuuuu!!!” (We are going to win this!) Swablu roared.

    Jovi was shocked. Did she just heard her Swablu talk? Was this a dream? Was she hallucinating? Then she remembered what Celebi said in her dream.

    “When you wake up tomorrow morning look under your pillow. There you will find a nice bracelet that has the same color as me. This will give you the power to understand what your Pokémon are saying.”

    Jovi looked at the green bracelet at her left arm. So that was that weird, indescribable feeling she had this morning when she put on that bracelet. She stopped thinking about it and focused on the battle again.

    “Smart choice, but it won’t work.” Nicole said.

    “We’ll see, Swablu use Peck!” Jovi yelled.

    “Swa Swa Blu!” (You don’t have to yell, I can also hear ya when you just say it with a normal volume.) Swablu said a bit irritated.

    “Ah, a Flying Type move, a logic choice, but don’t think it will work.” Nicole said. “ OK then Tyrogue Double Team NOW!”

    Just as Swablu was going to hit Tyrogue, he made copies of himself and made Swablu attacking a copy of himself.

    “Nicely done Tyrogue, now use Mach Punch!”

    “Swablu look out!” Jovi shouted at Swablu.

    “Swa…..Blu” (For what?....There are so much of him)

    Then Jovi felt a breeze, and thought of using this to avoid Tyrogue’s attack.
    “Swablu use the wind!”

    Swablu spread her wings and the wind blew against it. Because of that Swablu got a sudden speed boost which she used to avoid getting hit by Mach Punch. Tyrogue was stunned by the fact that a rather slow Pokémon like Swablu could avoid his fast attack.

    “Wha……No way! Try to avoid this! Tyrogue, use Swift!” she commanded her little fighter.

    Tyrogue fired several star shaped rays at Swablu. They kept following Swablu, getting closer by the minute. Jovi knew this attack couldn’t be avoided. Then she got an idea.

    “Swablu if you can’t avoid it, destroy it! Use Fury Attack!” she yelled to Swablu.

    Swablu turned around immediately and started to fly right at the attack. She prepared her Fury Attack and when the stars were close enough Swablu started to attack them all, what resulted in an pretty sparkly outcome while Swablu wasn’t hurt.

    “Well then, Swablu finish it with a good old Peck, and use the wind to power it up!” she commanded Swablu.

    Swablu turned to Tyrogue, spread her wings to speed up, and rushed at Tyrogue with at high speed.

    “Tyrogue use Counter!” Nicole yelled with a bit of a panicky sound in her voice.

    Sadly Swablu already hit Tyrogue with all power she had, which made Tyrogue faint.

    “How’s that possible? In one attack?!” Nicole said confused.

    “Simple, Tyrogue was already a bit exhausted from the attacks, and with the speed the wind gave to Swablu, she was able to put an end to this fight quickly.”Jovi said.

    “Hmm, smart but I still have 2 Pokémon left. OK C’mon Pichu show me how you battle!” Nicole said and sent Pichu out on the battlefield.

    “OK Swablu come back, you did a great job. But now it’s your turn, Nidoran!” Jovi said and Nidoran appeared on the battlefield.

    “Nidooooran!” (Why am I second choice? Aren’t you convinced of my power?)

    “Sorry Nidoran, but Swablu was a better choice at that moment. Anyways Nidoran start with Poison Sting!” Jovi said.

    “Nidonido” (Hmpf…..fine….I accept you apology….this time)

    Nidoran started running towards Pichu.

    “Stop it with Thundershock!” Nicole commanded the little yellow mouse.

    Pichu hurled a jolt of electricity at Nidoran, which hit it before it could use it’s attack on Pichu. The shock it give to Nidoran wasn’t that strong but it could stop Nidoran from attacking and moving for a few seconds.

    “C’mon Nidoran, I know you can do it!” Jovi said confident “Try again.”

    Nidoran got up and started running to Pichu again.

    “If you use the same attack, we will too.” Nicole said with a grin. “Pichu use Thundershock please.”

    “Nidoran dodge it by jumping!” Jovi said to Nidoran.

    Pichu again used Thundershock, but this time just before it could hit Nidoran, Nidoran jumped up, making the attack miss. While in the air Nidoran readied her attack, and attacked Pichu from above.

    Nicole was surprised to see that Jovi could think of another strategy in such a short time. Pichu was hurt by Nidoran’s attack and because of the attacks he used and the damage taken from the Poison Sting you could clearly see Pichu wasn’t able to take much more. Although Nidoran also seemed to be a bit exhausted but not as bad as Pichu.

    “Pichu use Quick Attack!” Nicole shouted, clearly afraid that Nidoran would defeat her Pichu.

    “Nidoran finish this with Scratch.” Jovi said to Nidoran.

    Both Pokémon started to run to each other. Sometimes Pichu released a small spark of electricity from its cheeks, which made his Quick Attack more powerful. Both Pokémon crashed into each other with the result of both fainting at the same time.

    “Oh no, Pichu, are you alright?” Nicole said panicky while she returned Pichu to his Pokémon.

    Jovi called back Nidoran, and kept looking at the Poké Ball while whispering: “Good job Nidoran, although you fainted, you didn’t lose, you defeated Pichu. You can be proud of yourself.”

    “Well Jovi, I must say you are pretty good, but I still have left one Pokémon, I won’t give up without a good fight.” Nicole said happily. You could see that she was really enjoying the tension and the battle itself, the fact that she had to give all she had made her happy. “C’mon Munchlax don’t disappoint me, I know you can win it!”

    Nicole threw her Poké Ball high up in the air and with a bright flash the little, chubby Pokémon appeared on the battlefield.

    “Ok Swablu, I know you already battled today, but I know you can do it.” Jovi whispered to Swablu in its Poké Ball, before she sent her out.

    Both Pokémon where now standing on the battlefield, feeling the tension and awaiting their trainer’s orders. Also Jovi felt the tension growing and she was afraid that her Swablu wasn’t able to win this match. She was afraid she would lose her first important match. But then she realized she wasn’t going to win this match at all, if she just kept thinking of how nervous she was. She decided to make the first move.

    “OK Swablu go for it and use Peck!” Jovi commanded Swablu.

    “Munchlax…Do your thing and use Metronome.” Nicole said calm, as if she was knowing what move Metronome would produce.

    Swablu aimed for Munchlax and charged at him with its beak ready to Peck him. At that same time Munchlax started waggling its fingers. Swablu was getting closer, but then Munchlax put its hands together and produced a small chunk of ice, which he fired at Swablu.

    “Swablu, evade it!” Jovi shouted.
    Swablu used the wind to gently fly around the chunk of ice, continuing its attack. It hit Munchlax in its belly, which made it spit up a berry that it had eaten earlier. It was covered in saliva, but Munchlax grabbed it and ate it

    (Eewwwww…..That’s just disgusting) both Jovi and Swablu thought at the same time.

    “O-OK….Munchlax….swallow that berry….permanently this time…and use Thunder Wave!” Nicole commanded Munchlax.

    “Swablu, evade it and use Fury Attack!” Jovi said to Swablu.

    Munchlax created a small spark of electricity, and launched a weak jolt at Swablu. It hit Swablu before it could use its own attack. Swablu became paralyzed and was just sitting on the battlefield, unable to perform any kind of action.

    “Ha, try to evade my attacks now!” Nicole said with a grin.

    Jovi formed a small smile on her face and grabbed a Poké Ball. She aimed at Swablu, and called her back to sent her out again. Nicole looked kind of confused but didn’t really care much.

    “OK Swablu use Fury Attack, and don’t stop until Munchlax faints or when I say so.” She said to Swablu.

    “Munchlax use Ice Punch!” Nicole shouted, clearly intimidated by the fact that Jovi still was so confident.

    Swablu flew up and aimed her attacks for Munchlax while soaring down. Munchlax’s fists were getting surrounded by icy winds and small pieces of ice. He aimed them skyward to hit Swablu. But Swablu easily flew around this attack and started to attack Munchlax non-stop, giving it no possibility to make a move.

    Nicole just stood there, unable to bring out a word, just looking at what would happen.

    It didn’t take long to see that Munchlax wasn’t going to hold stand much longer. Swablu prepared herself for a last attack. She flew away from Munchlax a little, giving it some space to attack, before soaring down again to deliver the finishing blow. Munchlax collapsed on the battlefield, unable to continue the battle. The referee declared Jovi the winner.

    Jovi won the battle. She didn’t realize it at first and just stood there. Then Jovi knew she had won, and ran to Swablu to give her a hug. She felt Swablu’s warm and fuzzy wings and felt happy. Then she sent out her Nidoran, and gave it a hug too, although it didn’t really seem as Nidoran was wanting to hug Jovi.

    Nicole walked over to Munchlax, petted it on the head, and returned it to its Poké Ball. Then she walked to Jovi to congratulate her.

    “Well done Jovi, you really put up a good fight.”Nicole said with a smile “This is one which I can learn from, you really made me see I have much to learn. Yet you are so young but also very talented and smart. I am happy to hand you the Baby Coin.”

    “Coin?”Jovi asked confused.

    “Yes, here in Orre we don’t use Badges, we use coins. And after I had a battle with you friend, you will get the hint for the location of the next leader.” Nicole explained.

    Jovi took a closer look at the coin and noticed it had a picture of Munchlax on both sides. A happy feeling came over Jovi, as she realized she won her first leader battle. She thought of it like a big happening but also realized that she had a long way to go.

    “Alright then! I just got a Baby Coin!” Jovi yelled happily.

    “Swaswablu!” (We did it. We really did it!) Swablu cried overjoyed.

    “Niiidooooraaan!” (Yeah, we’ve beaten them, we are so good!) Nidoran cried out proudly.

    - Jovi obtained more information about the quest of Celebi.
    - Jovi got a bracelet from Celebi which allows her to understand what her Pokémon are saying.
    - Jovi and Mike met Dina, another challenger of the Mt. Battle Challenge.
    - Jovi won the Leader battle with Nicole and obtained the Baby Coin.
    - Nidoran revealed some of it's moves and also more is known about her personality.
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  5. Dragonitor

    Dragonitor <- Shiny Hunter

    ----*Chapter 5*----
    Get ready, get set, attack an evil team!

    Somewhere in a hideout, far away from civilization.

    “YOU WHAT!?”

    “I-I’m sorry, we got stopped before we could take the stone.”

    “I will think of a punishment for you, so you won’t mess up again!”

    “But boss, although we couldn’t steal the stone, we gained some essential information.”

    “Out with it!” the boss said angrily

    “Well…..when we tried to steal the stone…this may sound weird, but it’s the truth, we touched the stone and it pushed us away, like there was an invisible wall around it.”

    “Hmmm….getting stopped by an invisible power…”

    “I know it sounds weird but it’s what happened, really!”

    “Shut up…So this stone is really hiding a power, I think this is the stone I’ve….erm…I mean we’ve been looking for. OK, I won’t punish you, this time. You better get ready, we are going to take that stone, so get stronger otherwise you get beaten up again.” The boss commanded the two grunts.

    “But boss, I wanted to ask…”

    “OUT OF MY OFFICE, NOW!” the boss roared.

    “Now you made him mad” one of the grunts said to his more powerful partner.

    “You better keep your mouth shut, or I will be mad too.” The other responded

    “Hey! You better be nice to me, otherwise I will tell the boss.”

    “Hah, as if I´m scared of that boss of me, he isn´t that smart, and he looks amazingly stupid.”

    “Don’t talk about him that way!”

    “Whatever, we better get ready, I want to show that old man that I’m not weak, and if that little girl is still around we also need to take her out too.”

    With that said both went different ways to prepare themselves.


    There it was, the thing that was a proof of her win. The little golden coin blinked in the hands of Jovi. She was sitting in the waiting room, where she went after her battle with Nicole, to wait for Mike, who was battling her now. Jovi’s Swablu sat on her shoulder and her Nidoran was sitting next to her on a chair. All three of them were proud of their achievement, although it was just the first leader, it meant that they were capable of defeating strong trainers.

    “I’m proud of you two, you were amazing. And although this is just the first, I’m convinced that we can take them all.” Jovi said happily.

    Bluswablublu! (“Don’t give us all the credit, you were the one who led us to victory!”) Swablu cried overjoyed.

    Nidor…. (“Whatever….”) Nidoran spoke grumpy.

    Both Jovi and Swablu were stunned by the fact that Nidoran wasn’t happy about the win.

    Swaswablu! (“Aren’t you happy that we won?”) Swablu asked.

    Ninidoran! DoranNidoran! (“Don’t be so proud and happy, this was just the first, we have 11 more to go.”) Nidoran responded.

    Blubluswabluswa! (“Hey knock it off miss grumpy!”) Swablu cried out, who was getting more angry with every sentence Nidoran spoke.

    Dodoran?! (What’s wrong with being objective?!”)

    “Stop it! Both of you!” Jovi shouted angrily. “You are now going back into your Poké Ball and I don’t want to see you argue next time I sent you out.”

    Swabl-! (“I’m not arguing, I’m ju-!”)

    Swablu couldn’t finished her sentence since Jovi already returned her to her Poké Ball.


    Back at the hideout

    “Why did you called us boss?”

    “To ask if you are already finished with your preparations. I thought of a plan that cannot fail. So are you ready? Because we can leave if you are.” The boss said calm.

    “I-I’m ready boss.” One of the grunts stuttered.

    “And how about you?” the boss asked the other one.

    “Well, actually I was wondering if I could ignore your plan and just take revenge at 2 people who stopped me before?” he answered.

    “Of course, and after that we will swim in a sea of gold and wish for the eternal life!” the boss shouted angrily. “Now follow me! We are leaving for Agate Town!”


    It didn’t take long afterwards before Mike walked through the door in the waiting room. As soon as he came in he showed off his brand new and shining coin. Jovi congratulated him and both went out of the waiting room and to the Pokémon Centre.

    When their Pokémon were healed they went outside.

    “Hey Jovi since we both defeated the leader, we must be equally strong, so how about a battle? Mike asked.

    “Sure, my Pokémon could use a win, it would certainly increased their confidence.” Jovi answered with a grin.

    Both trainers went to Eagun and asked if they could use the battle field. Eagun agreed and they took places at the battle field.

    “How about a double battle Jovi?” Mike asked.

    “Whatever you want, I don’t really care.” Jovi responded.

    “OK then, let’s get started! Scyther, Spheal, c’mon it’s time to battle!” Mike said and threw his Poké Balls into the air and a second later the two Pokémon had appeared on the battlefield.

    “We are so going to win this! Swablu and Nidoran, let’s get them!” and also Jovi threw her two Poké Balls into the air and her Pokémon appeared on the battlefield.

    “Granddad, would you want to be the referee?” Mike asked.

    “Sure Mike, I would love to.” he responded. “OK the first one wh-”

    “Yeah, yeah, we know it, let’s just get started.”Mike interrupted Eagun.

    “Swablu, Sing those two to sleep! And Nidoran cover your ears and after that use Double Kick on Spheal!”

    “Scyther use Fury Cutter, Spheal go nuts and use Blizzard!”

    All of the Pokémon started their attacks. Swablu was the first and sang a nice, dreamy, sleepy song. Spheal and Scyther were having a hard time to stay awake, while Nidoran couldn’t hear a thing since he covered his ears and was hiding underground by using Dig.

    When Swablu finished her beautiful song, Nidoran came out of her underground hiding place and ran straight to Spheal to Double Kick it.

    Mike just smiled when this happened and said: “Spheal use Snore!”

    Just before Nidoran could hit Spheal, he opened its mouth and made a harsh noise which stopped Nidoran and blew her back a little.

    Then Jovi told her Swablu to use Peck and her Nidoran to use Poison Sting on Scyther. Since both Scyther and Spheal were asleep, and the use of Snore couldn’t prevent the other Pokémon from attacking, both attacks landed successfully on Scyther, giving it a hard time to hold stand. But this also made him wake up.

    As soon as Scyther woke up his eyes began to glow and he got covered in an light green aura. Jovi was surprised because she never saw this before, a Scyther that was illuminated with green light.

    Mike smiled and said: “Good job Jovi, you just activated my Scyther’s ability, Swarm. Now watch closely, this is going to be fun. Well at least for me. Scyther take them out with X-Scissor!”

    Scyther started dashing towards Swablu and Nidoran with his scythes glowing and ready to cut through anything, while being still covered in the green aura. The attacked sliced both Swablu and Nidoran, but they sustained the great damage taken.

    “We don’t give up yet, Swablu use Peck and Nidoran go for it with your Poison Sting!”

    Both Pokémon dashed to Scyther to take it out. But this time Nidoran’s paw got covered in poison instead of the usual barbs.

    “Scyther stop them and use X-Scissor again!”

    Scyther prepared his attack in order to stop the attacking Pokémon. Spheal still was asleep and it was obvious that it was enjoying this little nap. As both Pokémon came closer, with Swablu in front, Scyther sliced Swablu and sent her flying towards Jovi. Nidoran however managed to dodge the attack, and stabbed Scyther with her paws, which caused Scyther to faint.

    Both trainers were down to one Pokémon each. Each called back their respective Pokémon. Then Jovi checked her P*DA to see what move Nidoran just used.

    “Alright it learned Poison Jab, now it gets more interesting!” Jovi said happily. “OK, Nidoran Poison Jab, full power!”

    “C’mon Spheal! Enough of this sleep already! WAKE UP! Use Snore! Anything! Just stop sleeping!” Mike said getting more frustrated by the sentence.

    Nidoran’s paw got, once again, covered in poison. She pulled back her paw to jab Spheal right in his face. Spheal rolled over and over until he tackled it’s trainer. Mike got up only to see that his Spheal didn’t survive and fainted.

    “You tried your best Spheal, that’s what counts.”Mike whispered to Spheal as he returned him to its Poké Ball.

    “Well done you two, and congratulations Jovi.”Eagun said when he walked towards both trainers. “Jovi, was that a P*DA you used to check the new move of your Nidoran?”

    “That’s right” Jovi answered.

    “That reminds me,” Eagun continued “Mike I also have one for you, I forgot to give it to you before you left to Mt. Battle.

    Eagun put his hand in a pocket from its coat and revealed a P*DA, a small device with a blue color with a size that had a lot in common with a PokéDex although this one had a more unusual shape.

    “Wow thanks, this will be of a great help.” Mike said with a big smile.

    “And now it’s my turn to give you something” someone said. Nicole revealed herself. She had been hiding behind one of the pillars around the battlefield all the time.

    “First off, what an amazing battle, it’s wonderful to see such talent among the younger generation. Keep this up and you will collect the other coins in no-time.” Nicole said. “Second I forgot to give you the hint of the location of the next leader. And as another prize for winning against me you may have a device called a TM.”

    “A TM?” Both Jovi and Mike asked.

    “Yes, TMs, short for Technical Machines. It will teach your Pokémon a move instantly. Normally these devices would break after one use, but recently they made new ones that can be used forever.” Nicole explained.

    “And how does the teaching work?” Mike asked.

    “Well, you got your P*DA. Insert the disc in the P*DA. Next, put your Poké Ball into the small holder that will pop-out then. And finally press the OK-Button on the touch screen of your P*DA and your Pokémon will have learned the move of the TM.” Nicole answered.

    She handed over two small papers and a TM to Jovi and Mike. The TM looked like a CD and had a grey color.

    “This TM will teach your Pokémon Attract. This will make your opponent’s Pokémon fall in love with your Pokémon instantly, however the opponent’s Pokémon must be from the opposite gender. And here have this too.” Nicole said.

    Nicole also handed over a small case, which looked like a several piled CD cases.

    “This can hold any TM you might get, find or buy.” Nicole said happily before walking away.

    “Well, it’s getting late, let’s go and eat something.” Eagun suggested.

    Mike and Jovi put the TM, which had a label on it saying: “TM 45, Attract” in the case and put it in their backpacks. Then they followed Eagun to eat dinner.

    That night, when Jovi lied in her bed, she thought about all what happened today. Battling Nicole, getting her first coin, learning about TMs and her Nidoran learning a new attack. And with those thoughts she fell asleep.


    In the middle of the night half a dozen of bird Pokémon flew over Agate Village. These bird Pokémon were mounted by several grunts, including the two Jovi encountered before. They kept hovering in center of Agate Village, exactly where the Relic Stone was standing.

    Then, from each bird a rope was thrown down, and a grunt came climbing down. When they set foot on the solid ground, they were all standing around the Relic Stone. The moment one of them tried to touch it a bright light flashed shortly two times.

    At that same time, in Jovi’s dream, there also flashed two lights, shortly. And a voice called and yelled for Jovi.

    “Jovi they are back! Hurry!!! You can’t do this by yourself! Bring some other trainers! HURRY! HURYYYYYYYY……..!”

    And with that the voice faded away, and Jovi woke up immediately, her forehead covered in sweat and her heart was beating like crazy.

    She got out of her bed, put on some clothes and ran to Mike’s room. She rammed on the door and yelled at him to get out of his bed. Mike opened the door, his thoughts still in his dreamworld. She told him about the thieves at the Relic Stone, commanded him to get Eagun, Nicole and some other strong trainers. And ran away while saying that she would go ahead.

    She ran nonstop until she reached the entrance of the cave where two guards stopped her from entering. After roughly 30 seconds she convinced them to come along and see for themselves. They ran until they reached the end, only to see that six thieves were discussing on how to take that stone away. Jovi did several steps forward and spoke: “You stop right there, all six of you!”

    The thieves were surprised to see that someone actually had seen them. One of them walked towards Jovi and the guards.

    “Well, well, well, look who decided to mess with us again. Do you remember me girl?” he said.

    Jovi suddenly recognized the voice as the man who used the Jumpluff against her last time.

    “From the look on your face I can tell you remember me. But enough with the chitchat, let’s make some fun. What about a double battle, two of us against each one of you? What do you think?” he asked while grinning evilly in between.

    Jovi realized she didn’t really had a choice. So everyone took places and the battles started. One of the guards sent out his Nuzleaf and Parasect against the opponent’s Hoppip and Lombre. The other guard had to fight two Chatot with her Butterfree and Beautifly. Jovi had to face the exact same grunts she battled before. The clumsy and the bossy. (“Oooh…those are nice nicknames for them”) Jovi thought.

    They sent out a Jumpluff and a Lotad. Also the same Pokémon she faced before. They Jovi sent out her Nidoran and Swablu.

    “Let’s play, Jumpluff finish it instantly by using Solarbeam.” the bossy one said.

    “Lotad, let’s win this battle now. Use Water pulse!” the clumsy one said.

    “Alright, Swablu use Peck, Nidoran use Poison Jab. Both on Jumpluff, and dodge that Solarbeam and Water Pulse if needed!” Jovi commanded her Pokémon.

    “Hah, why including that ‘if needed’? Like if my attacks won’t hurt you.” The bossy laughed.

    Both of Jovi’s Pokémon readied their attacks, Swablu flying with its beak glowing and Nidoran running with her paw drawn back, covered in poison, to hit Jumpluff. Lotad made a pulsing ball of water and shot it Swablu, who easily flew around it, and Jumpluff….did nothing.

    “WHAT!? Why aren’t you doing anything Jumpluff?! Just use your Solarbeam already!!” the bossy shouted angrily.

    “Ha, you aren’t that smart, since it’s dark Solarbeam will not be charged or charged very, very slowly.” Jovi said while she chuckled.

    “Well, then Jumpluff use Tackle.”

    When the bossy said that, Swablu already pecked Jumpluff and Nidoran just hit Jumpluff with her Poison Jab. But Nidoran wasn’t fast enough to dodge the Tackle of Jumpluff. This made Nidoran fly all the way across the battlefield, landing in the bushes. Luckily Nidoran came walking out of the bushes, without looking too damaged. Jumpluff however looked like he could use a nice healing session. But it also had a faint purple color on the spot that Nidoran hit it.

    Just before Jovi could tell her Pokémon which move to do next, a common voice yelled: “Stop right there! You won’t get away!”

    Nicole, Eagun and Mike came running out of the cave, along with some other trainers.

    “I brought you some trainers like you asked.” Mike said.

    “Thanks Mike, you really helped out.” Jovi said happily. “Are you in the mood to defeat some idiots?”

    “No need to,” Eagun spoke “Nicole, the others and me will handle it from here. I want you two to inspect Agate and look for any other suspicious characters and drive them away.”

    So both trainers left, a bit disappointed that they couldn’t defeat the thieves, to look for any bad people.


    The next morning Jovi was up early. She already ate something when Mike got out of his bedroom. They greeted each other and Jovi went to her bedroom to pack her stuff, because last night they both decided that they would leave today, while Mike would get something eat.

    Jovi was halfway packing when her P*DA made a bleeping noise. She was getting a call! She grabbed the P*DA and answered the call. On the small, but HD, screen the face of Lily appeared.

    “Hey there Jovi, how are things?” she asked.

    “Great, I won the first battle, and I got a nice travel partner.”Jovi answered happily.

    “Good to hear, but now to the point. The reason why I called you is that both Prof. Krane and me want you to come to the Pokémon HQ Laboratory. We need you for something.” Lily said more serious.

    “Is it bad?”Jovi asked concerned.

    “No honey, nothing’s wrong. But can you get here anytime soon?” Lily responded.

    “I don’t know, I see what I can do. When I know I send you a mail.” Jovi said.

    “That’s OK. Well, I gotta go. I hope to see you soon.” Lily said before turning the chat off.

    Jovi continued packing and waited for Mike to pack his stuff afterwards. Then she informed him about the call she got and asked him what to do.

    After a few seconds Mike answered: “I know it. Come with me.”

    They walked through Agate Village until they stood for a cheap looking building. Jovi recognized it immediately. It was the Agate Transport Shop. There were Pidgeots outside of the shop, as usual. But this time there were obviously less birds outside. Mike and Jovi walked through the shop doors.

    “Ah, hello Mike and Jovi.” Eagun said as they entered the shop.

    “Hey Eagun” Mike and Jovi said simultaneously.

    “Hello there Mike” the shop owner said. The woman looked she was in her late thirties, had long brown hair, wore an orange shirt, blue jeans with a black belt and black leather boots.

    “Hey mom.” Mike greeted the woman.

    “WOW, wait up, she’s your mom, and she runs this shop.?” Jovi asked.

    “Yup, the Agate Transport Shop, or ATS for short. Anything wrong with that?” Mike said.

    “Nope, just want to make sure.” Jovi laughed. “Anyways, Eagun did you managed to arrest those thieves last night?”

    “Well, we got three of them, the others fled.”Eagun answered. “Currently three of our best trainers are escorting them to a nearby police station,”

    “Using my Pidgeots” Mike’s mom promptly interrupted.

    “Yes using your Pidgeots.” Eagun said a bit annoyed. “So what brings you here?”

    “Jovi got a call from her parents, and they asked if she could come over as soon as possible.” Mike answered. “So I thought we could use my mother’s Pidgeots.”

    “You can’t use the Pidgeots that are outside of my shop but I have some spare Pidgeots in the back of my store. Let me get them for you.” Mike’s mother replied.

    “Does that mean that you will be leaving Agate Village now?” Eagun asked Mike.

    “Yup, but I will return.”Mike said happily. “Maybe just to visit you, or because I have things to do here.”

    Then Mike’s mother came back with two Poké Balls. She handed them over, and said goodbye to her son before he left the store.

    Both trainers sent out the Pidgeots and mounted them. They took off and got on their way to the Pokémon HQ Laboratory.

    - Jovi's Nidoran learned Poison Jab.
    - Mike's Scyther is revealed to have Swarm as Ability.
    - Mike's mother is revealed to be the owner of the ATS.
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  6. Dragonitor

    Dragonitor <- Shiny Hunter

    Chapter 6

    ----*Chapter 6*----
    Are you Dexin’ it?

    Mike and Jovi were on their way to the Pokémon HQ Laboratory using the Pidgeots they could borrow temporarily from Mike’s mother. Jovi had her Swablu out of its Poké Ball so it could fly along. After roughly 10 minutes Jovi could already see the Laboratory. They started to slow down and gradually flew lower until they reached the lab. Mike and Jovi dismounted their Pidgeots and returned them to their Poké Balls.

    Immediately Lily came walking out of the building and gave Jovi a big hug. The trio walked inside to the office of Prof. Krane. As they walked in Prof. Krane greeted them.

    “Hello Jovi, nice to see you again.”He said happily to Jovi. “And welcome…ehm…Mike was it?”

    “Nice to meet you sir.”Mike replied.

    “Hey dad, why did you need me here?” Jovi asked.

    “Ah, sharp as always.” Prof. Krane said. “Well, first do you both have a P*DA which has a Pokédex?”

    “Yes.” Mike and Jovi said simultaneously.

    “Can I have them for a second?” Prof. Krane asked.

    Both trainers handed over their P*DA. Prof. Krane plugged them in his computer and downloaded something on the P*DA. After the download finished he gave back the P*DAs to their respective trainers.

    “Now they have a talking function, although it also gives this them a certain personality, and your Pokédexes are updated. I hope it will help you a little.” Prof. Krane said. “Why don’t you try it out on your Pokémon?”

    At this both Jovi and Mike sent out all of their Pokémon and aimed the P*DA at them.

    “Hello, Jovi. I am P*DA 4.3, your assistant in Pokémon and any other information you might need.” A friendly woman voice spoke.

    “Uhm…..Hello…..can you give me some info about my Swablu and Nidoran?” Jovi asked a bit surprised.

    “Of course I can.” Jovi’s P*DA said. “Aim me at them please.”

    As Jovi aimed her P*DA at her Pokémon her P*DA spoke.

    “Swablu, the Cotton Bird Pokémon. Swablu hates it if it’s dirty around them, so they wipe of dirt with their wings. Nidoran, the Poison Pin Pokémon. Although Nidoran doesn’t prefer to fight, one drip of its poison can be fatal.”

    “Wow, that’s awesome.” Jovi said happily. “Thanks.”

    “Now it’s my turn.”Mike exclaimed excited.

    “Ow, great…..I get the boy with the sweaty hands. I’m P*DA 4.3…bla…bla..bla and everything that other one said.”Mike’s P*DA said with a grumpy male voice.

    “HEY! My hands aren’t sweaty!”Mike shouted, clearly getting angry. Jovi, Lily, Prof. Krane and Jovi’s P*DA chuckled. “Can you give me information about my Pokémon?”

    “Well, next time say please, but for this time it’ll do.” Mike’s P*DA said.

    “Great, why do I get this P*DA with a habit to annoy it’s owner?”Mike said.

    “Hey, like if I’m pleased with the current situation!” Mike’s P*DA shouted at Mike. “Anyways to the point. Scyther, the Mantis Pokémon. The sharp scythes on its forearms become increasingly sharp by cutting through hard objects. It also rarely uses its wings to fly. Spheal, the Clap Pokémon. Spheal rolls across ice floes to reach shore because its body is poorly shaped for swimming. It is completely covered with plushy fur. As a result, it never feels the cold even when it is rolling about on the ice floes.”

    “Thank you.” Mike said.

    “I almost forgot to tell you that the Pokédexes are connected with each other so they sent data from seen Pokémon to the other so you don’t have to scan a Pokémon twice.” Prof. Krane said happily. “Moving on to the next thing. Jovi do you remember we set up an excavation site to search for fossils in the deserts of Orre?”

    “Yup, you used the money my big brother shared from the bounty on Greevil with you.” Jovi answered.

    “OK then. Well lately we’ve been getting reports of them with the message that their research is hindered by harsh sandstorms. Now you would say that this isn’t weird, but in that area there are almost no sandstorms, and this one hasn’t subsided yet.” Prof. Krane told Jovi.

    “OK, so why do you tell me this?”Jovi asked.

    “I wanted to ask you if you could go investigate what is causing these sandstorms. I could go, but I have my research to do and I don’t have good Pokémon to protect me.” Prof. Krane answered.

    “What do you think Mike? Should we go?” Jovi asked Mike.

    “Well, although we can’t continue with our challenge it will be a good opportunity to see and catch new Pokémon and to train our current ones.” Mike answered. “But Prof. Krane how do you know that we have good Pokémon to protect ourselves?”

    “Ah…That’s where my last subject is about. I wanted to ask if you would battle me and my current assistant Afred in a double battle.” Prof. Krane said.

    “Sure, bring it on!” Mike and Jovi said simultaneously.

    A couple of minutes later Jovi, Mike, Afred and Prof. Krane were standing outside of the lab.

    “Ok let’s get started, each trainer is allowed one Pokémon!” Prof. Krane said.

    “Go Sentret!” Afred yelled and threw his Poké Ball in the air. In a burst of light a brown Pokémon with rabbit like ears, a white circle on its belly and who was standing on its tail.

    “Come on Togepi!” Prof. Krane said and Togepi burst out of its Poké Ball.

    “Sentret, the Scout Pokémon. Sentret have a very nervous nature. It stands up high on its tail so it can scan wide areas.” Jovi’s P*DA noted.

    “Togepi, the Spike Ball Pokémon. Togepi transforms the kindness and joy of others into happiness, which it stores in its shell.” Mike’s P*DA exclaimed.

    “Alright, Scyther, let’s play!” Mike said and threw his Poké Ball. In a flash of white light Scyther appeared on the battlefield.

    “Let’s go Nidoran!” Jovi yelled and Nidoran appeared with a burst if light on the battlefield.

    “Togepi, use Ancient Power on Nidoran!”

    “Sentret help Togepi by using Helping Hand!”

    “Nidoran, Poison Jab, now!”

    “Scyther take them out and use X-Scissor!”

    Sentret began cheering on Togepi, which now got covered in a white light. Scyther ran across the battlefield, aiming for Sentret, readying his attack. Togepi formed a light grey ball between its paws and shot it right at Nidoran, who flew way back into a small bush. At that same time Scyther had sliced Sentret with its X-Scissor who now was lying on the battlefield having a hard time to get up again.

    “C’mon Nidoran, I know you can get up again! Don’t give up yet, show them what it means to be strong!” Jovi cheered on Nidoran.

    Then light shined from the bush and after a few seconds the light faded again. A larger Pokémon than Nidoran came walking out of the foliage, but it still had the same blue-ish color.

    “Nidorina, the Poison Pin Pokémon and the evolved form of Nidoran. When Nidorina senses danger, it raises all the barbs on its body. These barbs grow slower than Nidorino's.” Jovi’s P*DA exclaimed.

    “Alright then, you evolved Nidorina! Let’s show them what evolution can do with a Pokémon!” Jovi said while she checked the moves of Nidorina. “OK, use Poison Fang, full power!”

    “Scyther take Sentret down with Quick Attack!” Mike commanded his Pokémon.

    Nidorina charged at Togepi, while her fangs got a purple glow. Scyther dashed over to Sentret and knocked it out immediately.

    “Togepi use Hidden Pow-” Prof. Krane wanted to say, but it was already too late. Nidorina had bitten Togepi and that was too much for it, so it was now lying unconscious on the battlefield.

    After each trainer had called their Pokémon back and gave them a compliment for their given efforts the trainers went back into the lab again. Prof. Krane told them about the location of the excavation camp and gave both Mike and Jovi some Poké Balls. Then they both said goodbye to Lily and Prof. Krane and went outside again where they sent their Pidgeots out to transport them to the excavation site.

    “Pidgeot, the Bird Pokémon and the evolved form of Pidgeotto. Pidgeot spreads its beautiful wings wide to frighten its enemies, it can fly at Mach 2 speed and his wings can make a gust of wind that’s capable of bending tall trees.” Jovi’s P*DA exclaimed.

    “Thanks,” Jovi said. “Let’s go to that camp and see what’s wrong.”

    The trainers mounted their birds and got on their way to the camp. While in the air Jovi saw that their P*DAs also had a music register. Now they could record songs they would hear on their journey.


    After roughly 30 minutes they arrived at the camp and walked around a bit until someone shouted: “HEY! What are you doing here! This is private area!”
    A man in a brown outfit, that the most of the people who worked there wore, short black hair and who’s age probably was around the early twenties, ran to Jovi and Mike.

    “Get out of here immediately! Or I will use force to make you go!” he shouted angrily at the trainers.

    “HEY! Will you knock it off! We are here to help with the sandstorm problem!”

    Jovi shouted back at the man. “We were sent by my dad, Prof. Krane!”

    “I don-….What are you saying?” The man asked surprised.

    “We came to investigate the source of the sandstorms. My mom and dad sent us here.” Jovi explained again.

    “Oh…well in that case I’m sorry I shouted at you earlier. My name is Chase and this is my buddy Drilbur.” Chase said.

    Next to the man stood a small black and dark blue Pokémon. It had long white sharp claws and a white nose with at the end a pink color. Jovi grabbed her P*DA and aimed it at the Drilbur.

    “Drilbur, the Mole Pokémon. Drilbur can dig through the ground very fast. It does this by putting both claws together and spinning around rapidly.” Jovi’s P*DA said.

    I’m the head of this excavation camp and I’m glad someone is here to help us.” Chase said more relaxed now. “I guess that you want some information about it first. Well these sudden sandstorms started a few weeks ago at the spot we were digging for fossils. At first we taught it would pass by in a few hours, a few days max. But it never stopped so we grabbed the most important things and moved to this small emergency camp. Every day we sent someone out to check if the sandstorm subsided, but apparently it doesn’t. So could you be so kind and see what you can do about it?”

    “If you can give us something to transport us through the desert we’ll see what we can find.” Jovi answered.

    “Hmmm……Oh, I already know something.” Chase suddenly exclaimed. “Wait here, I’ll be right back.”

    While they were waiting for Chase to return, Jovi and mike saw two strange Pokémon that walked around the camp. A brown colored Pokémon that looked like it glued a shield against his forehead.

    “Shieldon, the Shield Pokémon. Although Shieldon is outstandingly armored, it is still weak to attacks from behind.” Mike’s P*DA said.

    The other one looked like a blue snail with tentacles and a small brown shell on its back.

    “Omanyte, the Spiral Pokémon. Omanyte is revived from a fossil and able to rise and sink by adjusting the amount of air stored in its shell.” Jovi’s P*DA exclaimed.

    “So there were Pokémon in ancient times already!” Mike said excited. “Maybe I will find a Fossil or even find a never discovered ancient Pokémon.”

    “Keep dreaming Mike…Keep dreaming…” Jovi said.

    Then Chase came running back with two keys in his hands. He gave one of them to each trainer.

    “Ok these are keys for Desert Quads.” Chase said. “They will ride easily and fast through these areas. Well, are you ready to go?”

    “Yeah sure, but one question. I saw you have some Pokémon walking around here. Why don’t go look for yourself?” Jovi asked.

    “Pokémon?.. Ah you mean Omanyte and Shieldon?” Chase said. “Those are Pokémon that we revived from Fossils and we study their behavior and many other things. They aren’t used for battling and besides those ancient Pokémon have never seen anything like a Pokémon battle so how can they know how battle.”

    “OK then, Mike let’s go and find out what’s causing those sudden sandstorms.” Jovi said while walking over to the Desert Quads, which Chase showed her.

    When they both sat on their quads Chase showed them in which direction they needed to ride. So Jovi and Mike drove away and after a couple of minutes they could see some sort of dusty whirlwind ahead of them. Close to that there was a small sort of tent. As the trainers came closer a man came walking out of the tent. When they got off their quads and walked over to the man, he grabbed a Poké Ball.

    “Get away from here or I will attack you, this is a private observation area!” he shouted.

    “Is everyone in this desert like this?”Jovi said to Mike before turning to the man. “Calm down will you? We’re here to help with the sandstorm problem. Chase sent us.”

    “Really? Well in that case I won’t stop you.” The man said while putting his Poké Ball away and walking back into his tent.

    “Weird…” Jovi said. “He could at least introduce himself or something like that.”

    Just when she said that the man came walking out again.

    “Here have these.” He said. “These are special goggles which protect your eyes from the blowing sand. And I’m Jack the assistant of Chase.”

    He handed over the goggles to Jovi and Mike, who put it in their backpacks.

    “I assume you want to hear my progress in the research, as it may help you on your way.” Jack said. “I already found out these sandstorms aren’t natural and that they are either created by a Pokémon or by a machine. Furthermore it seems that these storms are moving the sand on the surface, revealing a fossil now and then. My theory is that someone is using a machine or a Pokémon to keep our people away from there and getting the fossils for itself.”

    “Interesting theory Jack. Well, thanks for the info and if you don’t mind we are going to see for ourselves what’s going on.” Mike said while pulling Jovi with him.

    They approached the storm and put on the special goggles. As soon as they entered the sandstorm they were blown back.

    “How are we going to investigate this if we can’t go in there?” Jovi tried to ask Mike, while yelling over the loud noise the sandstorm was making.

    “Let me think.” Mike answered. “Let’s see, we have the goggles, but we don’t have something to protect our bodies from the sandstorm. How can we do that?”

    “Wearing very thick and protective clothes?” Jovi asked sarcastically.

    “Very funny Jovi.” Mike responded. “But I have a better idea. Spheal let’s roll!”

    Mike sent out his Spheal who clearly wasn’t happy with the environment he currently was settled.

    “You are going to use Spheal?”Jovi asked.

    “Yup, come over here, stand close to me.” Mike said and Jovi walked over to Mike. “OK Spheal use Protect and walk in front of us.”

    Spheal rolled in front of the trainers and created a green and white colored ball around himself, Jovi and Mike.

    “Good thinking Mike!” Jovi said happily. “Now we can move on.”

    They walked into the sandstorm and they looked around for any signs of the origin of the storm. After a while they got into a spot where they were surrounded by the sandstorm but the trainers themselves weren’t.

    “This is weird…” Mike said.

    “Looks like a trap.” Jovi said a bit scared. “You can come in here, but it looks like you are trapped in the sandstorm and you can’t leave unless you find a way to stop the storm.”

    “Don’t worry, we just use my Spheal’s Protect again and we can leave this place.”Mike said.

    And just at that moment the sandstorm began to whirl harder around the spot. The open spot began to shrink, the storm was enclosing them! The ground began to shake. Then a small burst of dust blasted out at the other side of the open spot.

    - Both Jovi and Mike obtain a talking P*DA.
    - Jovi's Nidoran evolved into Nidorina.
    - Jovi's Nidorina is revealed to know the move Poison Fang.
    - Jovi and Mike obtain special goggles for in the sandstorm.
    - Mike's Spheal is revealed to know the move Protect.
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    Chapter 7:Source of the Sudden Sandstorm

    ----*Chapter 7*----
    Source of the Sudden Sandstorm

    “I told you it was a trap!” Jovi shouted at Mike.

    “Calm down, we have our Pokémon with us.” Mike said calming to Jovi “And I bet it’s just a little digger.”

    At that moment on the place where the dust had been, ground was thrown into the air. That thing was coming to the surface.

    “Mike, are you sure we can handle this?” Jovi asked scared.

    “We have to!” Mike said confident. “Get ready and brace yourself.”

    The ground began to shake even harder and with a loud cracking noise the Pokémon burst out of the ground. When the dust settled a little, Mike and Jovi saw a huge green monster in front of them. It had a blue stomach, several black spots on its body and some pointy things were sticking out of its back.

    “Tyranitar, the Armor Pokémon and the evolved form of Pupitar. Tyranitar can’t be harmed by any attack and is likely to challenge anyone. It has the power to change landscapes and due to its insolent nature it doesn’t care about that.” Mike’s P*DA said.

    “A LITTLE DIGGER?! YEAH RIGHT!” Jovi shouted at Mike. “Now we have to fight a giant, sturdy and rocky monster!”

    “Well, it’s worth a try.” Mike said. “Let’s roll Spheal!”

    Spheal walked…rolled….got in front of Mike ready to battle.

    “This is never going to work, but I also have nothing to lose.” Jovi said. “C’mon Nidorina, fight!”

    Jovi threw her Poké Ball and Nidorina appeared next to Spheal in flash of light. Mike going to give an order to Spheal but just before he could do that.

    “WAIT! STOP! Hold this battle spirit.” Jovi shouted out. She grabbed her P*DA once again and searched something on it. Then out of nowhere this music was played by it.

    “Wha…..how…..What?!” Mike asked confused.

    “Didn’t you know?” Jovi said happily. “Our P*DAs do have a Music Recorder. They can record any music we want and play it back afterwards. The music you hear right now is just a little soundtrack that was already programmed on mine.”

    “WHY!?” Mike shouted.

    “Because I thought it would be fun to battle with a nice music playing in the background.” Jovi answered. “Anyways let’s get started!”

    “Alright Spheal, Water Pulse, now!”

    “Nidorina use Double Kick please.”

    At this the two Pokémon started. Spheal opened his mouth and created a blue pulsing water ball and shot it at Tyranitar, Nidorina ran straight for Tyranitar and saw the Water Pulse which shot past her. Tyranitar however made a ball which looked like a small sandstorm in a ball. It shot the ball at the Water Pulse which cancelled each other out. Nidorina pulled of an impressive Double Kick and hit the Tyranitar in its face, who roared after that.

    “Good job Nidorina!” Jovi cheered on.

    “Too bad ours didn’t hit, but Spheal let’s try it again! Use Water Pulse, two after each other!” Mike said.

    “What are you doing?” Jovi asked confused.

    “Just wait and see.” Mike said confident.

    Spheal created one ball of pulsing water, shot it at Tyranitar and fired of another one quickly. Tyranitar made a ball of whirling sand again and shot it at the Water Pulse. The first one got cancelled out but the second one kept going and crashed into Tyranitar, who fell on its back but got up fairly quick again.

    He stamped on the ground and a rock burst out of the ground. He split it up into several tiny pieces with sharp edges, which were fired at Spheal. These tiny stones sliced and crashed into the tiny ball Pokémon. After the dust settled a bit Spheal was knocked out.

    “What….How?” Mike stuttered while returning Spheal.

    “Stone Edge, a Rock attack which does more damage sometimes. And this attack was a super effective move on Spheal.” Jovi explained calmly.

    “Well that’s too bad then, but I still have Scyther left.”

    “WAIT NO!” Jovi shouted. “ If Tyranitar uses Stone Edge again your Scyther will be even hurt worse than Spheal, let me try to finish this. If I can’t, you can always use Scyther.”

    “Ok then, c’mon Nidorina show that Pokémon that we aren’t losing now!” Mike cheered on Nidorina.

    “Alright then, Nidorina….Water Pulse?!” Jovi said confused while checking Nidorina’s Moves on the P*DA.

    Nidorina formed a small blue orb in her mouth and shot it at Tyranitar. This time however Tyranitar didn’t made a ball of whirling sand but became cloaked in a red aura, his eyes began to glow red, it started to rage and smashed the Water Pulse away and ran straight for Nidorina.

    “Jovi that’s Outrage! Watch out!” Mike warned.

    “Ok this is all of nothing. Nidorina, use Counter!” Jovi shouted.

    Nidorina began to glow red and white and made sure she stood firmly. Tyranitar rammed into Nidorina with great power. Nidorina’s aura began to glow brighter and with a unknown power she knocked the Tyranitar back. With this Nidorina collapsed and Jovi called her back, giving it a compliment for battling with such power and courage. But then Mike and Jovi saw that Tyranitar wasn’t getting up either.

    “Should we catch it?” Mike asked a bit unsure.

    Right after he said that a couple of Pokémon jumped out of the sand. One looked like a miniature version of Tyranitar and the other one looked like a silver cocoon with a mask.

    “Larvitar, the Rock Skin Pokémon. Larvitar are born deep underground and eat soil. After it has eaten enough it goes to sleep to grow.” Mike P*DA noted.

    “Pupitar, the Hard Shell Pokémon and the evolved form of Larvitar. Pupitar’s body is as hard as bedrock but it still can move freely. By storing pressurized gas it can launch itself like a rocket.” Jovi’s P*DA said happily.

    The Pupitar and Larvitar began digging around Tyranitar and after a few seconds the whole bunch of Pokémon disappeared underground. Soon after the sandstorm began to subside and both trainer’s could look around and saw the beautiful scenery of the desert. High sand hills and the continuously moving sand uner the bright sun.

    “Well I think the problem is solved.” Mike said happily.

    “I don’t know yet, I think this is just temporarily.” Jovi said a bit worried. “My feeling says it will return after it restored from this fight. But then, what does a Tyranitar in this area? What’s here that isn’t anywhere else? Anyways let’s return to the camp and report that he sandstorm is gone.”

    While walking back to the camp they made sure to give back the goggles to Jack. But before that Mike suddenly tripped over some sort of rock. The trainers took a look at it and Mike’s P*DA said: “Although I don’t really like to help you anyway I must say that this isn’t a stone. It is a Fossil, but I don’t know what sort of Fossil. I suggest you should take it with you to the base camp.”

    “WOW, a real Fossil and I found it!” Mike exclaimed overjoyed.

    “Hm…so your wish became real, at least a little bit. You found a Fossil.” Jovi said.

    “Yeah, I guess you’re right.”

    “Maybe I should wish more, so they can grant mine too.”Jovi said chuckling.

    They went to Jack’s tent but he said they could keep the goggles. Then they got on their Desert Quads again and drove back to the camp. While riding Mike asked Jovi: “Hey Jovi, do you think I would be a good archeologist?”

    “I don’t know, the only way to find out, it to try it out.” Jovi answered.

    And with that they didn’t say anything until they arrived at the base camp.

    “JOVI! MIKE!” Chase yelled. “How did it go? Tell me everything! What did you find?”

    “Well, the sandstorm subsided after we had beaten a Tyranitar.” Jovi explained calm. “But after we had defeated it, some of its minions came and took it away, so our sandstorm source may return.”

    “I can’t thank you enough! I will make sure that we are prepared so we can defeat it ourselves next time.” Chase said happily “I should inform everyone that we can go back to our old camp.”

    “Yeah…about that.” Mike began. “We looked around a little and there was no sign of the existence of your old camp. I’m afraid it got destroyed in the sandstorm.”

    “Well….uhm….That’s something that can’t be helped, we just have to rebuild it. But it’s getting late, you probably should spent the night here because it can be very dangerous in the desert at night.” Chase said. “I will ask someone to prepare a tent and some beds for you. And do you also would like some dinner?”

    “Sure” Mike and Jovi said simultaneously.

    So the trainer spent the rest of the day and evening walking around the camp, looking at the researchers and extinct Pokémon. At some time they noticed everyone got into their tents to get some sleep. Chase came walking over to them.

    “Hey, you should go to your tent, everyone is going to sleep around this time. So goodnight, and I will see you tomorrow.”

    “Wait! Chase, I wanted to ask you something since we returned. I found a Fossil, don’t ask me how it got there, but I just found it. Now I was wondering if you could revive it for me.” Mike asked a bit shy.

    “Of course we can, although it takes some time. So give I to me, then it should be done by tomorrow.” Chase answered.

    “Does it takes that long to revive a Fossil?” Mike asked surprised.

    “Well we have to clean it first, do some research and things like that. The reviving process doesn’t take much longer than a minute.”

    Mike handed over his Fossil and got to his tent. That night he couldn’t sleep because all he could think of was what his Fossil could be. Maybe an Omanyte or a Shieldon. Eventually he couldn’t stay awake and slept until he woke up again early in the morning.

    He got out of his bed and went outside. He saw several people already working again including Chase. Mike ran over to Chase to ask how it’s Fossil was doing. Chase said he had to follow him and they went inside a big tent in the middle of the camp. In that tent there was a large table with some Fossils on it, a large iron machine and a lot of books about Fossils. There was one thing that looked of place in there. In the middle stood a small pillar with a pillow on it. On that pillow lied Mike’s Fossil.

    “Uhm…Chase…Why is my Fossil apart from the rest, and why is on that pillow?” Mike asked a bit confused.

    “Well, Mike you better get excited because you have a very special Fossil.” Chase said while smiling. “Come and take a closer look. Before I tell you what’s so special about it I want you to see the beauty of a Fossil. The mysteries they hide, the things that we can learn from them and the things we learn from them contain even more secrets and mysteries. That’s why I became an archeologist.”

    “Wow, you’re right, it gives me a feeling that many more mysteries are awaiting me.” Mike said while staring at the Fossil.

    “Moving on, about your Fossil. We discovered something amazing when we studied it. Before we revive a Fossil we can already check it’s attacks and conditions. So when we checked yours we saw something shocking.” Chase said.

    “What? WHAT!?” Mike said getting more curious each minute.

    “Calm down, you will see it when it’s revived.” Chase said chuckling. “Now get on our battlefield. You need to capture it just like you would with a regular wild Pokémon.”

    So Mike went to the special battlefield next to the tent. He saw a small tunnel coming from the tent. It probably was needed to get the ancient Pokémon from the machine on the field.

    “Alright guys, time to revive a Fossil!” Chase said while preparing the machine.

    Someone put the Fossil in the machine, while another one was changing the settings of the machine.

    “OK. 3…2…1…REVIVE!!!” Chase yelled and he started the machine.

    It made a lot of noise and a light flashed in the machine. After a couple of seconds the machine became quiet again and out of the tunnel appeared a Pokémon on the battlefield.


    Meanwhile Jovi was getting dressed.

    “Jovi….Jovi….Joooooviiiiiii…..HEY JOVI!!!” Jovi’s P*DA shouted.

    “Yeah what’s up?” Jovi asked still a bit unusual out by the fact she talking to a machine.

    “Do you remember that Tyranitar from yesterday?”

    “How can I forget that thing?” Jovi asked insulted.

    “Well, didn’t you noticed anything about his way of battling and acting?” Jovi’s P*DA asked a bit serious. “Nothing at all? Nothing unusual?”

    “No, but I never seen such Pokémon before, so you can’t blame me.” Jovi answered. “But why do you ask me?”

    “Well I suspect it was genetically changed by a human.” Jovi’s P*DA said concerned. “It didn’t fought in a way a normal Tyranitar would.”

    “So?” Jovi said. “It fight a little off standard, that’s the best part of Pokémon. They can be the same species but are different in any other aspect.”

    “Jovi, could take this seriously please?” Jovi’s P*DA said alarming. “This isn’t something to take lightly, it could be the beginning of the return of Shadow Pokémon…or…even worse….a new species….Dusk Pokémon.”

    “Dusk Pokémon!?”

    - It is revealed that the P*DAs can record and play music.
    - Jovi's Nidorina is revealed to know the move Water Pulse.
    - Mike finds a Fossil.
    - Mike and Chase are reviving the Fossil.
    - Jovi learns about the existence of Dusk Pokémon.
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    A little note before: I updated the Character biographies with pictures of the characters, so you know how I see them. ;)

    ----*Chapter 8*----
    The Dawn of a revived Fossil and Dusk Pokémon​

    “You heard me, I think that Tyranitar was a Dusk Pokémon.”

    “What exactly are Dusk Pokémon? I know what Shadow Pokémon are but I’ve never heard of Dusk Pokémon.” Jovi asked nervous.

    “Do you have the time for a little history lesson?” her P*DA asked.

    “Sure, tell me!” Jovi exclaimed.

    “OK, some explorers and Rangers once discovered a temple, now known as Dusk Temple. In the Dusk Temple were ancient texts and pictures about Pokémon being completely immune to all attacks and getting an enormous power boost. This was at a cost though, the Pokémon didn’t had any feelings left, didn’t care about anything and the effect couldn’t be undone, not even by the purification of Celebi. In that temple was a close description of how to make a Dusk Pokémon. The Rangers and explorers promised to protect this methods so they couldn’t be used by criminals. Now this is what’s I’m worrying about. I think that these methods were discovered by criminals and that the Tyranitar of yesterday was an experiment that escaped.”

    “So there’s really no way to undo this Dusk thingy?” Jovi asked a bit scared.

    “Well, as far as we know there isn’t.”

    “That’s horrible, we should make sure that no one makes Dusk Pokémon!”

    “How would you do that?! First off I’m not sure if I was right about that Tyranitar. Second we don’t know where to look and last if we want to do that right now it would be searching for a needle in a haystack!” Jovi’s P*DA exclaimed.

    “So we can’t do anything right now?” Jovi asked sadly.

    “I’m sorry Jovi, I feel sorry that I told you about this” her P*DA said.

    “It’s not your fault, let’s just keep our eyes and ears open for any hints that can help us.” Jovi cheered happily.

    “We are going to stop those Dusk Pokémon! But first, let’s go see what’s Mike doing right now, he’s already out of his bed.”


    Meanwhile Mike was getting ready to capture his revived Fossil. Suddenly a small Pokémon with two claws and four white feather looking things with a red tip sticking out of each side of its body. It had a orange color.




    “Shouldn’t you be giving me information about this Pokémon?”

    “Yeah right! If I’m going to give you info again. I did this a couple of times now, you should look for info by yourself from now on.”

    “Aww…C’mon you were programmed to do this! And we have to keep each other company since you are MY P*DA!” Mike shouted at his P*DA.

    “I didn’t chose to be your P*DA! I was just randomly given to you!” Mike’s P*DA shouted back.

    “Can you please give me some info, please?” Mike begged.

    “….Alright then, but just because I can’t stand it when you’re begging like that.” Mike’s P*DA said grumpy. “Anorith, the Old Shrimp Pokémon. Anorith hunts prey by using its claws in ancient times. Over time his eight feet were replaced by wings. And before I forget to tell you…don’t you see anything different from my picture of an Anorith and the one that’s currently on the battlefield?”

    “Uhm…well it has an orange color instead of pale green.” Mike said a bit confused.

    “……….so……..?” Mike’s P*DA asked.

    “I don’t know, because something went wrong with reviving?” Mike said unsure.

    “HEY WE DIDN’T DO ANYTHING WRONG!” one of the archeologists yelled.

    “Are you really that stupid?! Or just blind!?” Mike’s P*DA exclaimed. “It’s a shiny nitwit!”

    “REALLY!?” Mike yelled overjoyed. “WOW, this makes it even more special! You are so gonna be mine! Let’s roll Spheal!”

    Mike threw his Poké Ball and with a burst of shining light the blue ball Pokémon appeared on the field.

    “Let’s start with Rollout!” Mike commanded.

    Spheal started rolling at high speed, aiming for the Anorith. She however created a light sphere between her claws and shot some rocks from it.

    “Spheal dodge them and keep going, you are doing great!” Mike yelled.

    Spheal nimbly dodged the launched rocks and rolled over Anorith, turned around and was rolling at Anorith again, but this time it looked like he was rolling with more power.

    “Good job, keep going, we are going to win this in no time!” Mike yelled with a voice of excitement.

    Anorith’s claws began to glow purple and with incredible speed it launched itself at Spheal and made an X shape when hitting Spheal, although he kept rolling and rammed into Anorith. Both Pokémon seemed to suffer from the attacks, but Spheal recovered itself quickly and just kept rolling, faster and faster.

    “Yeah that’s the spirit! We almost got it!” Mike shouted, clearly unable to hold back his excitement.

    Spheal had reached a speed that Anorith couldn’t keep up with so it was hit again by Rollout. Spheal stopped rolling abruptly and Anorith lied on the field, struggling to get up.

    “Alright, let’s catch it Poké Ball NOW!” Mike yelled and threw a Poké Ball at Anorith.

    She transformed into red energy and got sucked up in the sphere. The Poké Ball fell on the ground and began shaking back and forth while the button in the middle flashed with a red light. Then suddenly the ball cracked open and the ball flew back at Mike, who caught it with his left hand.

    “Too bad, but we just keep up the spirit! Spheal Blizzard, FULL POWER!” Mike yelled.

    Spheal opened his mouth and blew out an horrifying ice wind which swallowed up Anorith. After the ice settled down it appeared that Anorith was frozen. A large chunk of ice was now standing at the spot where Anorith was standing a few second before.

    “Now it can’t escape for sure! Let’s catch it this time! Poké Ball NOW!” Mike shouted and threw the same Poké Ball again.

    Also this time Anorith got sucked up into the sphere and it began shaking back and forth. Until a bleeping noise was heard and the ball stopped shaking. It took a few moments for Mike to realize that he caught the Pokémon.

    “YEAH!! I caught it! I just captured an Anorith!” Mike exclaimed happily. Spheal cheered him on in the background.

    Chase came running to the battlefield and congratulated him with his new Pokémon. They both walked out of the field and they ran into Jovi, which was on her way to Mike.

    “Hey Jovi, wanna have a battle against my newly obtained Pokémon?” Mike asked excited.

    “Sure, why not, let’s go.” Jovi answered.

    So the trainer went to the battlefield and took places at each side.

    “Before we begin, give me a minute to do something.” Mike said to Jovi.

    “Oh boy.” Jovi said when she heard he selected a background music for their battle.

    “What?!” Mike asked. “Why can’t I use it when you could against the Tyranitar?”

    “Never mind.” Jovi said chuckling.

    “Let’s roll Anorith!” Mike yelled.

    “Show yourself Swablu!” Jovi exclaimed.

    Both trainers threw their Poké Balls which burst open and in flashed of light the Pokémon appeared on the battlefield. As the Anorith appeared a few stars flew around it and disappeared again.

    “Wait…That’s a Shiny Anorith! That’s incredible!” Jovi said cheery.

    “See! Even she sees it. And she didn’t actually found the darned thing!” Mike’s P*DA shouted at Mike. “This proves my point of you being a nitwit!”

    “Just zip it already! Anorith use Rock Blast!”

    “Swablu defend yourself! Use Cotton Guard!”

    Swablu flapped it wings rapidly, creating a barrier of soft cotton in front of her. Anorith made a small light sphere between her paws and shot several rocks at Swablu. These were swallowed by the thick layer of cotton created by Swablu.

    “Anorith, Cross Poison!”

    “Swablu dodge it and use Sing followed by Peck!”

    Anorith, which was faster than you would expect, aimed for Swablu and readied its attack, it’s claws getting covered in a purple glow. Swablu however flew up, so Anorith couldn’t reach her. Then she sang a song that looked like a song a mother sings for her child when it can’t sleep. Almost instantly Anorith fell asleep and Swablu got over to the Peck. Soaring down to the little Pokémon, beak first, it stabbed it with its beak and flew up again.

    “ANORITH WAKE UP! CONTINUE! PLEASE AWAKE!” Mike shouted at his Pokémon.

    This did help because the Anorith woke up and was ready to battle again.

    “YES! Alright Anorith show them an Ancient Power!”

    “Try to dodge it Swablu and then use Peck again.” Jovi cheered on Swablu.

    Anorith created a grey colored orb between its claws and shot it Swablu, which didn’t expect such fast attack and got hit directly. This made her fall down to ground and she crashed into it.

    “Get up Swablu you can do it!” Jovi supported Swablu. And Swablu flew up again, although she looked like she couldn’t hold stand much longer.

    “Use Ancient Power again!”

    “Dodge it and use Cotton Guard!”

    Mike’s Anorith again created a ball of grey light and shot it Swablu, but this time with greater power and faster. This caused Swablu to get hit again and fell unconscious on the field.

    “Good job Swablu, you gave what you could.” Jovi said while returning her Swablu.

    “Good job Anorith, although I don’t really get what happened with that last Ancient Power.” Mike said happy and confused at the same time.

    “….Do I really have to tell you everything?” Mike’s P*DA sighed. “Ancient Power sometimes boost the speed, power and defenses of a Pokémon, something you just saw happening for your own eyes.”

    “Wow, thanks, I didn’t know that.” Mike said happily.

    “Tell me something I don’t know.” Mike’s P*DA said sarcastically.

    “Hey Mike, I was wondering if you could pack your stuff. We need to continue with our challenge.” Jovi asked.

    “Sure, why don’t you go first and I heal up my Anorith.” Mike suggested.

    “OK then I’ll see you in five minutes in our tent.”

    Jovi had just entered their tent when she got a call. She grabbed her P*DA, clapped it open and answered the call.

    “Hey Jovi, how are things at the excavation camp?” Prof. Krane asked. “Are you having a good time?”

    “Hey dad everything is fine here.” Jovi answered happily. “We discovered what was making those sandstorms, and Mike got a Fossil which he revived and it appeared to be a Shiny Anorith!”

    “That are some incredible things to discover, aren’t they?” Prof. Krane said. “But what exactly was causing those unnatural sandstorms?”

    “It was a Tyranitar, but we managed to defeat it. Although it still escaped. Oh, before I forget to tell you…..”

    “What? Why did you stop talking?” Prof. Krane asked worried.

    “Well….may I say it P*DA?”

    “Sure, maybe your dad can make things clear.” Jovi’s P*DA answered.

    “What’s going on?” Prof. Krane asked.

    “To be honest, my P*DA suspects the Tyranitar was a Shadow or even a Dusk Pokémon.” Jovi explained.

    “NO…It can’t be!” Prof. Krane said alarming. “Ehm…don’t worry Jovi, just continue with your challenge, I will see what I can do. And please keep me up to date if you discover more of these Pokémon.”

    “OK dad, I’m going to hang up then, I need to pack my stuff so we can travel further.” Jovi said. “Bye dad, hope to see ya soon again.”

    “Bye Jovi.” Prof. Krane said and hang up.

    Jovi returned her P*DA to her pocket and started to pack her stuff. When she was done Mike finally showed up and started packing too. Jovi went outside so Mike could pack his stuff without getting distracted by her. While waiting she decided to take a look at the second leader hint.

    Hint of the location:
    You can see me from far away,
    and if you want to battle you can’t take the stairway.

    Hint of the leader:
    Just fight and you’ll see,
    when you battle you can’t flee from me.​

    Jovi thought about it and began scanning the hint, piece by piece.

    (“You can see me from far away.”) She thought (“So it has to be a tall building or tower.”)

    (“and if you want to battle you can’t take the stairway.”) she mumbled (“So that means there MUST be an elevator to take you up. So that would mean it should be a tower…”)

    “Hey P*DA, I have two questions for you.” Jovi said.


    “First, I really hate to call you P*DA. Don’t you have some sort of name?” Jovi asked.

    “Well, I never was programmed to have a name….just call me P then. As short for P*DA. Okay?” P asked.

    “Sure, that’s already better then P*DA” Jovi said happily. “Now my second question. Could you scan the map of Orre on any high buildings or towers?”

    “Sure, give me a sec.” P said.

    “No wait!” Jovi suddenly shouted. “Just scan on towers only.”

    “No problem.”

    A minute later a ‘ding’ sound pointed out that P was done scanning.

    “My scanning resulted that there are two tower like buildings in Orre. The lighthouse in Gateon Port and Realgam Tower.”

    “That’s it!” Jovi exclaimed. “That must be the hideout of the next leader! Now we only have to wait for Mike to get ready and we can set of!”

    After a few more minutes Mike was ready to go and both trainers said goodbye to Chase and his crew. They flew over the deserted areas and even saw Phenac City in the distance. Very soon they already could see the massive high tower that called Realgam Tower. In the past few years they built two other towers next to the already existing one. Jovi noticed that the three towers weren’t as bright as they were on the pictures that Jovi had seen.

    They descended and soon they soon before the entrance of Realgam Tower. A big fountain stood in the centre of the place. Three iron doors with a small Poké Ball mark on it led each to one of three towers. The towers and several small chambers were connected by mini train rails and small platforms that rode over those rails served as transport method.

    “Ehm…Jovi…Which door should we take?” Mike asked.

    “None.” Someone said.

    Jovi and Mike turned around to see a woman dressed in a typical uniform that would suit a facility like Realgam Tower.

    “I’m sorry but the power has been out for a few days now, so we use Abra to transport people from here to other places in Realgam Tower.” the woman said.

    “Abra, the Psi Pokémon. Abra sleeps 18 hours a day since the powers it uses ask a lot of energy. Although it sleeps it can sense danger and teleports if threatened.” P noted.

    “Well let’s use the Abra then.” Jovi said.

    (“Well there has to be a first time for anything.”) Mike thought.

    So both trainers walked with the woman to the Abra.

    “Ok, just stand right here.” the woman said. “Alright, this will do. Abra, Teleport!”

    Abra began waving its arms it a hypnotic and mystical way and began glowing pink. Jovi and Mike were surrounded by purple and pink waves and sparkles. And in a flash of bright white light they stood in a big round hall. There was a reception desk, an elevator and some other doors, whos should led to other rooms with games or shops.

    “Excuse me,” Jovi asked a bit shy. “Were can we challenge the trainers of Realgam Tower, so we can challenge one of the leaders from the Mt. Battle challenge?”

    “Oh, I’m sorry dear.” the receptionist said. “The power is out, so the elevator and other stuff around here is out of order.”

    “Why?” Jovi asked concerned. “Can we help out?”

    “Thanks for the offer, but we already have someone helping us.” the receptionist answered. “An angry Pokémon is causing some trouble in our Power Room. A trainer, just like you who also does the challenge of Mt. Battle, is trying to get rid of it.”

    Just as she finished her sentence a loud crash could be heard. Mike and Jovi looked around and saw some smoke coming from behind the door with a sign on it saying: “Power Room”.

    The door was slammed open and no other then Dina, the girl they met in Agate Village who was acting rude and grumpy against them, came walking out.

    “UGH! That darn Pokémon is not a piece of cake.” Dina raged. “But I swear that Pokémon will be down next time! … Hey….I know you….ehm….ah I know again. You were those two wimps I met in Agate. What are you doing here?”

    “Also nice to see you again Dina.” Jovi responded calm. “We are here to challenge the second leader if you don’t mind.”

    “What!? Are you saying you could win against that stupid trainer with the Baby Pokes?” Dina asked surprised. “Well it’s no shock, since she wasn’t that strong. I wonder if you could beat me. But now it’s not the time or the place, I need to heal my Pokémon and try to get rid of that stupid Pokémon in there!”

    After that she walked away, still mad and raging about her loss against the Pokémon in the Power Room.

    “Ehm…May I try to see if I can help with the problem?” Jovi asked slowly to the receptionist.

    “Well, sure if you want I’m not going to stop you.” She answered.

    “Are you nuts!?” Mike said concerned. “You won’t stand a chance!”

    “You said what now!?” Jovi shouted. “How can you know that?! You can’t be seriously comparing me to that Dina girl are you!? Well, I don’t care I go in there and help if I can!”

    With that said Jovi walked into the Power Room slamming the door shut behind her.

    - Jovi learns in depths details about the history of Dusk Pokémon and the species itself.
    - Mike's Fossil is revealed to be a Shiny Anorith.
    - Mike's Shiny Anorith is revealed to know the moves Cross Poison, Ancient Power and Rock Blast.
    - Mike and Jovi travel to Realgam Tower for their next leader battle
    - Jovi is going to try to solve the problem in the Power Room of Realgam Tower.
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  9. Dragonitor

    Dragonitor <- Shiny Hunter

    ----*Chapter 9*----
    Powerhouse of the Power Room

    As Jovi slammed the door shut behind her she noticed how dark it was in there and she had nothing to light it up. This made her afraid and scared to move on, afraid of what could happen, where she could trip over or what she could ran in to.

    “Wow, it’s pretty dark in here .” P suddenly said. “Don’t you have a match or a flashlight to look around?”

    “Nope,” Jovi replied. “But can’t you light it up P?”

    “Maybe if I adjust some settings.” P responded. “Ah, this would do just hold the touch screen in the direction you want to light up.”

    Jovi grabbed her P*DA and moved it around. To her surprise the light of her P*DA was bright and luminous enough to light up big parts of the room. Now she saw what the room looked like. Old iron stairs in front of her, some old generators, cables and rusty pipes. Jovi slowly descended the stairs and carefully looked around. The path was straight and at the end was a door, probably leading to a newer and more modern power room. As she walked she was startled several times by small sparks of electricity coming from some of the old generators.

    When Jovi reached the door her hands were shaking, because she remembered the moment Dina came out of this room. What was behind this door, must be strong to cause so much smoke and loud crashes. She slowly pushed the door open and immediately a bolt of electricity was shot at her, luckily it didn’t hit her but only the door. She carefully tried to look again and saw a wild, angry and wary looking cat. It was blue at the front and black at the back and it had a small yellow star shape at the tip of its tail.

    “Shinx, the Flash Pokémon. Shinx’s fur can shine very bright, so it can flee when endangered.” P recorded. “It can be me, but it looks confused and scared. I don’t think it’s aggressive naturally, someone or something must have made him like this.”

    “Maybe but then I have to calm it down.” Jovi suggested. “Any ideas?”

    “Well, it’s looks hurt so maybe an Oran or Sitrus Berry would work.” P answered. “But if you don’t have those a Potion or something like that will work too.”

    “Let me check.” Jovi said while searching in her bag. “Ah, I got it.”

    Jovi pulled out a small box with a berry sign on it. She opened it and in it there were several berries including Oran, Pecha, Leppa and Sitrus Berries.

    “I had a small berry garden back at the lab, so I took some with me in this handy box.” Jovi said smiling.

    She grabbed one Oran and one Sitrus Berry and left her bag behind. While getting low to the ground she slowly approached the Shinx, who was glowing faint and looked angrily at Jovi.

    “Don’t worry little guy, I won’t hurt you.” Jovi whispered. “See? I have nothing but these Berries with me. These can be yours, you just have to stop charging yourself with electricity. I know that you are hurt so let me help you. Please.”

    Shinx seemed to be more relaxed but still didn’t really looked comfortable yet. Jovi was getting closer, her left arm stretched out holding the two Berries.

    “C’mon I know you want them.” Jovi still whispered. “Take them, they are yours. But you have to promise me you won’t attack me.”

    Shinx looked and thought for a moment and realized Jovi wouldn’t hurt him, at least not yet.

    (“How can this little guy can make such mess?”) Jovi thought while Shinx took the Berries. (“Maybe there is more than just this little Shinx.”)

    Shinx had eaten the two Berries and seemed stronger than before. I looked at Jovi like he wanted more.

    “What’s up boy?” Jovi asked friendly. “Do you want some more?”

    At this Shinx responded by jumping up and down while cheering happily.

    “How about this? I’ll take you with me to a Pokémon Centre and then you get more of these Berries ok?” Jovi asked.

    Shinx seemed afraid but the thought of getting another Berry made him go with Jovi. Jovi stood up and walked to the door, followed by Shinx. As they reached the door, it burst open and a lion like, black and white Pokémon with a black horn at the right side of its face stood where once the door was.

    “Absol, the Disaster Pokémon. Absol fled deep into the mountains since it is chased away by many people. They do that because they believe it’s the source of disasters.” P noted. “Jovi, I need to warn you, this Pokémon looks strong, and it’s owned by a Trainer. I don’t know who or why but I suggest you try to grab your bag and flee.”

    “No way, I don’t know why this thing is preventing me from leaving with Shinx but I won’t leave this little fellow behind.” Jovi said. “Maybe this is why Shinx was hurt and why Dina was defeated.”

    “Ehm Jovi…Just grab your bag and leave now!” P yelled. “You can’t do this! Let someone else take care of this!”

    At this Jovi picked up Shinx, who didn’t like this and flashed a bright white light blinding the Absol. Jovi also picked up her bag and ran for the exit still holding the Shinx.

    “How did you do that?” P asked stunned.

    “Well I suddenly reminded the info you gave me and I put that into use.” Jovi replied while still running and holding the struggling Shinx. “I’m sorry Shinx, but it was the only way to get away without battling or putting you in danger.”

    Meanwhile Absol recovered from the blindness and began chasing Jovi. But Jovi already ran up the small stairs and slammed the door wide open to slam it shut again afterwards.
    Out of breath Jovi stood in the middle of the hall. Mike and the receptionist looked at her with shocked faces.

    “Everything alright?” Mike asked concerned. “What happened?”

    “…*puff*…..There was a Pokémon………” Jovi explained with much effort. “…it wanted to stop me from…….taking Shinx with me………”

    “You better go see the nurse and take that Shinx with you it also doesn’t look really good.” Mike suggested. “I will make sure someone else will take care of that Absol, someone with a better experience -…”

    “…- Like the Mt. Battle Leader.” the receptionist interrupted. “You go and we make sure that he will take a look.”

    The Jovi slowly walked away, still holding Shinx in her arms. Once arrived at the Pokémon Centre Nurse Joy immediately made sure Shinx would get a good rest, just like Jovi. But she didn’t want to rest, she wanted to stay by Shinx’s side to look after him. Shinx still acted distrustful against other people except Jovi.

    A few hours later Jovi had fallen asleep next to Shinx who was slowly awaking right now. It yawned and looked around to see where it was. Then he saw Jovi next to him and touched her gently with his paw. This made Jovi moan a little and didn’t move. Shinx kept touching her until Jovi rwoke up.

    “H-Hey Shinx…” Jovi said a bit sleepy. “You are awake again. Nice to see you are feeling better already.”

    She petted him on the head, stood up and walked to the door. Shinx jumped of the bed and tried to stop Jovi from leaving the room.

    “What’s the matter?” Jovi asked friendly. “Don’t you want to be alone? Or do you like me that much?”

    Shinx growled cute as response and jumped agile on Jovi’s shoulder.

    “Do you want to go with me?” Jovi asked surprised.

    Shinx looked happily to Jovi.

    “Well, if that’s what you want.” Jovi said while grabbing a Poké Ball.

    At this Shinx jumped of her shoulder and looked scared.

    “What?” Jovi said. “Are you afraid of these things? Do they remember you of the past? If you want I will let you out of your Poké Ball until you are ready to go in there, but I have to put you in there at least one time otherwise you can’t come with me.”

    Shinx still looked afraid but also really wanted to go with Jovi.

    “You may touch it yourself if you want, I won’t throw it if you don’t want to.” Jovi offered.

    Shinx slowly walked to Jovi, afraid of the Poké Ball and the bad experiences he had with them, and carefully touched the Poké Ball. It clapped open and Shinx turned into red energy and got sucked up into the Poké Ball. It turned and twisted a few times before it gave a ‘ding’ sort of noise.

    “Alright! I got a Shinx” Jovi yelled. “Come on out Shinx, rise and shine!”

    Jovi threw her Poké Ball and in a burst of light Shinx appeared again in front of her, growling cutely.

    “I kept my promise see?” Jovi said lovely. “And you don’t have to go in there again until you want it yourself, deal?”

    Shinshishinx Shinxxx (“T-Thank you, now take me with you. I promise I won’t be useless.”)

    “C’mon let’s go look for my friend Mike.” Jovi said and Shinx got on her shoulder again.

    A few minutes later they were standing in the same large hall as before. Mike was talking to the receptionist and when he saw Jovi he ran to her.

    “Hey Jovi, feeling better now?” Mike asked. “I see Shinx is doing better too.”

    Mike tried to pet the Shinx on the head but he did react by generating electricity and growling angrily.

    “Yeah I’m feeling better and Shinx too.” Jovi chuckled. “It only trusts me now, but I will work on that. It seems that he was abused or treated badly by its previous owner or maybe just one person he didn’t know.”

    “Great…wait you said you will be working on that? Does that mean, you captured it?” Mike asked surprised.

    “Yup, it didn’t want to be alone anymore and didn’t trust other people so it felt save for him to stay with me.” Jovi replied happily.

    “That’s nice for you and very good for Shinx, now it can get used to humans and maybe even act nice to them again.” Mike said. “Anyways, the Mt. Battle leader, whose name is Luke, has taken a look in the power room and every sign of the Absol was gone and he’s willing to battle us today. Are you ready for that?”

    “I hope so,” Jovi replied a bit insecure. “but how do you know about the Absol, I never said what kind of Pokémon tried to stop me.”

    “From Dina.” Mike said while pointing to her. She was standing next to young man, around his twenties with a brown cowboy hat, brown jeans, brown leather boots and a black jacket. It resembled a cowboy a lot. “Luke said we could do a Triple Battle against him, although Dina didn’t really want that, but I think Luke will force her eventually.”

    “Alright!” Luke suddenly called. “It’s settled then, Mike, Jovi and Dina, you will battle me in a Triple battle. And since the power’s back on again, we can start immediately. Follow me to the elevator.”

    The followed Luke and stepped into the elevator. Luke walked away to another elevator. Mike, Dina and Jovi were transported up, not saying a word against each other. As the elevator reached its destination, the doors slid open and bright light blinded the trio for a moment. But then they stepped out of the elevator and for their eyes was a massive battlefield with tribunes around it which were crowded with people who were excited to see the battle. There also was a large board, probably used for recording scores and such things.

    At the other side of the field Luke had already taken place. The trio walked up to their places and each grabbed one Poké Ball.

    “Are you ready?” Luke asked. “The rules are simple, the first side who knocks out ALL of the other’s Pokémon will win. Each of you is allowed one Pokémon and I’m allowed to use three, which is logical. So think before you sent out your Pokémon.”

    The referee was taking its place at the side of the battlefield and the crowd was getting more excited.

    “You…” Dina said at a very angry voice. “You better do good or otherwise I won’t forgive you. I won’t look stupid in front of all these people.”

    When she said that Dina grabbed Jovi by her arm. Shinx jumped of Jovi’s shoulder and gave Dina an electric shock.

    “WHAAAAA!” Dina screamed out. “Why did you do that!?”

    “He doesn’t like other people except me.” Jovi explained while she chuckled. “OK, Shinx I want you on the battlefield.”

    ShinShinx!! (“I won’t disappoint you!”) said and jumped on the field.

    “Alright let’s do this Anorith!” Mike yelled and threw his Poké Ball. In a flash of light Anorith appeared on the battlefield, followed by several stars flying around it for a short time.

    “You two have useless Pokémon!” Dina said grumpy. “Now watch what a real strong Pokémon looks like. Bibarel, it’s your turn!”

    Dina threw her Poké Ball high into the air and when it burst open a beaver like Pokémon appeared. It was standing on two legs, had his two front teeth out of its mouth, a large tail and a brown fur.

    “Bibarel, the Beaver Pokémon. Bibarel make dams which never overflow. They are also know as industrious workers.” P recorded.

    “The blue side has chosen their Pokémon, Bibarel, Shinx and Anorith. A very special Shiny Anorith! Look at it folks, this is something you won’t see much. And Luke, what Pokémon will you be using today?”

    “Let me show ya.” Luke said and threw three Poké Balls into the air and three Pokémon appeared.

    The first one looked like a big horse that was covered in fire. The second one looked like a big brown bear with a yellow circle on its stomach. The last one looked like a wood elf. It had with hair, covering its whole head, leaves as hands and had a brown body color.

    “Rapidash, the Fire Horse Pokémon. Rapidash can run incredibly fast and it also knows how to dazzle people using it’s fiery manes.” P noted.


    “Why aren’t you recording the Pokémon?!” Mike said frustrated.

    “No need to, her P*DA will do all the work, I will just be here as your funny sidekick.” Mike’s P*DA responded.

    Mike groaned and let it go, focusing itself on the battle again.

    “Ursaring, Hibernator Pokémon. Ursaring likes to scratch trees that give delicious berries and it can find berries that are buried underground.” P continued. “Shiftry, the Wickid Pokémon. Shiftry live in the deeper parts of forests and it’s said that it can create strong gusts with the fans on its arms.”

    The large board at the side of the field lit up and the pictures of Dina, Luke, Mike and Jovi appeared with their respective Pokémon beneath it. The crowd hold their breath, waiting for the first one to make a move.

    “Are both sides ready?” the referee asked, with the trainers nodding in response. “Alright then, get set, get ready….and…….GOOO!!”

    “Get going Bibarel! Use Defense Curl!”

    “Anorith use Water Pulse on Rapidash!”

    “Shinx I believe in you! Use Quick Attack!”

    “Rapidash evade by using Flame Charge on Anorith, Ursaring use Hammer Arm on Bibarel and Shiftry use Nasty Plot!”

    Bibarel took lead by curling up like a little ball and began glowing white. Anorith put its claws together, formed a blue pulsing ball of water and shot it Rapidash. Shinx dashed over the battlefield over to Rapidash, who was now engulfed in flames and started running towards Anorith. The heat of Flame Charge made the Water Pulse evaporate. Then Shinx jumped in front of Rapidash, willing to attack but when he saw how big and powerful Rapidash looked he got scared and let loose a bright flash to escape from Rapidash. As the light faded Rapidash’s flames were gone and Shinx was standing far away from Rapidash. Also Ursaring was blinded by the light and couldn’t land a hit on Bibarel. Only Shiftry was able to use its attack and was now glowing with a dark aura with his eyes closed and a mean smile on its face.

    “Bibarel! Use Rollout now!”

    “Anorith try another Water Pulse!”

    “Shinx, Swift please.”

    “Rapidash Sunny Day, Ursaring Fire Punch and Shiftry Solar Beam!”

    This time Rapidash started and shot an orange orb into the sky, intensifying the sunrays. Then Shiftry made his move by shooting a massive green beam at Bibarel, which could just evade it by rolling out of the way, straight for Rapidash.

    “Rapidash use Solarbeam!”

    Ursaring made his way to Shinx, his left arm getting covered in fiery flames. Just as he was able to hit Shinx, the little Pokémon got scared and again let loose an incredible flash of light, which made some of the spectators put on their sunglasses. After the light faded again Shinx was behind Ursaring, his tail began to glow and with a swipe of its tail it fired of a huge amount of starts at Ursaring. Also Rapidash’s Solar Beam didn’t continue and caused Bibarel to roll into her at great speed. This gave Jovi an idea, but she decided not to use it right away.

    “Good job Bibarel. Just keep going!” Dina cheered on her Bibarel.

    “Anorith, Cross Poison on Shiftry!” Mike commanded.

    “Shinx use Fire Fang and aim for Shiftry!” Jovi demanded.

    “Shiftry defend yourself by using Silver Wind! Rapidash evade by using Flame Charge and Ursaring use Cross Chop!”

    Both Shinx and Anorith made their way to Shiftry, Shinx’s fangs getting covered in fire and Anorith’s claws were glowing purple. Shiftry began waving its arms rapidly, creating powdery scales which covered the whole battlefield. Shinx, Anorith and even Bibarel were blown back and were now at their side of the field, cornered by Ursaring, Shiftry and Rapidash, who were all ready to deliver a hard and finishing blow.

    “What now?!” Mike said panicky.

    “I don’t know…why should I help your Pokémon?” Dina responded grumpy.

    “Jovi, do you have any ideas?!” Mike asked Jovi.

    Their Pokémon were cornered, no chance to escape, trapped and waiting for their opponents to deliver the blow. Ursaring had crossed its arms, Rapidash was complete cloaked in fiery flames and Shiftry was just standing there in case his trainer was going to give him an order. Shinx’s heart was pounding rapidly. Bibarel was getting nervous and started sweating and Anorith was covering her eyes with his claws.

    “O no, What should we do? What’s gonna happen? How will this end….” Mike asked. “Wait a second…why am I asking these things?”

    “I don’t know.” Jovi answered calm. “Maybe because your nervous?”

    “Or you're just stupid.” Dina suggested.

    - Jovi befriends a Shinx.
    - Jovi's Shinx is revealed to know the moves: Fire Fang, Quick Attack and Swift.
    - Dina is revealed to own a Bibarel with the moves: Defense Curl and Rollout.
    - Mike's Shiny Anorith is revealed to know the move Water Pulse.
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  10. Dragonitor

    Dragonitor <- Shiny Hunter

    ----*Chapter 10*----
    Real(gam) Tower Trouble

    “I’m not stupid!” Mike shouted at Dina. “I just asked some questions. Is that illegal or something?”

    “No.” Dina responded calm. “Just forget about it and focus on the battle.”

    “Alright then.” Mike agreed. “Does anyone has an idea that can help now?”

    Jovi slowly started to smile and opened her mouth to give an order.

    “Shinx…” Jovi said quietly and slowly. “Use Flash on my sign. Dina, Mike make sure your Pokémon will flee when my Shinx blinds them.”

    “You heard the girl.” Dina spoke to Bibarel.

    “You know what to do?” Mike asked his Anorith.

    Both Pokémon nodded in agreement.

    “Alright then.” Jovi spoke almost silently as the opponent’s Pokémon were getting closer, ready to attack. “1…2…3…NOW!”

    With a cute growl and a bright flash Luke’s Pokémon were blinded for roughly 3 seconds and when the light vanished the Pokémon of Dina, Mike and Jovi all had disappeared.

    “Let’s turn the table, Bibarel use Hydro Pump on Rapidash!” Dina commanded.

    “Shinx, let’s get fiery, use Fire Fang on Shiftry!” Jovi said happily because her plan had worked.

    “Anorith, let’s cut that bad joke out, also use X-Scissor on Shiftry!” Mike ordered.

    Just like she was asked Bibarel created a small ball of water in her opened mouth, which now revealed some large white beaver tooth, and blasted a huge pressurized stream of water at Rapidash who fell unconscious on the field after Bibarel closed her mouth and stopped the attack. Shinx jumped up high, his fangs were getting covered in fiery flames and bit Shiftry in his long white hair with great power. As he released its fangs from the, now slightly burned, white hair Anorith made an X Shape with his claws and hit Shiftry in his back who also fell unconscious on the battlefield.

    Luke who was now getting nervous, since two of his three Pokémon were knocked out at almost the same time. He called them back and now focused completely on his remaining Pokémon, Ursaring.

    “Ursaring, Hammer Arm on Bibarel, NOW!” Luke shouted.

    “No way, Bibarel, use Rollout to get out of the way and then use Hyper Fang to take it out!” Dina yelled at her beaver Pokémon.

    Ursaring ran over the field his claws forming a fist and raised up in the air. Bibarel curled up and rolled out of the way. Ursaring missed Bibarel but saw chance to hit another one and smashed Anorith with great force on his head. This was too much for it to handle and the extinct Pokémon now lied unconscious on the battlefield. Bibarel however had already uncurled herself and now aimed for Ursaring, its mouth wide open and her fangs having a bright white glow to it.

    “Shinx, when Bibarel is finished, use your Spark to take it down!” Jovi cheered her little Pokémon on.

    Bibarel bit Ursaring in its tail and Shinx was now getting cloaked in electrical sparks and rammed into Ursaring, who fell on its side, unable to continue.

    The crowd had been watching the battle with astonishment. From the unexpected move of Jovi’s Shinx, who saved the day, to Mike’s Anorith getting smashed by a Hammer Arm. After a short silence the crowd started clapping and cheering while Luke, Dina and Mike returned their Pokémon, except for Jovi who let her Shinx climb on her shoulder again.

    Shishi? (“Did I do good?”) Shinx asked cutely.

    “You did great. I mean for a first battle you were amazing.” Jovi whispered happily to Shinx. “Wait….this is your first battle right?”

    Sssshiiinxxxxxxshihinx! (“What’s that supposed to mean!? Can you just go and get your coin thingy?”) Shinx asked insulted and quickly looked away.

    “Alright then….it seems you don’t want to talk about it.” Jovi said a bit saddened. “Well then let’s go and get our coin!”

    The trio walked back to the elevator and waved to the crowd one more time before the doors closed and they started to descend. Slowly they saw how the sandy desert was getting closer to their feet again. The elevator stopped and the doors slid open. As the three of them walked in the great main hall again, Luke was already waiting for them.

    “Heya!” he yelled as soon as he saw them. “Good match…good match. Before I give the coins to you I first want to say something to everyone of you. First of Dina, your courage and determination are your strong points, these can help you but you may not forget that offense is not always a solution.”

    Luke handed over the coin and a small CD like disc to Dina who said: “That’s nice of you to say, but may I have my own point of view?”

    “Of course, but now it’s your turn Mike.” Luke continued. “Mike I see you have some good abilities but you also have much to learn. I’m sure that if you will improve your current abilities you can make it far. And last but not least Jovi…..well…..to be honest…I don’t really have anything to say….You have good tactics, you can adjust them at any time and are willing to win, but you don’t want your Pokémon to suffer from your own actions? Am I right?”

    Luke handed over a coin and a disc to Jovi and Mike.

    “Wow, how do you know all this?” Jovi asked surprised.

    “Good question.” Luke responded. “After my years of experience I can easily see weak or strong points of people. Lots of challenger don’t expect that from me but it’s like a secret power.”

    “Well…thank you then.” Mike said. “But what is the TM you gave us?”

    “What…? Oh, yeah the TM.” Luke answered. “It’s a very tricky TM. It’s called Skill Swap. If you see the Ability of an opponent’s Pokémon and you think that your Pokémon could use it better, then use Skill Swap! To sum it up: It switches the Ability from your Pokémon with the targets Pokémon.”

    “Thanks Luke.” Mike said happily. “This could come in handy.”

    “Of course, you nitwits need TMs.” Dina said grumpy. “I just rely on the raw and powerful strength of my Pokémon. I don’t need mechanical things to help me. But since it’s free I will take it with me.”

    And with that said Dina walked away, leaving Mike and Jovi behind.

    “I really can’t stand that girl.” Jovi said angrily. “Always grumpy and so selfish. I wish I could battle her and show her I’m not a nitwit.”

    Like she was commanded to come back Dina rushed over to Jovi.

    “Whahahaha….do you seriously think you can beat me. But since you want it so bad yourself...” Dina said while turning to Luke. “Do you have any battlefield where I can show that little girl over there I actually am strong.”

    “I’m not sure if this is a good idea, but I can’t deny two angry girls can I?” Luke said. “Follow me, we have a special trainer field for trainers that want to prepare for their battles.”

    As they followed him to a door Dina and Jovi were giving each other mean looks while Mike followed and sighed. The door opened and they stepped on the cart. The door closed behind they and the small platform was slowly starting to move. When almost halfway of the route something blasted through the walls of the tunnel, causing the cart to stop abruptly and making everyone fall over.
    As the dust settled they could see who and what made the giant hole in the tunnel. Over there was standing a man with bright blue eyes, long white hair, a black jacket, black pants and black shoes. A scar could be seen on its face. Next to it was standing a white and black Pokémon with a horn coming out of the right side of its face.

    “No…..it can’t be….” Jovi whispered.

    “You……” Dina said angrily.

    “W-What’s happening?” Luke asked scared.

    “Who are you?” Mike asked.

    SHISHINSHISHINX!!!! (“NO….GO AWAY….LEAVE ME ALONE!”) Shinx growled angry.

    “Absssssollllll!” the Absol hissed.

    “What does it say Shinx?” Jovi asked nervous.

    Sssshinx (“I think you don’t wanna know.”) Shinx said scared.

    The man blinked with its eyes, his hair blowing in the wind. He slowly opened his mouth and spoke with a deep sinister voice: “You…girl with the blue hair….”

    He paused for a few seconds then continued: “You…have something…on your shoulder…”

    The man in the black clothes paused again slightly longer then last time and then spoke again: “…Which….I….Believe is mine….Give it to me….and no one will be hurt….”

    Jovi slowly looked to Shinx, who looked at her with great scared eyes.

    Shishishi (“Noooo…please I beg you…..don’t….”) Shinx slowly begged.

    Jovi got on her feet, looked angrily at the man and said: “NO! This Pokémon is begging me not to and since I caught it and since it trusts me I won’t give it to you. I don’t know what you have done or going to do with him but if a Pokémon is so afraid of someone isn’t treated nicely and friendly in the past.”

    “Jovi….just give him the Shinx.” Luke whispered.

    The man stared for a moment, blinked with its eyes and said: “You…made a big mistake….Absol…..it’s a code 14.C……A person is not listening to my orders.”

    Absol nodded and his horn glowed white for a couple of seconds. Then it moved his horn from up to down quickly, creating a big white blade that flew just past Jovi and crashed into the, now destroyed, iron door.

    “You…give me the Pokémon…or get sliced by my Absol.”

    “No, we will not surrender without a fight!” Jovi yelled angrily at the man.

    “Since we’re here let’s join in then.” Luke said while sighing out loud.

    “I’m always in to beat some random person!” Dina said while smiling evilly.

    “It looks like I don’t have any other option left.” Mike said while grabbing a Poké Ball. “Let’s go!”

    “You….people….you seriously think you have what it takes to bring me down?”

    “Yeah!” the four of them shouted simultaneously.

    “Let’s go Swablu!”

    “Battle on! Scyther let’s get started!”

    “Rock ‘n roll Bibarel!”

    “Giddy up Rapidash!”

    With four flashes of bright light the Pokémon appeared. Shinx jumped of Jovi’s shoulder and took place behind Jovi.

    “You…will…go…..down….” the man said and the wind was still blowing through his long white hair. “Absol…use Psycho Cut.”

    Immediately Absol waved its head, while its horn was glowing pink, and fired of several pink blades of psychic power.

    Since the tunnel was rather small and the three Pokémon were standing close to each other an opportunity to dodge wasn’t there. Luckily Swablu could fly above the rest and was small enough to avoid attacks.

    “Bibarel, Protect NOW!”

    Bibarel’s eyes glowed and he created a magical green wall that protected every Pokémon in the tunnel.

    “Good job Bibarel, continue to Protect!” Dina ordered. “Okay the rest of you attack and make sure you stay behind the Protect force field.”

    “Uhm….well my Swablu doesn’t have any Special Attacks at her disposal…” Jovi said a bit disappointed.

    “Yes she does.” Mike said. “Make her sing! As for you Scyther use….dang! My Scyther doesn’t know any Special Moves.”

    “It’s ok, just let him cheer, you will be amazed how that can help the other Pokémon!” Luke said. “Alright Rapidash Fire Blast!”

    “Swablu, I think Absol could use a beauty sleep, use Sing!” Jovi commanded.

    As all the Pokémon started their attacks Scyther walked back and stood behind Mike, who sent out his Spheal.

    “Spheal use Water Pulse!” Mike ordered.

    Rapidash opened his mouth and a 5 pointed fire star shape appeared and was blasted at Absol. Swablu took a deep breath and created all sorts of colorful music notes who were now floating towards the black and white Pokémon. Spheal created a ball of pulsing water in his mouth and shot it straight at Absol. All attacks hit the disaster Pokémon at the same time, creating a huge explosion.
    After the smoke and dust settled from the big blast the Absol was still standing straight up like nothing happened. The mysterious man just stood there with a faint smile.

    “See?” he said with an evil tone in its voice. “Now Absol, Razor Wind.”

    Absol’s horn glowed for a second then Absol waved its head in all directions, creating several white glowing blades of energy. Scyther was looking at it with great interest. The blades crashed into the Protect barrier giving Bibarel a hard time.

    “Don’t give up Bibarel!” Dina cheered on. “You can do it!”

    “Good Absol, just keep going on.” the man whispered.

    All the muscles in Bibarel’s body were slowly getting exhausted and his barrier was becoming weaker with each blade that crashed into it. And then Bibarel fell down on the ground, completely exhausted. Absol was getting ready fire of the final blade, when suddenly a cry could be heard from behind the four of the trainers. Scyther was standing there looking angrily at the Absol. He raised one of its scythes which had a faint glow. Then he quickly slashed it downward creating a powerful white glowing blade of energy. At that moment Shinx fired of a beam of electric energy at the blade. As they hit each other the blade absorbed the electricity and was now charged with it. The electrified blade crashed into the Absol, who now was blown back to its trainer’s feet.

    “W-What?....No…this can’t be!” the man stuttered.

    “Wow, Scyther, what did you just do?” Mike asked excited.

    “I think he learned Razor Wind from looking at Absol.” Jovi responded happily. “And my little Shinx also wanted to join in the action. Did you get your revenge now?”

    Shishishinx! (“What do you think?”) Shinx growled with a smile.

    “You….got lucky…this time.” the mysterious man said threatening. “You…will get crushed…next time I’ll see you.”

    A bright flash blinded the four and as the light faded the man had disappeared. All that was left were the two gaping holes at each side of the tunnel. It was dead silent, only the wind that was blowing could be heard.

    “Is everyone alright?” Luke asked concerned.

    “I think so.” Dina responded. “Only my Bibarel is exhausted.”

    “No worries.” Luke said calming. “On our way to the trainer battlefields is a machine to heal your Pokémon. Let’s go!”

    The four of them moved on, walking through the tunnel instead of getting transported by a little cart, and eventually they reached the end, a closed steel door.

    “Great, now what?” Dina said agitated.

    “Shinx do you think you can give it a little power boost? Long enough for it to open?” Jovi asked to Shinx, who jumped of her shoulder and charged himself. Then he shot an electric bolt at the door, which made a ‘ding’ sound and slid open. They entered the room, Dina healed up her Bibarel and they followed Luke to an empty battlefield.

    “OK, Dina, how many Pokémon are we allowed to use?” Jovi asked.

    “What about 3?” she suggested.

    “That’s fine with me, are you ready?”

    “Of course I am!” Dina responded insulted. “I’m always ready to defeat puny trainers.”

    Both trainers took their sides and the large board at the side of the battlefield lighted up. Dina walked to the board, plugged something in and got back on her place.

    “Both sides ready?” Luke asked. “I will be the referee of this battle, the rules are simple. Each trainer is allowed to use three Pokémon and may switch them out.”

    “Understood.” Jovi said.

    “Just let us begin already!” Dina said irritated.

    “Ok, get ready…set…GO!” Luke yelled.

    “You’re going down! Bibarel let’s fight!” Dina yelled and threw her Poké Ball. In seconds an all too familiar beaver Pokémon was standing on the battle field.

    “Nidorina, let’s go!” Jovi said and a white light burst out of the red and white ball and in no time the light blue Pokémon had materialized on the battlefield.

    On the large board a picture of Bibarel appeared on Dina’s side and a picture of Nidorina was now on Jovi’s side of the board. Both trainers were determined to defeat the other and the Pokémon didn’t felt different. Their blood was pumping through their bodies and all were waiting for the one who would start this battle.

    - Jovi's Shinx is revealed to know the moves Flash, Fire Fang and Spark
    - Mike's Scyther learns the move Razor Wind.
    - Dina's Bibarel is revealed to know the moves Hyper Fang and Hydro Pump.
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    I <3 Bibarrel!

    There's been some grammar/spelling problems but otherwise thumbs up!
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    My apologies for everyone who regulary red this fic but because of personal circumstances I didn't had the time and motivation to write for a long time. So here I am with my WAY to late update with Chapter 11. I hope you like it. (I also made slight changes to Chapter 1 because I felt it was lacking quality in some parts.)

    ----*Chapter 11*----
    Rival Battle: Dina VS Jovi!

    “WOW….wait stop!” Dina shouted “Wait a sec.”

    She grabbed something out of her pocket, pressed a few buttons and then a music could be heard from the speakers from the side of the field.

    “Was that really needed?” Jovi asked a bit annoyed.

    “HEY I also asked you the same thing with the Tyranitar! You didn’t hear me complaining!” Mike shouted from tribune.

    “Who’s side are you on?!” Jovi asked insulted.

    “Yours….but I was just being…..ehm….objective.” Mike said stuttering. “You just focus on the battle now, not on the music or anything like that!”

    “Can we finally start now?” Dina asked annoyed. “Let’s roll Bibarel, use Rollout!”

    “…Really….Did you had to make that joke?” Jovi asked sarcastic. “Anyways Nidorina dodge and use Double Kick!”

    Bibarel curled up and began rolling towards Nidorina who now ran out of the way, causing Bibarel to almost crash into a wall. Nidorina turned around and rushed towards Bibarel, foot first. She kicked him twice on its side.

    “Hm….you think you’re all that strong but you have to come up with a lot more than that to take down my Bibarel.” Dina said. “C’mon Bibarel Rollout again!”

    “Nidorina use Poison Jab!” Jovi commanded.

    Bibarel got up on his feet, curled up and rolled in the direction of Nidorina, who was charging towards Bibarel with an arm covered in a purple glow. The two attacks hit each other at the same time causing both Pokémon to be blown back to their trainers feet. Nidorina was having a hard time getting up and almost couldn’t stand on her left front leg, but Bibarel got up pretty quickly like it was just slapped in the face.

    “Finish it now Bibarel! Use Hyper Beam!” Dina commanded.

    “Nidorina watch out!” Jovi shouted panicky.

    Bibarel opened his mouth and shot a bright and colorful beam towards Nidorina who got swallowed up by the huge light source. As the light faded Nidorina was lying unconscious on the field.

    “HA!” Dina shouted. “I told you that you are no match for me. Want to give up now? Or do you want me to totally beat you before you understand that I’m stronger then you?”

    “Never.” Jovi said calm and fierce. “I would rather lose fair then give up without trying.”

    Jovi grabbed one of her Poké Balls and Nidorina turned into red energy and got sucked up into the her Poké Ball. The picture of Nidorina on the big screen turned grey.

    “It’s okay to lose Nidorina.” Jovi whispered. “As long as you did your best.”

    She put away the Poké Ball and grabbed another one.

    “Okay Swablu you may take a shot!” Jovi yelled while throwing the Poké Ball.

    “Swaswabluuu!” (I’ll give it my best shot!) Swablu cried when it appeared.

    “Alrigth Swablu use Sing!” Jovi commanded the little blue bird.

    “Bibarel, Rollout, NOW!” Dina angrily said to her beaver Pokémon.

    As Swablu started to sing Bibarel was just standing and doing nothing except for breathing heavily and sweating. When the calming notes of the song of Swablu hit Bibarel he fell asleep immediately.

    “You are lucky my Bibarel couldn’t do anything.” Dina said grumpy “Bibarel, return!”

    Bibarel got sucked up into its Poké Ball.

    “Since you don’t know how to withstand some singing I have to use another Pokémon.” Dina whispered angrily at the Bibarel in its Poké Ball.

    She grabbed another ball and threw it into the air.

    “Medicham, crush them!” Dina shouted.

    In a burst of light a pink and grey Pokémon who was standing on 1 leg. It had three yellow dots on its forehead, three things that looked like small ponytails and weird looking pants.

    “Medicham, the Meditate Pokémon. Through starvation and yoga training it gained the power to think what other’s are thinking and to predict to foe’s moves. It also gained flexibility, elegance and swiftness through this training.” P recorded.

    On the large board the second circle was now filled with a picture of Medicham.

    “Prepare to lose!” Dina said.

    It was silent for a few seconds and then all of a sudden Medicham dashed over the battlefield with a fist covered in a blue glow, jumped up high and punched Swablu right in her face.

    “What!?” Jovi said confused. “How is this possible? No attack order, that speed and how can it do so much damage? How’s that all possible?”

    “If I may explain it Jovi.” P responded. “Remember what I said about Medicham?”

    “Yeah, but what has that to do with this?”

    “…the power to think what others are thinking…” P repeated. “That refers to the fact it needs no command. Dina only needs to think it.”

    “And the others?” Jovi asked.

    “…flexibility, elegance and swiftness…” P continued. “That refers to its speed. And its power probably comes from his training and its ability Pure Power which increases its power and because that attck was an Ice attack, which your Swablu is weak to.”

    “I get it” Jovi slowly said. “It worked once but it won’t work twice!”

    “Hmpf, like you stand a chance.” Dina said while grinning evilly.

    “Hey! I’m not weak!” Jovi yelled. “We are going to prove that, right Swablu?”

    “Swa…bluuuuuu…..” (That hurt….I feel so cold……”) Swablu slowly said while hovering in the air.

    Immediately Medicham ran over the battlefield again with its fist covered in a faint blue glow.

    “No, this is not going to work again!” Jovi yelled. “Swablu, Sing!”

    Swablu opened her mouth and colorful notes appeared as she sang her song.

    “Freeze those notes and don’t let them hit you!” Dina commanded fierce.

    While Medicham dashed over the battlefield it punched the notes, which became frozen instantly, jumped up high and once again slammed Swablu with its icy fist. Swablu felt like it was in a snowstorm, her wings became numb, she felt dizzy and before Jovi knew it Swablu fell down with high speed and crashed on the ground. Medicham however landed smoothly on the ground and was now standing on one leg, as usual.

    “Ow poor Swablu.” Jovi said sadly. “You did great you were just no match for Medicham.”

    She returned Swablu to her Poké Ball and put it away.

    “Ok Shinx, your turn.”

    “Ha, are you seriously considering to fight my Medicham with another Pokémon?” Dina said grinning. “Well, it’s your choice. I’m always willing to beat someone.”

    Shinx jumped of Jovi’s shoulder and walked to its spot on the field. On Jovi’s side of the giant board Swablu’s picture became grey and in the last slot a picture of Shinx appeared.

    “Shhhhhhiiii!” (You are going down!) Shinx hissed.

    “Alright Shinx let’s get started, use Spark!” Jovi commanded.

    Shinx started to run towards Medicham while getting charged with electricity. Medicham also started moving with his fist getting loaded with electric energy. Both Pokémon hit each other and for a couple of seconds their power was equal matched. But then Shinx gave a little more power and rammed into Medicham who didn’t seem to got hurt too bad.

    “YAY, good job Shinx!” Jovi cheered. “Now first use Flash and then Spark again!”

    Shinx let out a loud cry and a bright flash of light blinded everyone. As the light slowly dimmed Shinx was already dashing over the battlefield crackling with electricity. Medicham readied its fist but this time with icicle power. Both attacks hit each other again but this time, before Shinx could do anything else, it slowly froze to one solid piece of ice.

    “Oh no!” Jovi said shocked. “C’mon Shinx you can get out of there! You can do it! Don’t let that ice win of you.”

    “What on earth are you doing!?” Dina asked confused. “Are you trying to yell him out of the ice? That’s not going to work. But if you want, my Medicham could give several punches on it and finish this battle.”

    “NO!” Jovi yelled. “I believe in my Pokémon and Shinx can get out there by himself! Show them Shinx! I believe you can!”

    “Just finish it already Medicham!”

    Then from inside the ice a yellow light emitted. Light rays came out from the ice and it slowly began to crack open. The light became brighter by the second.

    “What’s happening?” Dina said.

    “….I….I don’t know….” Jovi said stuttering.

    Until a loud ‘CRACK’ could be heard and the light faded away again. Shinx had freed itself from the ice. Only a few puddles of water next to Shinx remained of the frozen trap.

    “How’s that possible?” Dine asked shocked. “No one, and I really mean NO ONE, has ever escaped from the ice!”

    “I think the warmth from the electric shocks it produced melted the ice.” Mike said.

    “Alright Shinx, good job!” Jovi cheered. “Now continue and use Spark!”

    “That useless attack again?” Dina said sarcastic. “Ok, grand finale Medicham, MACH PUNCH, NOW!!!”

    Shinx started to dash over the battlefield, crackling with electricity while Medicham punched forward and released a fist of wind with the speed of light. Before Shinx could actually reach its maximum speed it got hit hard and flew back, right into Jovi’s arms. It was unconscious and unable to continue the battle.

    “Stop the battle! Jovi is out of usable Pokémon, Dina wins!” Luke exclaimed.

    At the giant board Shinx’s picture became grey and Jovi’s picture and all of her Pokémon’s pictures disappeared and made place for a giant picture of Dina with her Pokémon and some confetti on the background. The music also faded away slowly until it couldn’t be heard anymore.

    “WHAHAHAHA! See I told you, I’m far better then you!” Dina said while laughing. “So don’t mess with me or you’ll get crushed again! Understood?”

    “You may have won today Dina…” Jovi said while taking a short pause. “… but this isn’t over yet, once I become stronger you will be the one losing!”

    “Yeah sure whatever you want.” Dina said smiling. “Just remember I, Dina, will always be just slightly better no matter how strong you get! So stop trying to beat me. You may win from those weaklings who call themselves Leaders but from me you will never ever win! Now if you excuse me I need to heal my Pokémon and get on my way to the next leader who will regret that he or she ever made me challenge them. See ya.”

    With that said Dina walked away while Jovi almost exploded with anger.

    “I-I…..” Jovi stuttered. “can’t stand her!”

    “Don’t worry Jovi.” Mike said. “This time she has won and maybe she’ll win from you many more times..-”

    “Stop it!” Jovi rudely interrupted. “Your pep talk isn’t really peppy you know!”

    “I’m sorry, I’m just trying to help.” Mike said.

    “I…I…know…but I can’t help it at the moment.” Jovi said sadly. “If you will excuse me I need to heal my Pokémon.

    After saying that Jovi turned around and ran away, hiding her tears.

    “Poor Jovi….” Was the only thing that Mike could say.

    * Later that day *
    “Jovi…how are you doing now?” Mike asked while knocking on the door of the bedroom from Realgam Tower she was using. “You missed dinner….”

    It remained silent.

    “Jovi…I know you’re mad, but not at me, so please say something to me.” Mike said concerned.

    There didn’t came a response.

    “Jovi, listen, I’m not going away before you say something to me!” Mike said while getting slightly irritated.

    “Just….Just leave me alone…” Jovi responded slowly “Don’t worry about me…..Tomorrow you’ll see me at breakfast…..I promise…..I just want to be alone for now.”

    “Well…if that’s what you want…” Mike said. “Then I’ll see you tomorrow then. Sleep well Jovi.”

    And Mike walked away. Inside the room Jovi was lying in her bed with Shinx next to her. Shinx was already sleeping but Jovi was crying silently so no one could hear her and to let Shinx sleep. Eventually she fell asleep because of exhaustion.

    * A few hours after midnight *
    A small green colored light emitted above Jovi and the sound of leaves in the blowing wind could be heard.


    “…Jovi……..” a voice spoke.

    “…w-what….” Jovi said while being half asleep.

    “Jovi….it’s me…..” the voice spoke again.

    “….Celebi…..is that you?” Jovi asked while she yawned. “Can you speak a little bit more quiet, I don’t want my Shinx to wake up….or anyone else….”

    “Don’t worry…only you can hear and see me now….and no one can hear you speaking to me either….” Celebi spoke. “But now to the fact why I came to see you once again….”

    “….Is it about your stones?” Jovi asked.

    “Yes….but did you knew they all have a different name?” Celebi asked. “Mine is called the Relic Stone…..but the ones missing are called…..Holy Stone….Time Stone…..and last…..Mind Stone…..”

    “So?....What does that have to do with me?” Jovi asked confused.

    “Jovi…..what’s wrong….you seem a bit different then the last time I saw you….” Celebi asked concerned while suddenly changing the subject.

    “…It’s nothing….” Jovi slowly said. “…I just got beaten by some girl….she thinks she all that awesome….”

    “Jovi…please….cheer up….” Celebi said. “I know it’s no fun to lose…..but try to learn from it….then do it better next time….so…please…stop being sad about it….and try see the mistakes you might have made….”

    “Maybe you’re right…..But if you don’t have anything else to say…I would love to go back to sleep again…” Jovi said a bit drowsy.

    “No…wait….that wasn’t the reason I came here….” Celebi said.

    At that moment there were two bright flashes that followed quickly after another.

    “AH!…..I….have to…..hurry….” Celebi said clearly sounding being in pain. “Jovi listen to me…..I don’t have….much more time to be here…..so let me….say what I have to say….”

    “Ok, what’s the matter?” Jovi asked concerned.

    “Listen closely….to what I have to say…” Celebi said slowly.

    Again two bright flashes could be seen.

    “Aaah…………I…I need be quick now…” Celebi said now sounding even more hurt then before. “J-Jovi…..I know….where….one of the……stones……is hidden…..”

    “What?!” Jovi said shocked. “Tell me quick!”

    Now there was one flash but more bright then the ones before.

    “Yaaaaahhhwwwww……….” Was the last thing that Jovi heard.
    -Dina's Bibarel is revealed to know the mvoe Hyper Beam.
    - Dina is revealed to own a Medicham with the moves Mach Punch, Ice Punch and Thunder Punch and it has the Ability Pure Power.
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