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Jrock , Visual Kei


I'm Mega Man!!!
Anyone a fan of it? If you are what bands do you like? If not feel free to give your thoughts on it. Visual Kei is a music style all about the emo, goth look that is popular in japan.The sound can vary by the artist , from pop to rock to metal. I'm not a fan of the looks of Visual K really, but i love the music style. Some of the artists I like are Kagrra , Gackt , Penicillin, Sug, Psycho le Cemu and Duel Jewel. But mostly a gackt fan , Btw yay he is in FF Crisis Core.

Property of Kirby

now belongs to...
It used to be good at one point in time, but now all that trash sounds the same and has no originality. Much like American music, eh?


Radiance of Shadows
I'm actually remotely curious about X Japan, who receive recognition for pioneering the genre and being actually quite good instead of another generic J-pop band.


Yeah, about that...
Malice Mizer

It's my favorite j-rock/visual kei.

Also Gackt is more j-pop imo, he was only super cool in MM. D:


I'm Mega Man!!!
Eh gackt can be Jpop. But some of his songs are more rock. I'm sorry i listen to Jpop also and none of these sound like that. But I do agree he was great in Malice Mizer.

White Eyes
Lust for blood
Death wish
Mind Forest