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JT's Super Nifty Trade Shop

Discussion in 'Trade Shops' started by thejt, Jun 15, 2011.

  1. thejt

    thejt Everyday Im Shufflin

    Hello, my name is JT. I collect Pokemon.

    [​IMG] Friend Code: 2193 7211 5937

    ^Thanks to SGG for the Eeveelution banner^

    Member of the United Trade Shops! Check out the other Members' shops too!
    The Kyogre Mart!
    Keldeo 647's eShop~
    Afwan's Shop of Shinies, Events and Dream World Pokemon

    Now working together with lucario44444444's Shop. Click the link below to visit it

    Post 1: Events, Dream World, Services, Wants, Don't Wants, Blacklist
    Post 2: Legendaries, Shinies, Shiny Legendaries, Flawless, Shiny Flawless, Starters

    Here are my Rules:
    1. All regular rules apply: No flaming, trolling, etc.
    2. I can't accept hacked pokemon. There's nothing wrong with cloning or RNG though.
    3. Please don't spam me with Pm's, Vm's, or posts. I see everything...sometimes.
    4. Shinies don't mean that much to me. Keep that in mind. So don't offer a shiny and expect something rare in return.
    5. If I trade you something that doesn't work properly (event), or isn't legal for random match-up, I will trade you back.
    6. Be moderately specific with offers.
    7. Use correct sentence structure. Please don't say "Arceus for Shiny Kyogre." Please include the Pronouns "My" and "Your"
    8. 5th Gen trades ONLY
    9. I am VERY BUSY. I have a life to live too.

    POST 1

    Now for some Pokeymans.

    All must be UT. UT means NOT ALTERED AT ALL

    10 ANIV Raikou
    10 ANNIV Ho-oh and Lugia
    a-nation Singing Pikachus (7/30)
    DW Squirtle (not OT: 17627)
    WORLD11 Scrafty
    PALCITY Mew with Transform
    Befriend A Pokemon! Espeon (Dream Ball)
    Shiny Legendaries I don't have (must be UT)

    ***Any other events not listed

    - Befriend a Pokemon! Vaporeon (Modest)
    - Befriend a Pokemon! Jolteon (Quirky)
    - Befriend a Pokemon! Flareon (Sassy)
    - Befriend a Pokemon! Umbreon (Calm)
    - Befriend a Pokemon! Leafeon (Modest)
    - Befriend a Pokemon! Glaceon (Timid)
    - Japanese PokeSmash! Wi-Fi Gift Cubchoo (Brave)
    - World Hobby Fair Zoroark (OT: ポケスマ! 01161, Quirky)
    - Birthday Audino (OT: ヨコハマ Pc Yokohama)
    - Birthday Audino (OT: フクオカ Pc Fukuoka)

    - Movie11 Shaymin *Gives Gracidea (Relaxed)
    - Film11 Shaymin *Gives Gracidea (Modest)
    - Eigakan Arceus (OT: えいがかん 07189, Quiet)
    - Japanese Movie 14 Victini (Knows V-create, Fusion Flare, Searing Shot, Fusion Bolt, Timid)
    - Carita's Hyreigon (Modest)
    - Janta's Golurk (Brave, Gentle)
    - Movie 11 Reshiram (Mild, Docile) [3:1 or 2:1 trade ratio]
    - Movie 11 Zekrom (Jolly) [3:1 or 2:1 trade ratio]

    - DW Bulbasaur - Picture
    - DW Charmander - Picture
    - DW Squirtle - Picture
    - Dream World Arceus (OT: MAT 30160)
    - CoroCoro Giveaway DW Croagunk (Bold)
    - Birthday Gift DW Togekiss (Sassy)
    - Pokemon Fan DW Mamoswine (Jolly)

    - Trade For Evolution! Slowpoke (OT: しょうだい 10100, Hasty)
    - Trade For Evolution! Machoke (OT: しょうだい 10100, Serious)
    - Trade For Evolution! Haunter (OT: こまざわ 10100, Relaxed)
    - Trade For Evolution! Scyther (OT: いちだい 10100, Naive)
    - Trade For Evolution! Electabuzz (OT: すえかわ 10100, Brave)
    - Trade For Evolution! Magmar (OT: せいしゃ 10100, Lonely)
    - Trade For Evolution! Karrablast (OT: もみじ 10100, Modest)
    - Trade For Evolution! Shelmet (OT: もみじ 10100, Calm)

    - 10 ANIV Bulbasaur (Serious)
    - 10 ANIV Charizard (Timid)
    - 10 ANIV Blastoise (Lonely)
    - 10 ANIV Pikachu (Brave)
    - 10 ANIV Alakazam (Quirky)
    - 10 ANIV Articuno (Modest)
    - 10 ANIV Zapdos (Naughty)
    - 10 ANIV Moltres (Quiet)
    - 10 ANIV Dragonite (Lonely)
    - 10 ANIV Typhlosion (Serious)
    - 10 ANIV Espeon (Modest)
    - 10 ANIV Umbreon (Calm)
    - 10ANNIV Raikou (Brave)
    - 10 ANIV Entei (Serious)
    - 10 ANIV Suicune (Lax)
    - 10 ANIV Tyranitar (Quirky)
    - 10 ANIV Celebi (Lax)
    - 10 ANIV Blaziken (Naughty)
    - 10 ANIV Absol (Sassy)
    - 10 ANIV Latias (Jolly)
    - 10 ANIV Latios (Gentle)
    - MYSTRY Mew (Rash)
    - Japanese 10th Anniversary Concert Chatot (Jolly)
    - SPACE C Deoxys Normal Forme (Impish)
    - Bryant Park Blastoise (Modest)
    - Bryant Park Alakazam (Naive)
    - Bryant Park Zapdos (Relaxed)
    - Bryant Park Dragonite (Lonely)
    - Bryant Park Blaziken (Serious)

    - Saikyou Event Salamence (Stronest 5th. OT: さいきょう, Naughty)
    - Saikyou Event Dragonite (Strongest 4th. BT, but EV's removed. Still Lv 50)(OT: さいきょう, Mild)
    - Saikyou Event Milotic (Stongest 3rd. OT: さいきょう, Bold)
    - Saikyou Event Magmortar (Strongest 2nd. OT: さいきょう, Hardy)
    - Saikyou Event Electivire (Strongest 1st. OT: さいきょう, Serious)

    - Sinjoh Ruins Giratina with Griseous Orb (Bashful nature)
    - Shiny Sinjoh Ruins Giratina with Griseous Orb (Hardy nature)
    - Shiny Sinjoh Ruins Dialga with Adamant Orb (Modest nature) [FLAWLESS]
    - Shiny Sinjoh Ruins Dialga with Adamant Orb (Modest nature) [Near Flawless]
    - Shiny Sinjoh Ruins Palkia with Lustrous Orb (Modest nature) [Near Flawless]
    - Sinjoh Ruins Palkia with Lustrous Orb (Naughty nature)

    - ;386; Oblivia Deoxys Normal Forme (Bashful)
    - ;386-a; Oblivia Deoxys Attack Forme (Gentle)
    - ;386-d; Oblivia Deoxys Defense Forme (Relaxed)
    - :386-s: Oblivia Deoxys Speed Forme (Sassy)
    - Oblivia Shaymin (Jolly)
    - Oblivia Heatran (Quiet)

    - WCS Milotic (OT: WCS 10128, Timid)
    - World08 Lucario (Adamant)
    - VGC09 Shiny Milotic (Timid)
    - World09 Weavile (Jolly)
    - VGC10 Shiny Eevee (Hardy nature)
    - World10 Crobat (Timid)

    - TRU Dragonite (Mild)
    - TRU Regigigas (UT, Brave)
    - TRU Manaphy (Mild)
    - TRU Shaymin (UT, and T Lv 100) *Gives Gracidea (Bashful or Impish)
    - TRU Arceus (Hardy nature)

    - SPR2010 Shiny Pichu (Jolly)
    - EUSMR09 Regigigas (Jolly)
    - FAL2010 Mew (Quiet)
    - SMR2010 Jirachi (Naive)
    - SMR2011 Karrablast (Laukaps, Docile)
    - SMR2011 Shelmet (Schnuthelm, Sassy)
    - SMR2011 Zoroark (Quirky)
    - WIN2011 Shiny Raikou (UT, Rash)
    - WIN2011 Shiny Entei (UT, Adamant)
    - WIN2011 Shiny Suicune (UT, Relaxed)
    - WIN2011 Celebi (UT, Docile)

    - Ageto Celebi (OT: アゲト, Brave)
    - Shiny Ageto Celebi (Lax, Costs at least 2)
    - WISHMKR Jirachi (UT, Docile)
    - Shiny WISHMKR Jirachi (Hasty)
    - MATTLE Ho-oh (Serious)
    - Pokemon XD Purified Lugia (Sassy nature)

    - PKTOPIA Electivire (Adamant)
    - PKTOPIA Magmortar (Modest)
    - PKTOPIA Pikachu (Hardy)
    - Japanese Hayley's Mew (OT: ユカリ, Brave)
    - Hayley's Mew (Gentle)
    - Hayley's Pikachu (Jolly)
    - Hayley's Phione (Bashful)

    - GAMESTP Shiny Pichu (Jolly)
    - 2011 ANA Pikachu ♀ (OT: ANA 07181, Sassy)
    - Hayley's Pikachu (Jolly)
    - Nzone Pikachu (OT: 10728, Bashful)
    - Nintendo Zone Pikachu (OT: アリオ 11219, Bashful)
    - PC Yokohama "Surfing" Pikachu (OT: ヨコハマ 12269, Mild)
    - Kyoto Cross Media Experience Pikachu (OT: キョウト 10039, Naughty) [costs 2]
    - TCGWC Pikachu (Hardy)
    - Japanese Ash's Pikachu (OT: サトシ 07150, Naughty)
    - English Ash's Pikachu (OT: Ash 01301, Naughty)

    - ANA Darkrai (OT: ANA, Docile)
    - ANA Darkrai (OT: ふめやすみ, Impish)
    - European ALAMOS Darkrai (Timid nature OT: 07038)
    - American ALAMOS Darkrai (Naughty nature OT:05318)
    - Almia Darkrai (Timid)
    - Shiny Member's Card Darkrai (Naughty, UT Lv 40) (Diamond/Pearl)
    - Shiny Member's Card Darkrai (Sassy, UT Lv 50) (Platinum)

    - Japanese Shiny Faraway Island Mew (UT, Adamant)
    - Japanese Shiny Faraway Island Mew (BT, Calm, Pokecheck Ribbon)
    - Japanese Hayley's Mew (OT: ユカリ, Brave)
    - Hayley's Mew (Gentle)
    - FAL2010 Mew (Quiet)
    - Aura Mew (Hardy)

    - Shiny CHANNEL Jirachi (Sassy)
    - ROCKS Metang (Impish)
    - Jungle Tours Celebi (OT: ミツリン, Lax)
    - Kyle's Riolu (Serious)
    - Pokemon Ranch Meowth (OT: ゆっきーな 12098, Jolly)
    - Gamestp Deoxys Normal Forme (Naughty)
    - Pokemon Ranger Manaphy (UT, Sassy)
    - GAMESTP Shiny Pichu (Jolly)
    - Goon's Scizor (Adamant)
    - Shiny Enigma Stone Latios (Timid) [PKRS]
    - GAMESTP Jirachi (Rash)
    - PKLATAM Jirachi (Hasty)
    - MICHINA Arceus (Calm nature)
    - Birthday 2009 Charmander (OT: トウキョー 07209, Naughty)
    - Oak's Letter Shaymin
    - Shiny Oak's Letter Shaymin (Timid)
    - PALCITY Lucario (Modest)
    - DOEL Deoxys Speed Forme (Quiet)
    - Pokemon Sunday/Golgo's Octillery (Serious)
    - NWS Manaphy (Jolly)
    - Baba's Flygon (Naive)

    DW Charmander UT
    DW Squirtle UT
    Shiny Dratini f (Adamant, Lv 1, knows Flamethrower, Had PokeRus)
    Lotad m (Bold)
    Mareep m (Sassy)
    Tangela m (Rash)
    Oddish m (Quiet)
    Bidoof m (Serious)
    Nidoran f (Careful)
    Farfetch'd m (Modest)
    Kangaskhan f (Bashful)
    Doduo f (Bold)
    Hoppip f (Calm)
    Vulpix f (Relaxed Lv1)
    Eevee m (Lax Lv 1)
    Poliwag m (Lonely Lv1)
    Dratini f (Adamant Lv1)
    Murkrow m (Hardy Lv 1)
    Aerodactyl m (Careful, Lv 11, T)
    Shiny Eevee and Eeveelutions w/ DW abilities

    Cloning: I am cloning again. However, I WILL NOT trade you for something, and then clone what you traded me and give it back to you. That is the stupidest thing that I could possibly do. I would get ripped off immensely. I lose 1 Pokemon, and you gain 3 or 4. Anyone who asks me to do that will immediately get 2 strikes

    No Longer doing Dex Fillers. It's too much of a pain

    If you want an ITEM, I'll include it in our trade

    Trading a Japanese Ditto

    NoK Events (for now....)
    Egg Move Pokemon
    Egg Move Starters
    WIN2011/GAMESTP Shiny Beasts
    DW Pokemon
    Shinies (unless it's legendary)


    1 Strike= Warning
    2 Strikes= 24 hour ban
    3 Strikes= Banned from thread.

    -JohnnyBlaze [X] [ ] [ ] for not using pronouns
    -Feralninja [X] [ ] [ ] for offering 1 shiny for my rare event
    -rokakiss [X] [ ] [ ] for offering 1 shiny for my event
    -rwhite84 [X] [X] [ ] Offering hacks and not being specific
    -Mateorafa [X] [ ] [ ] not reading the rules
    -ShaoWeh [X] [X] [X] BANNED for Cloning and redistributing my Event Zekrom
    -Dark13Sceptile [X] [X] [X] BANNED because he wanted to be. I don't want your business anyway.
    -monkeypkmaster [X] [X] [X] BANNED for trying to scam me.
    -2000b2 [X] [X] [X] BANNED for following 0 rules, trolling, asking for hacked things, offering hacked things, and wasting my time

    Last edited: Sep 3, 2011
  2. thejt

    thejt Everyday Im Shufflin

    POST 2

    ~Shiny Dragonite ;149; Lv 100. Not named.
    Quiet nature
    IVs: 28/31/5/31/29/22
    EV's: 252 Attk, 252 SpAttk.

    ~Shiny Machamp ;068; Lv 100. Not named.
    Brave nature
    IV's: 31/31/29/21/14/3
    EV's: 58 HP, 252 Attk, 100 Defense, 100 SpDef

    ~Shiny Haxorus :612: Lv 100.(f) Not named.
    Serious nature
    IVs: 31/31/30/11/4/x
    EVs: 252 Attk, 6 SpDef, 252 Speed

    ~Shiny Thundurus :642: Lv 100
    Timid nature
    IVs: 31/31/31/31/31/31
    EVs: 252 SpAtk, 252 Speed, 4 HP

    ~Shiny Groudon ;383; Lv 100
    (Had PokeRus)
    Adamant nature
    IVs: 31/31/31/31/31/31
    EVs: 252 Attack, 252 Speed

    ~Shiny Porygon-Z ;474; Lv 100. Not named.
    (Had PokeRus)
    Bold nature
    IVs: 31/20/30/x/12/15
    EVs: 1 Hp, 254 SpAttk, 4 SpDef, 250 Speed

    ~Shiny Salamence ;373; Lv 100. Not named.
    (Had PokeRus)
    Adamant nature
    IVs: 12/3/28/1/2/30
    EVs: 255 Attk, 255 Speed

    ~Shiny Eevee, Jolteon, Vaporeon, Flareon, Espeon, Umbreon, Leafeon, Glaceon
    Lv 16-20

    ~Shiny Totodile- Lv 1 [FLAWLESS]
    ~Dratini- Lv 1 [FLAWLESS]
    ~Tropius- Lv 48
    ~Altaria- Lv 49
    ~Beldum- Lv 1
    ~Machop- Lv 32
    ~Hitmonlee- Lv 61 (questionable legitness)
    ~Nidoqueen- Lv 78 (had Pokerus, NN'd Violet)
    ~Magmar- Lv 28 (NN'd Flazer)
    ~Phanpy- Lv 7 (NN'd Dumbo)
    ~Growlithe- Lv 1 (NN'd Rawr, Near Flawless)
    ~Riolu- Lv 1
    ~Cloyster- Lv 100
    ~Gyarados- Lv 30
    ~Absol- Lv 33
    ~Poliwag- Lv 39
    ~Azumarill- Lv 22

    GEN. 5
    (Most are UT and RNG'd for shininess by me)
    ~Patrat- Lv 3
    ~Zorua- Lv 1
    ~Darumaka- Lv 1 [FLAWLESS]
    ~Litwick- Lv 26
    ~Audino- Lv 33
    ~Hydreigon- Lv 100
    ~Rufflet- Lv 34
    ~Deino- Lv 38
    ~Axew- Lv 31
    ~Timburr- Lv 20 [NEAR FLAWLESS]
    ~Swadloon- Lv 23
    ~Shelmet- Lv 30
    ~Duosion- Lv 31
    ~Pawniard- Lv 37
    ~Boldore- Lv 24
    ~Klink- Lv 26
    ~Tranquil- Lv 26
    ~Tympole- Lv 12
    ~Throh- Lv 15
    ~Heatmor- Lv 37
    ~Durant- Lv 39
    ~Mienfoo- Lv 38
    ~Drilbur- Lv 28 (Lax, Sand Rush)
    ~Excadrill- Lv 39 (Adamant, Sand Force)
    ~Excadrill- Lv 40 (Naughty, Sand Rush)
    ~Dwebble- Lv 22
    ~Darmanitan- Lv 35 (Impish, ZEN MODE)
    ~Yamask- Lv 19
    ~Krokorok- Lv 37
    ~Cofagrius- Lv 34
    ~Munna- Lv 10
    ~Volcarona- Lv 70 [FLAWLESS]

    There are more in the Flawless Shiny Section
    #144 ;144; Shiny Articuno (UT Lv 50, Bashful or Timid)
    #146 ;146; Shiny Moltres (UT Lv 50, Relaxed)
    #150 ;150; Shiny Mewtwo (UT Lv 70, Modest)
    #249 ;249; Shiny Lugia (UT Lv 45, Timid)
    #250 ;250; Shiny Ho-oh (T Lv 100, Had PKRS, Calm)
    #382 ;382; Shiny Kyogre (T Lv 67, Careful)
    #383 ;383; Shiny Groudon (Lv 100, had PKRS, Adamant) [FLAWLESS]
    #384 ;384; Shiny Rayquaza (UT Lv 50, Jolly)
    #482 ;482; Shiny Azelf UT (Timid nature) [FLAWLESS]
    #483 ;483; Shiny Dialga (BT) (Has EV's but I can remove them)
    #484 ;484; Shiny Palkia (BT) (Has EV's but I can remove them)
    #487 ;487; Shiny Giratina (BT, Lv 49)
    #488 ;488; Shiny Cresselia (T, Lv 57, Had PKRS) [FLAWLESS]
    #493 ;492; Shiny Shaymin UT (Timid nature) [Near Flawless]
    #637 :637: Shiny Volcarona UT (Modest nature) [FLAWLESS]
    #638 :638: Shiny Cobalion UT (Serious nature)
    #639 :639: Shiny Terrakion UT (Jolly nature) [FLAWLESS]
    #640 :640: Shiny Virizion UT (Sassy & Timid natures)
    #641 :641: Shiny Tornadus UT (Japanese, Docile nature)
    #642 :642: Shiny Thundurus UT (Quiet or Timid nature)
    .................Shiny Thundrus (Timid, Lv 100. Ev'd)
    #646 :646: Shiny Kyurem UT (Relaxed nature)

    ~ ;158; Shiny Totodile UT Lv 1
    Flawless IVs
    Adamant nature

    ~ :554: Shiny Darumaka UT Lv 1
    Flawless IVs
    Jolly Nature

    ~ ;483; Sinjoh Ruins Shiny Dialga UT Lv 1
    Flawless IVs
    Modest nature

    ~ ;483; Sinjoh Ruins Shiny Dialga UT Lv 1
    31/31/31/31/31/28 HP Ice
    Modest nature

    ~ ;484; Sinjoh Ruins Shiny Palkia UT Lv 1
    31/31/31/31/31/28 HP Ice
    Modest nature

    ~ ;249; Shiny Lugia UT Lv 70
    31/31/31/31/31/27 HP Dark
    Calm nature

    ~ ;250; Shiny Ho-oh UT Lv 45
    Flawless IVs
    Careful nature

    ~ ;482; Shiny Azelf UT Lv 50
    Flawless IVs
    Timid nature

    ~ ;383; Shiny Groudon T Lv 100
    Flawless IVs
    Adamant nature

    ~ :642: Shiny Thundurus UT Lv 40
    Timid nature

    ~ ;492; Shiny Oak's Letter Shaymin UT Lv 30
    Timid Nature

    ~ ;058; Shiny Growlithe UT Lv 1 (NN'd Rawr)
    Adamant nature

    ~ :588: Shiny Karrablast UT Lv 1
    Adamant nature

    ~ ;144; Shiny Articuno UT Lv 50
    Flawless IV's
    Timid nature

    ~ ;146; Shiny Moltres UT Lv 70
    31/30/31/31/31/31 HP Dragon
    Modest nature

    ~ ;006; Shiny Charizard Lv 54
    Flawless IV's
    Adamant nature

    ~ ;488; Shiny Cresselia Lv 57 (Has PKRS)
    Flawless IV's
    Timid Nature

    ~ ;197; Shiny Umbreon Lv 36
    Flawless IV's
    Gentle nature

    ~ ;472; Shiny Gliscor Lv 100
    Impish nature

    ~ ;381; Shiny Latios (Enigma Stone Event)
    Flawless IV's
    Timid nature

    ~ :639: Shiny Terrakion (UT)
    Flawless IV's
    Jolly nature

    ~ :637: Shiny Volcarona UT Lv 70
    Flawless IV's
    Modest nature

    ~ :532: Shiny Timburr (T)
    Brave nature

    ~ ;147; Shiny Dratini (UT Lv 1)
    Flawless IV's
    Quiet nature

    ~ :642: Shiny Thundurus Lv 100
    Flawless IV's
    EV'd in SpAtk and Speed
    Timid nature

    ~ ;383; Shiny Groudon Lv 100
    Flawless IV's
    EV'd in Attack and Speed
    Adamant nature

    ~ :386-s: Oblivia Deoxys (UT)
    Flawless IV's
    Sassy Nature

    ~ :494: Movie 11 Victini (Jap) UT Lv 50
    Flawless IVs
    Jolly Nature
    ~ :494: Movie 11 Victini (Jap) UT Lv 50
    Flawless IVs
    Timid nature

    #144 ;144;Articuno (UT, Careful)
    #145 ;145; Zapdos (UT, Mild)
    #146 ;146; Moltres (UT, Bashful)
    #150 ;150; Mewtwo (UT, Quiet, NN'd)
    .................Mewtwo (UT, Naughty)
    #243 ;243; Raikou (UT, Lax)
    #244 ;244; Entei (UT, Relaxed)
    #245 ;245; Suicune (UT, Sassy)
    #249 ;249; Lugia (UT, Calm) [FLAWLESS]
    #380 ;380; Latias (UT, Careful)
    #381 ;381; Latios (UT, Hardy)
    #480 ;480; Uxie (UT Hardy)
    #481 ;481; Mespirit (given 1 rare candy. otherwise UT, Lax)
    #482 ;482; Azelf (UT Bashful)
    #483 ;483; Dialga
    #484 ;484; Palkia
    #485 ;485; Heatran (Level 79)
    #487 ;487; Giratina
    #488 ;488; Cresselia (UT Mild)
    #489 ;489; Phione
    #637 :637: Volcarona (UT Mild)
    #638 :638: Cobalion (UT Serious nature)
    #639 :639: Terrakion (UT Impish nature)
    #640 :640: Virizion (UT Serious nature)
    #641 :641: Tornadus (Japanese UT, Quirky)
    #642 :642: Thundurus (UT, Quiet))
    #643 :643: Reshiram (Lv 71, Timid, and Lv 51 Calm)
    #644 :644: Zekrom (Lv 100, Mild)
    #645 :645:Landorus (UT Careful)
    #646 :646: Kyurem (UT Rash nature)

    All Starters

    ;004; Shiny Charmander [Near Flawless] [egg moves Flare Blitz, Metal Claw, D-Dance, Dragon Rush]
    ;152; Shiny Chikorita
    ;158; Shiny, Flawless Totodile
    ;255; Shiny Torchic [Near Flawless] [egg moves Counter & Night Slash]
    ;258; Shiny Mudkip [Near Flawless] [egg moves Double-Edge, Mud Bomb & Ice Ball]
    ;390; Shiny Chimchar
    Last edited: Aug 14, 2011
  3. ChampBlack16

    ChampBlack16 Expert Trainer

    i cant belive i flogged my shiny zorua last week :'(

    Sorry about not making an offer :p Congrats on approval ^^
  4. EmiiLava

    EmiiLava Joltik Queen <3

    Want: Saikyou Event Dragonite (trained, but EV's removed. Still Lv 50)

    Have: shiny lugia lv.100 and TRU ut shaymin lv.50
  5. thejt

    thejt Everyday Im Shufflin

    I'll take the TRU Shaymin :)
    EDIT: actually...can i change that to the Lugia? :/
    Last edited: Jun 22, 2011
  6. thejt

    thejt Everyday Im Shufflin

    More stuff added :)
  7. Matt36

    Matt36 Clone my Balls!

    I have a DW Arceus I want rid of.

    DW Arceus (Jap): Careful - lvl.100 - OT Mat - Sooth Ball (?) - Multitype Ability - Entree Forst! *Had it checked in the Hack thread - and legit... apparently* - Flawless 31/31/31/31/31/31
  8. thejt

    thejt Everyday Im Shufflin

    what do you want for it?
  9. Matt36

    Matt36 Clone my Balls!

    I'm open to offers.
  10. thejt

    thejt Everyday Im Shufflin

    Japanese Shiny Faraway Island Mew?
  11. Vandslaux

    Vandslaux Well-Known Member

    I just transferred some pokes from my SS, and I never knew I had a Timid Magnemite with Magnet Pull and perfect SAtk IVs just sitting around in my box. I just transferred over the last members of my Rain doubles subway team: Ludicolo and Seadra.

    Could you evolve my Kingdra? I've got a Dragon Scale.
  12. thejt

    thejt Everyday Im Shufflin

    Yeah sure. Which Pokemon do you need for a Pokedex entry?
  13. Vandslaux

    Vandslaux Well-Known Member

    I could use a White exclusive's entry. (Rufflet/Braviary?)

    Now I realize I said 'evolve my Kingdra' That should be 'Evolve my Seadra'. *facepalms*
  14. thejt

    thejt Everyday Im Shufflin

    haha it's ok, I know what you meant. And I only have a shiny Braviary. Do you want me to go get a Rufflet?
    EDIT: Nevermind. I have a regular Braviary too...
  15. Vandslaux

    Vandslaux Well-Known Member

    OK, meet me in wifi.
  16. thejt

    thejt Everyday Im Shufflin

    ok I'm there now
  17. Vandslaux

    Vandslaux Well-Known Member

    Once I evolve this and EV this, my doubles subway + random matchup rain team will finally be fully evolved, eved, and has all necessary moves!

    EDIT: thanks!
    Last edited: Jun 22, 2011
  18. Angeltripper

    Angeltripper ♥ Ace ♥

    is shiny event entei used? and what are the stats of shiny latias? ill trade you the porygon-z and salamence for them. and if entei is used, then can i have shiny kyogre instead?
  19. thejt

    thejt Everyday Im Shufflin

    Entei isn't used.
    Docile| Levitate
    IVs: 31/12/16/25/24/27
    Evs: 150 HP, 150 Sp.Atk, 150 Sp.Def, 60 Speed.
    338 Hp/177/201/287/326/267
  20. Angeltripper

    Angeltripper ♥ Ace ♥

    ok then lets trade. ^-^ my friend code's in ma siggeh

    can i use them in my shop?

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