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Judgement Day! (368)


So hot he's on fire.
Teh fux.


I've been dying to see it AND I MISSED IT.

JIMMY-SAMA, I'M SORRY! ; ; *weep*
I thought this was a pretty decent episode to end Season 7 with. At first I thought 4kids made a dubbing error when May referred to Ivysaur as a Venusaur, but it was funny when she realized she got it all wrong.

OMGWTF, Brock actually does something in this episode? He hasn't battled in ages. Isn't this the first episode where it focused on the judges who referee the matches? I don't remember them ever doing this episode before.

This episode had stronger continuity than usual, showing how Jimmy got a Cascade badge from Daisy. Looks like Daisy is still content with giving away badges for nothing, no wonder why Misty wants to stay at the GYM. :p

Funny how Jimmy traded away the Shiny Magikarp for a Charmeleon without noticing anything special about it. Thank god May has a Pokedex, it's much less frustrating to see May scan old Pokemon (that are new to her), rather than to see Ash scan Pokemon he's seen many times.

So Advanced Challenge comes to an end in a pretty decent finale. Overall a good ep.


"I want to help the teacher!" XD

rolling sandwich aside, this episode was amusing... it's also nice to see Daisy again...


So sorry you didn't see it Phantom_Bugsy. Either way, I didn't care much for this episode.


So hot he's on fire.
Not a lot of people seem to like this ep...o___0

Sh*t, that means I would have loved it ; ; *WEEP*

Any clue if it's gonna re-air?


So hot he's on fire.
...teh fux. That's not fair :<

WHY MUST I BE SO LAZY?! *goes to find some way to punish herself for missing it*

Emma Iveli

Fanfic Writer
*begins crazy P.O.A. rant* That was insane what 4kids did! A snadwitch can't roll down a hill. It's just as bas the "cookies" from the second One Piece episode (it had the techure of a rice ball but somehow in Zoro's mouth became not-smashed up cookies). Join the P.O.A. *ends Crazy P.O.A. rant*

Sorry about that, any ways I liked the episode. I might be only the only one who caught the subtle Sailor Moon refrneces, well in the begging Brock ran with toast in his mought like Usagi and I'm pretty sure 4kids caught that too other wise they wouldn't have named the Pro at the school Serena. Also looks like Max dosn't know as much about Pokemon as he thinks he does.

Phantom_Bugsy said:
The only thing I wanna see with peanut butter and jelly in this ep is Jimmy. Covered in it. Naked. Mm-mm-MM.

o_O... ^_^;;;... -_-... That's all I have to say.


Thank you, SPPf! :)
Worst. Animation. Ever. Worst. Animation. Edit. Ever.

Yet it actually wasn't too bad for a filler. No doubt the continuity was pleasing, but the episode actually covered an important battling aspect that hadn't been explored before. I think May's ignorance of the Pokemon at the beginning would have been much funnier if she actually got Wartortle's name right, followed by Max telling her it's a Squirtle.
*watches the dub onigiri scene* KHHHAAANNNNN~~!~~!!~!!!1111!!:mad:

That edit was very, very obvious. Moreso than even the One Piece edits!X_x It now makes this episode even more infamous, since it also has the worst animation and artwork in an Advanced Generation episode. Other than that, the episode was original...and I got to see Charmeleon~!-^_^- ...Which reminds me, I think Brock mentioned Kanto when he said they were the evolved forms of Squirtle, Bulbasaur, and Charmander.:D Overall, 6.5/10.
The Kanto starters are getting to be a little over-showcased, don't you think? >_>;

Otherwise, a good filler. We get to see where all those random judges come from. And did anyone notice that, during the night scene, half the time, part of May's glove was missing?
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So hot he's on fire.
Emma Iveli said:
o_O... ^_^;;;... -_-... That's all I have to say.

....what? XD I do. I wanna do him like...really really bad. :<

Judges need more attention in the series, IMO. Some of them have been really really hot. Caden, for instance. >3

Maybe we'll see Jimmy ref a future battle?
Maybe we'll see Jimmy ref a future battle?
No such luck. Sorina (the teacher lady) told him to be a Pokemon Trainer.
She expelled him from the referee school, because he was incompetent as a referee. Anyway, I liked the episode, though the animation was horrible.
If this really was an illegal tactic, wouldn't a former gym leader like Takeshi know that?
He also knows Jimmy is inexperienced at refereeing and would not know whether or not that was cheating.
All in all, better than I expected, but mostly because of Jimmy and the flashbacks.


Well, I really liked this episode. Jimmy...geez, how is it I've never heard of this character until today? :eek: So he's like...a drifter who just goes on luck? So cool! I so hope he's going back to Kanto because Ash needs to run into him again.
And I'm glad his teacher expelled him too because that would have been such a lame career for him.

Eric Cartman

I liked this episode, and seeing the Kanto starters Never hurts.

V Faction

The Sandwich looked out of place with the bad animation. It was actually shaded and drawn well. But then the extremely lacking Poke-Mation, gave it an off look.


well, with the way the sandwich was animated, looked like something out of Sealab 2101 or Aqua Teen Hunger Force...

not that it's a bad thing, though, actually scrap that, it is a bad thing in an anime... (but this would fit well with a cartoon that uses old Hanna-Barbeara stuff, like ATHF)
Phantom_Bugsy said:
...teh fux. That's not fair :<

WHY MUST I BE SO LAZY?! *goes to find some way to punish herself for missing it*

I didnt mind missing it,but I felt like a dumbass.3 minutes to when it starts and I went back to sleep,must've been good though.
Okay, review time!

Now, I'll save the "talk of doom" for the end, you all know what I mean right? :)

Jimmy sounded older than he looked, and Sirina sounded great. It's great that we got to see the evolved forms of the Kanto Starters again, voices and all. The opening gag was funny, everyone knows that May hasn't had much interaction with Kanto starters (her own blubasaur and the starters in "A Six Pack Attack"), but I'm suprised that Max was confused about Wartortle wildly enough. Now, I don't think Lombre's unique move at the end of the battle was illegal, if that were the case Zigzagoon's would be banned from battle as they can play dead according to the Pokedex.

After all that, we had one intresting season finale. Gasp, AG Season 2 is over! Now, we start AG Season 3 with the "Island Hopper" filler saga (ending with the most important 2-parter in history, not a filler according to my definitions of a filler), so lets be happy and make sure 4Kids doesn't mess it up...like they did today...

Okay, good part over, now lets discuss the infamous Sandwich Incident. Now, I've seem 4Kids do Onigirl edits before, they just called them different things (Rice Balls, eclairs, ice cream sandwiches). But this goes WAY too far!!! Now, this edit was not only silly, it also defies the laws of physics: Flat objects such as Sandwiches cannot roll, only Onigirl in this case could effectivally roll down a hill. Now, 4Kids has done crazy paint edits before *coughonepiececough*, and sometimes they are very sloppy..

Ooops, you just painted away some of Luffy's hat!

So, this edit was crazy, but painting away the black stuff or making it more round would have helped better.


Nice end to AG Season 2, shouldn't have ended with a filler but still...