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Judgement Day! (368)


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it was ok, but i think all 3 starters shouldve evolved. now that would be something cool to watch.too bad misty wasnt there when he won the badge, wouldve been good to see her again. 7/10


Digimon > Pokemon
I like this episode. It was the one I saw on the monday I got cable. I was already really happy about getting cable, and seeing all the origianl Kanto starters evolved and together was really cool. I actually thought all of them would evolve. The kid only got a Blastoise, he should've also had a Charizard and a Venusaur.

Ashy Boy

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The highlight of the episode
The Ash vs Brock battle. Seeing them battle each other is a nice change than the usual battles.
I liked this episode because it gave us a break from debuting Hoenn PKMN, even though it is good. Wartortle evolving in the giant Pokeball was quite fun to watch.

Flame Haze SnS

I've seen many mistakes in this episode today: May's glove, Charmeleon's belly. The edited part was the rice ball that was turned into a sandwhich. The Pokedex May's holding even called Blastoise a shellfish Pokemon! Not really a good episode aside from the story.
I bet you the battle was taken off because Brock won.Yet again we get to see Glalie get turned into a sandwich.


C.J. Ray

I wanted Shaymin! :(
too bad misty wasnt there when he won the badge, wouldve been good to see her again.

If she had been there, she would have beaten Daisy to a pulp for giving the boy a badge without a battle. Remember "The Waterflowers of Cerulean City?" :D

As for the starters, I know that we'll never see Jimmy again(how many rivals from past episodes have ever shown up again in a Pokemon League?), but I bet I'd love to make a fanfic where he goes back to Cerulean City and has a decent battle, and Ivysaur evolves when battling Starmie and KOs it with a Solarbeam. At least he got a good send-off.

This episode shows how Team Rocket contributes to the anime. If they weren't around to steal Jimmy's Pokemon, he would have probably given up on Pokemon entirely and probably ended up living his life on that island. :)

EDIT: I'm a Rainbowtrainer now! Yippee! ;182;


To know the unkown
So here is the season 7 finale, the show that was animated and came back with a thousand mistakes on it.
i.e. the characters are off-model through the ep.

uber gon

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I find it weird that someone would trade a shiny for a notmal pokémon, even if it was a Magikarp.

Pokefan 2000

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the only thing i didn't like about this episode is the fact it reminded me why i hate Misty sisters their so stupid!!!! gym badges mean a lot to the trainers who visit the gyms and yet the give them all out for meaningless tasks like cleaning or for free somehow i think Misty arrival kept the leauge from shutting the gym down to their sisters stupidity.


kiss my greens
The CotD... what was his name? Jimmy? Him. I liked him ^^ He had a likeable personality. We saw some of his travels, the personalities of his Pokémon, and even the Cascade badge! Gotta love those old-school Kanto moments.

I also loved the double battle between Ash & Brock ^_^ Too bad we didn't see it play out more... there are so few interesting Brock battles, and it's always fun seeing him & Ash battle.

Great episode. I really liked it ^_^


I didn't love the animation of this episode, it wasn't so good...
But i loved the battle between Ash and Brock, how bad it isn't over....

Willow's Tara

The Bewitched
Wasn't too bad, I would have liked to see all three starters evolving, that would have been very interesting to see.
I wouldn't trade a Shiny Magikarp myself, but don't forget in the anime they don't always care about shiny, and I can see the need to get Charlemeon for it.


Man of Mystery
This was probably the most terribly animated episode of the whole Hoenn saga, there were so many mistakes. When all three starters were trapped by TR in those balls, I thought all 3 were going to evolve, but it was cool and understandable that only Wartortle did since it was Jimmy's oldest.

Overall, the animation made it hard to watch this one, but it was OK.


To be honest I would hang onto Shiny myself, but even then, if something really hard to come by was offered I'd probably accept the trade (I know I'd trade a Shiny Magikarp in for a Spiritomb).

Brock said that line so Ash wasn't being a hypocrite :p

Pretty good, Blastoise! *drools* XD But Mudkip got time and battled! ZOMG! Also its pretty good, Lombre kicked as* and Shiny Magikarp apprence was pretty cool.

But not too good as the last Challenge episode.

Ash agreed though, once again, making him a hypocrite. I believe he said: 'Yeah...' or something. But I know he's a hypocrite! :p

Jimmy's voice sounded nothing like I thought it would! :eek: And he didn't know that the shiny Magikarp was rare!! :eek::eek:

And that's not even counting that they ran into Chikorita, Cyndaquil, Tododile, Treekco and Mudkip.

Pokemon Fan said:
Even in Kanto you don't simply run into wild Starter Pokemon very often (Ash's Squirtle and Charmander weren't wild but either had or had had a trainer), let alone evolved forms of the the starter Pokemon. And you REALLY don't simply find two evolved forms of two different starter Pokemon in the wild together at the same place. The remark was perfectly legit, the whole point being that starter pokemon aren't commonly encountered in the wild.

True, but it doesn't change the fact that they ran into a number of starters.


Let's go to the beach, each.
So right after the Lilycove arc, which was pretty good, we get our first filler. Well at least this one was interesting in some parts. I loved that we got to learn more about those referees that you see in most Pokemon battles, so it was refreshing to see the writers expand on that. Anyway, Jimmy was an interesting COTD since he had the middle stages of the Kanto Starters with him. We got a few gems during the explaination of his backstory since the 4kids version of this episode edited the riceball with a sandwich! That was just ridiculous as they've left riceballs intact before. We also got to see a Shiny Magikarp during the same flashback which was neat. That Team Rocket fight at the end was better than most since Jimmy's Wartortle evolved into Blastoise to rescue the other Pokemon. Neat episode, and it looks like the island-hopping begins at the end of this episode too. 6/10.


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This episode was ok... It was great to see the middle evolutions of the Kanto starters again, Charmeleon, Wartortle, and Ivysaur. All 3 were barely ever seen in the Anime. It was cool to see Lombre finally used in a battle. It was great to see Brock and Ash battle each other. They called the Black and White thing a Sandwich again -__- . It was cool to see Wartortle evolve, even though I wanted to see all 3 do that.