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July 12th: PM2019 028 - Messon Sobs For What Reason?

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Can we please get the older, old forum back?
Grookey Gang 1
Sobble Squad 0
All is right in the world. Now we wait for Grookey's eventual capture by Ash.

We all know that Ash loves monkeys:
- Mankey/Primeape
- Aipom
- Chimchar->Infernape

How is this not confirmed to happen yet. :p

Deleted member 384931

This is the longest that Ash got no starter of any series


Pikachu Fan
hope people dont get hopes up , you guys will mad if GOH the one who catch grookey

Crybaby Sobble

S = Sarunori = Satoshi
It seems Gou confirm to capture Sobble.
So this is official isn't it?
The cute lizard doesn't need to evolve now at least please
And please save the Grookey for Ash.
Please writers don't let the fans curse you,tbh;)


Call me Robert guys
Everybody gone through those stages of grief yet? Lets just hope that Ash gets the best starter of the bunch and one that actually fits him.. And not the travesty that's Intelleon... -.-

Come on guys, a capture doesn't reflect on a person's character - or at least shouldn't. In this picture, we see Sobble on Go's shoulder. How many of his captures has Go had on his shoulders? None, but now Sobble is. If Sobble was a Tepig, I might've agreed with you as even as a starter, it isn't that popular. However Sobble is. It isn't going to rot at the lab.. and deep down, I think you know.

How's Sirfetch'd 50% Kanto? For starters, it evolves from a non-Kanto related form. Sirfetch'd is 100% Galarian. Hence no need to call it Galarian Sirfetch'd. Or is Alolan Meowth suddenly 33% Kantonese? People with their weird arguments these days.. :p

Oh you mean like Taillow who was on his shoulder and only appears to try to eat bugs and hasn't done jack lol.

Nope, I don't know anything. Just because a pokemon appears doesn't mean it's gonna do anything important. Raboot should be proof of that having learned one move and gotten pwned in almost every one of the few battles he's been in. Doesn't even help Go get captures either smh.


You are simply dazzling
I think the real question here is; which of the starters will remain unevolved? Because keep in mind that there's always one or two that doesn't evolves even once.

Probably sobble will remain unevolved. I can’t say much about Ash’s farfetch’d
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