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July 12th: PM2019 028 - Messon Sobs For What Reason?

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Pokegirl Fan~

Yup tomorrow the reactions to this episode is going to be so predictable lol


Paladin of the Snow Queen
The thing is that has Raboot developed any way other than evolving, learning a move or two or giving facial expressions.Anybody answer.
And for those who still think Go will battle more soon, I see it as only being a dream.
This translates to:

Has Raboot developed in a different way than any other Pokemon? Learning a new move, evolving, personality changing, these are ALL development.

Red and Blue

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I hope tomorrow there is a preview of the upcoming episodes like the one from months ago and Grookey appears there so people calm down a bit
Except even if they show Grookey in a preview people are going to be suspicious thanks to the bait and switch with Sobble. Anything short of outright saying Grookey is going to Ash will be met with suspicion


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If Goh gets Grookey in the future, I can't imagine the fandom's reaction of knowing that not only Ash won't get a starter Pokemon in his current team for the first time, but Goh being the one getting all three starters from the current generation.


It's a Brand New Era baby ~
Before the market team oh so cleverly baited us I didn't expect Ash actually would get a starter the moment he caught Dragonite.

So now I'm back at square one in the camp that he won't get a starter this go around.

But then again I don't know what this show is gonna do. I could care less who ends up with Grookey at this point.

If it goes to Ash then that's good for Grookey fans.

If it goes to Gou... well then we'll just have to wait and see what happens with Sobble before we can infer if that's a good thing or not
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Poke Master 7

Boulder Trainer
People don't like being lied to

The fact that people were led to believe Ash was going to get it and then bait and switched only made people angrier.

If they hadn't been teasing I feel like people would be a lot calmer about this. There would still be disappointment yes but not to this degree.
It’s made even worse when you consider that the advertisements had been pointing towards Ash since at least March so the fact that they basically let the lie stew for 4 months before giving a sudden swerve within the past week really didn’t help matters either. They had plenty of time to change the advertisement narrative but chose not to. It comes across as blatant false advertisement at worst and bait and switch at best.


Paladin of the Snow Queen
Marketing is absolutely never to be trusted. Anyone who assumed otherwise is way too naïve.


Black and White, Yin and Yang, Light and Dark.
Lesson to be learned: Never fully judge or assume until the product is coming near showtime. Take in but never fully assume. Unless you want to harm yourself with potentially clickbait. First with Eevee and now Sobble.


Lesson to be learned: Never fully judge or assume until the product is coming near showtime. Take in but never fully assume. Unless you want to harm yourself with potentially clickbait. First with Eevee and now Sobble.
I know this might not mean anything but what if this time it be different


It’s been long confirmed, theres no point in insisting otherwise when we literally had proof that spoiled it.
I know but what about the other image what was the point of being confirmed if sobble was with ash's Pokemon
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