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July 15th: PM2019 117 - VS Shirona! Iris' Road to Dragon Master


Staff member
The match between Sinnoh Champion Shirona and Isshu Champion Iris begins, and Iris incessantly attacks the senior she holds in such high respect.


Pikachu Fan
Well it could be that all her attack get dodge quickly and then Chyntia one shoot it in process , I hope it’s not like Lana Vs Guzma or Alain Vs Leon , When one obliterated the other
We knew Chyntia is 100 % winning

There no way Ash not battle Chyntia


"I'll punch you in the throat!"
I hope the Village of Dragons are shown watching the match. Maybe even Clair and Drayden as well.

Would be absolutely amazing if Georgia gets a cameo.
So what, so the elder (and Drayden) there cries when Iris loses?