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July 16th: PM2019 073 - Commander Pikachu! Head Forth, Tairetsu!!

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If this was going to Goh, it'd make more sense for the title to have one of his Pokemon and not Pikachu.


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Falinks eh?
This should be fun :D
SHOULD be...:mad:

Though just please tell me this will take place in Galar. I don't know how much more I can take of Galar mons debuting in Kanto/Vermilion episodes >_<
Vermilion and Kanto are separate entities.


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Falinks is a cool Pokémon and wouldn’t mind it on Ash’s team in a vacuum but potentially getting another Fighting Type would be a bit disappointing. Still looking forward to see their shenanigans since Pikachu works well as being the defacto leader of Ash and friends’ Pokémon constantly


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One of the best Gen VIII Pokemon finally makes its appearance. I'm also waiting on the debuts of Hattrem and Runerigus (seriously, why did they give Ash the bad Kanto ghost when this much better Ghost debuted in this region?).
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